If you love seeing the guys barebacking and swapping loads at FraternityX and Sketchy Sex, the great news is that the creator has just released his latest site called Drill Him. The site is military themed and features soldiers barebacking and swapping loads, with a number of hot scenes already waiting for you to explore including Banged On Base, Boot Cum Dump, Man Up and Take It, Smashed Ass, Squad Cum Dump, Suck It Up, Tag Out and Wall to Wall Drill just to name a few. Drill Him is currently running a new site launch sale of $19.95 for 30 days, which you can lock in at this reduced price or if you just want to take a quick look around for now, the non-recurring price is $34.95 for 30 days. The great news is that Drill Him is totally bareback and features guys who love swapping loads inside other guys asses and mouths, with plenty of cum eating and breeding making the site look very promising. I’ll be featuring plenty of action from Drill Him here shortly, so stay tuned and get ready for the raw military butt fucking and cock sucking, with cum driving these soldiers wild!

Visit Drill Him – Home of Military Gangbangs, Boot Fucks and Ammo Dumps!

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  1. Hello-

    OH MY GOD! 🙂 you probably knew i would get hard just reading your blogpost about this new site. i have always preferred videos a set up of some kind since it gives the videos a littler extra heat. two additional questions. how long has this site been online? if i browsed the home page correctly there are already 12+ videos. certainly a good deal to go with a special $19.95 membership.

    • I knew you would love hearing about this site Joseph and because it comes from Michael Gilbert; the creator of FraternityX, Parole Him and Sketchy Sex, you can guarantee that the action will be bareback and intense. I agree that it’s great seeing a theme to the videos and you definitely get that at Drill Him. The site has only just come online and my blog post came at the same time of the official site launch, so it’s very fresh. Because the site is new, they are offering a $19.95 grand opening special and it looks like there are currently 18 scenes available. I haven’t had an opportunity to explore the site myself yet, as I’m waiting for one of my other porn site memberships to expire so I can check out Drill Him. Some people might be surprised to hear that I have to purchase my own memberships, although some sites do sometimes offer short time memberships to help me write reviews, but I mostly pay myself like everyone else does. The videos are offered as streaming and it does look like there’s 18 videos inside the members area, but because I haven’t been inside myself just yet, I cannot guarantee this 100%, but I should be able to confirm this soon once I sign up personally. It’s definitely a great deal locking in the $19.95 membership, because you get the current videos, plus you can enjoy future updates at the lowest membership price possible.

  2. Hello-

    the morning i read this post on your blogpage i had just re-watched the last FX video and the newly posted SS video. so joined right away. hey you can’t beat $19.95, now the down side. i had no trouble watching the FX and SS videos but I simply could not get the DH videos to play. they were slow then fast then freeze frame. plus half way thru the first 3 videos posted the screen goes dark and it says “the video playback has been aborted due to a network error”. having just watched the FX and SS videos i was perplexed. so i e-mailed the help address mentioning what the problem was and Gary Blumenthal replied with things i could try to remedy the situation. nothing worked so i wrote back saying as much and he said he would refund the $19.95 and try to figure out the problem was.

    • Hey Joseph, $19.95 is an awesome price to lock in for Drill Him and the site is going to feature some great bareback sex videos as it grows. I’m sorry to hear about the issue you had with videos not playing properly for you. The site is only new, so there may be some teething problems, but the network error could be due to a number of different reasons, including the server hosting the videos themselves, or it could have been your internet connection (most likely not the case). Sometimes it’s an authentication issue between your access credentials and the server delivering the video to you and it could also have been a browser problem if Drill Him is using a different video player to FraternityX and Sketchy Sex, where your browser doesn’t play the video natively and might need a plugin to support playback. Your feedback regarding the video playback issue is the first I have heard about video playback problems. If your membership was still current, I would have been more than happy to offer some suggestions for you to try and I would have also been happy to liaise with Gary (generally speaking), because I’m sure we could have got things working for you.

    • There appears to have been some fake cum shots at FraternityX and Sketchy Sex at times, but my understanding is that each guy personally releases at least one authentic cum shot and the use of alternative methods might sometimes be introduced later during multiple cum shot scenes. This does not mean fake cum is used all the time, but it appears to have been used from time-to-time. The scenes currently being released at Drill Him were filmed last year (Drill Him was originally slated to be released last summer based on a conversation I had with the creator Michael Gilbert), so hopefully all three sites will avoid using fake cum in newly filmed scenes. It would be preferable to see shorter scenes containing 100% legitimate cum, rather than longer episodes involving multiple loads, unless the guys can actually release their own loads multiple times, like Jet from ChaosMen (known as Mike at FraternityX) who can release multiple loads on demand in a short amount of time.

  3. Thanks for your reply Brad, However fake is fake and none of that was disclosed at the point of purchase of subscription to any of the websites. Just lots of “convenient” camera drops and over the top moaning/vocals in a feeble attempt to cover up the deception. Mormonboyz has recently adopted the same lame practice with Elders Dudley and White. Mormonboyz lets you download so you could edit out all the faking but Gilbert’s idiotic insistence that his websites be stream only doesn’t even give that workaround option.

    • You’re welcome for the reply AuntieAcid. 🙂 I totally agree with what you’re saying about the use of fake cum at sites. I would rather see a guy not ejaculate than seeing fake cum, because when studios use fake cum, you start guessing all the time and analyzing whether the guy actually came or whether fake cum was used, which takes the heat out of watching porn. I am constantly contacting studios about issues I see and issues others raise with me, so the more guys contacting sites about things such as fake cum will hopefully result in them abolishing the use of fake cum. Quite a few sites have switched to streaming video now and I also prefer video downloads and I am prepared to pay more to be able to download (like Helix Studios – they offer a lower price membership for streaming and a few dollars more for streaming and download – that’s the better way to do things, to give members a choice about what they prefer).

  4. Hello-

    I am as perplexed as you are since as I said the FX and SS videos play fine. hopefully Gary can figure what the problem is.

    one other thing. I found AuntieAcid’s comments about the use of fake cum fascinating. isn’t kind of difficult to fake a cum shot? off hand I can’t think of a cum shot on either FX or SS that looked fake. so which fake cum shots on either FX or SS is AuntieAcid referring to? all the cum shots I can remember you see fresh loads popped right from a cock into a slutty boycunt or a hungry mouth.

    • Hey Joseph, I contacted Gary from OLB Media about the issue you have experienced with the videos at Drill Him not playing for you and he has confirmed that a different video player is used at Drill Him, which is an indication as to why you were able to play the videos at FraternityX and Sketchy Sex, but not at Drill Him. Gary also confirmed that he has not received any other support requests about the videos not playing for other members, so it appears this is only happening to you and I’m curious whether it might be your web browser that’s causing the problem. Gary will be contacting you to do further testing and hopefully you’ll be able to start watching the videos at Drill Him.

      Regarding the fake cum shot issue that AuntieAcid has raised, I would like to point out that this is limited and rare, but during one Sketchy Sex video it was revealed that a small wire held under the dick of one of the guys was visible and this was exposed because of some sloppy video editing. I don’t think there are many fake cum shots featured at FraternityX and Sketchy Sex, because as you have said, you can often see the guys dicks and they are definitely ejaculating from their own dicks.


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