Two Guys Have Bareback Sex in a Messy Office at Dudes Raw

Rowdy McBeal and Derrick Hanson -

This update from Dudes Raw involves a bareback sex scene that was filmed in a messy office. I guess when the place you’re having sex is messy, your sex can be as dirty you want it to be, complete with hardcore fucking and breeding. If you’re looking for hot bareback sex that finishes with cum fucked deep inside an ass, check out this scene featuring Rowdy McBeal and Derrick Hanson. We’re told by the guys at Dudes Raw that the smell of dick, ass and cum from all the fucking going on in the office makes Derrick horny and Rowdy is the relief that’s needed to satisfy the urge that has built up inside Derrick’s body. I’m not sure how much work gets done in this office, but if the work involves fucking raw, then it looks like loads of work gets done! Rowdy opens up his hole for Derrick’s bare dick and the guys fuck in the office until Derrick plants his seed deep inside Rowdy’s freshly fucked hole. Enjoy more scenes like this one by visiting Dudes Raw and enjoy the benefits of a membership.

Get a Major Boner from this Bareback Fucking Double Penetration Three-way

Ben, Rowdy and Truckee -

I love the bareback porn releases at GuyBone, because there’s so much interesting stuff included with every update. Firstly, if you read the scene descriptions the guys put together, they can give you an instant boner. There’s a lot of skill involved with writing the scene descriptions and it almost feels as though you’re there because they are so well written and feature interesting bits and pieces. Secondly, the quality of the photos and videos is excellent. Thirdly, the guys behind the site are nice – I’ve emailed one of the site owners and he is very passionate about GuyBone, which leads to high quality updates. I also like that once you get your free account, you can choose whether to purchase individual scenes or purchase a streaming membership – the choice is yours. This is an awesome scene featuring Ben, Truckee and Rowdy McBeal. I would love to introduce you to the scene using my own words, but I cannot top the writeup waiting for you at GuyBone. Let me just say that GuyBone awarded all three guys gold stars and I second their recommendation. Make sure you check it out!

Rowdy McBeal Switches Sex Positions and Becomes a Bareback Top for Kamrun

Rowdy McBeal and Kamrum -

Rowdy McBeal is excited about being the top in this scene when he learns that he’s going to be sliding his milky white cock inside Kamrun’s chocolate butt hole to whip up some exciting bareback action. Rowdy makes Kamrun suck on his delicious fuck stick before he puts his cock to work pounding Kamrun’s hole and these guys don’t need a condom coming in between their sexual pleasure. I love how enthusiastic Rowdy was when he was given the opportunity to fuck Kamrun’s ass – he didn’t even remove Kamrun’s underwear, he simply ripped it to express his eagerness and then he shoved his raw cock inside and started pounding him. These two sexy fuckers look great together on camera and it’s great to see Rowdy topping – we usually see him getting his ass fucked raw, but there are some rare scenes where you can see Rowdy taking control and using his cock to pound some butts.

The Bareback Sex Seems to be Getting Even Raunchier at Dudes Raw

Colby Star and Rowdy McBeal -

I have noticed that the bareback sex seems to get getting raunchier at Dudes Raw. When the site first started out, the guys tended to be twinks and more clean-cut, but I’m beginning to notice that the guys are looking rougher and the sex is getting raunchier. I’m not saying there’s a standard type of guy that fits into Dudes Raw, because the site has always featured an interesting mix of guys, but lately the guys look more mature and this gives them the appearance of being more sexually experienced. This scene featuring Colby Star and Rowdy McBeal is almost like a middle ground between the types of guys you see at Dudes Raw and this is a great bareback scene. There appears to be a spark the moment these two see each other and it doesn’t take long for the cock sucking and bareback fucking to begin. Rowdy fucks Colby in several positions until Rowdy cum’s all over Colby’s hole. Then Colby cum’s in Rowdy’s mouth before Rowdy starts fucking Colby again. The barebacking is intense and the appreciation for cum definitely present at Dudes Raw.

Smooth Latin Dude gets a Load of Cum Blasted inside his Ass by a Tattooed Stud

Jose Baja and Rowdy McBeal -

Jose Baja is a smooth dude who opens his ass for Rowdy McBeal in this scene at Dudes Raw. Rowdy is a sexy guy who loves sex and you can tell that he’s got a wild side with those tattoos and body piercings. Jose makes sure he takes good care of Rowdy and starts off by sucking Rowdy’s dick as he lays back and enjoys the attention his cock is receiving by Jose’s mouth and tongue. Then Rowdy flips Jose over and eats his ass. This ensures that Jose’s ass is feeling relaxed and moistened up ready for Rowdy’s bare dick to start working its way inside and out. Rowdy fucks Jose in a variety of positions before he shoots his load of cum inside Jose. This is a nice scene from Dudes Raw and there are plenty of other great scenes waiting for you at right now.

Check Out Another Intense Bareback Porn Update from GuyBone

Nick Moretti and Rowdy McBeal -

Last month I introduced you to GuyBone, a hot site featuring a mix of gay porn including solo, oral and anal action. Some of the butt fucking includes barebacking and so I’m pleased to introduce you to another scene. I have noticed that recently the fourth bareback scene was added to the site. Here’s what’s really awesome about GuyBone – you can choose to purchase individual scenes, where you download or stream scenes individually, or you can purchase a streaming membership to stream all of the videos at the site (but not download them). So even though there might only be four bareback videos available at the moment, you can choose to purchase one or more of these scenes and only pay for what you watch, which is a fucking awesome idea in my opinion. This puts you in control and lets you choose what you want to pay for. As with the previous post I featured about GuyBone, I cannot top the scene description that’s waiting for you at GuyBone, so I’m not going to even try because the scene descriptions at GuyBone are absolutely superb. If you want to see more of Nick Moretti and Rowdy McBeal (the sexy real-life partners and bareback fuckers featured in this scene), head on over to GuyBone, sign up for your free account and then choose whether to purchase individual scenes or purchase a monthly streaming membership – you’re in control so you choose what you want. I will be bringing you another GuyBone update real soon. Enjoy!

Watch Damon Dogg get Fucked by Two Studs and see His Ass Filled with Cum

Damon Dogg, Blake Daniels and Rowdy McBeal -

Damon Dogg does have a long name for a site: Damon Dogg’s Cum Factory, but it’s descriptive and tells you what you can expect. Firstly, Damon includes his name because he’s the prominent performer and cum factory really lets you know that they respect cum and that’s an important consideration for just about any bareback porn fan. In this scene, Damon shows us his raw fuck encounter with himself, Blake Daniels and Rowdy McBeal. Damon tells us that he invited Blake and Rowdy to his “Smut Shack” and what a great scene this turns out to be! Blake and Rowdy gang up on Damon’s hole and they don’t use any condoms to cover their poles, it’s pure raw bareback fucking and that’s what we like here! Damon starts out by servicing Blake and Rowdy with his talented tongue, making sure that each of those cocks are attended to and treated with the respect that they deserve. Then Rowdy takes to Damon’s ass and chows down on that sweet ass crack, making sure that it’s moist and ready for some raw ass fucking. Once Rowdy’s finished eating that hole, he fucks Damon with his 0 gauge PA. Blake and Rowdy take turns feeding their cocks and and fourth until they both shoot their loads on Damon’s ass and fuck the cum in his hole. Damon’s site is only new but it’s quickly filling up with some sizzling bareback porn.