The guys at FraternityX are serious about making hot bareback videos, because their videos help pay their bills. When AJ got wasted, he started being a pain in the ass and was interrupting the filming of a porn video, so the guys became angry and decided they needed to sort him out. In their usual style, they use their bare dicks to dish out the punishment. Stiffer throws AJ onto the ground, where he’s held down and secured to the bench press. Sean, Stiffer and Mike take turns barebacking his ass, when they notice Dylan on the couch with his legs up in the air, his hungry hole in need of raw cock, waiting to get penetrated by the guys. Once AJ has received sufficient punishment, the guys bareback Dylan’s ass for a while, before dumping their creamy loads of jizz inside his butt.

Sean, AJ, Dylan, Stiffer and Mike -
Watch Sean, AJ, Dylan, Stiffer and Mike have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Sean, AJ, Dylan, Stiffer and Mike have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Sean, AJ, Dylan, Stiffer and Mike have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Sean, AJ, Dylan, Stiffer and Mike have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Sean, AJ, Dylan, Stiffer and Mike have bareback sex at FraternityX

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  1. Hello-

    this certainly looks like a hot scene and i look forward to watching it when i re-join FX. if you don’t mind i would like to ask you a question i have asked before. i figure you might have more info on it. i’m sure a lot of guys in their early 20s would be willing to do x,y and z for the site if the $$$ was right. most of which i’m sure we wouldn’t want to see on FX. so what has always fascinated me is how the creator/webmaster of FX finds so many hot sexy guys in their early 20s willing to fuck bareback, get bred and eat cum. he must have some well kept secrets as to his expert casting.

    • Hey Joseph, This is definitely a hot scene and I’m sure you will enjoy it several times once you re-join FraternityX. I have also been fascinated by how the creator and webmaster of FraternityX finds such sexy guys willing to have bareback sex and swap loads. I know that the model application form for FraternityX and Sketchy Sex can be found here: but I’m sure there would have to be other ways that models are sourced as well. It would be great to know the secrets to their success, but this would be a closely guarded secret for sure.

  2. Now see, I keep hearing “dumping their creamy loads of jizz inside his butt,” but my experience with FX is that they almost never actually do that. They generally blow outside, showing the cumshot, then reinsert. To someone who’s a big fan of the INTERNAL cumshot (with jizz oozing out afterwards and THEN being shoved back in), it’s not the same thing at all. The really good ones show the cock pulsing on the underside, but the cock is fully (or mostly) inserted in the ass while it’s happening.

    I’ve often wished someone would keep a database of bareback videos, and list where the cumshots ended up. They could use codes:

    I – Internal
    IC – Internal with Creampie
    ICR – Internal with Creampie and Reinsertion
    EA – External Anal
    EAR – External Anal with Reinsertion

    You see? And so on. That way I could favor the ones with ICR over all others, and those who prefer EARs could find them easily. And I could completely avoid F (Facial) cumshots, which I find actively repulsive.

    So here’s my question: When you say they blow inside his butt, do you mean EAR or one of the I categories?

    • Hey Críostóir, The wording used by myself in this scene describes the fact that cum gets deposited inside an ass. When a guy ejaculates inside an ass, I usually use the words “internally” or “directly” to signify that the ejaculation takes place inside the ass, rather than outside. Perhaps I am using the wrong word with “dumping”, because when I use this word, to me it means that the load ends up in the ass, which in porn often happens externally and then gets pushed back inside. After publishing over 1,400 posts about bareback fucking at this blog, I try to alternate words like breeding, dumping, pumping, cumming, ejaculating etc to keep things a little different and avoid using the same word over and over again. This is the first time I have received a comment about this specific issue and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. I like your idea of codes, but I don’t have the resources to create such a database, but if someone is willing to do this, I would be happy to provide a link to this resource from my blog. In answer to your question, if I say “blow inside his butt”, then I would mean an “internal ejaculation” without pulling out, but I didn’t use these particular words to describe this scene, I said “dumping their creamy loads of jizz inside his butt”, which to me didn’t imply that the ejaculation took place inside the ass, I was referring to the load of cum ending up there by being pushed inside by the freshly ejaculating cock. From now on I shall take more care about my wording to avoid any possible confusion that may be caused by the use of this particular word.

  3. Oh dear. I didn’t intend that as a COMPLAINT. Just a request for more information! If you choose to add more details in the future, that would be great, but please don’t think I was yelling at you for your wording.

    Just knowing what you mean by your phrasing (even if it’s not the same thing I would mean by the same words) gives me lots more information; thanks for that.

    • Hey Críostóir, I did not take this as a complaint at all. You provided me with constructive feedback and I appreciate this. That post was written late at night and perhaps I wasn’t alert enough to be using the best wording to describe the scene at the time the post was written. I will be mindful of this in the future.

  4. In other words, write about them however you want! You’re writing to make it sound hot, and that’s working; I don’t want to be the cause of you getting all clinical at the expense of being sexy.

    If nothing else, your other fans would HATE me.

    • Hey Críostóir, I write my posts for my visitors to enjoy, so if I receive feedback which is valid like you have provided me with, I will ensure that I am mindful of this when I write future blog posts. I should have perhaps used a different word to describe this scene and I will work harder to ensure that my scene descriptions are more defined, because I don’t want to create confusion when I write my posts. Don’t worry, I will continue writing hot posts and I appreciate your feedback.


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