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Several Frat Guys Find a Simple Way to Control a Loud College Dude Using their Bare Dicks

Mickey O'Reilly, Stone, John and Jessie - FraternityX

The guys at the FraternityX frat house have a few essentials around the place that come in handy sometimes. There’s always the trusted tub of Vaseline there to help the guys push their dicks inside the tight ass of one of their frat buddies and as anyone who has tried using Vaseline as lube would know, it’s not the slickest lubricant and often needs some additional properties to get things moving more easily. That’s where saliva comes in – you’ll notice the guys always spit their saliva onto the asshole they’re about to fuck and this can be taken as an “I’m about to own your asshole” kind of maneuver, but it also works well to help them glide inside more easily. The guys also seem to have duct tape on standby that comes in handy too, which the guys use if the bottom is making too much noise, or if he’s moving around too much. These guys use these items to provide themselves with a higher level of pleasure and it’s Mickey who ends up getting his ass fucked with Vaseline and saliva covered cocks before they add their own loads of cum to the mix, which could be considered to be the most premium lube available, plus it’s absolutely free and it comes in a fantastic dispenser with an awesome pump-action spout, that we’ve come to know and love as a dick. Stone, John and Jessie take turns fucking Mickey in the ass and mouth before the dump their loads inside him before leaving him there to absorb their creamy essence.

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  1. Hello-

    as i have said before i bet that the reason the freshman pledges misbehave is because they know exactly what the punishment will be. and what better way to get your boycunt’s cherry busted but by a group of hot seniors who know exactly how to raw fuck and breed. of course the seniors who exactly which pledges will be excellent anal cum dumps. and I agree with you that fratboy jizz is the best lube for a raw fuck.

    also I find Mickey quite attractive. i have always wanted to raw fuck and breed a super sexy redhead and Mickey is the perfect candidate.

    • Hello Joseph, The guys at the FraternityX pad have definitely worked out ways to fuck the other frat guys any time they want, with just about any excuse working for them. The guys who really want to get fucked know the secret is being bad and it works every time. There are some of the guys who we see bottoming quite often and it’s because they’ve worked out the formula that leads to raw college guys barebacking their asses. Fratboy jizz is the perfect lube these guys use the fuck raw – better than Vaseline, that’s for sure!


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