It is absolutely wonderful news seeing the majority of residents in California voting no for Proposition 60, meaning bareback porn can continue to be produced in the state. 3,893,307 people (46.1%) voted yes, while 4,559,655 people (53.9%) voted no. This is a fantastic outcome for performers, studios and viewers, not to mention the people of California. I must admit that I was expecting a different outcome, to the point where I only published posts up until the final results were known. Although I don’t have any new content prepared, I do have some exciting news to share, which I will tell you about in just one moment.

You might be wondering why I decided to only publish posts up until the voting was finalized and then stop, which is primarily due to my web host being based in California, so I was being abundantly cautious over the issue. Because I love blogging about bareback porn, I didn’t want to abandon this project or my visitors, so I commenced working on a backup plan involving the creation of a new bareback porn blog that I was going to have hosted by a company not based in California, which I won’t need to do now because I really love my web host.

I am enjoying how this new project is turning out, so I have decided to transition to my new blog (more details to be revealed soon) and turning Brad Bare into an archive. This means it’s going to take me a couple of weeks to get things completed and once everything is ready to go, I will publish the new link here so you can check it out. This is also the perfect opportunity to get my new blog optimized, as I have tried to do this with Brad Bare, but due to the size of the database, along with a number of other issues, things can only be optimized so much. Stay tuned and I’ll be back again soon.

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Joseph November 11, 2016 at 12:12 pm Reply


I figured the Calf. voters said “no” to Prop, 60 based on the fact they voted yes on the sale of pot. i greatly enjoy reading your blog and replying to posts so i am a bit confused by your decision to create a new blog. if i understand your reason its because your current server can handle just so much content and you need a sever that can handle more content?

Brad Berrigan November 11, 2016 at 12:29 pm Reply

Hello Joseph, It’s great to see the result against Prop 60, meaning studios can continue to produce bareback porn for the enjoyment of others around the world. Please don’t be too concerned about the new blog, because the new one will be even better. There is nothing really wrong with the current blog, but things have started to evolve. When I started Brad Bare six years ago, I included sections about porn, news, model profiles, reviews and health articles. Some of the articles such as reviews became outdated, because the information changed, which is the same for the health articles and I didn’t have the time to keep making updates due to my goal of releasing at least one new scene each day while working full-time. As a result the blog became focused on bareback porn updates, while the other sections became less prominent, so I have been tidying things up by removing hundreds of outdated posts, so now there are only porn updates. I plan to create a separate site for news and other articles that I can update more easily. Now that there’s only porn updates, the inclusion of my name in the title when I’m not even seen at the site makes the name and identity of the current blog less relevant.

When I started working on a backup plan, I thought that this was an opportunity to invigorate my blog from the ground up, by making changes that could benefit everyone, so while it might sound strange to abandon one project to create another, I am doing so by bringing things I have learned from this blog to the new blog, including learning from mistakes, so hopefully the new project will be a better place to visit. I will keep Brad Bare as an archive though. My server can handle the current site, but the database is huge, so it will always be slower and I have learned a few things to keep the database streamlined to ensure the blog loads as quickly as possible. I also want to keep video clips online for longer or even permanently to keep even older updates consistent with the more recent updates. Thanks again for your support over the years Joseph, I hope you will like the new site once it’s launched in the coming weeks.

Mitch November 17, 2016 at 8:33 pm Reply

I’m curious to know how many Californians actually voted NO as opposed to leaving the item blank (which counts as a no). I’m happy to see the initiative defeated, but I think it’s a huge stretch to suggest that Californians support the filming of bareback sex; my guess is they just skipped the item on their ballot. And that’s not a bad thing — regardless of our political stance, we should always be very reticent to vote for Constitutional amendments. That’s always my choice if I confront a constitutional amendment item with which I’m unfamiliar — I leave it blank.

Brad Berrigan November 18, 2016 at 2:22 am Reply

Thanks for your comment Mitch. I was not aware that if you left the item blank it counted as a no. I assumed that a blank vote would not be counted at all, which is how it works in my part of the world (not the USA). I am also happy to see Proposition 60 defeated, it was going to cause a whole bunch of problems and solve none. Hopefully the AIDS Healthcare Foundation will now return to focusing on their core business and stop trying to interfere with bareback porn production or wasting millions of dollars on things like this.

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