Jet has the perfect name, because if you’ve seen any of his previous releases at ChaosMen, you will know that he can produce multiple loads of cum in a very short period of time. It’s fascinating watching him getting fucked and then saying “I’m gonna cum!” with his Texas accent over and over and I wish I could cum as often as he does, and trust me, I have tried! Jet is paired with Gennaro in this update and it’s great watching Jet blow a couple of loads in this scene, releasing his first load while he was on his back. Bryan tells us that Gennaro kept saying the whole shoot that he was ready to bust at any time and could fill Jet up with his seed and hearing this is enough to put some stiffness into your cock! As Jet was waiting for Gennaro to release his load (which took a little longer than expected), Jet released his second load. Gennaro releases his load deep inside Jet’s ass, with cum dripping out at the end indicating an impressive load of cum was released inside his hole.

Gennaro and Jet -
Watch Gennaro and Jet have bareback sex at ChaosMen
Watch Gennaro and Jet have bareback sex at ChaosMen
Watch Gennaro and Jet have bareback sex at ChaosMen
Watch Gennaro and Jet have bareback sex at ChaosMen
Watch Gennaro and Jet have bareback sex at ChaosMen

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Joseph September 28, 2014 at 1:01 pm Reply


doesn’t the guy getting fucked in the photo at top also shoot videos for Fraternity X.

another interesting thought. everyone who is a fancier of quality bareback porn is delighted with the recent announcement from Bel Ami that they will in the near future be posting only raw videos. my point being simple- isn’t Chaos Men the 1st major site that went from 50/50 to bareback?

Brad Berrigan September 29, 2014 at 3:56 am Reply

Hey Joseph, Jet from ChaosMen has also shot bareback videos for FraternityX under the name Mike. In addition to this, he also filmed bareback scenes for Parole Him under the name Michael Covington.

ChaosMen has been filming bareback scenes for many years, with the first bareback video appearing at ChaosMen in 2006 and eight years later the raw scenes are still extremely popular at the site, with over 380 bareback videos now being featured at the site, making a membership excellent value for money, with lots of quality bareback videos waiting to be enjoyed there.

Greg September 30, 2014 at 4:27 pm Reply

Is it just me, or does every scene at ChaosMen look the same. Hot pale guys fucking the exact same way in the exact same room, over & over again. It’s hot, but not enough variety to pay for it.

Brad Berrigan September 30, 2014 at 4:38 pm Reply

Hey Greg, It’s not just you, I have noticed this myself. This is why I haven’t been posting as many ChaosMen scenes and when I do, I’ve done so because there’s something interesting with the scene to make it standout – like Jet in this scene for instance, his impressive ability to cum multiple times in a short period of time makes this a hot scene. Sometimes there will be different colored paint on the wall or different furniture and accessories in the room, but the same surroundings can make the scenes seem lackluster. ChaosMen is definitely an awesome site with some great bareback scenes, but I feel that some adjustments need to be made to invigorate the site and make each scene look a little different to standout. I will leave this comment on a positive note by saying that the breeding action at ChaosMen is fantastic, with lots of cum captured beautifully entering asses.

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