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Is it Just a Dream or is a Guy Barebacked for Real Based on Lots of Cum?

Johnny Torque and Brenner Bolton - Next Door Raw

This is one of those was it a dream or is it real scene situations where Brenner Bolton is dreaming about getting fucked by Johnny Torque. This update from Next Door Raw focuses on Brenner fantasizing about Johnny and he’s getting quite aroused by it all, especially when it all feels so real. Brenner and Johnny go through all the hot motions in Brenner’s “dream” and both guys are excited by it all, with lots of cock sucking and butt fucking and there’s even a rubber dong that makes an appearance in this update. Brenner’s sweet hole gets pounded raw by Johnny’s stiff condom-free cock and the guys are experiencing bareback bliss. When Brenner “wakes up”, the whole experience seems like a dream, but based on the copious amounts of cum present, he’s wondering if this was all a dream or whether it happened for real. Enjoy this hot update from Next Door Raw, along with the other steamy bareback updates making their way inside the members area at the site.

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  1. Hello-

    well i finished watching all the NDR videos. i have to say the guys are nicely sexy and the production values are first rate but and there’s always a but. since a 3 month membership was only $49.95 i figured what not. well i don’t think i will be renewing when the 3 months are up for two simple reasons. as i said before the videos are to frigging long. every single video posted so far on the site should be re-edited to half its current length. the second reason is far more important- the videos are deceptively titled. i was really interesting in watching The Breeding House but guess what? not only does it end without cum eating the video ends without any breeding contradicting the title.

    • I agree with you about the sexy guys and quality production values with the Next Door Raw videos Joseph. The three month membership is great value for money and it gives you a decent amount of time to examine the videos to determine whether to continue your membership past this point or not. I do agree with you about the scenes being long, but at least you can download the videos and use the fast forward button to help resolve this problem. I really don’t know why they called the scene The Breeding House when it doesn’t feature any breeding, that is a mystery, but luckily there’s plenty of breeding in the other videos. You have raised some valid points and I appreciate your feedback.


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