I don’t always feature the latest scenes from Bare Twinks, even though the site is updated regularly, because I’m concerned that some of the models look too young. Bare Twinks confirms that all their models were at least eighteen years of age at the time they were filmed, so their content is perfectly legal, but I have still been concerned about featuring some of their scenes based on the youthful appearance of some of the models. In this article, I am discussing this and I am asking for your feedback through a poll and comments on this topic are also welcome.

I am not saying anything bad about Bare Twinks or its operators, I am simply referring to the youthful appearance of some of their models. What you see at Bare Twinks is a range of twinks aged between 18 and 24 years having bareback sex, although some of the models may be older than 24 years of age. Bare Twinks is the name of their site and it represents what they are all about. I think that because some of the guys have a naturally youthful appearance, plus some have smooth skin or they trim their pubic hair, this can make them appear younger than they actually are.

I have selected a few photos of bareback scenes from Bare Twinks featuring models that look too young to me and I am asking if you agree or whether you think I should start including these scenes at Brad Bare in the future. Perhaps I am being overly cautious because the guys are definitely at least eighteen years of age, whether they look it or not, but I want to ensure that you enjoy what I feature at Brad Bare and I appreciate your views on this issue.

Alan Parish and Tommie Reed - BareTwinks.com
Watch Kyler Moss and Jack Presley have bareback sex at Bare Twinks
Watch Corey Jakobs and Jack Presley have bareback sex at Bare Twinks
Watch Preston Andrews and Ryan Morrison have bareback sex at Bare Twinks
Watch Angel Kelly and Kyler Moss have bareback sex at Bare Twinks
Watch Andy Kay and Scott Alexander have bareback sex at Bare Twinks

Do you want to see bare twinks such as the models featured above at Brad Bare?

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Guys In Sweatpants
Joseph July 12, 2012 at 11:23 am Reply

Hello To Brad B.-

i should think in the wake of the Brent Corrigan/Cobra Video underage scandal any producer shooting “twink” porn today would make absolutely positively sure beyond any shadow of any doubt that the models are in fact 18 regardless of their appearance. so we can rest assured that the models are 18. but even with this fact in mind like yourself i still feel a bit uneasy if the models look way to young.

Brad Berrigan July 12, 2012 at 3:28 pm Reply

Thanks for your feedback Joseph. I agree that the Brent Corrigan / Cobra Video scandal has been a valuable lesson for all porn studios by ensuring they maintain accurate proof of age records proving that their performers were at least eighteen years of age at they time they were filmed. It’s good to hear that you also feel a little uneasy if the models look too young, I thought I was being overly cautious with that. Thanks again for taking the time to comment on this issue.

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