Monday, December 6, 2021
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Helix Studios: Latin Lust (Ashton Summers and Landon Vega)

Heated up Latin hotties Ashton Summers and Landon Vega ignite the screen from the word go with a lip smacking make out session that leads them south of the border. Ashton takes control of the tasty bronze twink, getting between his legs and going to work on that mammoth member of his. Lust lingers in Landon’s back door as well so Ashton calms him with a welcome tongue lashing to the tush. Having done an amazing job pleasing his partner, Ashton knows he’s deserving of some carnal cock guzzling and pulls Landon down on that delicious dick. After a spectacular slurp job from Landon, Ashton continues with his boner inducing aggressive tone and investigates Landon’s loins with probing fingers before instructing the bronze beauty to lay on his back. Ashton’s spit slick schlong slides all the way inside Landon’s butt with one beautifully long bareback thrust. From then on it’s full steam ahead as Landon goes on every ride position in the park including being fucked mid-air! A tingle starts inside Landon while riding that he can’t contain. A sexy stillness cums over the twink and as Ashton keeps slamming cock up inside Landon, he launches a load that shoots all the way out of frame! Ashton follows suit with a spicy sperm show of his own aimed at Landon’s freshly fucked hole. He slides his spent and still huge hammer up and down our bronze guy’s beautiful butt crack then seals this epic fuck with a hot kiss. – Helix Studios.

Ashton Summers and Landon Vega - Helix Studios
Ashton Summers and Landon Vega - Helix Studios
Ashton Summers and Landon Vega - Helix Studios
Ashton Summers and Landon Vega - Helix Studios
Ashton Summers and Landon Vega - Helix Studios
Ashton Summers and Landon Vega - Helix Studios
Ashton Summers and Landon Vega - Helix Studios
Ashton Summers and Landon Vega - Helix Studios

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Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. I really like both of these models, especially Ashton. He’s worked at several sites and has an outstanding collection of scenes both as top and bottom (mostly bareback). It’s funny to see him now as more of the “big brother” type at Helix because he’s older than most of the gang there, but what a flawless body and wonderful technique. He’s a former dancer, too, and I enjoy it when we get to see the boys dance. Helix seems to be coming on very strongly lately, too, with great looking scenes and hot new models. My Helix account is currently inactive. They’re running a New Year’s promo but I’m inclined to wait a few months to give them a chance to put some of the new boys to work a little more.

    • Both models in this scene are hot and the video turned out great. Ashton has appeared in quite a few bareback videos now and he’s such a beautiful guy. It was interesting seeing him frolicking in the Vegas Pride video released at Helix, which showcased his smile and fun spirit – he seems like a really nice guy in addition to being sexy. Helix has been releasing some superb scenes lately, with top notch production values and guys who are making an effort to ensure their scenes turn out great. I’m sure when you’re ready to join Helix again they’ll have plenty of excitement in store for you and they’re often running specials at various times of the year, so if you can time your subscription around one of these events, then you’ll save yourself some money at the same time. 🙂

  2. Hello-

    my God what gay man in his right mind wouldn’t want o fucked by Ashton Summers? just the thought of sucking on his gorgeous big fat cock gets me hard. plus his load always looks thick and creamy.

    also i have been vigorously recommending the new film Call Me By Your Name which should definitely appeal to Helix devotees. as i said already star Timothee Chalamet won the New York Film Critics Award for Best Actor of 2017. he likewise won the L.A. Film Critics Award for Best Actor of 2017 and the film also ‘won Best Picture. well Chalamet has since won the Chicago Film Critics Award, the Boston Film Critics Award and the Atlanta Film Critics Award for the Best Actor of 2017. CMBYN is unlike any coming of age film you have ever seen.

    • Hello Joseph, I’m not sure we would be able to find a gay man who wouldn’t want to get fucked by Ashton, which is your point, unless the gay guy we’re referring to is a total top and then he still might give it a try anyway! 😉 Ashton’s loads always look thick and creamy and I’m sure they taste totally delectable too! I will be taking a look at Call Me By Your Name shortly. It was released here on December 26 at selected cinemas – none near me of course, but I’ll make my way to the one closest to me. It was reviewed by our local newspaper, saying it was the film of the year, so it’s definitely a movie I’ll be watching as soon as I can and thanks again for the recommendation.

  3. Hello-

    its nice you agree with me about what gay man wouldn’t want to get fucked by Ashton Summers. if one is a top and doesn’t like getting fucked you can always suck him off and swallow every drop of his creamy delectably delicious load. 🙂

    I hope you see Call Me By Your Name soon. i know this blog is for recommending raw porn but I think a recommendation from you would interest people in seeing it. another scene that still had me getting teary eyed when i saw it a second time this past weekend is a father son chat between Elio played by Timothee Chalamet and his father played by Michael Sthulberg, it is a candidate for *THE BEST* father son chat i have ever seen in a film.

    • Hello Joseph, I totally agree with you. Ashton is a sexy guy and he looks fantastic at Helix Studios alongside the other sexy models there. I will try to check out Call Me By Your Name soon and once I’ve checked it out, I will put together a review or some comments, but in saying this, hopefully people will watch the movie based on your personal recommendation, because you have an excellent taste in movies and porn! 🙂


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