You may have already read the news at other gay porn blogs about ChaosMen recently undergoing a facelift and I would like to share the news here from a bareback perspective, along with some history of ChaosMen to complement this article. I have been a fan of ChaosMen since the first bareback scene was released in 2006 and I consider ChaosMen to be a pioneer in American bareback porn, not that ChaosMen was the first American studio to release bareback porn, but because the studio has released bareback porn over the years ago involving a wide selection of performers and has remained consistent with quality bareback porn production.

ChaosMen released their first bareback scene featuring friends Davis and Mitch of July 7, 2006. When the site commenced releasing bareback scenes under the “RAW” category, the bareback scenes were not as common as the solo and safer sex scenes (now referred to as “Wrapped”) that were being released at the time, but this has changed over time, where the anal scenes now feature barebacking as standard. In comparison, Sean Cody only released their first bareback scene on December 25, 2011, between Brandon and Pierce, many years after ChaosMen removed the wrappers.

Jayce and Teague - ChaosMen

Bryan has included an excellent about page at his site and I’m going to cover some of the key points here, because it’s an interesting read. Bryan started an online photo journal called the Bryan Ockert Fotojournal back in 1998, with his first entry published in May 1998. This photo journal had a similar feel to what is today considered a blog using the domain Chaos In Austin, Inc. is Bryan’s company name and this name captures the chaotic concept that ChaosMen is all about, with the slogan “Disrupt. Your. Day” about introducing excitement to your day.

Teo and Zane - ChaosMen

The popularity of Bryan’s fotojournal hobby exploded and he expanded his online presence and over time, where ChaosMen evolved into it’s current concept in the mid 2000’s as a way to help cover the costs of Bryan’s project expenses. Bryan’s talent for capturing models on video and through photos led to him develop ChaosMen into a membership site and he has been going strong since this time. I have communicated with Bryan a couple of times over the years and he’s a friendly guy, but clearly very busy and even though he has a handful of people helping him with his project, he prefers to have a hands-on approach and this has helped him maintain a high standard of excellence when it comes to model selection and his male adult video production.

Devin and Gavin - ChaosMen

What I also find interesting is that in addition to ChaosMen offering bareback porn to members since 2006, a number of guys decided that they would like to participate in sex scenes at ChaosMen without the use of condoms. Bareback porn can be considered commonplace now and is no longer really seen as a fetish, with bareback porn becoming more mainstream and the standard, although there are still studios against bareback porn production and that’s totally up to them and I have nothing against them, as they need to do what they and their performers are comfortable with.

Nash and Orlando - ChaosMen

The new design of ChaosMen still has the feel of the original site, but is much smoother and more sophisticated. I have been told that it took over six months to transform the site from it’s previous structure to it’s current platform and that’s because of the massive amount of content that’s on offer. What impresses me about Bryan and ChaosMen is that a membership to the site gives you access to everything he has produced and released over the years. Naturally when a site is this big you need to be able to find content easily and the redesign has allowed this to happen.

AJ and Gerin - ChaosMen

Through the use of an awesome search feature, advanced search ability makes finding videos at ChaosMen a breeze. I like the feel of the advanced search page and this is how I find videos that suit my interest. You can search for models and videos using this feature and there are two ways you can filter the results – either by finding videos that have all of the options you require to filter the results more finely or by choosing videos that have any of the options selected. “RAW” would probably be the main theme that would interest those of us with a desire for bareback porn, although other themes also contain bareback videos, so you can drill your selection down based on the type of position or sex act and further defining can take place based on models build, cock type, chest type, ethnicity, hair type, pubic hair type and a couple of other options.

Brayden and Jasper - ChaosMen

You can even track the videos you have recently watched and another feature I really love is that you can add videos to your queue, where you can download and watch them at a later time. There is an awesome rating system that counts the number of votes that the overall rating and if you love particular videos, you can add them to your favorites so you can watch them at a later time. Videos can be watched in a number of video formats including Windows Media Player, Flash Video and Universal MPEG-4, so there’s a format to suit everyone’s needs and technology.

Eli and Jake - ChaosMen

When you have found a particular scene that interests you, you can watch the video quickly in streaming format, with a snapshot of the performers details positioned alongside the video player. If you want to see more scenes from a particular performer, you can click on the portfolio option to learn more about the model and see all of the scenes he has appeared in. The new site features sophisticated search options features to help you get the most out of your membership and a ChaosMen membership is amazing value for money, which I will explain in more detail shortly.

Heath and Micah - ChaosMen

Photos for each scene are in high-resolution format or cam captures, where you can click on a thumbnail to enlarge the photos and if you want to download all of the photos in a zip file to enjoy looking at later, you can do this easily. Some guys like to stream videos, while others like to download them – you can do both and the server speed is impressive (ChaosMen is hosted by the same hosting company as Brad Bare). I cannot speak highly enough about the new site design, which has been implemented to make your ChaosMen experience the best it can be.

Chip and Kristopher - ChaosMen

If you’re thinking about treating yourself to a ChaosMen membership, there are several options available to you, with two credit card billing companies you can choose from. CCBill is the first option and Epoch is the second, with both companies processing credit card transactions for many porn sites. If you’re thinking about sticking around for a while, the $24.95 membership is the best way to go, which automatically reduces to loyalty pricing of only $19.95 each month thereafter. If you want to try ChaosMen for 30 days without your membership renewing, the $29.95 membership is the best option for you and if you prefer the non-recurring membership for 90 days, the $59.95 membership is a great option, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your membership at an excellent price.

Glenn and Jet - ChaosMen

You are probably curious about what you get with your membership. ChaosMen is updated several times a week, in addition to the massive amount of bareback porn waiting for you inside the members area. There are currently 380 bareback videos in the “RAW” category, 15 bareback videos in the “Pure” category and bareback videos in other categories as well. I highly recommend getting yourself a membership to ChaosMen, because a membership represents excellent value for money and the bareback porn on offer is impressive. I have included some photos from ChaosMen over the years to introduce you to some of the bareback scenes waiting for you inside the members area.

ChaosMen – The Early Days

Davis and Mitch - ChaosMen Mitch and Zeph - ChaosMen
Saber and Zeph - ChaosMen Mitch and Saber - ChaosMen
Topher and Silas - ChaosMen Gabe and Jarrett - ChaosMen

Explore the New Design and Enhanced Features at ChaosMen Here!

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russell May 19, 2014 at 12:07 am Reply

Excellent article. I’ve been a ChaosMen subscriber for many years now, and can vouch for everything you’ve said about it. The new site redesign is really attractive and a major improvement on an already great site. Bryan is a very upstanding guy and puts out a quality product (in addition to being pretty hot himself!).

Brad Berrigan May 19, 2014 at 3:28 am Reply

Thanks Russell. I would love for as many people as possible to experience ChaosMen, because the site truly has something for everyone and a membership represents excellent value for money. The amount of bareback porn inside the members area is impressive and Bryan has incorporated a number of different themes to keep things interesting. I have long admired Bryan and the work that he has put into creating ChaosMen and that’s why writing this article was a pleasure. 🙂

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