The guys at the Sketchy Sex house are constantly having sex and when they’re not fucking, they’re looking for more guys to have sex with. This scene called Fill Me Up! naturally involves a guy getting his ass and mouth filled to capacity. When this scene starts out, Cadence is giving Jacques a blowjob and he ingests a nice creamy load in his mouth before Jacques disappears from the scene. Just after he finishes savoring the cum, Jake enters the room and starts getting his dick sucked. While all this is going on, Eli is sitting on the sofa jacking off watching porn on television and looking at stuff on his mobile phone. Jake is given an excellent blowjob by Cadence and cum’s inside his mouth, with some of his jizz dripping out so we can see that nice load and Cadence keeps on sucking, extracting as much cum from his cock as possible. Jake isn’t done yet, he immediately sticks his dick inside Cadence’s ass and starts barebacking him and it doesn’t take him long to release his second load, which gets bred inside Cadence’s ass. Eli has been watching this hot sex taking place and wants to experience it for himself, so as soon as Jake is done, Eli sticks his dick inside Cadence’s ass and uses Jake’s cum as lube, fucking Cadence hard. Jake can’t see to get enough and gets sucked off by Cadence as Eli is fucking Cadence. These guys really love sex and enjoy experiencing sexual pleasure. Eli’s thrusts intensify and he ejaculates deep inside Cadence’s ass without pulling out, pushing out his load so we can see it, before Jake slides back inside for another raw pounding session. These guys love using each others cum as lube and they get off on the sensation of their cum mixing together. Cadence then gets on all fours on the floor and Eli has another turn on his ass, with deep thrusts taking him as far inside Cadence as possible. You can see the mess in the house, with bits and pieces of stuff all over the floor, but these guys don’t have time to clean up, because they’re constantly fucking. One thing they do to reduce the mess is to pump their cum inside another guy’s ass or mouth to contain their loads. Eli finishes this scene by breeding his second load inside Cadence’s ass, then they all take a break, but probably not for long!

Eli, Jacques, Jake and Cadence -
Watch Eli, Jacques, Jake and Cadence have bareback sex at Sketchy Sex
Watch Eli, Jacques, Jake and Cadence have bareback sex at Sketchy Sex
Watch Eli, Jacques, Jake and Cadence have bareback sex at Sketchy Sex
Watch Eli, Jacques, Jake and Cadence have bareback sex at Sketchy Sex
Watch Eli, Jacques, Jake and Cadence have bareback sex at Sketchy Sex

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Joseph March 24, 2015 at 9:58 am Reply


I totally agree with that this video pinpoints why Sketchy Sex is a candidate for the best bareback site with models in their early 20s on the net. next to Eli Cadence appears to the most insatiable oral and anal cum dump slut whore in the house. i don’t know Cadence personally but i can’t help but wonder if the creator/webmaster of SS consciously hires guys to be the oral and anal cum dump slut whore in the videos who he knows are in fact oral and anal cum dump slut whores in their private life. this is just my guess but it might explain why many bottoms at the house are such zestful spontaneous performers.

also i am in total lust for Eli. in terms of his facial attractiveness, his perfect skin complexion, his killer well toned bod and his absolutely gorgeous big fat cut cock he’s hotter than he’s ever been. but what fires my lust for Eli is simple. just as he’s the most unabashed oral and anal cum dump slut whore in the house he can also be a totally hot forceful aggressive rawfucking and breeding top. nice qualities to have.

Brad Berrigan March 25, 2015 at 12:18 am Reply

Hey Joseph, This is a fantastic scene and I’m glad you also enjoyed watching it. Eli and Cadence are the two top guys who love being barebacked and filled with creamy loads of cum. Both of the guys love having their asses and mouths filled with spunk from the other horny guys who drop by to provide them with bareback pleasure. Cadence seems to really enjoy being barebacked and bred, certainly in these videos and I do wonder whether he enjoys experiencing this in his personal life as well. Eli is also very attractive and has an awesome body and he too loves all the rewards of bareback sex, like getting his ass filled with raw cocks and cum and his mouth. This scene is another perfect example of the sizzling bareback porn that’s featured at Sketchy Sex.

jordan March 24, 2015 at 11:18 am Reply

Hi Brad, I thought that was the best description to a porn clip that i have ever read. I was totally hard by the time i got thru it 🙂


Brad Berrigan March 25, 2015 at 12:21 am Reply

Hey Jordan, I’m glad you enjoyed reading this scene description. I was typing as I was watching the video, mentioning everything that was going on while making sure I didn’t miss seeing a minute of the action. Luckily I can touch type, so it wasn’t too much of a problem. This is a sizzling scene and I’m glad the description made you hard. I hope you put that erection to good use. 😉

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