Rogan Hardy is constantly searching for ways to make his already hot sexual encounters even hotter. His gamer friend Jacob is also interested in adding some heat to his sexual encounters with Rogan and the guys decide that Rogan’s balcony would be the perfect spot for fucking raw, overlooking the city as they are enjoying the views and the sensation of barebacking. It’s a pretty hot idea and these two made sure they had an awesome time. Jacob was already waiting outside for Rogan to join him, getting his boner ready knowing he was about to experience something thrilling. Rogan started sucking on Jacob’s cock, then Jacob started getting dominant by making Rogan suck him without using his hands, where he then proceeded to slam his cock down his throat until he was ready to start fucking his ass. Rogan admits that he loves fucking around with Jacob, because he’s always guaranteed two huge loads from him – hot! Jacob does a fantastic job fucking Rogan’s ass and then breeds a sticky loads inside Rogan’s ass just like he wanted him to!

Rogan Hardy and Jacob -
Watch Rogan Hardy and Jacob barebacking at Harlem Hookups
Watch Rogan Hardy and Jacob barebacking at Harlem Hookups
Watch Rogan Hardy and Jacob barebacking at Harlem Hookups

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  1. Hello-

    my membership to the site just expired but i did have a nice time watching the videos which as i have said are the best interracial bareback/breeding videos i have i seen. what i liked about this video is that Rogan takes Jacob’s big load orally down his slutty throat and then takes another blasted into his slutty boycunt.

    also my big fantasy right now is to suck on Rogan and Jacob’s big fat gorgeous cut cocks at the same so i can taste the deliciousness of their throbbing cocks and then taste the yumminess of their thick creamy absolutely delicious jizz and it burst out of their big wide pissholes.

    • Hey Joseph, It’s a shame that your Harlem Hookups membership has expired, but if you wait a little while, you’ll be able to sign up again to check out all the latest updates since you were last a member, so that will be something for you to look forward to. The videos at Harlem Hookups are some of the most awesome bareback interracial videos I have ever seen as well and Rogan is doing a fantastic job with his site showcasing his sizzling sexual encounters.


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