Thank You. I wanted to start my Christmas message by saying the most important thing first. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for visiting Brad Bare throughout the year by showing your support and helping to make this blog become a better place for everyone. Whether you have contributed by participating in discussions and leaving comments, clicking on my referral links before visiting sites to purchase your porn memberships or if you have just enjoyed browsing through the posts, I want to share my appreciation for the time you have spent here at Brad Bare. This blog is not all about me, it exists purely because of you and that’s why I want you to know that I appreciate you.

Like each year we have experienced before this one, 2014 has been filled with both good and bad moments, with happy and sad times, and while I prefer to reflect on the positive aspects that took place throughout the year, I still want to acknowledge the tragic events that changed our world and take a moment to appreciate what we’ve got and how special life actually is. I don’t want to focus on any particular events, but I would like to say that while terrible things may happen in our lives and our world, it’s important to acknowledge these events and focus on the positive aspects of life and try to make the most of our time here, because if we aim for the things we want in life, hopefully we can achieve these goals and make things happen.

Because this is a bareback blog, I want to focus on barebacking, because you won’t find too many blogs posting Christmas messages from a barebacking perspective. Each year I say that I’m going to keep notes on some of the highlights that took place throughout the year, but I always seem to forget about doing this and when it comes time to write this message, I think to myself about why I didn’t keep notes, which would certainly make writing specific parts of this message a whole lot easier. Here are a few things I would like to mention and if you would like to add anything further, you are welcome to do so by leaving a comment.

New Bareback Porn Sites

Euro Boy XXX – If you’re looking for one of the hottest sites featuring British twinks barebacking, you’ll now find the action at Euro Boy XXX. The site was released this year and is already growing rapidly with intriguing bareback videos, along with a number of condom scenes that are contributed by one of the studios. The two bareback studio contributors are Raw Reality and Bareback Boys, with some hot European and British bareback action filmed in high-definition video. In addition to quality bareback videos, Euro Boy XXX also showcases some unique action including outdoor scenes, making this site a refreshing change if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Harlem Hookups – Even though Harlem Hookups was only launched during the year, the creator and owner of the site Rogan Hardy has been filming himself having sex for some time and was uploading his videos to Xtube. Rogan soon realized that he was amassing an impressive number of bareback videos and decided to put together his own site and I’m glad that he did. Harlem Hookups is where you can find some of the hottest interracial bareback sex videos, with plenty of breeding scenes to satisfy you.

MonsterCub – If you like Stocky Dudes, you’re going to love MonsterCub, with the site coming from the same producer. This site is very new and I’m pleased to showcase some of the content from this scene in a Santa themed update that I will be posting later in the day. While MonsterCub is only new, there are already more than ten bareback videos featured and some of the videos also involve breeding, which is the perfect way to finish a bareback sex video in my opinion.

Former Condom Sites Releasing Bareback Scenes

Butch Dixon – Butch Dixon has been online for a number of years and while the site had a raunchy feeling where you would expect to have seen bareback scenes, the site held off releasing bareback updates, but has recently made the decision to change direction to start embracing bareback sex. Quite a while ago the first bareback scene was released and I think this may have been a trial to see how the members responded and I guess the feedback was good, because we’re now seeing more regular bareback releases at the site. I look forward to introducing you to some of the raw action in 2015 if the site continues releasing raw updates.

UK Naked Men – In recent times I was pleased to discover that UK Naked Men started releasing bareback scenes. This was not really announced, it just started happening discreetly and I have been monitoring the releases for a little while now. I know that when a site changes direction from rubber sex to bareback sex, it can take a while for a decent amount of bareback porn to appear inside the members area, so I often resist from posting bareback scenes from a site until there’s a decent amount of raw sex scenes to make a membership worthwhile.

Outdated Bareback Porn Sites

Bareback Blonds – Josh made me excited earlier in the year when it seemed he had started releasing new bareback videos, after his site took a break from releasing new scenes. When Josh told me that he would be releasing new videos, I felt this was a promising sign for the site, which has some very hot bareback videos inside the members area. I soon learned that some of the new scenes were actually being recycled, with some of the so called new releases being existing scenes that were renamed to make the site look like it was being updated again. This was misleading and I wrote to Josh to share my concerns and I never heard back. While Bareback Blonds is a site filled with hot amateur bareback sex videos, you need to know that there are no new scenes being released. Josh also made some adjustments to his site so you can no longer save videos, as they now stream to your computer. When a site stops releasing regular content, then starts releasing recycled content, I do worry that the site will eventually close, which Bareback Blonds was for a while with new members not being able to sign up, then returned with the recycled scene format. If you want to check out the videos in case the site closes, then now might be a good time, but if you’ve been a member recently, you need to be aware that there may not have been any new scenes added since your last membership subscription.

Defunct Bareback Porn Sites

Aces Bedroom – For a number of years, Aces Bedroom remained online, but the site just wasn’t being updated. You were still able to enjoy the videos offered at the site and there were some hot videos featuring Aces having sex with his friends. Most of the videos involved bareback action, but there were a few condom videos sprinkled into the mix as well. I wrote to the producer of the site last year asking whether the site was going to be releasing any new videos and he wrote back saying that he wasn’t sure whether Ace would be up to filming any new videos. It seems that he didn’t want to and the owner decided to take Aces Bedroom offline. A few months ago Aces Bedroom started forwarding to a Video on Demand Theater, meaning the videos from Aces Bedroom are now lost, unless you managed to save the videos to your computer before the demise of the site. The companion site for Aces Bedroom called 18 and Up Studs also suffered the same fate and has also fallen from the internet.

Mainstream Gay Porn Performers Switching to Bareback Porn

This is the part where I really wish that I had kept some notes throughout the year, because I know that I’m going to miss mentioning a few names. That’s why I’m going to stick to not mentioning anyone, which is probably not going to be very helpful to you, but I would like to add that there’s a couple of sites where mainstream gay porn performers turn to when they want to start working in the bareback porn industry. Raw Fuck Club is a great site that often features guys who have worked in the gay porn industry, then when they decide to make the switch, they start working with the studio. The site also has some impressive bareback videos in their collection and it’s a great place to find guys who previously wrapped up their sex to finally appreciate the freedom of fucking raw. Lucas Entertainment is another site where some mainstream gay porn performers have made the choice to start appearing in bareback porn videos. Jason Sparks Live is a great site to find new models appearing on camera for the first time, along with some seasoned performers, so if you’re looking for guys who started working in the bareback porn industry and bypassing condom porn altogether, this is a great place to check out.

I know my Christmas message is long and text oriented, but I do hope you have enjoyed reading my year in review and I want to thank you again for spending time at Brad Bare throughout the year. If you have only just recently stumbled across my blog, welcome and I hope you continue to visit and enjoy the new posts published here on a daily basis. To my long term visitors, I want to thank you for your ongoing support, because I really appreciate it. I hope 2014 has been a great year for you and I’m wishing you the very best for 2015 and I hope it’s even better and filled with everything you hope for and more. Thanks again!

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russell December 25, 2014 at 11:55 pm Reply

And a big thanks to you, Brad, for this blog! It’s the only one of its kind that I know of (and if there are others, I highly doubt they’d be as enthusiastic and informative), and it’s a pleasure to read every day. Hope you have (or had) a very Merry Christmas!


Brad Berrigan December 26, 2014 at 2:15 am Reply

Thank you for your kind words Russell, I really appreciate what you have said. I have tried to create something unique here and I do love working on my blog, especially knowing there are readers like yourself who appreciate reading these blog posts. I did have a wonderful Christmas and I hope your Christmas is wonderful as well. Thanks again. 🙂

Joseph December 26, 2014 at 12:30 pm Reply


an excellent bareback roundup for 2014 as was your overview for 2013.

a few notes.

*if i had to choose my fave bareback site of 2014 it would be a close tie between Fraternity X and Sketchy Sex. the bareback twink videos on are in second place due to the fact that there’s no regular set posting schedule.

*what happened with Barebackblonds? i always found Josh Ryan extremely attractive. have you heard any hot inside info as to what went down?

*as you said the bareback videos on Ace’s Bedroom were alone worth the price of a monthly membership. i found Ace one hottest bad boy twinks. i especially liked his solo jack off videos since he had one of my top favorite things- an absolutely gorgeous HUGE cut cock. about four years after i was a member i contacted the billing company and spoke to an agent. i asked why if the site hasn’t been updated in like 4 years and probably won’t be why there isn’t some note on the homepage stating this. the agent said he wasn’t sure why. he said a customer rep. would get back to me but of course i never heard back. i called again say 3 months later and the same thing happened. i liked that Ace could take a raw cock and load down the throat and up the ass with equal zest. also i liked how he really enjoyed rawfucking and breeding his friends. he always made sure his load was a nice size aside from being thick and creamy. the loss of Ace’s Bedroom is especially disappointing for someone like myself who likes super sexy bad boy twink types.

*one other note. the site floated around in cyberspace for years un-updated. when was it finally taken down?

Brad Berrigan December 26, 2014 at 2:26 pm Reply

Hey Joseph, I’m glad you liked my yearly roundup. There was a new site released throughout the year that I forgot to mention in my post so I will mention it here. It is Boys Halfway House. I can’t believe I forgot to mention this hot new site in my post, but now that I have remembered and mentioned it, hopefully this will balance things out.

1. You and I both have the same sites at the top of our lists and I don’t know if I could choose between FraternityX and Sketchy Sex, because they’re both hot, so because they come from the same producer we could they they are both our favorite site. If you like gangbangs, FraternityX would be the better option, whereas if you’re into orgies, Sketchy Sex would be the better option, so it depends on your tastes, but I can’t decide and I’m going to keep both sites at the top of my list. Helix Studios is also an excellent site to include on the list of favorites and it’s a shame their bareback updates are sporadic.

2. Bareback Blonds is still online, but it wasn’t long after Josh emailed me a while ago mentioning the change of his legal notices address from California to Delaware that he stopped posting regular updates. The site is still online and there’s some sizzling bareback videos on offer but unfortunately no new scenes have been added in recent times. I think Josh is wondering what to do with his site, because last year he stopped new members from being able to sign up, then he reactivated the login page, and it was around this time that he started releasing recycled content. I think he’s just letting the site cruise along and will eventually close it because quality web hosting is expensive, which is why if you want to take a look at the videos, you might want to do it before the site possibly goes offline.

3. Aces Bedroom was a fantastic site and one of my favorites when it was first released. Ace was attractive and had a high sex drive and loved barebacking with his buddies. Even though the videos were shot in standard-definition video, they were still very hot and some of his buddies were equally as hot, making the site a pleasure to experience. I always wondered what would happen if Ace decided to stop making bareback videos and now we’ve seen what has happened. It’s a real shame that the site is no longer online, because there were some enjoyable bareback videos at the site.

4. Aces Bedroom was taken down on October 17, 2014 and the domain now forwards to an Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN) theater.

Joseph December 27, 2014 at 11:57 am Reply


thank you so much for your detailed. it was a joy to read. another question or two.

* i remember when you first mentioned Boys HalfWay House on your blog. now is the site 100% bareback and what is the frequency of breeding finales?

*if i understood you correctly one can now watch the Ace’s Bedroom videos as VOD at AEBN?

*also do you have any info as to why since the site went un-updated for soooooooooo long it took them just as long to take it down?

Brad Berrigan December 27, 2014 at 6:24 pm Reply

Hey Joseph, You are welcome for my reply. My response to your latest questions are below:

1. Boys Halfway House is not 100% bareback, but most of the anal sex scenes are bareback. My reply to your comment on my original post details the bareback and condom ratio which was 68% bareback / 32% condom ( There are now 18 bareback videos featured at the site, with 5 of the videos involving breeding action. Whenever the site states cum on the bottoms ass, I did not include this in this number of breeding scenes, so there may be more breeding videos than the 5 I have mentioned. Because I haven’t watched all of the videos (the site is pay per video, with some of the videos being $13 each), I can only confirm this based on what I have read as I researched the site. My research indicates a breeding percentage of 27.55%, but remember that you only pay for the videos you watch, so if you only want to watch breeding videos, you can purchase only these videos to download. Here are the breeding videos:

• Barebacking 19 Year Old Georgia Peach & Cumming In His Ass
• Barebacking a Baller on Bail
• Barebacking the Ringleader and Throat Fucking the Others
• Str8 Dude Bareback Gang Bang
• House Manager Breeds 18 Year Old On Probation

2. When you visit Aces Bedroom you will automatically be directed to a general AEBN theater. If you want to watch Aces Bedroom videos, you have to search for the videos, as they do not show up on the main landing page. You won’t find them in studios under Aces Bedroom either, unless you use the search function, so do a studio search for Nice Dreams Entertainment and six videos from Aces Bedroom will show up for you.

3. I don’t have any information about why the site went stagnant unfortunately. In the final message I received from Jimmy, who is the creator of Nice Dreams Entertainment, on October 28, 2011, he said: “18andUpStuds is shooting new content now for the end of the year. I do not know if Ace is interested in continuing his site or not yet. Unfortunately his young mind changes daily.” Unfortunately no new content appeared at 18 and Up Studs after this response. The site was probably still making money just being left the way that it was and it probably wasn’t until the web hosting costs to serve the content became more than the revenue coming in that the closure decision was made.

t December 28, 2014 at 8:42 pm Reply

You are my one stop for bareback porn. The site has it all and is easy to navigate. I’ve been a regular for several years and hope it continues. All of the work you do is appreciated.

Brad Berrigan December 29, 2014 at 2:14 am Reply

Thanks for your comment T, I really appreciate your support. I have enjoyed your company here over the past few years and I look forward to writing posts I hope you will also enjoy in the future. My goal is to keep this blog online for as long as possible and with over 1,750 posts currently published, I look forward to reaching the 2,000 mark next year. I plan on making the navigation even better with some other improvements planned for next year, plus I also have some new features in the works to make my blog a more enjoyable experience. Thanks again for your continued support T. 🙂

Joseph December 29, 2014 at 12:50 pm Reply

Its Me Again-

as always many thanks for you detailed reply. its shows you really appreciate the support of the fans of your blog. you have made the devoted readers of your blog aware of some of the finest bareback or 50/50 sites on the web. i don’t know if you have time to do much net surfing aside from what is necessary for your blog updates but you would not believe the bareback porn online that is pure crap.

one other note. what are the production vales on the Boys Halfway House videos? charging $13 for one video takes balls. while it would be hot to see videos where the set up is an older counselor, warden etc….. using the boys they’re suppose to be helping to satisfy their sexual urges a monthly membership to Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody is a wayyyyyyyyyyyy better deal.

Brad Berrigan December 30, 2014 at 2:27 am Reply

Hey Joseph, You are very welcome for my replies. I very much appreciate the support of my blog visitors and I do my best to introduce quality bareback porn scenes here. I always welcome questions and feedback and I look forward to being here for a long time publishing posts and contributing to the bareback porn industry by showcasing scenes I feel others would enjoy experiencing. I regularly search for new bareback porn sites or condom sites that have started releasing bareback porn and I do agree that there are quite a few sites out there releasing porn that’s not very good at all. I plan on putting together some additional sections at my blog in 2015 that will help make the process of choosing which sites are worthwhile joining a better experience and take some of the guesswork out of the process.

The production values at Boys Halfway House are decent, but the quality is nothing like the videos you would expect to see at sites like Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody (and other sites as well), although the theme of the site is one where the amateur feel of the videos and lower production values actually fits in perfectly, so you probably wouldn’t want high-end production values at a site like Boys Halfway House. I do think the price is too high for the videos, but I will be following the site to see if they start lowering some of their prices in the future. They do have some appealing videos that I’ll probably purchase purely because I like the look of them and want to watch them.

Joseph December 30, 2014 at 1:59 pm Reply


one would assume the cost of a monthly membership to Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody or Bel Ami Online is a reflection of the cost of running the sites. for instance the high production values and the hiring only top notch models. so to be frank how in God’s name can Boy’s Halfway House charge what they do. the cost of the videos is not reflected in the production values or the top notch-ness of the models as compared to the three other sites mentioned.

Brad Berrigan December 30, 2014 at 8:17 pm Reply

Hey Joseph, I really don’t know how the video pricing structure at Boys Halfway House was determined, but we both agree that the prices are too high. In saying that, there are a couple of videos from there that I want to watch and I am happy to pay for them (it would be great if they offered a bulk discount). If others are thinking the same thing, they would probably sell some of their videos based on this formula.

Joseph January 1, 2015 at 11:55 am Reply


as always i thank you for your reply. i look at this way since the production
values and the top notch-ness of the models can’t touch Sean Cody, Corbin
Fisher or Bel Ami how much can the videos possibly cost to make? so i think
they have balls asking for rather high per video fees rather than just having
a regular monthly membership fee.

Brad Berrigan January 2, 2015 at 2:33 am Reply

It’s my pleasure to reply to your comments and thank you for commenting. 🙂 It would be interesting to find out how the pricing structure at Boys Halfway House was set, because some of the videos are $7, some are $13, with other prices in between. Some sites are starting to experiment with streaming only or offering a combination of streaming and downloads and the pay per view is a good way to purchase videos to download, but only if the price is right.

Brad Berrigan January 3, 2015 at 1:49 am Reply

I also forgot to mention in my 2014 end of year wrap-up that Wank This started releasing bareback scenes this year. While the site was launched in 2013 with solo and condom scenes, it wasn’t until 2014 that bareback action commenced, with the first bareback scene being released on March 4, 2014. I need to keep notes about what’s going on throughout the year, because I always think I’ll remember at the end of the year, but when the time comes, I have forgotten some of the events that happened during in the year. I’ll try to do a better job this year. If I think of anything else, I’ll leave another comment. 😉

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