Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Ho Ho Ho, Let the Cum Flow – Merry Christmas!

It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by so fast, well it has flown fast for me anyway, so I’m thinking it might be the same for others as well. Christmas is a time for giving, so I’m hoping you have received some cool presents this year and if not, there’s a whole bunch of bareback porn sites you can join if you want to treat yourself to something special this Christmas, that way you won’t be left empty handed.

This is the time of the year where I like to recap some of the things that have happened throughout 2015. I will start by remembering some of the models who have appeared in bareback porn that passed away this year. There are only a few guys that I know about with Kamrun passing away earlier in the year and Zach Lockhart who featured in numerous bareback videos at Jason Sparks Live is believed to have died this year as well, but we aren’t able to get clarification on this. Zac Stevens who filmed bareback porn with Helix Studios passed away at age 25 in San Diego in November, with the reason being unknown. Zac filmed a few bareback videos with Helix, including one with his boyfriend Scotty Clarke, and others with Jessie Montgomery, Jacob Dixon and Oliver Hudson.

While we’re still in the sad news zone, we have lost an established bareback porn site throughout the year, with Bareback Masters being taken offline. Tony and Cam (Anthony DeAngelo and Cameron Cruise) have been producing porn under their studio ZyloCo Incorporated since 2001 and have been releasing porn from their studio at Bareback Masters. If you’re wondering about the meaning of Zylo, according to Tony and Cam the word ZYLOCO is derived from the Greek word for wood, XYLOS, in combination with “company.” Tony and Cam still have their personal sites online, but I’m not sure how much longer they will remain active. There are also rumors circling about Machofucker, which has been online for a very long time, but I haven’t been able to obtain clarification about this and the site is still functioning as of this moment. I wasn’t going to mention the site name without being able to clarify the situation, but I decided to mention it to give you an opportunity to take a look in case the site does disappear.

There have been quite a few new bareback porn sites released this year, along with a handful of established gay porn sites that started producing bareback porn. Randy Blue is one of the established gay porn sites that switched to bareback porn this year and it’s really hot. Another established site that switched to producing bareback porn is Bulldog Pit, with this British studio featuring many sex men now going in a raw direction. Juicy Boys also started producing bareback porn this year and only months after this decision, they changed their site to Bromo. Other established gay porn sites that started releasing bareback porn this year include Spritzz and Stag Homme Studios. New bareback porn sites released include Bareback Latinoz, Bareback Me Daddy and Hammer Boys.

I hope you have had a fantastic year this year and I hope you have family or friends you can spend time with this Christmas or perhaps you prefer to spend time by yourself and relax. You don’t have to feel alone this Christmas, if you don’t have anyone to talk to you are always welcome to send me an email and I will get back to you. Thank you for your support throughout the year, I appreciate you visiting Brad Bare and clicking on the links here to purchase your porn memberships.

Brad’s Favorite Bareback Porn Sites for 2015

Ebony: Raw Rods

Gang Bangs: FraternityX

Gay4Pay: Chaosmen

Interracial: Harlem Hookups

New Talent: Jason Sparks Live

Orgies: Sketchy Sex

Raunch: Raw Fuck Club

Twinks: Helix Studios

Photo Credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / PeterHermesFurian

Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad is pretty much fascinated by all things bareback, so he created this blog way back in 2010 dedicated completely to unprotected sex between men.


  1. Hello-

    i was looking forward to your year end wrap up and it’s first rate as always. a few questions/comments. i look forward to your reply. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

    1.i certainly don’t want to intrude on their grieving ones loved but how is it possible that it has yet to be verified that Zach Lockhart and Zac Stevens did in fact pass away?

    2. i agree with your choices for
    Gangbang- Fraternity X
    Orgies- Sketchy Sex
    Interracial- Harlem Hookups
    Twinks- Helix

    i must say i do have one lingering question about Helix. my 3 month membership ended the week before last and said membership was the 5th time i’ve been a member of Helix which is where my question comes in. during any of the 5 times i’ve been a Helix member they have always had on their model roster a decent number of models that were comfortable with shooting bareback so one would expect something resembling a steady flow of bareback videos but that’s never been the case. i have always wondered why.

    3. i have the fingers on both my hands and the toes on both my feet crossed in hopes that the stunningly sexy Eli is back at Sketchy Sex. i find him quite attractive with and amazing skin complexion and a killer well toned body. in fact i would go as far as to say Eli is my top favorite oral and anal cum dump slut working in bareback porn today. just imagining the next SS video where the extremely hot and sexually vibrant Eli is getting his slutty boycunt rawhumped and bred has me leaking thick gobs of pre-cum staining my pants.

    • Hey Joseph, I’m pleased to hear that you were looking forward to my end of year wrap up and it was fun recapping some of what happened throughout the year. I do feel like I need to write notes in 2016, because I keep relying on my memory and I feel like I may have forgotten some things (I can always make any amendments if necessary). By the way, Merry Christmas Joseph and thank you for your support throughout the year, I really appreciate it. I’m happy to discuss some of the points you have raised.

      1. Zac Stevens’ passing away has been confirmed, but Zach Lockhart’s passing away has not been confirmed. Jason Sparks told me that that the rumor is that he fell from a building, but that’s all he knows. It’s possible for someone to pass away without being able to receive confirmation and I know this first hand, because I was close to someone who passed away earlier this year. His family wanted a private ceremony, so no public notice was issued and there is no public record I can find online anywhere. It’s very sad when someone passes away and not knowing can sometimes make it harder for others to grieve and understand.

      2. I’m glad you agree with most of the sites I included in my list. Sometimes it can be hard deciding which site should be included on the list, particularly when there are a few of them that are really good. Sometimes it’s really easy to choose when a site is so great. Keith Miller from Helix Studios has confirmed previously that he lets models decide whether they are comfortable barebacking or not, so this could be an indicator as to why the bareback scenes are sporadic. In saying this, I have seen models who have done bareback in the past paired together wearing condoms, so it’s a little bit mysterious.

      3. Eli needs to remain a permanent fixture at Sketchy Sex because he’s such a great addition to the site. He loves barebacking and swapping loads and his body is perfect. His ass looks so smooth and supple that it mesmerizes you. I know what you mean about pre-cum staining your pants – I actually purchased some stain remover from the store earlier today that might come in handy for you, but then again, I need it myself!


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Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad is pretty much fascinated by all things bareback, so he created this blog way back in 2010 dedicated completely to unprotected sex between men.

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