Sunday, October 24, 2021

Two Bel Ami Scenes get Merged Together to Become One with Lots of Cum

What you’re about to see is the merging of two bareback scenes into one, featuring Torsten Ullman and Helmut Huxley. Each scene was filmed separately and the scenes were going to become a two part special, but Bel Ami Online decided that the impact of this scene would be more powerful as one during the editing phase and they were right. The outcome means you get to enjoy multiple cum shots – four in total and if you love cum eating, you’re going to be impressed with the powerful squirts that emerge from two beautiful uncut cocks. This scene is called Every Which Way and features the guys experiencing bareback sex in a number of positions, including both of them topping and bottoming. In true Bel Ami style, the lighting helps you appreciate what the guys are getting up to, with smooth video the result. The lighting also helps you appreciate the cum shots, with a couple of big squirts that are sure to impress, with the guys lapping up the cum and enjoying the taste, but if you’re wondering if there’s any cum in ass featured at the end, there’s not unfortunately, although the cum eating certainly does make up for this!

Torsten Ullman and Helmut Huxley - Bel Ami Online | Bareback
Torsten Ullman and Helmut Huxley - Bel Ami Online | Bareback
Torsten Ullman and Helmut Huxley - Bel Ami Online | Bareback
Torsten Ullman and Helmut Huxley - Bel Ami Online | Bareback
Torsten Ullman and Helmut Huxley - Bel Ami Online | Bareback
Torsten Ullman and Helmut Huxley - Bel Ami Online | Bareback
Torsten Ullman and Helmut Huxley - Bel Ami Online | Bareback
Torsten Ullman and Helmut Huxley - Bel Ami Online | Bareback

Click Here to Watch the Full-Length Video at Bel Ami Online!

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