Monday, August 8, 2022
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Breaking the Bong Leads to Group Barebacking as Punishment

The guys at the frat house are constantly looking for excuses to fuck other guys in the ass and this time the excuse used was Sean breaking the bong. The guys are serious about their drinking and smoking sessions, so when Sean accidentally broke the bong, the guys used bareback fucking to punish him for being careless. When the guys do something wrong in the frat house, I can’t help but think they do some things on purpose because they actually want to get fucked raw. Stiffer, Ryan, Scott, Travis and Danny take turns barebacking Sean’s ass until they feel they’ve dished out enough punishment on his hole, then they start releasing their loads to breed their loads of cum inside Sean to remind him of what happens when you fuck around and do shit that pisses the guys off.

Sean, Stiffer, Ryan, Scott, Travis and Danny -
Watch Sean, Stiffer, Ryan, Scott, Travis and Danny have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Sean, Stiffer, Ryan, Scott, Travis and Danny have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Sean, Stiffer, Ryan, Scott, Travis and Danny have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Sean, Stiffer, Ryan, Scott, Travis and Danny have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Sean, Stiffer, Ryan, Scott, Travis and Danny have bareback sex at FraternityX

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hello-

    as you know Fraternity X and Sketchy Sex are probably my two top sites. while there is a good deal of bareback porn sites on the net there are very few with models as hot and sexy as on FX and SS who can pass for actual college/fratboys.

    a suggestion. considering how much i like the FX videos it would be nice if someday they shot a true breeding gangbang video. where 1 bottom took how many loads in the course of a 1hr as possible. video. i’m sure FX can find a slutty whore bottom who can take raw cock after raw cock and load after load. i don’t think i have ever come across a true breeding gangbang with college/fratboy models.

    • Hey Joseph, FraternityX and Sketchy Sex are my two top bareback porn sites as well. Both of these sites manage to capture sizzling bareback sex, with the guys being enthusiastic about barebacking and breeding their loads inside other guys mouths and asses. It would be great to see FraternityX film a true breeding gangbang video – they have come close to it a couple of times, but a dedicated breeding gangbang would be awesome to watch. I know they could do it, because they’ve got a bunch of horny guys hanging around waiting to fuck guys bareback and drop their loads inside their asses, so hopefully something like this will eventuate someday.

  2. That picture at the top showing Travis Freeman pulling his pud gives a tremendous boner every time I see it. He’s SO. FUCKING. HOT!!! I wish I had him to play with. Not that I would mind any of the fuckers gathered around the bed taking turns on Sean’s ass. Great scene!

    • Hey fuckworthy, This truly is a hot photo and seeing this does make your dick hard, because Travis has such a beautiful dick and is definitely very proud of it, which he should be. It would be great to spend some personal time with him and many of the other sexy guys at the site. This is another fantastic scene from FraternityX.

  3. Thanks Brad. On a different subject I just bought a 1-year membership to Pride Studios and had the UNPLEASANT SURPRISE of getting an email saying I also got a “Trial Subcription” to NextDoorBuddies for $2.95 and it’s recurring. Had to call them so I don’t get charged every month (seeing as I already have a subscription to NextDoor). What a boner killer.

    This has happened before.
    I am SICK of SNEAKY UNAUTHORIZED SUBSCRIPTIONS. It would be fine if the little box for the “trial subscription” started empty, and the client had to click it if he wants the subscription. But when you make the box be clicked by default, you’re relying on the customer’s inattention. I should not have to pore through the webpage with a magnifying glass to avoid this sort of surprise.

    • Hey fuckworthy, It’s disappointing to hear that you had the unpleasant experience of the automatic trial subscription that was selected by default (it’s easy to confuse this with a similar box stating that you agree to the terms and conditions). This is really annoying and a major boner killer and it also turns you off the site you originally joined in the first place. A while back I put together a post highlighting a few things to watch out for with gay porn site memberships and I also included some issues in red for a whole bunch of bareback porn sites. Here is the link if you’re interested:

      This list is almost two years old and I must admit that I’ve been sloppy about updating it and there are a couple of sites listed that no longer exist and some new sites that aren’t included on the list. Because this post is kind of hidden away now, I will be putting a page together that’s easy to find and I’ll be updating it regularly and I will welcome comments from anyone who has had any experiences not mentioned, plus I will also work hard to update it and keep it current.

      I agree that if a site offers a trial subscription, the check box should be unchecked and you have to select it yourself it you want to sign up for the trial membership. I agree that you shouldn’t have to explore the pages in detail while you’re in the process of signing up, which is why I’ll update my page to make things a little easier and make the process more enjoyable, with less sneaky surprises like this.


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