Sunday, October 2, 2022
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The Sex is a Bit Sketchy After a Weekend of Hard Partying at the Fraternity

I would be interested to know how authentic the drug use is at FraternityX. In this scene the producers tell us that nothing beats a big line of coke and two rock hard cocks in your ass and mouth. I’ll have to take their word for it about the coke, since I don’t do drugs, but the two rock hard raw cocks in your ass and mouth is definitely something that interests me. The weekend partying was insane apparently, so Cody, Tyler and Anthony head down to the basement for some sketchy sex. I guess the sex would be sketchy if you’re drugged out. Cody and Tyler start barebacking Anthony’s ass and then Tyler wants to get fucked raw, so Cody and Anthony fuck his ass.

The action looks hot and I’m sure the guys knew what they were doing before the effects of the drugs took hold, even if they really did take them, I’m not sure about this. One thing I do know is that the guys at FraternityX are fucking hot and the sex is intense, as the producers try to capture some of the party action that happens with university life. I just want to be clear that I do not approve of drug use because I believe that it’s important to keep a clear head so you have the ability to make informed decisions when it comes to barebacking. I must admit that this is one of the most unusual scene write-ups I have ever written, but I believe it’s important to include some responsibility and let you enjoy the element of fantasy that the guys are trying to provide you with here.

Cody, Tyler and Anthony -
Watch Cody, Tyler and Anthony have bareback sex at FraternityX
>Watch Cody, Tyler and Anthony have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Cody, Tyler and Anthony have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Cody, Tyler and Anthony have bareback sex at FraternityX
Watch Cody, Tyler and Anthony have bareback sex at FraternityX

Want to See More? Watch the Full-Length Video at FraternityX!

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


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