Jason Sparks Live recently released the edited footage from his live show in Minneapolis featuring Tyler Morgan and Tali Mercielago. Tali is originally from Russia and is also a pianist. Another interesting feature about Tali is that he’s an ex-gymnast – so he’s got a variety of talents and you’re about to see another one as Tali puts his bare dick to work fucking Tyler Morgan. Tali starts things off by pleasuring Tyler’s ass with his tongue and then he puts his bare cock to work fucking Tyler raw. I think Jason does an amazing job putting his site together, because he films his live shows from hotel rooms throughout the United States and this means that there’s always the possibility the technology will let you down. Still, Jason is up for the challenge and I’m impressed with his site. Enjoy this update as Tyler ends up completely covered in cum as Tali explodes all over his chest after he’s finished fucking him raw!

Tyler Morgan and Tali Mercielago - JasonSparksLive.com
Watch Tyler Morgan and Tali Mercielago have bareback sex at Jason Sparks Live
Watch Tyler Morgan and Tali Mercielago have bareback sex at Jason Sparks Live
Watch Tyler Morgan and Tali Mercielago have bareback sex at Jason Sparks Live
Watch Tyler Morgan and Tali Mercielago have bareback sex at Jason Sparks Live
Watch Tyler Morgan and Tali Mercielago have bareback sex at Jason Sparks Live

Want to See More? Watch the Full-Length Video at Jason Sparks Live!

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Joseph May 9, 2013 at 10:54 am Reply


i watched the preview clip and the video certainly looks hot. now a question popped into my head after reading your last JasonSparksLive update. i know when shooting a gay video you can’t make a model do something he doesn’t want to do but and there’s always a but. so the question pertaining to the JasonSparksLive videos- what’s the frequency with the videos ending in cum eating or breeding?

as i have said to you on numerous occasions i simply don’t see the point to shooting a video bareback and have the models fuck like animals in heat yet it ends without cum eating or breeding. what’s the point? if i were the webmaster of a pay gay site that was bareback or 50/50 i would make it quite clear when interviewing potential models that all the videos will end with cum eating and breeding.

Brad May 9, 2013 at 1:13 pm Reply

Hey Joseph, the videos at Jason Sparks Live are hot and they’re getting hotter! I’m like you in that I prefer to see guys breeding at the end of a bareback video or cum eating if breeding doesn’t happen. There’s not a lot of breeding action at Jason Sparks Live at the moment and the frequency of breeding scenes is currently only at 10%, with the only scene featuring breeding being Garrett Cooper and Delvie Baptiste out of the ten bareback scenes available.

Quite often the guys in the earlier bareback scenes pulled out and then blew their loads on the chest or back of the other guy. The latest bareback scenes often involve the guys laying back on the bed and jacking off on their stomachs. I’m not sure whether they do it this way because of the live show environment, but Garrett Cooper has been in two bareback videos with only one breeding scene and Delvie Baptiste has been in three bareback videos with only one breeding scene, so I’m not sure why the breeding frequency is so low. Don’t let that deter you from the site, because it’s definitely a hot site, but you might want to wait for more bareback videos to see whether more breeding scenes get released in the future.

The following scenes are bareback and do not involve breeding action:

• Aidan Connors and Nathan Brooks
• Delvie Baptiste and Andrew Cooper
• Delvie Baptiste and Cody Smith
• Garrett Cooper and Chase Evans
• Johnny Dallas and Nic James
• Lars Svenson and Cam Casey
• Lars Svenson and Justice Kane
• Nic James and Cody Ryder
• Tyler Morgan and Tali Mercielago

Bill Olson May 9, 2013 at 10:07 pm Reply

I would love to have Tyler breed me.

Brad May 10, 2013 at 2:46 am Reply

That would definitely be hot Bill. 🙂

Jason Sparks Live

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