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Sketchy Sex: Sloppy Slobbering Hole (Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Tristan Sweet, Rebel)

Billy Bottom has previously spilled the beans at Raw Castings about how much he enjoys being a bottom and getting filled with loads, so he has positioned himself in the ultimate place at the Sketchy Sex house, with horny guys coming and going all day and night, delivery creamy loads from their pulsating cocks. Billy spent all day blindfolded, not knowing who was fucking him, but he was able to feel the raw pleasure as the guys slid inside and out of his cock hungry ass. Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Tristan Sweet and Rebel are the horny guys who take turns filling Billy’s ass and mouth with cum, pumping their supremely creamy goodness inside his body after they finish fucking him raw. Sketchy Sex is the perfect place for Billy, because it provides him with the sex and cum he desires, as random dudes fuck him and leave his hole all sloppy afterwards. The tops seem extremely happy as Billy’s ass hugs their stiff dicks, because they pump out some impressive loads, which they dump back inside him as his reward. If you’re wondering, this episode is called Sloppy, Slobbering Hole at it’s waiting to excite you right now at Sketchy Sex!

Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Tristan Sweet and Rebel - Sketchy Sex
Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Tristan Sweet and Rebel - Sketchy Sex
Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Tristan Sweet and Rebel - Sketchy Sex
Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Tristan Sweet and Rebel - Sketchy Sex
Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Tristan Sweet and Rebel - Sketchy Sex
Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Tristan Sweet and Rebel - Sketchy Sex
Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Tristan Sweet and Rebel - Sketchy Sex
Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Tristan Sweet and Rebel - Sketchy Sex

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Brad Berrigan
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    • I’m sorry to hear that Syko. I just tested the video now and it worked for me. I also test each video before I publish the post to make sure it loads correctly and plays smoothly. I do use a security feature to prevent people from hosting my video clips at their sites (since I have to pay for the video bandwidth), which involves the use of a timestamp feature. If you don’t press play within a set time (I have it set at ten minutes), the video won’t play. If this happens again, press the refresh button on your browser to reload the page and reset the timestamp. Please let me know if you encounter any further problems and thanks for letting me know about this.

  1. Hello-

    I wholeheartedly thank the creator/webmaster of SS for finding bottoms who are total anal cum dump sluts. the excitement with which Bill takes all those raw cocks and loads is a most thrilling viewing experience.

    also like Billy there are many guys who are total anal cum dump sluts but only engage in such activities under the most guarded controlled conditions. so shooting a video with a well known site under controlled circumstances must be a thrilling time for Billy.

    • The creator of Sketchy Sex definitely found an awesome guy who loves taking loads when he discovered Billy, because he’s a great bottom and really takes good care of the other guys. He makes sure he looks after their dicks, then enjoys their loads as his reward. I do think working in porn is an opportunity for some guys to really let go of their worries and explore where things take them and this scene from Sketchy Sex allows Billy to enjoy his sexual freedom.

  2. Hello-

    its nice every so often to rawfuck and breed a total cum dump slut like Billy. in my younger active days i did so every so often the best part being simple. they were quite comfortable with you fucking them literarly as vigorously as possible which totally aroused and invigorated them. of course it provided me with one hell of an orgasm with which I royally seeded their sluttty boycunts.

    • If the opportunity presents itself to participate in such a sizzling gang bang action, it’s definitely something guys need to think about, because the opportunity involving group action might not arise again for a while. It’s great that you have experienced this Joseph and it sounds like it was just as pleasurable for you as the bottoms who took your load. 🙂

  3. Hello-

    an additional comment. I’m 6’3″ (in other words I’m a big guy) so it gave me a good deal of pleasure to fuck a bottom with total abandon but I always asked the bottom first if it was okay. after all even though such a fuck gave me a volcanic orgasm if it was uncomfortable for the bottom it didn’t make sense to do so. which is why I made the comment I did. believe me giving a super horny total anal cum dump slut the hard driving ass pounding fuck of his life was a utterly fantastic experience for them as well as for me.

    • Hello Joseph, Thank you for providing the additional information. It’s nice to find out from the bottom whether he’s okay with you taking his load beforehand, because then you both know where you stand and it helps you build an intense load to offer the bottom. You are right about the top and bottom both being able to enjoy the delights that the creamy goodness provides at the end of a hot bareback fuck.


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