The guys usually fuck rough at FraternityX, as they are deriving their pleasure from the bottom who is being fucked mercilessly, but this update goes a step further, when one of the fratboys gets gagged, tied up and then placed in the closet until the guys are horny enough to fuck him. There’s plenty of wild sex that takes place at this frat pad, with the guys drinking, smoking and watching porn as they push their hormone levels into overdrive by fucking one of the guys in the frat house. Josh is the one who gets fucked raw and filled with cum in this episode called Gagged and Banged by Mickey, Luke, Stone and John and when you’re watching the video, you will notice the rope and tape that helps keep Josh in position as each guy takes his turn fucking him. Josh tries to escape at one point, but being tied up and having four other guys in the room prevents him from escaping and avoiding his ass and mouth being fucked by these horny studs who used Josh like a raw fuck toy until each of them have cum.

Mickey O'Brien, Josh, Luke, Stone and John - FraternityX
Mickey O'Brien, Josh, Luke, Stone and John - FraternityX
Mickey O'Brien, Josh, Luke, Stone and John - FraternityX
Mickey O'Brien, Josh, Luke, Stone and John - FraternityX
Mickey O'Brien, Josh, Luke, Stone and John - FraternityX
Mickey O'Brien, Josh, Luke, Stone and John - FraternityX

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Guys In Sweatpants
Joseph July 3, 2016 at 12:25 pm Reply


one wonders if the frat members ever go to class since they seem to spend most of their day rawfucking and breeding twink freshman pledges. granted rawfucking and breeding twink pledges all day is certainly a worthwhile endeavor don’t they need an education? 🙂 on the other hand if the frat members fail their classes they can always teach a seminar on the proper way to bust a freshman pledge’s cherry so they’ll turn into anal cum dumps.

Brad Berrigan July 4, 2016 at 2:49 am Reply

Hey Joseph, I have wondered the same thing (if these guys really are in college), but if they’re studying human sexuality, then they are certainly studying very hard, with lots of practical assessments demonstrating their skilled abilities. I guess when you’re studying hard you need to take a break, so these college jocks know how to relax by undertaking intense physical activities to stimulate their senses. The great part for these guys is the selection of horny guys who love barebacking on campus, with lots of hot raw sex and load swapping taking place!

fuckworthy October 29, 2016 at 7:48 pm Reply

This was a hot one. If you look closely you can see that one of the cameramen is Ezekiel, who used to take part in the action a while back. Did you know he has a brother who also likes to pose naked? They also do escorting. See .
I used to think he was a very cool guy, though with a bit of sadistic streak. But now he’s started posting some Trump propaganda on his twitter, apparently in all seriousness, so he’s now lost my respect.

Brad Berrigan October 30, 2016 at 3:05 am Reply

I have noticed Ezekiel in the background filming scenes for FraternityX for a while now and it’s almost like he never left, although I do miss seeing him in action at the site. I didn’t know that Ezekiel has a brother who also likes to pose naked and I didn’t know they did escorting either (thank you for this insight). I also thought Ezekiel was pretty a cool guy, but since he has revealed he is pro-Trump, it means he is not as cool to me as before. I don’t know how anyone could like Trump, particularly gay people. I know that Hillary has been less than friendly towards the GLBTI community in the past, but she has certainly changed her stance based on her evolving and that’s something I doubt Trump would ever do. The world will be a scarier place if Trump gets voted in next month and even though I’m not an American, I am watching this election very closely, because the result does have worldwide ramifications.

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