I am starting to get stressed out by the growing mess in the FraternityX house and it’s getting to the point where I might need to get on a plane to visit the house and clean it up so they guys no longer have to trip over the trash on the floor. There’s shit everywhere and the guys just kick stuff out of the way when it gets in their way. I love FraternityX, but looking at scene after scene with junk piling up all over the place and the state of the carpet – let’s not even go there! While we’re at it, I wish the guys would stop smoking while they’re fucking too – I bet the cigarette ash is going all over the floor as well! Of course if I did happen to visit the house to make it sparkle again, it would need to be when the guys are there (for security purposes of course) and it wouldn’t be too bad if they were having a bareback sex gang bang at the same time either. Right, now that I’ve got that out of the way, check out the hot bareback action in this update called Frat Bro Gang Bang with the name saying it all. When the guys become bored watching women wrestling on TV, they decide to heat things up and Tyler was on standby to suck their dicks. He also lets them bareback his ass and when he whinges a bit, they tape his mouth shut. It looks like he was enjoying every minute of it though and I think he might have found a way where the guys continue to use his ass – by pretending not to like it when deep down he absolutely loves it!

Donny Forza (Danny), Alex, Damion, Tyler Sky and Tom Faulk - FraternityX
Donny Forza (Danny), Alex, Damion, Tyler Sky and Tom Faulk - FraternityX
Donny Forza (Danny), Alex, Damion, Tyler Sky and Tom Faulk - FraternityX
Donny Forza (Danny), Alex, Damion, Tyler Sky and Tom Faulk - FraternityX
Donny Forza (Danny), Alex, Damion, Tyler Sky and Tom Faulk - FraternityX
Donny Forza (Danny), Alex, Damion, Tyler Sky and Tom Faulk - FraternityX

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  1. Hello-

    another winner from Fraternity X. what makes the FX videos so “enjoyable” is the spontaneous real time enthusiasm of the frat boys. you can tell both the tops and the chosen bottom know there is one and only one way to release their pent up urges- ass pounding all natural rawfucking with breeding.

    another thought. the infamous “they” say if you pay a guy enough $$$ he’ll do anything in a video. i personally don’t believe that’s true. therefore i find it amazing the creator/webmaster of FX is able to find sooooooooo many really hot all American guys who are into rawfucking and breeding.

    as a year end wrap up of FX’S 2015 videos a two part comment. first i wish FX would cast way more blond guys. and second i wish FX would stop having really hot guys mulling about the set without getting in on the action. i don’t understand the point of having them there if they aren’t part of the action.

    • This is another fantastic update from FraternityX and you have pointed out one of the reasons why the videos are so enjoyable. The guys totally express their enthusiasm in the videos and they look like they’re having a great time. I think the feeling of having a bunch of guys in the room bouncing their energy and hormones from each other is what helps them achieve such intense videos.

      I also agree with you Joseph about guys having limits. Money certainly does help, but if a guy doesn’t want to do something, he won’t do it, even if money is involved. That’s why the videos at FraternityX are so hot, because they guys love barebacking and swapping loads. They’re probably given free beer in addition to money to pay for their appearances, but the fun they have is a further reward for the guys.

      I suspect that some of the guys filming the videos in the background are seeing whether they will like it before they take the plunge to become a part of the action. I know that a couple of the guys filming have appeared in videos before, but they look a little bit different now. It’s always nice seeing the guys in the background, but it would be much more exciting to see them a part of the action as well.

  2. Hello-

    i always look forward to reading one of your replies. i have to give you credit for thinking of something that never even occurred to me. namely that the really hot sexy all American guys we see in the background but who never get into the action might in fact be observing or “testing the waters” as they say to see if the action is something they could in fact get into in a future video…

    • I enjoy reading your comments too Joseph. That’s one of the possibilities with the guys standing around filming and I think it would be a great way for them to test the waters as you say to see if they like it. They might even get to learn about a few things when the cameras are turned off too. I must admit that there have been some really attractive guys filming scenes that have yet to appear before the camera, but you just never know, one day they might make the decision to get involved.

  3. Hello-

    of the many FX videos we have discussed so far to my recollection there has been only one where a camera guy joined in. i don’t remember the name but the action was quite hot. after each of the tops would fuck the bottom the top would scoot up to his face then fuck his mouth, i guess the action was just a tad to hot for the camera guy who put his camera down on a table then went up to the bottom’s face fucked his mouth then blew his creamy load down the bottom’s throat.

    i know i’ve said this before but i have my fingers crossed that sometime soon FX will feature a true gangbang that will top “8 Dude Gangbang” which featured the super sexy BennyG and his cum hungry super slutty boycunt.

    • I remember the scene you are referring to as well, but I cannot recall the name of the particular episode. This is the sort of action that makes FraternityX great and it would be fantastic if we saw more of the guys filming getting involved in the action. The guys filming must have a partial boner in their pants as they’re filming and I often look to see if it’s visible, but there’s no way I could film scenes as hot as this without an erection building in my pants. I also hope to see a gang bang video that tops 8 Dude Gang Bang and hopefully we’ll get to see a scene like this at the site sometime.


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