Liam Cole has just directed another bareback masterpiece called Full Tilt and produced by Paul Morris’ video production company Treasure Island Media. Liam has built an awesome raw reputation for his line of amazingly gritty bareback films capturing the essence of bareback sex from the angle of this talented British director. This is the fourth video Liam has directed for Treasure Island Media. His other releases include Bad Influence, Pounded and Wild Breed.

“Some guys have a sex life. Others live sex. They fuck more people, more often, longer and harder, with no limits and no apologies. They make man-breeding into an art, a religion, a calling. It’s my honor to hang out with these dedicated cumhounds as they spend days on end feeding their addiction and exchanging their loads, united by a shared compulsion. When I record them in action I’m documenting a way of life, in the raw, stripped stylings of “porno.” These are not phony, air-brushed fantasies. They’re home movies from a subcultural netherworld where real men really fuck, fearless and uncompromising, true to the deepest part of themselves: living and fucking at full tilt.” – Liam Cole.

Full Tilt was released in December 2010 and is available on pre-order for delivery in January 2011 through Treasure Island Media. In this 155 minute bareback video you can expect to see barebacking appearances from Peto Coast, Lucky Joe, Darren Hawke, Jack Lewis, Ross Fuller, Brent Bow, Paul Mann, Ed Gunn, Max Schneider, Anton Dickson, Jason Stormme, Nikos, Marc Dann, Bruce, Frank Klein and Zack Elias. There are seven sizzling scenes and one bonus scene.

I totally respect the work of Liam Cole and I think he is introducing some hot guys into his videos for us to admire as these horny studs explore their passion for pleasure. To keep yourself current with Liam’s work, I highly recommend that you visit Liam’s blog, where you will find some really interesting information and bonus content. Below you will find a snapshot from each scene in Full Tilt:

Full Tilt - Treasure Island Media - Scene 1
Above: Scene 1 – Darren Hawke and Peto Coast bareback Jack Lewis

Full Tilt - Treasure Island Media - Scene 2
Above: Scene 2 – Lucky Joe barebacks Ross Fuller

Full Tilt - Treasure Island Media - Scene 3
Above: Scene 3 – Paul Mann and Ed Gunn bareback Brent Bow

Full Tilt - Treasure Island Media - Scene 4
Above: Scene 4 – Lucky Joe barebacks Max Schneider

Full Tilt - Treasure Island Media - Scene 5
Above: Scene 5 – Ed Gunn gets gang bang barebacked

Full Tilt - Treasure Island Media - Scene 6
Above: Scene 6 – Peto Coast barebacks Brent Bow

Full Tilt - Treasure Island Media - Scene 7
Above: Scene 7 – Peto Coast and Lucky Joe bareback Frank Klein

Check out this sizzling bareback vision at Treasure Island Media and don’t miss a drop of the raw action. Treasure Island Media continues to remain at the forefront of bareback porn production and with talented people like Liam working with them, this bareback porn studio will continue to produce some amazing bareback footage for us to enjoy.

Bad Influence - Treasure Island MediaPounded - Treasure Island MediaWild Breed - Treasure Island Media

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