I have been curious why a condom scene was featured in the DVD Bareboned Twinks from Cobra Video for a while now and I figured this is the perfect place to help with my curiosity and perhaps that of others too. The video I want to discuss was removed from sale in its original form, due to the unfortunate situation of one of the scenes including a model who was underage at the time of filming. The edited video can be viewed using Video On Demand with the underage scene removed, making the linked video theater’s version legal to watch, with modified DVD cover art accompanying it.

Bareboned Twinks was officially released in the United States on August 4, 2004 according to the Internet Movie Database, as a pornographic DVD containing five scenes, featuring live sound and no music, with a running time of 120 minutes. Four of the scenes featured bareback sex and one scene involved the use of condoms. This is where my question lies, but we’ll get to that shortly. Bareboned Twinks was originally marketed as a bareback release as follows:

For our fourth anniversary we go back to basics and show the fans what made Cobra famous. Join our most famous recent Cobraboyz, Cayden, Bailey, Jaimie, Shaun, Lance, Corey and new comers, Dustin, Mark and our str8boy Trevor as they take you through a no frills ride just like the Cobraboyz series A Boys Raw Urges for naughty fun. See the boyz take it in the mouth and have two of the boyz push the loads back out their asses to culminate Cobra’s 17th production. – Cobra Video.

Bareboned Twinks was originally released with the following scenes:

  • Scene 1: Dustin Weiss (bottom), Mark Taylor (top)
  • Scene 2: Bailey Bryant (bottom), Cayden Morano (top), Jaimie Blade (bottom)
  • Scene 3: Brent Corrigan (bottom), Brent Everett (top)
  • Scene 4: Corey Savage (top and bottom), Trevor Peterson (top and bottom)
  • Scene 5: Lance Evans (top and bottom), Shaun Ferrara (top and bottom)

It later emerged that Brent Corrigan, also known as Sean Lockhart, was underage when Bareboned Twinks was filmed. Brent Corrigan was actually only seventeen years of age at the time and he used fake identification to prove his age, because he wanted to break into the adult industry. Just over a year after Bareboned Twinks was released, Cobra Video‘s distributor Pacific Sun Entertainment instructed its retailers to remove this title from the shelves due to reports surfacing that the video contained an underage model.

My curiosity keeps asking me why Bryan included a condom scene in this video in the first place, because the video was marketed as bareback and featured numerous breeding scenes, so perhaps the inclusion of the condom scene was a last minute decision. Bareboned Twinks was produced as a celebration of twinks exchanging bodily fluids, so the only reason I can think why the condom scene was included, was because one of the stars in the scene had previously appeared in a bareback video for another studio. It is unfortunate the condom scene was included, as this is the scene that led to the video being removed from distribution.

The bareback scenes from the video can once again be enjoyed by those who want to watch it, because the condom scene has been removed and only the four bareback scenes can be viewed, making the viewing of the edited video legal. I believe that Bareboned Twinks should have been an exclusively bareback video and I don’t feel that the condom scene ever needed to be included, as four bareback scenes are better than five scenes with one of them involving the use of condoms.

My only thought about the condom scene being included in Bareboned Twinks is because the scene featured Brent Everett, a well-known Canadian twink porn star who appeared alongside new talent Brent Corrigan. Even though Brent Everett used a condom to fuck Brent Corrigan, he had previously appeared in the popular Tipo Sesso bareback video Barebacking Across America, which was released a year earlier in 2003, so it appears that Bryan may have been trying to improve the marketability of Bareboned Twinks by including the two Brent’s in this video and simultaneously build Brent Corrigan’s profile for his future bareback video appearances with Cobra Video.

I would love to hear any insights you may have about why you think Bryan included the condom scene in Bareboned Twinks and whether you think it was a good decision, had Brent Corrigan been of legal age. The bareback scenes in this video are extremely hot and some of the best twink bareback breeding scenes you can watch, due to Bryan having a natural talent for filming some of the hottest twink bareback videos ever produced.

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John April 2, 2014 at 3:00 am Reply

We can’t ask the director about his choices, since Bryan Phillips aka Kocis, was murdered in 2007; stabbed 28 times and almost decapitated. Brent Everett had top billing and a prominent place on the cover of the original version. I believe the scene was there because Brent was a star who sold videos. Although the cover indicated that 1 of the 5 scenes wasn’t bareback, it was unclear which one. I suspect many purchasers bought a copy assuming that Brent would be bare-backing, especially since he had done so before.

Brad Berrigan April 2, 2014 at 4:09 am Reply

Hey John, Thanks for participating in this discussion. As I mentioned in my post, this is something I have wondered about for quite a while and because we can’t ask Bryan about his choices due to the tragic murder that took his life a few years ago, I thought creating a discussion would be the next best option.

It’s coming up to ten years since the DVD was originally released, yet the bareback scenes are hotter in this video than some of the bareback scenes being released today. Bryan really had an amazing talent that was unfortunately cut short when his life ended on January 24, 2007. I couldn’t recall what was on the original DVD cover, so thank you for confirming this information John, as it clears up my thoughts on this. I figured it was possibly because of Brent Everett’s appearance in the video that this scene was included, since he appeared in the video Barebacking Across America the year before.

I’m sure some would have been disappointed if they purchased the DVD thinking that Brent Everett was in a bareback scene if this wasn’t clearly identified on the DVD cover. I haven’t actually seen the original DVD packaging and I have only been going by what I have been able to research online. I first stumbled across this video title a few years after it was released whilst researching Cobra Video and watching the bareback scenes at the Video On Demand Theater.

Thank you for clarifying this for me John, I really appreciate it. If anyone else would still like to comment on this, you are more than welcome to do so.

John April 2, 2014 at 8:56 pm Reply

Hi Brad, if you search the title on Bing, go to Images, and change SafeSearch to off, you should see a copy of the original cover. Although I’ve heard of the title, I’ve never seen either the original or revised version. But I do remember a comment, maybe from Chi Chi Larue, that Brent Everett’s appearance on a cover always had a very positive effect on sales.

Brad Berrigan April 3, 2014 at 3:50 am Reply

Hey John, Thanks for the additional information, I really appreciate it. The bareback scenes from the revised video are very hot, with sexy guys barebacking and swapping loads, even though the action is only in standard-definition format. Bryan had a special talent for being able to find attractive models and film memorable bareback porn videos and I still think about some of the Cobra Video releases being the hottest bareback videos still to this day. I have read the book Cobra Killer and it’s sad and disturbing at times, but I wanted to learn as much as possible about what happened. The book provides insight and even though it was sometimes difficult to read such graphic details, I am glad I read it, because I was able to learn more about Bryan and his production company. It does make sense for a popular performer to be included on the cover to help market the video and I appreciate your feedback regarding this.

cutemotoboi April 2, 2014 at 10:16 pm Reply

Brent Evert only ever barebacked with Chase McKenzie, and usually when he bottomed it was with him also. I think it is safe to assume they where a couple for a good while.

Brad Berrigan April 3, 2014 at 3:54 am Reply

Thanks for the details about Brent Everett cutemotoboi. I recall the bareback scene between Brent Everett and Chase McKenzie in the video Barebacking Across America and it was a great scene. Thanks for your comment cutemotoboi.

Joseph April 3, 2014 at 12:57 pm Reply

i was busy Tues. and i spent yesterday in the city so it wasn’t until this morning that i read your interesting blogpost. here are my thoughts.

first off it should noted that the 4 Cobra dvds withdrawn from sale Oct. of 2005 when it was revealed Brent Corrigan wasn’t yet 18 when he shot the scenes were- Casting Couch 4, Every Poolboy’s Dream, School Boy Crush and Bareboned Twinks. a short while later i got rid of my copies of the 4 dvds figuring they would eventually re-issue the dvds with the illegal scenes edited out.

now to the condomed scene in question between Brent Corrigan and Brett Everett. as you may have gathered the 5 scenes on the original dvd were scenes Bryan had shot for other dvds but didn’t use. the condomed scene in question was shot for Cobra’s only all condom dvd School Boy Crush. and as you might imagine Bryan didn’t wanted it to go to waste so he included it on BBT thinking having both Brent & Brett on the cover will help sell copies which it did.

here’s some interesting info i am privy to. after both School Boy Crush and BareBoned Twinks were released i e-mailed Bryan asking the pointed question “why condoms?” in both dvds. he told me that he had wanted Everett in a Cobra dvd based on the sizzling scene from Barebacking Across America which brings me to the use of condoms. at the time Everett had already been doing dvds for the big gay porn studios which were were still like 99% condomed. so after thinking about it he decided to shoot the scenes from the 2 dvds with condoms because he’d probably be blacklisted from the big studios he had already
worked for. here’s comes the interesting bit of info- Bryan told me Everett had said to him he had total confidence in Bryan’s rigorous testing methods and of his own accord had no problems with shooting the scenes bareback but because of the affiliations he had already built with several big gay porn studios he had to shoot the scenes with condoms.

also a tibit about the scene on BBT with Lance and Shaun Ferrara. at the end Ferrara breeds Lance internally which was really hot. now while Ferrara bred Lance with a nice size load it was a bit more more watery than usual. here’s why. the shoot wasn’t scheduled till the afternoon and when Ferrara got up that morning he was so horny he jacked off 3 times before arrived for the

Brad Berrigan April 4, 2014 at 4:24 am Reply

Hey Joseph, Thank you for the information you have shared here regarding Bareboned Twinks and Cobra Video as well. I was confident that creating this post would lead to some interesting responses and I have several responses that have clarified this situation.

I also appreciate you sharing the information you were able to learn from Bryan during your email communications with him. I was on the Cobra Video mailing list, but I never emailed Bryan about any questions I had and now I am wishing I had asked him some questions. That’s why I appreciate the information that is being shared here. I can understand why Bryan would have wanted Brent Everett in his videos and I also understand that Brent wanted to appear in condom-only videos due to his work with other studios. I am sure there are still some models to this day that want to work in the bareback porn industry but are afraid to start because it may impact on working with condom studios.

That is very interesting news about Shaun Ferrara jacking off three times earlier in the day before the shoot – it’s great to know some of these details and thank you for contributing to this post Joseph, I really appreciate your input. 🙂

Seaguy April 7, 2014 at 1:41 am Reply

I think I had a copy of the unedited version of this video but it was on a hard drive that crashed. But I did find it rather lame when that scene had a condom being the title of th video was “bareboned twinks” but since it was bareboned not bareback twinks I figured that was use of wordplay and not to indicate that the video was all bareback. I would love for the scene with the two Brent’s to have been bareback. I think Brent Everett is hot and unlike Corrigan he seems to have remained a nice guy who interacts with fans and has not let fame go to his head. Corrigan on the other hand I am not really a fan of anymore he seems to have let fame go to his head and is starting to be a little like Gwyneth Paltrow in his attitude. LOL

Brad Berrigan April 7, 2014 at 4:25 am Reply

Hey Seaguy, Sorry to hear about your hard drive crashing – you probably lost a lot of other files at the same time. You are probably right about the wordplay used, I consider “bareboned” to imply “bareback”, but as you have pointed out, the word feels like bareback, but it’s not explicitly confirming it. I’m sure a majority of people do feel that it’s a close reference to bareback and would have been disappointed to discover the condom scene if they missed seeing the one condom scene reference on the back cover. It would have been awesome to see both Brent’s barebacking in their scene, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. I totally get what you’re saying about Brent Corrigan – I don’t really like him considering his history with Bryan Kocis and Cobra Video and that’s me trying to be nice when I use those words to describe my feelings about him, but I like Brent Everett a lot.

ChrisFlyer April 8, 2014 at 2:26 pm Reply

First, I love your site. Please keep up the great work. Interesting that you should post about Cobra. I was a fan of their bareback scenes for years and found them to be pretty hot. My question isn’t really about Brent (or the other Brent) or the condom use for that matter. A few years ago, I discovered an obscure production company called BoyBatter. You may know that Harlow Cuadra, who is currently serving a prison sentence for the murder of Bryan Kocis (founder of Cobra), created this company and produced, directed and starred in (I think) all of the movies. I, for one, find Harlow Cuadra to be mind-numbingly sexy. To date, however, the only movie I’ve been able to find footage of is “Young Bucks in Heat”, itself a pretty good bareback flick if you like twinks taking raw dick. Which brings me to the question: now that BoyBatter is defunct, do you know where any of this content can be found? I sort of wonder if, after Harlow’s conviction, all of his assets were frozen, videos removed from shelves, and all trace of his movies erased. Any additional commentary regarding Cuadra or any of the other guys who starred in his films (they’re all very fuckable), is appreciated. Thanks!

Brad Berrigan April 8, 2014 at 4:09 pm Reply

Hey ChrisFlyer, Thanks for your kind words about my site, I really appreciate it. 🙂 I’m glad you have posted a comment here, because this is turning out to be a very interesting conversation. Even though BoyBatter is not a production company directly involved with Bryan Kocis or Cobra Video, it was a competitor, so I’m hoping that those with knowledge about Cobra Video may also be able to provide you with information about BoyBatter and Harlow Cuadra. I am happy to share the knowledge I have with you and hopefully others will also be able to contribute further as well.

BoyBatter was set up by Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra through their company Norfolk Companions, Inc. and as you have mentioned, both of these guys are currently serving prison sentences for the gruesome murder of Bryan Kocis. It really is a shame about what happened between Bryan, Harlow and Joseph, because in addition to the terrible events that took away a talented bareback porn producer from us, another studio also ceased to exist and I feel that had Cobra Video and BoyBatter been able to exist together in harmony, both could have operated successfully and produced sizzling bareback porn for the world to enjoy. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case and terrible events unfolded that left Bryan dead and Joseph and Harlow locked away in prison.

You can find three videos produced by BoyBatter at PornTeam, although the video you have now may be the only one that contains bareback footage. Boy Splatter (http://www.pornteam.com/catalog/product.php?productid=17992) contains only solo scenes and Major Hardon (http://www.pornteam.com/catalog/product.php?productid=18189) does involve sex scenes, but I’m unsure whether any of the scenes involve barebacking. You mentioned that you have the video Young Bucks In Heat (http://www.pornteam.com/catalog/product.php?productid=17462), which does contain bareback sex. I know that BoyBatter did film some safer sex videos at their site, so perhaps the Major Hardon scenes do involve the use of condoms, but I can’t be sure.

You can still see what once existed several years ago using the Wayback Machine for BoyBatter (http://web.archive.org/web/20060615112752/http://www.boybatter.com/) and BoyBatter DVD (http://web.archive.org/web/20060613185307/http://boybatterdvd.com/), but unfortunately the Wayback Machine cannot venture any further than the warning page of the DVD site due to server instructions not allowing the site to be indexed by search engines or other online services. I am hoping others may know more than the basic information I was able to provide here and perhaps provide more information about BoyBatter, Harlow Cuadra or any of the guys filmed in the BoyBatter videos.

Joseph April 10, 2014 at 9:58 am Reply


boy has this has been a rather interesting discussion. i don’t know much more about Cuadra and Kerekes other than you know but here are some fascinating tibits. part of the parent company the two set up was an escort agency. the site has since been deleted as you might imagine. i was able to view it shortly before they were arrested to which apparently many of the models who appeared in the few dvds they were able to release were available for personal meetings.

another fascinating tibit. about a month before they were arrested i was in my favorite adult video store. the owner knew my taste was for bareback dvds with twinks or all American college types. on the new releases shelf which was right next to the sales counter he pointed to a dvd he had gotten in recently “Young Bucks In Heat” from Boy Batter Video. i bought it. the dvd has four scenes 4 scenes the first two did nothing for me but scenes 3 & 4 were were volcanic. the photography, the editing, the sound, the physical beauty of the models was everything i looked for. in fact after “enjoying” the last two scenes i said to myself they were the only two bareback scenes with hot boy next door types i had seen in years that were as good as Bryan’s Cobra videos. so about 2 months later after an extensive investigation when they were arrested for Bryan’s murder it freaked me out i had made the comment i did.

its an odd thing to say but even after everything that’s transpired and although Cuadra appears in the 2 super hot scenes i refer to i still consider them among the best bareback scenes with boy next door types other than the Cobra videos.

Brad Berrigan April 10, 2014 at 1:11 pm Reply

Hey Joseph, Thanks for providing more information about BoyBatter. This sure has turned into an interesting discussion and I think it’s great that we can all share our knowledge and answer questions some of us may have been wondering about for a while.

Harlow and Joseph certainly had a few things on the go, with their escort agency, then getting into the porn industry. I haven’t seen the DVD “Young Bucks In Heat”, but I have seen some of the bareback scenes at their website, which were really hot and I’m thinking these might be scenes 3 and 4 from the video you are referring to. Joseph and Harlow had a promising site and it really is a shame about what happened, because if Cobra Video and BoyBatter had been able to operate simultaneously, I’m sure both studios would have continued producing sizzling bareback porn that viewers would have enjoyed over the years.

Ramone April 30, 2014 at 5:06 pm Reply

Lance Evans remains my most favorite (and hottest) Cobra Video boy to date ..I have heard absolutely nothing about him since Cobra folded, only that he was living in NY or something. Its too bad he didn’t continue in porn, he would most definitely be a STAR today.

I only discovered Harlow after the murder and only got 1 vid ..the YBIH vid, and I was HOOKED. His bb scenes are nothing short of CALIENTE; the boy had talent and the boy had presence as well. He def knew how to work a camera. I have been searching for any other Harlow vids ever since.

Miss him terribly and think of him often ..

Brad Berrigan May 1, 2014 at 4:25 am Reply

Hey Ramone, Lance Evans is a hottie and I haven’t heard anything about him since the terrible demise of the Cobra Video founder either. I really miss Bryan Kocis and Cobra Video, along with many of his performers who I am sure would have continued to film sizzling bareback porn with his studio if they were given the opportunity to do so, but it seems many of the guys appearing in Cobra videos have moved on to other things in life.

Harlow Cuadra is very attractive and it’s a shame that he was involved in such a tragic event – the whole episode is really sad, because one man lost his life, while two other men really don’t have a life in their prison cells. I would love to have seen the bareback porn from Cobra Video and Boy Batter had everyone been able to get along harmoniously.

It would be wonderful to know what happened to Lance and many of the other porn models we admired and perhaps one day we will learn more about them. Thanks for your comment Ramone. 🙂

syko May 12, 2015 at 2:49 pm Reply

Very interesting discussion. I agree with most comments about the hotness of most of the models in both boy batter and cobra videos. Don’t have much to add to the discussion about the use of condoms in this video but there is one fact that may be of interest…SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read past this is you don’t want your fantasy damaged 😉 lol Anyway, I used to know one of the “actors” in the first scene, the one who was the top, and he told me that in the last part of that scene where he and “Dustin” are in the missionary position, it isn’t actually jizz that comes out of Dustin – it’s fake since the top, “Mark” had gone dry 😉 lol Btw, I do have one question: in searching for this scene, I noticed that the one billed as “Mark” in the cobra version is now listed as “Karel Gross” in many online posts of the scene, not to be confused with “Karel Grosse” who is a totally different person. Finally, as to the boy batter vid, YBIH, I have seen the complete version available online…unfortunately, I don’t know where I saw it, but I’m sure if you search you’ll be able to find it. And, I’m sorry to say that I, too, find Harlow incredibly hot! I just think it’s weird to say that about a murderer. I’m sure he could have and a big career starring in and making videos if he and his partner hadn’t obsessed over “Brent Corrigan” to the point that they murdered Bryan Kocis to get “Brent” out of his contract with cobra then set fire to Bryan’s place and causing the master DVDs of his videos to disappear, along with everything else…either destroyed or stolen and disposed of. There is a book about this called “Cobra Killer” available in e-book form, and maybe some hard copies are available, too, if anyone is interested in the complete story of the Kocis murder.

Brad Berrigan May 12, 2015 at 4:47 pm Reply

Hey Syko, This sure is an interesting discussion and thank you for contributing. The models in both the BoyBatter and Cobra Video productions are very attractive and it would have been fantastic to see them appearing in further scenes if both studios were able to co-exist together and continue to produce bareback porn. I appreciate the spoiler alert warning, but couldn’t resist reading on. LOL It’s a shame about the fake cum, but I guess when you have sex so much, your body can only produce a certain amount of cum and you need to give it a little bit of time to produce some more. LOL

I also noticed that Mark Taylor was later referenced as Karel Gross when I researched this article and I went with the original name that accompanied this scene. The only thing I can think of which might explain this is that a real Mark Taylor may have requested the name be changed, as perhaps people were confusing the two of them.

I know it can cause mixed feelings when you find someone incredibly hot who also happens to be a murderer, but that doesn’t change Harlow’s physical appearance, but I guess it might shift some of the feelings a person might have towards him when they know what he did to another person, but I can appreciate his good looks and what you’re saying as well.

It really is a shame with what happened to Bryan Kocis, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes fighting over Brent Corrigan, because BoyBatter seemed like it was off to an excellent start and I’m sure the two studios could have co-existed together and perhaps eventually they could have mutually worked something out amicably with the exclusive contract issue. It sure would have been interesting to see the quality of the porn both studios would have continued to produce if they were able to, but that has come to a complete stop now unfortunately.

I have read the book Cobra Killer and I highly recommend it, although for anyone who has a weak stomach or might not want to know graphic details about what went on might want to skip it. I purchased the hardcopy of the book and then the e-book version as well and I was impressed with the amount of detail that explained what happened, which really helped understand what took place, but I still feel affected by what went on after reading the book, because what happened to Bryan was terrible and completely unnecessary.

Thanks again for contributing to this article Syko, I really appreciate the additional information and further discussion.

Raouli July 7, 2015 at 9:34 pm Reply

I knew nothing about the Kocis case; came across a timeline on another site and read through that history. I just stumbled across your site and have read through it (this the case after watching some of the Cobra works that are out there online – including Barebone Twinks. I find all of the data you folks have amassed and discussed very interesting. Thanks for the insight into something I never thought I might find an interest.

Now their is one thing I might be able to offer as regards Harlow Cuadra “at his best” in one of his own Norfolk Companions, Inc – BoyBatter.com films. It doesn’t site the title – just a call line stating “Harlow Cuadra at his best”. Having nothing else to base that statement on – I’d have to agree that it is almost a 1/2 hour of that hot boy doing what he did best when he wasn’t in some state of mind that led him to participate in a murder. He was damn hot and the video it impressive in every way. Total bareback. Watching him and seeing a picture of him and Brent taken at the adult vid awards in 2006 – I think that the plan to merge the two companies together AND Brent and Harlow. They would have made some beautiful music together – say nothing of the sex! You can find the vid here: http://www.redtube.com/528877



Brad Berrigan July 8, 2015 at 4:54 am Reply

Thanks for your contribution to this very interesting discussion Raouli. It is extremely sad and devastating to know what happened to Bryan Kocis and it’s also sad that Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes destroyed their lives in the process, because Cobra Video and Boy Batter could have co-existed and produced sizzling bareback porn videos for us to enjoy, but that wasn’t to be the case unfortunately. I’m glad you found this post here and thank you for adding to the discussion.

Thank you also for the link to the bareback video featuring Harlow Cuadra and a very hot guy having bareback sex. This video is extremely hot and is the perfect example of how amazing the Cobra Video and Boy Batter videos could have been, based on them having a similar feel, both studios could have worked hard independently to produce the best videos ever and the viewers could have benefited from this competition. I haven’t seen this particular video before and it doesn’t appear to be a scene on any of their DVD releases, so it must have been a video from their membership site that was perhaps eventually going to make it to a DVD, until the terrible murder took place. Thanks again for your comment Raouli, I appreciate your input.

syko July 26, 2015 at 2:55 pm Reply

Thanks, Raouli, for the link to the Harlow vid! VERY hot, as usual with Harlow, even though it makes me cringe a bit to say that, knowing what he did 🙁 He must have really enjoyed his time in the Navy – and I’m sure the other sailors who served with him did likewise 😉 I wonder how he’s doing in prison…

And, thanks, Brad, for starting this thread. I learned a lot about this subject and want to get that book, “Cobra Killer.” When Bryan was killed, I remember reading that his family wanted nothing to do with his business, but I see that the Cobra web site is till operating, though only for streaming vids through aebn, so does anyone know if they changed their minds, or did someone buy the Cobra name and rights to the vids and web site? Just curious…

As you said, it was such a waste of so many lives when Harlow & Joe Kerekes murdered Bryan, thinking that would solve their problems, make them rich, and that they could get away with it *smh* About the only one to make it through (apparently) unscathed was the object of their desire, Brent Corrigan (Sean Paul Lockhart). I wonder how he feels knowing he had such close contact with a murderer and was the motive for that act? Did he ever actually have sex with Harlow? I remember seeing pictures of the both of them naked together on Black’s Beach…if so, that would be even more traumatic, imho, for Brent.

Sorry, kind of rambling there… stream of consciousness, I guess…

Thanks, again!

Brad Berrigan July 26, 2015 at 3:59 pm Reply

Hey Syko, It’s great keeping this thread active, because it’s turning out to be a very valuable conversation, with lots of interesting contributions. I highly recommend the Cobra Killer book, I purchased it in paperback format first, then purchased the digital version so I could read it more easily when I was on the plane during a long flight. It’s extremely detailed and the graphic details are disturbing in quite a few sections of the book, parts that still affect me today. If you have questions about what happened that evening and the events leading up to it, this book will provide you with all the answers.

In 2010, EuroMedia Distribution became the exclusive distributor of Cobra Video after entering a licensing agreement with Cobra Video (the company). I don’t have the details of how “the company” gave these rights, but I’m assuming that the company would have been left to someone in Bryan’s will and they had the authorization to create this agreement. The agreement included DVD distribution, along with handling broadcast, web licensing and mobile rights for Cobra Video as well. In this announcement, EuroMedia Distribution stated that they would be releasing some previously unreleased scenes in addition to the back catalog titles, but I’m not sure whether the unreleased material will include any bareback scenes. So far the following Cobra Video titles have been released under the EuroMedia Distribution agreement, which are repackaged videos to make it easier to enjoy the past Cobra Video titles: Cobra Anthology Vol 1: Casting Couch, The Orgies and Cobra Anthology: Bareback Boys.

The murder was a complete waste with so many lives destroyed and I cannot believe that Harlow and Joseph thought they could get away with this. It does seem as though Brent made it out of this unscathed and while Bryan may have discovered Brent and made him a rising star, he unfortunately became Harlow and Joseph’s object of desire, which then unfortunately led to Bryan’s demise as a result of Brent’s exclusive contract with Bryan and Cobra Video.

syko July 29, 2015 at 6:28 pm Reply

Thanks, Brad for your post and the info about Cobra’s DVD titles, etc. Whatever else Bryan may have been, or done – and there are differing views on that – he was definitely able to find hot models and make steaming hot videos with them, even carving out a place for BB vids at a time when other studios were abandoning that genre.

Thanks, again, and thanks to all who posted in this thread for all the info you supplied. Btw, if you haven’t seen that Harlow vid Raouli linked to, it has an awesome close-up cum shot by Harlow in the first scene! 😉

Good luck with everything, Brad & thanks, again!

Brad Berrigan July 30, 2015 at 3:38 am Reply

You are very welcome for the post and info Syko and I also appreciate your involvement too, as we are all coming together to make this a useful post. I agree that Bryan had the special ability to find hot models and have the models build chemistry with each other before filming to help make the Cobra Video scenes really standout. It is unfortunate regarding some of the things that have been reported about Bryan’s personal life, but his professional life definitely speaks for itself. I would also like to thank everyone for the contributions to this discussion, including yourself Syko and thanks again for your comment. 🙂

syko July 31, 2015 at 1:30 pm Reply

For some reason, this case – and those involved – fascinates me, so I Googled Harlow’s name just to see if there’s anything new, such as a Twitter or Facebook account in his name started by a love-sick fan or, hopefully, a newly-released porn vid of him…unfortunately, there was no new porn vid listed on Google 🙁 BUT, I did find a few other interesting articles starting with a review of that book, “Cobra Killer,” as well as a YouTube video of Brent Corrigan being interviewed about the murder and updates on Harlow’s case, like his appeal claiming “ineffective counsel” which adds more details, such as the fact that Kerekes admitted to his lawyer that he was the one who actually killed Bryan but refused to say so on the stand (according to the appeal, anyway, though the review of the book includes a statement that contradicts that) and the denial of that appeal. Here are the links:





One thing about that video interview with Brent that I didn’t like was his feigned innocence as to his first few vids where he was, according to him, underage – he completely neglects the fact that HE provided the THREE FALSE I.D.s stating he was over 18 before he was filmed! He also claims that many of the models in Cobra vids ended up with HIV – did anyone else hear of that happening?

Wow! This got kinda long…sorry about that…but the deeper I get into this case, the more I don’t know! Weird….

Anyway, hope this helps anyone else who’s still interested in an 8-year-old murder case involving a (former?) gay porn icon…

Also, thanks, Brad, for the email subscription service!

Brad Berrigan July 31, 2015 at 4:00 pm Reply

Hey Syko, Thanks for sharing the results of your research regarding Harlow Cuadra here. You have found some interesting material and more up-to-date details about Harlow Cuadra’s appeal. The book “Cobra Killer” is an excellent read (sad and disturbing in some parts) and there’s a lot of information provided, but because books are static (unless they are later updated and reprinted) the information is limited to a particular period in time, so the information you have found about the appeal is interesting and I’m glad his appeal was denied.

I have read the articles you have included (which are interesting and greatly appreciated), but I have not watched the Brent Corrigan interview video and I won’t, because I am not interested in what he has to say. I have tried to be neutral when it comes to Brent Corrigan, but I do dislike the way he has gone about numerous things during his Cobra porn career. He used fake identification to get into the porn industry, then tried to use this against Bryan Kocis and later associated with Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra when he was still an exclusive Cobra Video model.

Brent has blamed his boyfriend for the fake ID drama and later caused a lot of issues for the studio by disclosing his real age at the time of filming a number of Cobra Video scenes, then the issue about interacting with the two men who later became murderers. It seems that trouble follows Brent Corrigan and one has to wonder why this is the case. You can read extensive information about the history of Brent Corrigan at http://lgbt.wikia.com/wiki/Brent_Corrigan. It is apparent that there was a rocky relationship between Brent Corrigan and Bryan Kocis from 2005 up until 2007 when Bryan Kocis was murdered.

There has been a report that one Cobra Video model (Chad Noel) contracted HIV and later died from HIV complications. You can read more about his death at http://gayporngossip.com/obituary-chad-noel-age-25-gay-twink-film-performer-donny-price-details. What’s important to note is that there is no evidence that Chad contracted HIV whilst working for Cobra Video or any other studio. There has been speculation in the past about the sexual health of models working for Cobra Video and I have found some interesting information in a forum provided by Cameron Lane, who was one of the models who worked for Cobra Video about this very issue. I have included part of the information from the forum thread at http://www.justusboys.com/forum/threads/226486-COBRA-Stars-Where-are-they?s=6c6369085180be086e25206ff6cb5ee9&p=8119552&viewfull=1#post8119552 below.

“And as for the bareback controversy that everyone always talks about. At the time of my first shoot I was 23…I knew what HIV was and how it is contracted, and so did all the other models. No one was “coerced” into anything. We fully knew and understood the risks we were taking, and signed contracts saying we did. I was tested every single month by contract from my first shoot to my last over the course of a year and a half, and I was under the impression the other models were as well. Also right before the scenes we were tested on the spot as another measure for our safety. Yes, this leaves room for error, again we were fully aware of that margin and if we didn’t want to do anything we didn’t have to. As far as I know, no one contracted any STDs as a direct result of the video shoots, I know I didn’t. At the same time, I do not condone unsafe sex practices and always practice safe sex myself. This was situational, like if you and your partner were to go and get tested together and find out that you are both clean…that’s how it felt to me anyway.” – Cameron Lane.

This is most certainly an interesting topic and I look forward to continuing the conversation. I appreciate the links and further information you have uncovered above Syko and you are welcome for the email subscription service, I’m glad you like this feature. 🙂

syko August 4, 2015 at 12:46 pm Reply

Brad, thanks for the info and that link to the letter from Cameron Lane from Cobra. It was very nice of him to comment on that forum and he provided a lot of insight into how things at Cobra worked. And, he WAS one of the hottest Cobra models, imho 😉

I had heard of Chad Noel’s demise and knew he was a Cobra model and died from AIDS, but had forgotten about him when I wrote that post. He also did work for at least one other company that I know of and that involved “watersports.” I don’t remember reading anywhere where he contracted that virus and, from what Cameron’s post says about the testing, it would seem that it was not from his time at Cobra. I knew a Cobra model and he also mentioned that he had to get tested before he was hired and again with a home AIDS test on set before he shot his scenes.

When reading all the posts before and after Cameron’s, I noticed a question about “Aaron Phelps,” another Cobra model and, I believe, Bryan’s assistant, who testified at the trial and what has become of him. It was suggested that he changed his name to “Paul Pratt” and is working at Helix. He was another of my Cobra faves and I was wondering if he IS “Paul Pratt” at Helix or if he did retire as one post mentioned. I saw pictures of him and “Paul Pratt” and their bodies are definitely different but their faces are similar and their cocks look very much alike 😉 lol So if anyone knows for sure if “Aaron” is “Paul” I hope you’ll post here.

Thanks, again, Brad, for your posts in this and all the forums and your web site! Good luck with everything!

Brad Berrigan August 4, 2015 at 4:00 pm Reply

Hey Syko, You’re welcome for the information and the inclusion of the forum comment from Cameron Lane. I figured if someone could confirm the workings of the studio when it comes to HIV testing, it would be one of the performers who appeared in bareback scenes for Cobra Video. I agree with you when you say that Cameron is one of the hottest Cobra models, he’s a very sexy guy.

Chad Noel has worked for Cobra Video and Helix Studios and other studios under the names Craven Cox, Kyle Young and Donny Price and he did perform in some watersports videos for Golden Boys USA. There are many sources claiming that Chad passed away from HIV/AIDS complications, but we may never know whether this was actually the case or not.

It does sound like extensive testing was carried out by Cobra Video, using a combination of laboratory testing and the rapid home HIV testing kits right up to the point of the scenes being filmed. There is a three month window where these rapid testing kits won’t detect the virus if a person has contracted HIV within three months, but combined with laboratory testing and the rapid testing, this is probably the most Bryan could have done using technology at the time. The shorter window testing was not available back then and PrEP (Truvada) was not available either.

I really don’t have any information about Aaron Phelps or Paul Pratt unfortunately, but hopefully someone who reads this will have some knowledge and will be willing to share what they know. I think it’s wonderful that we’re able to discuss this topic and it’s becoming a wealth of information that will hopefully continue to expand.

John August 21, 2015 at 11:44 pm Reply

Brent only appeared in bb scenes with his lover. He was a huge draw.

Brad Berrigan August 22, 2015 at 4:30 am Reply

Hey John, Yes, that’s right. Brent Everett only appeared in bareback scenes with his boyfriend at the time Chase McKenzie. A condom was used between Brent Everett and Brent Corrigan in their Bareboned Twinks scene.

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