This update from Helix Studios starts out showing the playful nature of Logan Cross and Brad Chase, then continues as they progress from having fun outdoors to scorching indoor bareback sex together. After buying water guns on their shopping expedition and then having fun in the park playing with them, they retreat indoors where they pull out their personal sex toys and start having fun using them. When I say “sex toys” I’m referring to their dicks and not actual adult toys and I’m only mentioning this in case you wonder what’s going on when you don’t see adult toys in this update. Logan and Brad suck each others dicks, then they flip-fuck and feel the fun of having raw dicks sliding inside and out of their tight asses. Both of these twinks are gorgeous and look spectacular together and the quality filming helps us to be able to appreciate their beauty better. There’s plenty of great bareback porn waiting for you at Helix Studios, including this great scene, so make sure you check it out as soon as you can!

Logan Cross and Brad Chase - Helix Studios
Logan Cross and Brad Chase - Helix Studios
Logan Cross and Brad Chase - Helix Studios
Logan Cross and Brad Chase - Helix Studios
Logan Cross and Brad Chase - Helix Studios
Logan Cross and Brad Chase - Helix Studios

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Joseph April 14, 2016 at 12:54 pm Reply


the video is proof that Helix produces *the best* twink bareback videos available on the net today. the stunning physical beauty of the models (Logan Cross and Brad Chase) can’t be touched by any other twink porn site. the part at the beginning of them in Walmart buying the squirt guns is just the right length for a set up and the sex was scorching.

i see that they are starting to post bareback videos under the 8TeenBoy label. these videos just don’t have the same look and feel as the videos simply listed as “Helix”. i wish they would spend their time and money sticking to the simply listed “Helix” videos.

Brad Berrigan April 15, 2016 at 2:39 am Reply

I agree with you Joseph about this scene being a fantastic example of the hot bareback porn that’s being produced by Helix Studios. Logan and Brad sure do look great together in this update and the beginning of the video that sets up this scene is the perfect length. My understanding is that the 8TeenBoy videos are filmed by Boy Crush, which is why they have a different look and feel about them.

Joseph April 18, 2016 at 12:57 pm Reply

Hello Again-

i just watched the latest 8TeenBoy video posted on Helix’s bareback page. after the 8Teenboy logo comes on screen under it in smaller letters it says “A Helix Studios Production”. this would imply the 8TeenBoy videos are in fact produced by Helix. if this is the case i wish they would spend their time and effort just on the videos posted as “Helix”. the 8TeenBoy videos posted just don’t have the same professional look and feel as the videos posted as “Helix”.

Brad Berrigan April 19, 2016 at 2:34 am Reply

Hey Joseph, I think it says that because the videos are being produced exclusively for Helix Studios, but not by Helix Studios, so it’s their product for branding purposes, but I still believe that the scenes are produced by Boy Crush. I might be wrong and I will be happy to admit this if it’s the case, but I believe that based on the models and sets, they feel very Boy Crush like and not very Helix Studios like. This is why the videos feel different and as a result have been branded differently.

Joseph April 19, 2016 at 12:20 pm Reply


I thank you for your take on the matter. if you are in fact correct in your assumption of the exact origin of the 8TeenBoy videos my response to Helix would be -why bother? as i have said before the videos posted as being from BoyCrush are not up to the standards set by the Helix videos in all aspects. so I find it baffling that Helix would pay BoyCrush to produce videos that would be posted under the old Helix 8TeenBoy banner. really it makes so sense at all.

now on to better things. i just watched the new Helix video “Introducing Sam Truitt” which was posted on April 7, 2016. the video begins with a short intro where Logan Cross is interviewing Truitt in a park. its quite nice and i love Cross’ vocal and physical demeanor. then they come inside and things get HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all i will say is when watching it have not 1 but 2 paramedics by your side.

Brad Berrigan April 20, 2016 at 3:52 am Reply

You’re welcome for my take on the matter Joseph. The studio is most likely including additional content inside their members area to boost the amount of content available to members and it’s important to consider that some guys might enjoy the inclusion of scenes from Staxus and Boy Crush for extra variety. Studios seem to be sharing content lately, with Next Door Twink for example featuring some Helix Studios scenes to bolster the number of videos inside their members area. This expands on the bonus content concept with video feeds and it’s a way for the studios to take advantage of sharing resources, although it’s not always a good thing, particularly when consistency cannot be achieved or maintained. I am pleased to announce that the Helix Studios video featuring Logan Cross and Sam Truitt will be featured here tomorrow, so stay tuned…

Joseph April 20, 2016 at 1:11 pm Reply

Hello Again-

I always enjoy reading your replies. another thought on the matter. for Helix to have another studio make videos specifically for them makes no sense especially if they’re not as good. neither the BoyCrush or the 8TeenBoy videos are as good as the Helix videos pure and simple. its kind of like Bel Ami paying some crappy Eastern European gay porn company to shoot videos for their site. how could the other videos possibly be as good as the actual Bel Ami ones?

Brad Berrigan April 21, 2016 at 4:22 am Reply

I also enjoy reading your comments Joseph and in answer to it making no sense for Helix to have another studio producing videos for them, it can make sense for them when it comes down to money. I’m sure Boy Crush is able to produce scenes at a lower cost than Helix and as a result they’ve probably made this decision, which they would likely see as a good business decision in terms of cost. There are quite a few studios having other studios produce scenes for them or where they purchase content from other studios, with CockSure Men a prime example importing European scenes and now Randy Blue has started importing some of their scenes from Europe.

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