Caleb Gray is not only gifted in the groin department, but he is one hell of a guitar player as well! Alan Davis is entranced as Caleb strums his guitar. He thinks to himself, if this guy can stroke an instrument like this, just imagine the songs he could make my schlong sing! Alan dives in, displaying talents of his own on big cocked Caleb’s skin flute. Noticing a naughty, enticing protrusion poking from Alan’s shorts, Caleb gets to work on Alan’s dick before Alan orders the guitar guy to get on his knees for a tongue lashing on the his tight tush. Alan decides to thank the talented twink for his morning serenade with a blistering hot, bareback bang. Caleb’s cock is too perfect not to put to good use so Alan bounces on that bitch like a pogo stick while planting perfect kisses on Caleb’s mouth. The tasty twosome take turns on one another’s asses and once Caleb is on his back stroking his big beast of a boner, not only is it a beautiful sight, but the sex soaked sounds mixed with Caleb telling Alan to dick him harder is heavenly hymn to hear. The hard hammering from Alan makes Caleb cream wildly while Alan continues cranking his cock deep inside the twink’s still spasming butt hole. Creating a sticky symphony of his own, Alan squirts Caleb’s entire groin and ass with glorious gobs of white hot, gooey goodness, worthy of covering the gorgeous guitar god. – 8teenBoy.

Alan Davis and Caleb Gray - 8teenBoy
Alan Davis and Caleb Gray - 8teenBoy
Alan Davis and Caleb Gray - 8teenBoy
Alan Davis and Caleb Gray - 8teenBoy
Alan Davis and Caleb Gray - 8teenBoy
Alan Davis and Caleb Gray - 8teenBoy
Alan Davis and Caleb Gray - 8teenBoy
Alan Davis and Caleb Gray - 8teenBoy

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Guys In Sweatpants
Mitch December 3, 2017 at 8:06 pm Reply

A cute scene — both of these guys are adorable, and it’s a novelty to see a little talent show like Caleb provided with his guitar. I know 8TeenBoy is sort of feeling its way, trying to create a product that augments the outstanding work they do at Helix, and I think they’re showing great promise in that regard. There’s a sweetness to the scenes that is a refreshing alternative — young love and all that happy horseshit …

I’ve whined about 8TeenBoy several times but I’d like to commend them on some developments in the last few months. First, I’m quite impressed with the new talent they’re bringing on and the way they rotate their models to assure variety. The lack of performing experience by these rookies lends a certain charm to the scenes — they don’t explode with erotic energy like the boys at the main site, but they are usually charming and real. Second, 8TeenBoy has made a much-needed improvement in their web design which now includes a functional model menu (it used to jump directly to the JOIN page, which is still what happens when you click almost anything else — even their cross-promotions of Helix scenes invoke the 8TeenBoy join page instead of, say, taking you to the Helix site or letting you see a Helix trailer or two). Third, they’re achieving a nice balance of solo, duo, three-way, and flip-flop scenes (flips are my favorite kind of scene, so this is a big plus). Finally, production standards seem to be rising a bit — they’re not investing in sets and lighting like they do on the main site, but it’s looking better than the scenes from earlier in 2017. The models (especially Alan Davis of the episode you posted) are getting more skilled as performers, too. Alan seems to have emerged as the flagship model of the website with 14 scenes under his belt, and he’s quite good, IMHO (and he’s flipped in 10 of them — what a trouper). I whined earlier about Grayson Lange being over-represented on 8TeenBoy, but it appears that he’s now long gone from both of the Helix-sponsored sites; looks like he’s still finding work, though, boy’s gotta make a living, so that’s good.

My biggest beef with the site remains, however, the lack of transparency regarding content. One can only see thumbnails and descriptions for the twelve most recent scenes (up from the nine most recent earlier). The new model menu is somewhat helpful as it will direct the viewer to ALL of the current models’ scenes, making it an awkward but workable way to see what’s on the site; better than nothing, anyway. If you wade through each model’s page you can track down all the scenes that have been posted since Feb 2017.

I need to cry foul, though, about the indication that there are 27 pages of scenes (meaning if there are 12 scenes on a page one would expect to find over 300 scenes in the collection). My database on Dec 3 2017 shows 56 new scenes and 12 scenes that are a bit older and likely were featured on the Helix site in late 2016 before the new site launched (at least five scenes absolutely were on the old site because I downloaded them in late 2016 when I had an active account). Maybe they’re filling all those pages with other recycled 8TeenBoy scenes from the Helix site? — there were plenty of good scenes under that brand, although I can’t remember when (or if) they started going bareback. The oldest scenes on the current 8TeenBoy site all appear to be condom-free, as are all of the new scenes.

I’ll continue to keep an eye on 8TeenBoy and I reaIly do wish them well. I imagine I’ll take a chance on them in another few months — if they’re still afloat! I hope they will be, and I applaud their movement in the right direction recently.

Brad Berrigan December 4, 2017 at 1:48 am Reply

Thanks for your very in depth thoughts about 8teenBoy Mitch. I also agree that the site has come a long way from their beginnings, with a growing number of attractive models and entertaining performances by the guys. The video quality also seems to be improving, along with the selection of models available at the site. I think that as time goes by, some of the other issues with the episode menu will also resolve themselves, but I do believe in transparency, so this has definitely been an issue for me too. I prefer the ability to have a good look around at a site before I decide to join up and it looks like the concept behind 8teenBoy is to allow a brief look before referring visitors to the join page to avoid those who are entertained by the trailers and previews without ever signing up at the site.

Elouise Gingrich December 6, 2017 at 9:45 pm Reply

Hi Brad:
I love this scene and these two very talented young men! As a woman, I have to say that I enjoy the masculine, muscle, and beef that comes from standard gay porn. But sometimes I really enjoy the younger, effeminate, twink. There is something really unique about twinks that I find equally erotic. I like seeing their skinny, small, and delicate bodies. Especially when one twink penetrates the other. What I mean, I guess, is that being a woman, I could fantasize about being with two or more grown, tall, big muscular men. But I wouldn’t fantasize about being with a twink or twinks. But how I would love to be up close and enjoy seeing two twinks having fun with each other. In other words, I would love to just be a voyeur.

For me, twinks are mysterious and elusive. I think they have women completely off their radar. And that is what makes them sexy to me.



Brad Berrigan December 7, 2017 at 2:10 am Reply

Hello Elouise, Thank you for bringing this interesting topic to the discussion table. I think it’s really great how we all look at porn differently and you have introduced a unique way of thinking, because what you have said makes me think more about viewers and how they look at porn. I think it’s wonderful that you have highlighted this through your comparison between what you see in porn and how you would react in person, because it shows that you think deeply about what you’re seeing and that’s what is special about what you are saying. Some people don’t look below the surface of what they’re seeing, but you have helped me appreciate porn better by providing this meaningful insight. Thank you again for sharing Elouise, it’s always wonderful seeing comments from you here. I look forward to visiting your blog again soon and I just might leave a comment the next time I visit. 🙂

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