I am excited to be able to showcase the high quality photos Sean Cody is now releasing with his scenes. SeanCody.com is getting better and better and I’m looking forward to him putting together a bareback orgy or gangbang (or both) sometime in the future. This is on my Sean Cody wish list and hopefully we’ll see this happen at some point, because Sean has gone from featuring two guys, to threesomes, so all he needs to do is add a few more guys and it will be like a fantasy come true for many of us bareback porn fans! In this scene Aidan and Landon admit at the start of this video that they were looking forward to their scene together and I can say that we were also very much looking forward to what was going to happen once they came together for some bareback fun! Both guys have beautiful bodies and their energy seems bountiful, which we can admire as we watch their sweaty bodies working away as both guys enjoy the sensation of man-to-man skin-on-skin sex. Enjoy the hot bareback porn flowing from SeanCody.com, it’s definitely hot enough to make you cum!

Aidan and Landon - SeanCody.com
Watch Aidan and Landon have bareback sex at Sean Cody
Watch Aidan and Landon have bareback sex at Sean Cody
Watch Aidan and Landon have bareback sex at Sean Cody
Watch Aidan and Landon have bareback sex at Sean Cody
Watch Aidan and Landon have bareback sex at Sean Cody

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Joseph November 1, 2012 at 11:30 am Reply


i just watched this video the other day. i love bi-racial videos with stunning college/frat boy types and this new video from Sean Cody is a candidate for the best one i’ve ever seen. it contains everything you would want in a bareback video-stunningly hot guys, nice photography and editing, great cock sucking, super hot ass pounding and best of all volcanic in the face and mouth cum blasts and a nice messy creampied butthole.

as i have said in other posts there has never been nor will there ever be any such thing as a 100% percent gay video. the one flaw if you wish to call it that is that the second time Landon fucks Aidan he doesn’t creampie Aidan’s butthole he just pulls out and shoots his load onto Aidan’s abs.

Brad Berrigan November 2, 2012 at 3:38 am Reply

Hey Joseph, I appreciate your review of this scene from Sean Cody. I couldn’t have said what you wrote any better myself and you have provided further insight into one of the great scenes waiting at Sean Cody for bareback porn fans to enjoy. Thank you for your honesty regarding the lack of breeding when Landon fucks Aidan the second time. I know that you are a bareback porn connoisseur like myself and we have very high standards when it comes to bareback porn, so I thank you for your feedback regarding this scene very much.

Joseph November 2, 2012 at 7:04 am Reply

Hello Again.

obviously Landon and Aidan agreed and were quite comfortable with doing everything the way nature intended. so since they already exchanged body fluids via Landon creampieing Aidan’s ass and Aidan blasting his load onto Landon’s face the lack of a second creampie shot is surprising. so why no second creampie? both hotties were thoroughly tested so there’s nothing to worry about there. plus Aidan was fine with Landon creampieing his hole the first time. this isn’t the first time this as happened with a bareback video i’ve downloaded. so considering all that’s gone before it why it happens or in this case doesn’t happen again is a total mystery.

Brad Berrigan November 3, 2012 at 2:11 am Reply

I agree that both Landon and Aidan would have agreed to have bareback sex and exchange body fluids in their scene, but I’m not sure why there was no second creampie. Perhaps they were trying to include some variety by sending the cum flying in a different direction? Some guys like ass breeding, some guys like cum eating and some guys might not know what they like until they see it. I have thought about it and perhaps they did something different the second time to make the cum more visible.

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