Stud Considered a White Trash Tattooed Druggy has Bareback Sex on Parole

Mike Covington and Officer Winters -

The guys at Parole Him decided to call this scene White Trash, Tattooed Druggy, which features the sexy Mike Covington. I will only refer to the name of this scene so you know which update it relates to at Parole Him, because I find Mike Covington sexy and I don’t want to be disrespectful by referring to him as a white trash tattooed druggy. Mike had to attend a parole session with Officer Winters in Florida after serving time for assaulting his girlfriend. The Parole Officers use intimidation tactics to get what they want from the parolees and usually this involves them barebacking the parolees, but this time Officer Winters wants to get fucked by a parolee and he lets Mike fuck him in the ass bareback and breed his hole with a sticky load of cum on the desk. This is a hot update from Parole Him and is the last update I will feature here unless the site starts updating on a regular basis again.

Parolee gets his Ass Barebacked and his Hole Filled with a Load of Cum

Benjamin Gibson and Officer Harrington -

Benjamin Gibson has found himself in a difficult position, where he needs to comply with his Parole Officer’s demands, otherwise he could find himself being returned to prison. This scene from Parole Him is called Juvenile Delinquent, where twenty-three year old Benjamin is being subjected to sexual favors demanded by Officer Harrington. When you visit the site and notice the prominently positioned Either Way, They’re Fucked sign, it’s clear that the Parolees have found themselves in an interesting position. It’s important to point out that Parole Him has not been updated for over a year, but the site can still be accessed and enjoyed, you just need to be aware that there won’t be any new scenes released during the time of your membership. If you want to watch Benjamin sucking Officer Harrington’s cock, then getting his ass licked and barebacked by Officer Harrington, make sure you pay a visit to Parole Him, where you’ll also get to enjoy watching Benjamin’s ass get bred with a sticky load of cum from Officer Harrington.

Bareback Sex Becomes a Parolees Escape Method from Returning to Jail

Simon Brinks and Officer Winters -

The updates at Parole Him stopped quite some time ago, but there are a few scenes I am yet to feature from the site, so if you haven’t been a member before, you may enjoy signing up so you can check out the updates inside the members area. You just need to remember that there won’t be any new scenes added to the site during the period of your membership. This update is called The Drug Dealer and involves Simon Brinks who was imprisoned for drug dealing. He was only 20 years old when he was blackmailed and forced into having sex with his male Parole Officer as a way to avoid returning to jail. This video captures the scene involving the sexual encounter between Simon Brinks and Parole Officer Winters, who performs oral sex on Simon and then instructs Simon to penetrate him during anal intercourse. All of the scenes at Parole Him involve bareback sex, so the site has a hot concept and fictitious plot involving the questionable practices where Parole Officers use their powers to get what they want sexually from their Parolees.

Bareback Intimidation and Manipulation Tactics Continue at Parole Him

Mike Covington and Officer Harrison -

The intimidation and manipulation tactics used by the Parole Officers at Parole Him continue, with parolee Mike Covington the latest victim at the hands of Officer Harrington. The officers started harassing Mike following his release and we have seen him before having to do the things he’s instructed to do, otherwise he will be punished by being returned to prison. The officers always seem to get what they want and in this scene called Forceful Entry Mike gave them what they wanted so he could avoid being incarcerated again. Watch as Officer Harrington makes Mike suck his dick and then makes Mike open his ass so he can get barebacked and filled with cum. You know that this is just a fantasy from a fictitious site right? I thought so, but I just wanted to mention it. There are more scenes just like this one at Parole Him and it’s great to know that the scenes all involve bareback sex, making the site even hotter!

Parole Officer Instructs Two Parolees to have Bareback Sex While He Watches

Rafeal Mendoza and Benny G -

The Parole Officers at Parole Him are known to take advantage of the Parolees that are supposed to be under their supervision. Officer Johnson couldn’t resist taking advantage of two Parolees at this same time in this scene from Parole Him. Officer Johnson instructs Rafeal Mendoza, a Mexican immigrant on parole for a minor possession charge to have bareback sex with Benny who is a wannabe gangster, otherwise he was going back to prison. The vision you’re about to see shows Rafeal getting his cock pleasured by Benny through some oral sex before the bare butt fucking begins. The Parole Officers at Parole Him come across some sexy guys and they use their position to take advantage of the guys who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. The site is filled with scenes similar to this one, although the Parole Officers are usually the ones participating in the action, because they like the hands on approach towards dealing with their sexy Parolees.

Another Parolee Finds Himself the Subject of Bareback Sex at Parole Him

Rafeal Mendoza -

Rafeal Mendoza is an immigrant who has apparently done something that resulted in him being on the wrong side of the law. The problem is that when he finds himself in this position, the Parole Officers decide to use their power to provide pleasure to themselves at the expense of the Parolees. Parole Him is a site based on a fictitious parole board with officers that don’t follow the processes that are put in place. Rafeal finds that his ass is put to use by the officers in this scene, when they suck his nine inch dick then fuck his ass raw and use his butt hole as a cum dump. Check out the footage that was taken by the security cameras and explore more videos like this at

Tough Guy Turns Passive and Gets Fucked Bareback by a Parole Officer

Liam Grant and Officer Johnson -

Liam Grant was a tough guy before he went on parole and then found out that being aggressive might be one aspect of himself, but he also discovered that he can be passive and he didn’t even realize this until he went on parole. Grant initially tried to stand up to his Parole Officers, but then he found that they wouldn’t give up, so he decided to give up, open his hole and get fucked raw by them during his parole meetings. Liam started turning up at his parole meetings, then would stand up, turn around and drop his pants, waiting for a bare cock to penetrate his sweet ass and start fucking him raw. Liam begs the Parole Officer’s go go easy on him and you get to see what happens in this video that captures one of the meetings at the fictitious bareback porn site Parole Him.

If You Drink and Drive You Could get Fucked Up the Ass without a Condom!

Dominic Sol and Officer Black -

Did you know that if you drink and drive, you could get fucked up the ass without a condom? That’s exactly what happened to Dominic Sol when he was caught driving over the legal alcohol limit and served time in a county jail for a drunk driving charge. The young construction worker was blackmailed by his Parole Officers and they threatened to send him to prison for the rest of his life if he didn’t comply with their requests. As Dominic feared for his freedom, he submitted to the Officers requests and you get to see what happens in the footage captured and released at Parole Him. The scenes at Parole Him feature unscrupulous Parole Officers in a fictitious site that certainly appeals to many. The message is clear, don’t drink and drive, because you never know what might happen!

Two Parolees are Required to Fuck without Condoms During their Parole Meeting

Anthony Moss and Rafeal Mendoza -

If you like verbal sex involving a couple of guys who are instructed to have bareback sex during their parole meeting, then take a look at this scene from Parole Him, which is a fictitious site that involves dodgy Parole Officers having sex with the Parolees or instructing the Parolees to have sex with each other while they watch. Anthony Moss is a 21 year old sexy guy who was on parole for a minor possession charge. When Anthony turned up for his parole meeting, he was ordered to have sex with Rafeal Mendoza by the Parole Officer. Rafeal was threatened with being sent back to prison if he didn’t comply and have sex with Anthony. Apparently Rafeal was also offered drugs during this time. Anthony complied and was fucked for almost an hour and ended up taking Rafeal’s load up his ass. The Parole Officers at Parole Him don’t use condoms, so all of the scenes are bareback. If you like what you see, take a visit to to find out what else is going on there.

Another Barebacking Encounter Results from a Questionable Parole Appointment

Anthony Mose and Officer Thompson -

Anthony Mose served a seven days sentence in a county jail for repeated marijuana possession charges. You might have noticed that Anthony also has an association with pot from his appearances at FraternityX. This time he’s meeting his Parole Officer at the fictitious site Parole Him where it’s time for his first Parole meeting. Things didn’t go smoothly for Anthony, as he probably expected things to go a little differently. It seems that Officer Thompson liked what he saw and then decided to become unethical by threatening to return Anthony to prison on false drug trafficking allegations. Officer Thompson made Anthony choose between a two year prison sentence or getting fucked by his Parole Officer. As you can see from the vision captured below, Anthony chose to get his ass barebacked by Officer Thompson, including getting bred by a load of Officer Thompson’s cum. If Anthony returned to prison, I’m sure he would have experienced many more barebacking encounters between the horny prison inmates, but he must have decided that his butt wasn’t capable of taking all those bare dicks, so he took the fucking the Parole Officer option.