The First Installment of So You Wanna Be a Cumdump Kicks Off at TIMFuck

The Cumdump, Sean Parker, Antonio Biaggi and Eddie -

So You Wanna be a Cumdump is a five part web series produced by director Max Sohl for Treasure Island Media showcasing the auditions of five wannabe cumdump bottoms. As an added twist, the ground rules state that each guy agrees to be pumped and dumped on a bench by whoever Max brings into the room to fuck them. Furthermore, the bottoms are not allowed to ask who is coming to use their holes and they do not know whether they will be taking one or multiple loads. This is the first installment featuring a guy who only identifies himself as The Cumdump. He is blindfolded and waits on all fours waiting for his hole to become a cumdump. The Cumdump’s hole is first used by Sean Parker, who happily bareback’s his ass and fills his butt with a load of sticky seed, before Antonio Biaggi slides his bare fuck stick inside his freshly spunked hole. The barebacking and breeding hasn’t finished yet, because Eddie comes inside to finish things off, before this scene reaches a sticky conclusion. This is a great bareback web series you can start watching now at TIMFuck.

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An Intense Interracial Bareback Sex Video from Treasure Island Media Awaits You at TIMFuck

Cory Koons and Jerry Stearns -

TIMFuck is the place where you’ll find Treasure Island Media videos and this scene featuring Cory Koons and Jerry Stearns is waiting for you to enjoy inside the members area. This is a great video that captures the sexual essence of Treasure Island Media perfectly, as Jerry puts his stiff dick to work pounding Cory’s ass intensely until it’s time for him to cream his hole and breed his load inside. This scene has been filmed superbly to showcase the sexual energy that Treasure Island Media is renowned for between a couple of guys who clearly enjoy fucking raw and swapping loads of cum.

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Stud Who Enjoys Topping is Turned into a Bareback Bottom Cum Dump

Morgan Black and Brad McGuire -

This scene from TIMFuck is interesting, because two tops have been paired together, so naturally one of them must become submissive and take a bare cock inside his ass. Morgan Black decides to bottom in this scene and opens his hole for Brad McGuire. Morgan has bottomed in porn numerous times, but he does seem to enjoy topping. The guys take it slowly at first, but once Morgan’s ass has been warmed up to the sensation of Brad’s bare boner sliding inside and out of his hole, the intensity increases and Morgan becomes accustomed to the sensation of being a bareback bottom. Brad drills Morgan’s hole hard, loosening up Morgan’s ass with his stiff fuck stick, until he’s ready to release his load, which turns Morgan into a cum dump – with his hole accommodating Brad’s seed. This is a great scene you can watch in full-length inside the members area at TIMFuck.

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TIMFuck is the Place to Find Horny Guys Barebacking and Swapping Loads

Danny Blue and Jack -

One of the benefits of barebacking is that you can swap bodily fluids if you want to and a bareback studio that’s notable for swapping sperm is Treasure Island Media. Danny Blue has had his ass filled with man jizz on numerous occasions and this time he gets his chance to top when he’s paired with Jack. The sexual chemistry in this scene is dripping and intense and can be noticed right from the beginning of the video. When Jack offers his ass to Danny, he wastes no time putting it to use, feasting on it with his mouth before sliding his cock deep inside and fucking his hole. When you’re watching a video from Treasure Island Media, you can be confident that the scene is going to end with a load of cum being bred inside another guy and that’s precisely what happens when it’s time for Danny to shoot his load – it ends up back inside Jack’s hole to bring this scene to a sticky climax!

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Blindfolded Stud Surrenders Himself and Enjoys a Bareback Sex Session

Noah King, Enzo and Sebastian Slater -

Noah King gets blindfolded and prepares his ass for a hot bareback fucking. While he covers up his eyes, he certainly wants the cocks that enter his ass to be uncovered, so Enzo and Sebastian Slater ensure that they forgo the use of condoms in this scene. Well, this scene was produced by Treasure Island Media, so I don’t think we need to worry about condoms in this update, but you never know, they might one day produce a scene that involves damaged condoms so it’s still a possibility. Anyway, Noah makes his ass available for European studs Enzo and Sebastian and makes sure his ass gives their dicks a great time as they take turns fucking his ass and mouth. These two horny studs fill Noah’s holes, spit-roasting him and filling both of his holes so he becomes the center of attention. The video captures the sounds of moans of pleasure, as these three guys enjoy their session of bareback sex. The action continues until Enzo and Sebastian release their loads, making sure as much semen gets bred inside Noah, leaving all three men feeling satisfied and connected.

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Deep Bareback Penetration Between Two Twinks is Achieved Using a Sling

Justin Case and Kyle Miller -

Justin Case and Kyle Miller are a couple of horny guys who use a sling to achieve a deep bareback penetration in this Treasure Island Media update now showing at TIMFuck. It’s not often that you see twinks at TIMFuck, as their emphasis usually goes beyond the twink age bracket, however, their acquisition of content from Tipo Sesso Black Label gives the studio content that showcases how raunchy a couple of twinks can be! Many may consider twinks to be clean-cut and innocent, but this update certainly demonstrates that some twinks love barebacking and cum just as much as seasoned barebackers. Justin positions himself in the sling, awaiting Kyle’s bare cock to pierce his asshole and penetrate deeply inside his hole, probing in and out, achieving a high level of sensation between these two bareback fuckers. These two horny twinks fuck for a while, before Kyle pulls his pulsating cock from Justin’s ass and releases his sticky load of gooey goodness, before pushing his cum back inside Justin’s ass, where he fucks him some more, pushing Justin over the edge to release his own sticky load of cum over his torso. This is an extremely hot update that I’m sure you will enjoy if you love seeing twinks getting barebacked and bred!

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Horny British Barebacker Finds a Sex Partner Online to Fuck His Ass Raw

Max Schneider and Aaron Slater -

Max Schneider is a British barebacker who was feeling horny and up for a bareback fuck with another guy, so he visited a bareback hookup website and invited guys to come around and fill his ass up with raw cock and cum. Max is a guy who knows what he wants and he gets what he asks for when Aaron Slater turns up to give him exactly what he wants. Max specifically states that his door is open and he wants a guy to spunk in his hole and then go. From the video it looks like Max has posted a Quick Connect listing at BarebackRT, because he wants bareback sex and he wants it now! Max and Aaron don’t waste any time and this raw fuck flick replicates the hot bareback sex that takes place using such a convenient tool for finding guys wanting to hookup for bareback sex. You will find this very hot scene waiting for you at TIMFuck, so check it out and enjoy the bareback action!

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Hungry Bareback Cum Pig gets Fucked Intensely and Loaded with Cum

Peto Coast and Alex Bates -

Alex Bates is described by Treasure Island Media as a hungry young cum pig, so I’ll go along with that description since their the experts in this area. Alex gets a bareback drilling and creamy filling from Peto Coast in this update that’s now waiting for you at TIMFuck. If you’re into brutal and relentless bareback fucking that ends with the bottom taking a load of cum in his ass and licking the top’s dick clean, then this scene is for you! Alex gets his ass loaded with Peto’s cum and then he cleans his cock to make sure there’s not a drop of cum left that’s not inside either his ass or mouth. It’s great watching guys who love barebacking and taking loads and the guys you see having bareback sex at TIMFuck are definitely into bareback fucking and ass loading!

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Bareback Pounding in the Sling Results in a Sticky Cum-Filled Breeding Finale

Shane Frost and Ryan Foxxx -

This scene from TIMFuck comes to you from the Tipo Sesso Black Label video Sling Fuckers: Volume 1 from 2008. I like seeing some of these sizzling scenes being released at Treasure Island Media, because it means you get access to the regular hot bareback porn releases from T.I.M. as well as selected introduced content such as this scene. In this update Ryan Foxxx gets his ass barebacked in a sling by Shane Frost and he gets his hole filled with cum at the end. Before Ryan gets in the sling, he crouches down on his knees and sucks on Shane’s cock, before climbing into the sling and hoisting his legs ready for Shane’s bare boner to penetrate his hole and fuck him raw. There’s some great bareback fucking in this update, which is finished off with Ryan splashing himself with his load of cum and not long after that Shane pulls out and delivers an impressive load that he drives deep inside Ryan’s ass to give him a good cream-filled climax. There’s load of bareback porn waiting for you to watch at TIMFuck, with a number of great membership options for you to choose from.

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Horny Cock and Cum Addict gets Bareback Spit-Roasted and Filled with Cum

Drew Sebastian, DJ and Danny Blue -

Check out this great bareback porn release from Treasure Island Media featuring cock and cum addict Danny Blue getting barebacked and spit-roasted by Drew Sebastian and DJ. This scene was filmed by Paul Morris and what a superb job he has accomplished – the result of this video sure does make your cock hard as you watch the guys fucking raw and breeding their loads of cum deep inside Danny at the end. It’s great when the bottom loves getting filled up with raw cock and the horny guys fucking Danny definitely gave him a satisfying bareback fuck. DJ’s cock is filling Danny’s mouth while Drew is fucking Danny’s ass, giving him a very fulfilling feeling within. You can tell how much of a cum addict Danny is when you see him licking the stray splatters of cum off the sheets. Now is also a great time to sign up for a Treasure Island Media membership, because right now until July 15, 2013 you can buy a 30 day membership giving you access to TIMFuck, TIMJack and TIMSuck for only $19.95!

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