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Barebacking Dicks are Better than Watching Chicks Wrestling on TV


Things can sometimes get boring for the guys at the FraternityX house, like this episode where they’re watching chicks wrestling on television, but they always know the perfect way to make things more exciting and it always involves bareback sex! These horny fuckers seem to enjoy making Tyler their bottom, because they love shoving their dicks inside his ass and his mouth and perhaps he also enjoys being in this position. While he might not look like he’s enjoying what’s happening, (because the guys tape up his arms and mouth so they can slam his holes with their stiff dicks), he at times shows signs of enjoyment and that’s what makes you know that deep down he gets some enjoyment from getting barebacked. These guys know how to have fun and you’re about to enjoy watching their formula for having a good time!

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  1. Hello-

    as you say the boys at the frat house sure do know how to take care of any boredom that might arise. plus as you say though Tyler appears to object to being used by the seniors to satisfy their sexual urges you can tell he’s also invigorated and aroused by the experience.

    speaking of which. the seniors have thoroughly trained Tyler to be the house bitch which got me thinking. I bet rawfucking and breeding Tyler’s no longer virgin boycunt would be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. he’s energized by being used and you have the total pleasure of blasting your load deep into his cum hungry slutty fuckhole.

    • The guys have devised a pretty neat system for taking care of boredom and barebacking is an integral part of their plan, which I really like! It’s interesting how Tyler appears to be against what the guys are doing, but you can see from his body responses that he’s actually liking it. The guys seem to have worked out that Tyler is into getting barebacked and he must be a superior bottom who knows how to get the guys off. I agree with your thoughts about how great it must feel for the guys to be filling Tyler’s ass with their creamy loads of jock juice.

    • Hello Megan, He goes by the name of Damion (the guy standing up in the first photo). I haven’t been able to track down his full name unfortunately, he seems to only go by the name Damion. The guy wearing the light grey shorts sitting down (in the second and third photo) is Tom Faulk, but I think you were asking about Damion.


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