Some guys like ChaosMen and some don’t. I love it! If you’re the kind of guy who likes to watch bareback porn and feel accessible to the models in real-life, you might not like ChaosMen as much as other guys so, because you’re probably only going to see the kind of guys performing at ChaosMen on screen rather than fucking in real-life because they are straight and they like to have sex with other straight guys for money. I think the site is really hot because it’s amazing how far these straight guys will go and watching them fucking another guy without a condom and in many cases pushing their cum inside each other is absolutely amazing footage in my eyes. That’s why I am pleased to bring you another scene from ChaosMen between newcomer Curtis and seasoned performer Nash. Both guys do a wonderful job and although Curtis glazes Nash’s ass with his cum, he doesn’t quite manage to push his cum back inside to breed Nash’s ass because his dick gets a bit wobbly. Maybe he needs more practice – I would love to supervise!

Curtis and Nash - ChaosMen
Click here to watch the full scene!
Click here to watch the full scene!
Click here to watch the full scene!
Click here to watch the full scene!

Want to See More? Watch the Full-Length Video at ChaosMen!

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  1. Nash is my favorite of all time!!! OMG I’d take a baseball straight to the face for that motherfucker. God damn!

    I like Chaosmen because I think its actually much more realistic. Yes, many of the models are “straight”, but they do the best job of recreating a gay sex scene, other than having an all-straight roster that things gay sex is just about screaming at the top of your lungs at all times, even when you’re clearly not enjoying that footlong that just entered you, which is many other sites. NextDoor is so stupid they put a straight guy who won’t even fuck a guy on his own gay sex website, who’s not even that cute, I will add. The dudes are Chaosmen also LOOK like real men, gay or straight, instead other sites that only bring in “perfect” dudes with huge wangs, smear them with makeup and stage some ridiculous bullshit scene that they just “accidentally” had sex with their also-straight best friend. Yeah… my boner just died. Chaosmen has all kind of models, it looks like their master requirement is you gotta know how to take and give a good dick at the same time, and THAT is what gay sex is about… gettin some good dick.

    • Nash is so hot – he’s cute, adorable and he’s very flexible (I could keep going on about this gorgeous stud). If my memory serves me correctly, at one point last year I counted the bareback scenes each performer appeared in at ChaosMen (it’s what I like to do when I really like something) and the outcome was that Nash had the most bareback scenes at ChaosMen out of all the performers. We haven’t seen Nash in any scenes recently, but hopefully Bryan will get him back to give us a special treat. It’s great to see fresh talent, but it’s always nice to see your favorite model from time-to-time as well. Bryan has an amazing site at ChaosMen and he’s managed to incorporate something for everyone to enjoy. I am impressed with the variety of guys and scene types at ChaosMen, plus Bryan’s attention to detail and high quality standards really impress me. I have a ChaosMen scene scheduled for August 4 that I hope you’ll enjoy and it’s funny that you used the word sausage in your earlier comment, because that’s the same word I used in the title to describe the scene. I’ve written to Bryan at ChaosMen a couple of times and even though he’s busy, he’s always taken the time to write back and he seems like a really nice guy. Getting good dick is what it’s all about – providing it’s not wrapped up in rubber and packaged in a way where you can’t truly experience the meat! 😉


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