The fictitious Boys Halfway House is all about taking care of the residents who are there for various reasons and there’s simple rules designed to keep the house in order. When the rules get broken, the residents need to be punished and the House Manager is there to make sure the appropriate punishment is given to those who deserve it. Ashton and Atticus are sharing a room, but both are very messy and having a messy room is against the rules. The House Manager initially tried to make the guys clean up their room, but their attitude annoyed him, so he decided to punish them by making them suck his dick and then he fucked both of them too for good measure! The House Manager perfectly describes how it felt when his dick slid inside one of the guys asses: “It felt the way it should, like a peach that’s just ripe and warm from the sun”. These two residents soon learned that if they wanted to comply with the rules they needed to keep their room clean, a reminder that was drilled into them as the House Manager fucked each of them in the ass before releasing his load. There’s plenty of bareback videos like this one waiting for you to check out at Boys Halfway House, so if you like it, you know where you can see more!

Ashton Shota and Atticus - Boys Halfway House
Ashton Shota and Atticus - Boys Halfway House
Ashton Shota and Atticus - Boys Halfway House
Ashton Shota and Atticus - Boys Halfway House
Ashton Shota and Atticus - Boys Halfway House
Ashton Shota and Atticus - Boys Halfway House

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Joseph July 17, 2016 at 12:51 pm Reply


my 1 month membership to this site recently expired and i really enjoyed the videos i watched. as you know i am in lust for the director’s yummy big fat cut cock. said yummy big fat cut cock is an excellent tool to use in his disciplining of the young criminals and truants sent to the halfway, of course if the young hoodlums need extra special disciplining he asks his assistant to join in.

wouldn’t you agree that even if the young hoodlums still had their cherry when they entered the house after the rigorous disciplining by the director and his asst, their boycunts were turned into cum dumps hungry for raw cocks and loads?

Brad Berrigan July 18, 2016 at 3:46 am Reply

I’m glad you were able to enjoy your recent membership at Boys Halfway House and I can understand that you are in lust for the Director’s plump and juicy cock – it sure is a nice one! The concept of Boys Halfway House is unique and there are quite a lot of sexy guys who need discipline there being attended to in the only way the House Managers know to keep the house running as smoothly as possible. The guys staying at the house might have tight asses when they first enter, but after staying there for a while, the House Manager and his assistant make sure they get to dip their dicks inside the guys at some point to ensure they experience the unique style of discipline that’s offered at the house.

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