There are loads of beautiful bareback scenes at Sean Cody and if you’re wondering what I mean by beautiful, I’m happy to elaborate. There are numerous components that make the videos at Sean Cody beautiful and one of the key ingredients is good-looking guys. You can tell that the guys work hard to keep their bodies looking great and this helps to provide enjoyable aesthetics. I also find the interviews and fun stuff that’s featured in the videos enjoyable, because it helps you connect with the guys and get to know them before, before they start fucking each other. This helps to build a rapport with the guys and I think it’s an important part of each scene. In addition to these qualities, the emphasis on filming quality videos using decent cameras also adds to the beauty, as you can enjoy the guys in high-definition clarity and that’s important. These are a few of the things I feel add beauty to Sean Cody’s bareback videos. In this scene we get to enjoy watching Stu barebacking Noel’s ass. I find both guys attractive and Noel is very cute and has an innocent edge, perhaps knowing more about his background. If you hadn’t read this at other gay porn blogs or new sites, Noel was kicked out of Cocoa Beach High School in Florida when he was discovered to have appeared in gay porn videos at Sean Cody. The initial suspension meant that the eighteen year old could not graduate, as his suspension pushed him past the number of absence days allowed. After a media storm and a wave of support, Noel was allowed to return to school so he could graduate. It’s always a pleasure watching Noel at Sean Cody and I hope the site continues to work with him in the future.

Noel and Stu -
Watch Noel and Stu have bareback sex at Sean Cody
Watch Noel and Stu have bareback sex at Sean Cody
Watch Noel and Stu have bareback sex at Sean Cody
Watch Noel and Stu have bareback sex at Sean Cody
Watch Noel and Stu have bareback sex at Sean Cody

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Joseph April 14, 2014 at 9:57 am Reply


Sean Cody is tops if for nothing else the physical beauty of the models and their enthusiastic rawfucking and exchange of body fluids. as you will agree every guy has different tastes when it comes to bareback porn. for instance i like a guy with a nice head of hair, the perfect amount of underarm hair, the perfect size bush. in fact a little chest hair in the crevice between the pecs is sexy as is some peach fuzz hair on the legs but and there’s a but. for my tastes a hairy ballsack, butt and buttcrack are huge turn offs.

also SC started posting bareback videos the fall of 2011. so which was the first formally condomed major site to switch to bareback? was it Bel Ami or Chaos Men?

Brad Berrigan April 15, 2014 at 4:01 am Reply

Hey Joseph, I agree that Sean Cody is a top site for beautiful guys and the site has been made even hotter with the release of bareback porn a while back. I don’t know the release date of the first Bel Ami bareback scene, but I can confirm that the first bareback scene released by ChaosMen was on July 7, 2006 between Davis and Mitch. I guess if someone can confirm the date of the first bareback scene released by Bel Ami, then this question can be answered for you.

Zack April 14, 2014 at 7:48 pm Reply

I love sean cody..they have some of the hottest guys in porn. Stu is one of my favorites. I just think he is incredible. I enjoy noel as well. I heard about Noel’s school suspending him. I think that was wrong for the school to do that. He is 18 and an adult! If he wants to do porn that’s his business not the schools. I think he really enjoys doing porn because he came back to sean cody after the whole incident. Hopefully he will stay with sean cody for awhile. He is very good at what he does.

Brad Berrigan April 15, 2014 at 4:19 am Reply

Hey Zack, Stu is one of my favorites at Sean Cody, along with Noel, so it’s great to see them appearing in the same scene together. I think it’s terrible what happened to Noel at school and I’m so glad everything worked out in the end. It must have been a stressful experience for him, because had he not been able to graduate, then it would have completely messed with his future employment possibilities. I agree that as an adult it’s Noel’s business if he wants to do porn, because he is eighteen and as it’s legal, he should be allowed to appear in porn without suffering any consequences for doing so. I hope Noel will stay with Sean Cody for a while and I’ve got a feeling that he will. I have another hot scene featuring Noel I plan on publishing soon to share here.

Kyle April 17, 2014 at 7:19 pm Reply

I mentioned Sean Cody before, so you know I have a love/hate relationship with it. Like, these men are close-to-perfect and they have incredible energy and chemistry with each other and, on the surface, seem to ridiculously enjoy the sex. But then I know that BTS most of them are straight… It’s hard to compartmentalize for me. That being said, Noel is openly bisexual, and I love this scene.

Brad Berrigan April 18, 2014 at 3:32 am Reply

Hey Kyle, I understand your love/hate relationship with Sean Cody. When I look at the guys in the Sean Cody scenes, it does help me aspire to maintaining a better body, although I know that a persons physical appearance is only part of what makes them a person. There’s more to it as well, but I admit that I don’t mind admiring their bodies. I am fascinated by watching the guys interact with each other knowing that many of them may be straight in their personal lives, but it’s neat watching them exploring sexually with other guys and I can’t help but wonder whether they enjoy it – they must at some point, even though they are being financially compensated for doing so. I enjoyed including this scene here because it features both Noel and Stu, so this scene is definitely a winner!

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