Rogan Hardy has produced a sizzling bareback porn site at Harlem Hookups filled with his own bareback encounters and bareback encounters between other guys as well. Rogan’s site is relatively new, but he has appeared in his own bareback videos at Xtube for a while now, so he knows how to produce hot bareback videos and he has a fantastic site you need to experience for yourself. In this update Rogan hooks up with a Hungarian stud he met on Grindr who lives in Queens. I’m not sure what this guys name is, because Rogan keeps referring to him as a Hungarian bro, but apparently this guy’s girlfriend was out of town, so he was free to fuck while she was gone and Rogan took full advantage of this opportunity. Apparently this Hungarian stud is a fan of Harlem Hookups, so who knows if he’s straight, bi or gay, but he sure does enjoy fucking Rogan’s ass! I hope you’re as excited by Harlem Hookups as I am, because it’s a great bareback porn site featuring raw interracial sex videos and many scenes end with breeding climaxes, like this one when the Hungarian guy’s spunk gets bred deep inside Rogan’s raw cock hungry ass.

Rogan Hardy and a Hungarian Stud -
Watch Rogan Hardy and a Hungarian Stud have bareback sex at Harlem Hookups
Watch Rogan Hardy and a Hungarian Stud have bareback sex at Harlem Hookups
Watch Rogan Hardy and a Hungarian Stud have bareback sex at Harlem Hookups

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ndamood4sum May 7, 2015 at 11:20 pm Reply

I’ve just recently discovered this blog & Harlem Hookups and think I’m in love. Rogan had done a fantastic job with his site and if I were able to add my two cents I would suggest that the extreme close-up or POV be kept to a minimum especially when there are more than two of them in the scene. Other than that this dude has great oral, fucking & bottoming skills.

Keep up the great work Brad, this is an awesome site as well

Brad Berrigan May 8, 2015 at 2:58 am Reply

Hey ndamood4sum, Welcome to Brad Bare. 🙂 I’m happy to hear that you have found my blog and you are enjoying your time here. I’m glad you’re enjoying Harlem Hookups as well, it’s a great site and Rogan has some fantastic encounters that he has captured on video. I agree with your feedback and can certainly pass this along to Rogan if you would like me to. I hope you will continue to come back here again soon, because I publish a new post each day.

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