The Jason Sparks Live bareback road trip has arrived in Albuquerque and two of the guys filmed this scene in their New Mexico hotel room. Anton Dahl is the bottom in this update and he says that he loves snowboarding and motocross and I guess we can add the wild adventures of bareback fucking and getting a load of cum in his ass to the list as well. Anton is joined in this scene by Declan McClain and both of these studs look like they’re having a great time barebacking and breeding and make sure you check out the end of this video where you see the cum flowing from Anton’s hole. This is what makes bareback porn so hot – being able to see cum being savored and forming an integral part of the sexual experience!

Anton Dahl and Declan McClain - Jason Sparks Live
Anton Dahl and Declan McClain - Jason Sparks Live
Anton Dahl and Declan McClain - Jason Sparks Live
Anton Dahl and Declan McClain - Jason Sparks Live

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Guys In Sweatpants
T October 20, 2015 at 6:26 pm Reply

This is one I really enjoy. I like the fact that Jason Sparks is doing so many cream pie videos lately and I think Declan is super hot. Love the cum seen when Declan says he’s getting close and the cute blondie says “yeah?” “Do it” So fucking hot

Brad Berrigan October 21, 2015 at 4:06 am Reply

Hey T, I agree – there’s a growing number of creampie videos being released at Jason Sparks Live and this scene is fantastic. Another one which I will be featuring here soon featuring Ashton Grant is also hot, especially when he says: oh fuck yeah! cum in my ass, breed my hole! when Brandon Blake tells him he’s about to cum. The action is definitely getting hotter with all this ass cum action!

Jonny October 21, 2015 at 5:20 pm Reply

Couldn’t agree more. The reason Jason Sparks Live is hands-down the hottest site to me is because there are quite a few scenes where the tops full-on shoot their loads balls-deep inside the bottoms, almost always at the bottom’s request, And quite a few of these scenes avoid any potential “can’t tell” concerns by showing the cum dripping out of the bottom. Also extremely hot: Jason often asks the guys directly in the post-scene interviews stuff like “you didn’t pull out at all; how did it feel shooting your load in him?” or “it looked like he dumped a huge load of cum in you, was that hot?” As a bottom, I’ve been left very dissatisfied for years by most bareback porn. I don’t care how hot or how hung he is, if a guy ever announced he was coming and then pulled out of my ass, shot his load on my hole/stomach/back and then stuck his cock back inside me I guarantee you he’s never fucking me again. So that porn trend has always frustrated me, because I want to see guys fuck the way I like to be fucked. I don’t expect every company to make “internal cumshot” or “no pull out” videos (and how much easier would finding the right porn be if those were openly promoted categories instead of buried in text), but for the longest time they were almost never made or released. JSL is not only making a lot of them, they’re making them extremely well. It feels like Guys in Sweatpants is edging closer to it as well, but otherwise still seems mostly taboo. So hear-hear Jason Sparks! Please keep your boys deep breeding.

Brad Berrigan October 22, 2015 at 3:00 am Reply

Hey Jonny, I agree with everything you’re saying and I know that Jason will appreciate this excellent feedback. I also love seeing guys ejaculating directly inside the bottom’s ass without pulling out and the guys at Jason Sparks Live achieve this well by being verbal and the camera capturing the loads leaking out make the videos extremely hot to watch. The interviews are always interesting and there’s many qualities that makes Jason Sparks Live a great place to watch bareback porn. I appreciate your comment Jonny. 🙂

Jason Sparks Live

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