Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Helix Studios: Introducing Garrett Graves (Josh Brady and Garrett Graves)

The ‘introducing’ scenes at Helix Studios are great, because it’s where we get to see some of the experienced Helix models introducing newbies to the gay porn industry. It’s nice to pair guys who have porn experience under their belts with those who might need some guidance, because this adds confidence to the action and almost always makes the videos hotter than seeing a couple of guys who look at each other wondering what to do next. In saying that, guys are pretty instinctual when it comes to sex; they know what they want and they’re happy to go for it. Josh Brady introduces Garrett Graves in this sizzling update and at the beginning of their video we hear some stories about their high school boyfriends, coming out stories and first times. We also learn that even though Josh now considers himself a top, he actually bottomed for his first sexual experience. Once the guys return to the studio, they waste no time getting things started, sucking dicks and ass licking, then it’s time for the bareback fun to begin! Josh fingers Garrett prior to sliding inside, and once his asshole starts hugging Josh’ dick nice and tight as he’s thrusting inside and out, you can see just how much these two are enjoying their experience! The guys fuck in a few hot positions so they can feel the pleasure, then it’s time for them to spurt their loads from their pulsating dicks! Just wait until you see how this scene ends, with Josh squirting his load all over Garrett, before sliding his throbbing and cum dripping dick back inside Garrett’s ass. Just when you think the scene has reached its climax, Garrett treats us to another surprise by slurping on Josh’s cock a bit more to gulp down any remaining cum from his impressive schlong!

Josh Brady and Garrett Graves - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Garrett Graves - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Garrett Graves - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Garrett Graves - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Garrett Graves - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Garrett Graves - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Garrett Graves - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Garrett Graves - Helix Studios

Want to See More? Click Here to Watch the Full-Length Video at Helix Studios!

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hello-

    boy oh boy!!! does Helix find the hottest young male models or what? i would LOVE to see the hunky and sexy Brady rawfuck and breed Joey Mills. that would super hot. 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, The hotties seem to have no trouble at all find their way to Helix Studios, that’s for sure! It’s interesting that you have mentioned Josh Brady and Joey Mills, because they’ve just appeared in a scene together at Helix Studios called Beach Bodies, but there’s no breeding or creampie action unfortunately, although the scene is a bareback flip-flop fuck, which is great because it’s Josh’s first bottoming scene at the site!

  2. Hello-

    as always thanks for your reply. unfortunately I was bummed out by part of your reply and I’m sure you know which part. i don’t understand a site pairing 2 models who have appeared in breeding videos before yet the video they do together contains no breeding. What The………..?

    it may seem like a rather strong stance to take but for me a rawfuck video that ends without cum eating or breeding is a waste of time.

    • Hello Joseph, I’m sorry to have disappointed you with my response, because there is no breeding in the Beach Bodies scene, but there is some cum eating, so that makes it better than you might have originally been thinking. I only referred to the breeding and creampie aspect of your comment, but I probably should have mentioned that cum eating is included in the scene in my response.

  3. Hello Again-

    you bare not fault at all in my disappointment as to the conclusion of the scene. i was just venting my disappointment at Helix as to what was the point of pairing two such luscious cuties in a raw video and have it end without breeding.

    • Hello Joseph, I do share your disappointment with the conclusion of the Beach Bodies scene. I should have mentioned the cum eating in my response, because then you may not have been as disappointed, but it would have been lovely to see the pairing of Josh Brady and Joey Mills featuring a creampie climax. Maybe they will be paired together again someday for us to enjoy – we can certainly live in hope that this might happen at some point! 🙂


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