Friday, December 2, 2022
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Naughty Resident with a Silky Mouth Receives a Creamy Burst of Cum

All of the new residents at Boys Halfway House seem to think they can sneak contraband into the house. If they’re addicted to cigarettes or other items on the contraband list, it’s easy to see why they give it a try, but the new residents are probably not aware of how strict the House Managers are and they’re quick to find a reason to fuck the new guys. The newbie residents probably think there won’t be any harsh punishment for breaking the rules, like what happens at many facilities, where they just get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again. This kind of technique does not work at the Boys Halfway House, so they have implemented a technique that provides the House Manager’s with satisfaction as they teach each of the residents how to follow the rules. Take the new resident Daniel Cummings for example. When he first arrived, he figured he could sneak some banned stuff into the facility, but within a minute of being searched, his contraband was detected and once he discovered the consequences of breaking the rules, the scared look on his face says it all. Now he has to endure the punishment of Clay, who is the main House Manager. Clay knows how to sort the guys out and his dick has been used many times to punish the guys, which happens again in this episode called Raw Admonishment. Clay reveals that Daniel’s mouth was like silk as he slid his stiff dick inside and apparently his ass was quite accepting of Clay’s dick, like he already knew how to take a dick in his butt hole. After Clay has delivered what he deems sufficient punishment, he releases his load of jizz inside Daniel’s mouth, providing a creamy burst of cum inside Daniel’s silky mouth. Daniel now understands the importance of following the rules at the Boys Halfway House!

Clay and Daniel Cummings - Boys Halfway House | Bareback
Clay and Daniel Cummings - Boys Halfway House | Bareback
Clay and Daniel Cummings - Boys Halfway House | Bareback
Clay and Daniel Cummings - Boys Halfway House | Bareback
Clay and Daniel Cummings - Boys Halfway House | Bareback
Clay and Daniel Cummings - Boys Halfway House | Bareback
Clay and Daniel Cummings - Boys Halfway House | Bareback
Clay and Daniel Cummings - Boys Halfway House | Bareback

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
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