There are many ways you can work out to stay fit, feel energized and look good and most of us usually achieve this by going to the gym. As demonstrated in this scene from Bel Ami Online, you can replace gym exercise with sex exercise and exert yourself in various ways to achieve great muscle tone, paying particular attention to certain muscles and enjoy working out at the same time. This is what happens when Scott Reeves is busy with his morning fitness routine of push-ups and sit-ups, as he is interrupted by Eric Flynn who has just emerged from this shower. Eric cannot resist touching Scott’s awesome body and his eyes light up while removing Scott’s big uncut penis from his pants. Both guys work on each others cocks, but Eric wants Scott’s uncut cock in his ass. Eric’s wish is Scott’s command and the two enjoy a beautiful round of bareback fucking, before Eric ejaculates in Scott’s mouth, then offers his hole again to ensure the guys receive enough raw satisfaction. Scott continues to fuck Eric’s ass until he shoots his load all over Eric’s hole and fucks him some more!

Scott Reeves and Eric Flynn -
Watch Scott Reeves and Eric Flynn have bareback sex at Bel Ami Online
Watch Scott Reeves and Eric Flynn have bareback sex at Bel Ami Online
Watch Scott Reeves and Eric Flynn have bareback sex at Bel Ami Online
Watch Scott Reeves and Eric Flynn have bareback sex at Bel Ami Online
Watch Scott Reeves and Eric Flynn have bareback sex at Bel Ami Online

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John April 10, 2014 at 8:50 pm Reply

No one does close-ups better than Belami. The 3rd photo above is just one example of the beautifully lit, in focus images that abound in their videos. The rimming is a delight as the screen is filled with Scott’s tongue preparing Eric’s hole for what is to follow. The fucking is captured from numerous different angles, with the camera so close that you feel you could lick Scott’s cock as it slides in and out of Eric’s butt-hole. What is unusual in this video is that, after Scott has pulled out and come over Eric’s butt cheeks, he shoves his cock back in. Breeding is unfortunately rare in BA videos. Eric is much better known as Sam Brooks and has done a lot of raw videos, both as a top and bottom, especially for Staxus. Scott has also done plenty of other videos, often billed as Shane Barrett. His early appearances were very hesitant, but he has developed into a enthusiastic, skilled and versatile bareback performer.

Brad Berrigan April 11, 2014 at 3:56 am Reply

Hey John, The third photo does superbly showcase the beautiful vision captured by Bel Ami and I chose this particular photo to highlight this point. I’m glad you have mentioned the lighting in a positive light, because I have received feedback in the past commenting that the bright lighting that appears to make the models look washed out. While at times the lighting might be bright, but it helps to emphasize smooth skin and allow such close up filming without the video quality appearing grainy. The production team are extremely talented and know exactly what they’re doing. I love Bel Ami’s style of filming, which helps add the feeling of realism to many of their videos. You are correct in saying that the breeding scenes are rare at Bel Ami and it’s a very special feeling when you see breeding take place, because most times the finales finish with cum eating or loads landing elsewhere. I’m glad you also enjoyed this scene John. 🙂

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