Cole and Hunter Maverick have their own porn site called Maverick Men, which is primarily bareback and features hot young guys they have bareback sex with. Cole and Hunter still have their own porn site, but now they’ve created a second site called Maverick Men Directs, which features an emphasis on other guys having sex, rather than them being involved in the action directly. From what I have seen so far, the guys can’t help but get involved in the action as they’re directing, but there is a stronger focus on the other guys, with Cole and Hunter taking more of a backseat approach. If you like the guys featured at Maverick Men but want to see more involvement with the guys and less involvement from Cole and Hunter, then Maverick Men Directs might be a happy medium for you. Maverick Men Directs works similarly to Maverick Men, with the site featuring both streaming memberships or pay per minutes. Right now Maverick Men Directs is offering a special $19.95 per month unlimited streaming launch price membership or you can purchase minutes from $14.95. To access the videos, you need to click on the “Full Length Videos” menu option at the top of the page and proceed from there. I’m not sure whether the site is going to feature condoms in some of the scenes, but there’s definitely bareback video there for you to check out. This update will give you a sample of one of the bareback scenes at the site called Little Round Ass Big Fat Cock featuring Danny and Drake. The chemistry between these two is fantastic, because the guys were able to instantly connect, making the sex sizzle and they even hung out together a few days after this video was shot. You are going to love the moment when you see Drake pop his cock out of Danny’s hole and blast a creamy load of cum on his face and tongue!

Danny and Drake -
Watch Danny and Drake having bareback sex at Maverick Men Directs
Watch Danny and Drake having bareback sex at Maverick Men Directs
Watch Danny and Drake having bareback sex at Maverick Men Directs
Watch Danny and Drake having bareback sex at Maverick Men Directs
Watch Danny and Drake having bareback sex at Maverick Men Directs

Want to See More? Watch the Full-Length Video at Maverick Men Directs!

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Joseph May 14, 2015 at 12:03 pm Reply


i was a member of Maverick Men twice. i found Cole and Hunter to be two quite sexy “older” guys with yummy big fat cut cocks. but two things about the videos was a tad disappointing- one-a video could be 45mins. but half the video could be horsing around with no actual sex. and two- though the videos contained hard driving rawfucks there was never any breeding.

also I viewed a preview clip on the new site that featured my top object of lust Eli but you can’t tell if the fucking is raw.

Brad Berrigan May 14, 2015 at 1:08 pm Reply

Hey Joseph, Maverick Men Directs looks like it’s going to be an interesting site. The guys love barebacking and they manage to find sexy bottoms to fuck raw. I agree with both points you have made, the guys tend to capture a lot of stuff that goes on, including non-sexual action, which is fine, but if you’re watching the videos using minutes rather than a membership, this isn’t a good thing because it chews through the minutes. I have never seen breeding featured at Maverick Men and from what I’ve read, we may never see it. I read an interview a couple or even a few years ago (I cannot recall the source) where the guys said that they don’t breed because they feel it’s safer not to cum inside another guy or swap loads, so if they continue to hold this view, then we probably won’t ever see it, but then again, people do change their minds, so you just never know. It will be interesting to see whether the videos will be mostly bareback at the new site and time will tell.

Joseph May 14, 2015 at 3:04 pm Reply


thanks for your quick reply. i have an interesting question. i typed out and sent you the comment say 3:30p.m. NYC time. what time was it in Australia?

Brad Berrigan May 15, 2015 at 3:04 am Reply

Hey Joseph, You’re welcome for the quick reply. 3:30pm in New York City is 5:30am the next day where I am in Australia (we’re ahead of you). The cool part about how the time works is that when you look at your watch, it appears like your plane arrives in the United States before your plane departs Australia, but you then lose a day when you return home after crossing the international date line in the Pacific Ocean. I try to go online each morning before I go to work (I’m up at 5:00am) to check for comments and make sure everything is running perfectly, then I go back online once I get home from work after I have dinner (I finish working on my blog by about 10:00pm). I love weekends, because it’s when I can spend more time working on my blog. This has been a very interesting question. 🙂

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