Mormon Boyz is a fantastic site for barebacking and while bareback sex has been featured at the site for years, the term “bareback” has rarely ever been used, because fucking raw is the way these guys have always done things (apart from once or twice), but now they are proud to say “Mormon Boys Prefer Bareback”, embracing the fact that condoms are not useful to these guys in any way. Elder Sorensen has reached the final step in his ordination in this episode, having been sucked and fucked for months and the time has come for him to complete a very crucial step along his journey. President Oaks leads Elder Sorensen into the Seed Chamber, where the process gets underway, with Elder Sorensen taking President Oaks’ dick in his mouth, feeling the power of his penis sliding inside and out of his mouth. In this update you will witness Elder Sorensen being bonded through bodily fluids, where President Oaks bareback’s Elder Sorensen, until his cum ends up inside the bum of Elder Sorensen. Make sure you turn up your volume when you watch this video at Mormon Boyz, because you will hear President Oaks say “I’m going to fill your ass with my seed. And you are going to take every drop!” Hot!

President Oaks and Elder Sorensen - Mormon Boyz
President Oaks and Elder Sorensen - Mormon Boyz
President Oaks and Elder Sorensen - Mormon Boyz
President Oaks and Elder Sorensen - Mormon Boyz
President Oaks and Elder Sorensen - Mormon Boyz
President Oaks and Elder Sorensen - Mormon Boyz

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Joseph July 3, 2016 at 12:31 pm Reply


I find it hot when a sexy attractive “older” guy rawfucks and breeds a hot young stud. I’m glad the site understands the value of breeding in a bareback video.

Brad Berrigan July 4, 2016 at 2:57 am Reply

The concept of Mormon Boyz is fantastic, with plenty of sizzling bareback updates. I agree with you Joseph about Mormon Boyz appreciating the importance of breeding action in their bareback sex videos.

Joseph July 31, 2016 at 1:00 pm Reply


as i have said before the only sites i let renew each month are FX and SS, all other are just 1 month memberships. well this past Fri. all my 1 month memberships had expired so i re-joined this site. i went to the page to find the last video i remember watching during my first membership and then watched 3 videos of the videos posted since i was last a member. all three videos had Elder Sorenson as the top. i don’t know the model’s real name but he’s stunning. perfect face, killer well defined and toned physique and a beautiful skin complexion. i liked seeing his body all sweaty.

unfortunately there was a down side. as you know i can’t stand videos that end without cum eating or breeding. but there’s one thing i hate even more and that’s videos that end with possible fake orgasms. in the first three videos i watched when Elder Sorenson orgasms he never pulls out to prove that he did in fact cum inside the bottom. i think fake orgasms as i call them should be banned from the web.

Brad Berrigan August 1, 2016 at 3:50 am Reply

It’s disappointing to hear that you watched three videos at Mormon Boyz that don’t reveal cum, which could indicate fake orgasms based on the lack of visible cum. I agree that fake cum and fake orgasms should be banned from the internet and I will review whether I feature more any more content from Mormon Boyz based on your experience. I appreciate your feedback Joseph.

Joseph August 1, 2016 at 12:54 pm Reply


i started watching from page 11 which had the last video i remembered from the first time i was a member. Elder Sorenson is super hot and the videos do have first rate production. in fact its nice the site has found a number of hot “older” guys to have sex with the young missionaries. but the possible fake orgasms in the three video i watched with Elder Sorenson were a huge let down. in fact the last time i was a member of Jason Sparks Live i can not tell you the number of videos that ended with possible fake orgasms to the point i am wary of re-joining the site.

Brad Berrigan August 2, 2016 at 7:37 pm Reply

The video production values at Mormon Boyz is high, but there’s no point filming videos if they leave you questioning fake cum afterwards and it sure is a let down. I’m hoping that once you watch some of the other videos you haven’t seen yet, they will leave you feeling better about things. I’m not sure when you were last a member of Jason Sparks Live, but the endings are getting better, with lots of direct cum injections, with loads leaking out after the top pulls out so you can see the cum.

Joseph August 2, 2016 at 12:36 pm Reply

Hello Again-

i watched some more videos and came across an additional 2 with possible fake orgasms by the top. on the other hand i did watch two hot videos where the stunning Elder Sorenson gets breed with nice shots of the cum dripping out of his beautiful fuckhole. one was in the initiation room and the other in the back of a van. but the several possible fake orgasms i have encountered so far makes me wary of ever re-joining this site.

Brad Berrigan August 2, 2016 at 7:41 pm Reply

I appreciate the feedback Joseph. I don’t think I’ll feature any more updates from Mormon Boyz in the future, because the possible fake cum is an issue, plus I don’t like how large the watermarks are on the photos, it’s very distracting.

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