This is a very unique update from Boys Halfway House featuring the Graff twins getting barebacked by two House Managers. Sasha and Sebastian are gay identical twins who checked themselves in at the house of their own free will, perhaps after hearing about how hot the sex is there. It sounds as if the guys used their insurance to pay for their therapy sessions and it’s exciting hearing about the raw cock in ass therapy that’s offered there. I doubt my health insurance plan would offer such a wonderful experience – I can’t even get a remedial massage covered under my plan because it’s not considered core and I have to pay more if I want massage included. What the fuck! I do like whatever insurance plan these two guys have and I like the fact that they don’t mind watching each other naked as they’re sucking guys cocks and getting fucked by the guys as well. They don’t have sex with each other, because that wouldn’t be allowed, but they can watch each other sucking cock and getting fucked, with the House Managers making sure these twins are given the treatment they need and deserve. If you like cum eating and breeding finales, you’re in for a treat, with one of the twins enjoying a load of cum inside his mouth, while the other gets a load fucked inside his ass. It looks like the twins need to stay at Boys Halfway House for a little while longer and in addition to getting fucked by the House Managers, they can probably enjoy hot sex with some of the other residents as well, although I’m sure the House Managers wouldn’t like this too much, unless they’re part of the action too!

Sasha and Sebastian Graff -
Watch Sasha and Sebastian Graff having bareback sex at Boys Halfway House
Watch Sasha and Sebastian Graff having bareback sex at Boys Halfway House
Watch Sasha and Sebastian Graff having bareback sex at Boys Halfway House
Watch Sasha and Sebastian Graff having bareback sex at Boys Halfway House
Watch Sasha and Sebastian Graff having bareback sex at Boys Halfway House

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Joseph June 11, 2015 at 2:10 pm Reply


as you can see the job of running the halfway house has rather delightful benefits neither the house manager or his assistant thought about when they got the jobs. i like how one twin gets a load in mouth and the other twin gets his slutty boycunt nicely bred.

i have always wanted to rawfuck twins. the breeding of both can be easily accomplished. I’d have their ass right next to each other so after i started ejaculating in one i would pull out and while still in orgasm shove my cock into the other twin and finish my orgasm knowing I had bred twin anal cum dumps.

Brad Berrigan June 13, 2015 at 12:41 am Reply

Hey Joseph, The House Managers at Boys Halfway House are very serious about taking care of residents in their own special way and it seems like their dicks end up inside the asses and mouths of each resident staying there at some point. It’s great seeing these twins barebacking at the site and watching one get a load in his mouth while the other gets a load in his ass is extremely enjoyable to watch. Your technique would work perfectly and it would definitely be a hot experience barebacking twins, but if we never get a chance to do this in our own lifetime, we know where we can watch it being done and that’s at Boys Halfway House.

Marc August 3, 2015 at 11:51 pm Reply

i guess – the twins don’t touch or kiss each other

do you know, if these twins are in other pornscenes too ( other companies..)
not very usual that twins are in porn

Brad Berrigan August 4, 2015 at 4:26 am Reply

Hey Marc, I think there might be legal issues with real-life twins having sex, so that would probably explain why we don’t see any sexual contact with each other. I do know that the Graff twins are also featured in a bareback video at Dallas Reeves which is also worth a look.

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