Stone was bragging about being able to score chicks while telling the other bros at the frat pad they couldn’t get any pussy, so the guys decided to make Stone’s ass their pussy for the afternoon. I usually don’t use words like “pussy”, “mangina” or “cunt” to describe a guys asshole, but since the guys were talking about pussy, the word seemed appropriate to use in this post. This FraternityX episode is called Smart Ass Bottom Boy and it’s all about the guys teaching Stone a lesson in respect by gagging his mouth shut with duct tape and filling his holes with their stiff dicks. It’s great seeing how stiff Corey’s dick is as he’s waiting for his turn to stick his dick inside Corey’s ass and it shows how much he is turned on by getting his chance to bareback a guy’s smooth ass, feeling that warm hole enveloping his cock and hugging him tightly as he’s pounding away. This is just one of many sizzling updates waiting for you at FraternityX, where the guys use their dicks to teach the other bros lessons and having some fun at the same time!

Corey, Stone, Jessie and John - FraternityX
Corey, Stone, Jessie and John - FraternityX
Corey, Stone, Jessie and John - FraternityX
Corey, Stone, Jessie and John - FraternityX
Corey, Stone, Jessie and John - FraternityX
Corey, Stone, Jessie and John - FraternityX

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Guys In Sweatpants
Joseph January 28, 2016 at 12:14 pm Reply


i never knew how horny frat boys could be until i joined Fraternity X. i guess its the age where guy’s juices are flowing and they’ll fuck any tight hole to get there rocks off.

also its my firm belief that the reason the freshman pledges misbehave is because they know exactly what the punishment will be. i’m guessing they’d rather get their cherries popped and their no longer virgin boycunts rawfucked and bred by fellow frat brothers that some dude they might pick up in a bar.

Brad Berrigan January 29, 2016 at 1:47 am Reply

These guys sure are horny and it’s great being able to watch them barebacking and swapping loads. They are highly energized and their juices are most certainly flowing. I also agree that the guys misbehave because they know what the punishment will be and they see it as more of a reward than a punishment. This is another great update showing how college guys like to release their sexual tension.

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