Cole and Hunter love filming bareback videos with hot guys and in this update they team up to pop an eighteen year old’s cherry using their bare dicks. What a perfect way to get broken in by not one but two bare dicks – no rubbers getting in the way of this virgin penetration! Tommy is a cute, uncut hairy guy who is apparently new to the gay scene. After Cole and Hunter are finished with him, his ass will certainly be broken in and no longer will he be able to say he has a virgin hole. Apparently Tommy was asking all sorts of bi-curious questions and admitted to masturbating to the site. Now Tommy is part of the site and it’s not the first time that fans of Maverick Men have made the choice to appear in one of the videos at the site. This is a great scene that I’m sure Tommy will be happy about, because now he has become a part of the site that he loves so much.

Cole, Hunter and Tommy -
Watch Cole, Hunter and Tommy have bareback sex at Maverick Men
Watch Cole, Hunter and Tommy have bareback sex at Maverick Men
Watch Cole, Hunter and Tommy have bareback sex at Maverick Men
Watch Cole, Hunter and Tommy have bareback sex at Maverick Men
Watch Cole, Hunter and Tommy have bareback sex at Maverick Men

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Derek roth Lerwill October 21, 2013 at 12:15 pm Reply

Words cannot really describe the level of disgust and anger towards “cole and hunter of maverickmen”. These two disturbed creatures of the earth have no clue what being a man is all about. There is absolutely nothing respectable or sexually stimulating about luring in and exploiting young gay boys. Maverickmen takes advantage of the gay youthful community when they should be taking responsibility for them. I am extremely disgusted about this video. The young innocent guy in this video is my husband. Unfortunately when this was filmed I did not know him, yet three years later he is forced to live with this HUGE mistake for as long as this video stays on the web. Very sad, disturbing and embarrassing for someone so young. he was not paid for this video to make its way around the world. Not that being paid would have made anything more acceptable. but come on, grow up and prey on men your age…. Sickening

Brad Berrigan October 21, 2013 at 1:17 pm Reply

Thanks for your comment Derek. Cole and Hunter have a reputation for finding attractive young men and having bareback sex with them – it’s what their site is all about. From what I understand, Tommy was a fan of and wanted to appear in a video with Cole and Hunter. I do understand that he was eighteen at the time and may now regret his participation in this video. I can only respond based on what Cole and Hunter revealed about this scene when it was released and also from what you are saying here. I am not in a position to verify either perspective, but I wanted to give you an opportunity to have your comment published here.

Making the decision to appear in a porn video is one that must be thought about carefully, because as you have said, the video remains on the internet and can never be completely deleted, because people will likely have their own copies, even though is a streaming only website, photos and other multimedia such as screen captures can still be saved. Some gay porn sites have removed scenes at a models request, but this decision can vary from site to site, plus some sites will charge a fee to remove a scene (if they agree to) to cover what they consider production and other costs. Even if a video is removed, it will be very difficult to remove any trace of it due to the photos people will have in their possession and stored on their devices, as well as being featured at other sites.

While I discuss bareback porn here at Brad Bare, I understand that the participants should be treated with respect. I know that some sites and blogs feature articles and comments about people appearing in porn videos, but it’s important to remember that these guys are just like yourself and I – we are human beings and should be treated with decency. I know this comment might sound strange from someone who writes about porn and sex all the time, but the human element and respect for models is always something I am conscious of.

I want to thank you for taking the time to share your concerns here Derek. If you wanted to add anything else to this discussion, you or anyone else is welcome to do so if it’s constructive. If you still have concerns, you are welcome to send me an email through my blog and I will be happy to discuss any issues you may have. Thanks.

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