Real-Life Couple from Argentina Film a Bareback Sex Video for Machofucker

Sebastian and Paolo -

Sebastian and Paolo are a real-life couple from Argentina who chose to appear in a bareback video at Machofucker and you’re about to see how hot the sex between these two guys is! The guys are actually very cute and they fuck raw, making sure they get the most out of their sexual session and I do wonder if they’re this rough each time they fuck raw or whether it’s just because they’re filming a scene for a site that’s notorious for filming rough interracial amateur bareback sex. This is definitely a hot update and I’ve put together a few photo captures from the trailer to introduce you to this hot bareback scene. There’s loads more sizzling bareback porn waiting for you inside the members area at Machofucker so take a look at the site today and if you like what you see, consider becoming a member, because I think you will like the authentic bareback sex videos they have to offer you.

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Dude with Blond Hair gets Fucked Raw in the Outdoors at Machofucker

Mandingo and The Blond Boy -

This is a hot video from Machofucker featuring Mandingo barebacking a guy with blond hair named by the guys at Machofucker as The Blond Boy. I have no idea what his actual name is and they don’t seem to really care what his name is, preferring to refer to him as The Blond Boy. Apparently Mandingo was feeling horny and none of his harem of women were available for a quick fuck, so he knew where he could find a willing hole to accommodate his massive dick. Mandingo visits a place somewhere that must be a cruising area and waits for a guy to come along and open up his ass for his cock. Mandingo finds success when The Blond Boy comes along and he starts off sucking Mandingo’s dick, before he turns around and bends over to he can get fucked raw by Mandingo. The Blond Boy gets fucked in a variety of positions before the cum flies and make sure you check out the impressive stream of cum that squirts from The Blond Boy’s cock – I loved seeing that! Check out more hot amateur bareback porn featuring aggressive tops fucking guys raw with their big dicks!

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Check Out the Recent Machofucker Site Redesign Because it Looks Great

Redesigned Machofucker -

Machofucker unveiled their redesigned site on May 1, 2013 and I think it looks great. In addition to the sleek new look, the site has improved functionality that helps you appreciate what’s inside the site, so you know what you’re getting before you become a member. The navigation is designed so you can find your way around the site easily. Once you enter Machofucker, you’re automatically given a preview of the latest update. You can enjoy further previews by using the menu options at the top of the page, with options for videos, tops and bottoms. If you want to preview all of the videos, simply choose videos and you get 28 pages consisting of 228 scene previews. If you select tops, you can enjoy 60 models on 7 pages and bottoms gives you 45 models on 5 pages. The tops and bottoms pages show you the scenes the guys appear in, so this makes it great to locate models you really like.

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Dutch Bottom Stud gets Barebacked and Double-Loaded with Cum at Machofucker

Lucas and Campochero -

If you want to watch a sexy stud fucking another guy raw and dumping two loads of seed inside him, check out this scene featuring Dutch bottom stud Lucas and a newcomer to Machofucker called Campochero. Lucas has a bubble butt, which is met by Campochero’s fat dick, with both guys enjoying some intense bareback fucking. When I introduce these Machofucker scenes, I am capturing screen shots from the trailer, so the best way to experience the action is to become a member of Machofucker and watch the full-length videos. I have been a member of Machofucker and can confirm that there’s a decent number of videos inside the members area, so if you like rough interracial fucking, then Machofucker is definitely a site you should consider joining, because while the videos are amateur, the action is hot and real.

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Stick Around and Save 50% On a Yearly Machofucker Bareback Porn Membership

Machofucker 50% Off for Long Term Subscribers

Now is a great time to purchase a membership to Machofucker and if you’re looking for another reason, it’s almost Christmas, so why not treat yourself to something special. You know you will enjoy this present and it will entertain you all year long! Machofucker wants you to stick around and watch their horny guys fucking around and they’re giving you 50% off the regular membership price when you purchase a yearly membership. Normally you would be paying USD $22.95 per month for a recurring membership, which equals USD $275.40 over twelve months. If you purchase a twelve month membership, this will only cost you USD $135.95. That’s a massive saving that gives you a years worth of bareback porn from one of the roughest bareback porn sites in the world! The porn at Machofucker is amateur and it’s real, plus you get to see some massive dicks pounding the bottoms intensely. Another benefit of the annual membership is that it’s non-recurring, so you don’t need to cancel it. Machofucker content is original and unique and it’s a place where you can watch studs from all over the world fucking raw. As a member you get to enjoy over 200 bareback porn videos and 1,000’s of photos with no download limits and a new hardcore video released each week! I have included some screen grabs from the Machofucker trailer for Black Breeding 2 featuring ex-con Othello and a bottom who wants to remain anonymous, so he is blindfolded, but we get to see him get his ass fucked raw and bred with a load of Othello’s cum. Enjoy!

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Machofucker Filmed 2 Bareback Scenes with a Stud Fucked by a 13 Inch Dick

Robby Mendez and Slayer -

You could say that Robby Mendez is a lucky guy or perhaps not. The way you think depends on whether you could cope with having a 13 inch dick fucking your ass hard. Guys will often say that size matters, but if you’ve ever had a dick in your ass, you might be cautious about the way you answer this question, particularly if the dick is 13 inches long and the guy fucking you with it is rough and just wants to feel good as his pushes his massive tool inside and out of your tight ass hole. The guys at Machofucker filmed two scenes featuring Robby Mendez getting fucked by Slayer’s 13 inch dick and I have included photos and the trailer from the second scene, because this scene showcases the breeding and I love seeing cum get pushed back inside a freshly fucked ass and I know that many of you also appreciate seeing this. If you like watching rough amateur interracial bareback porn, then Machofucker is a destination you should seriously consider experiencing.

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The Guys at Machofucker Call this Bareback Video Dirty South Fuckers

Quawn -

I think I’m getting better at making video captures and the photos you see below have been captured from the video by yours truly, but I’m still working hard to perfect the technique of capturing the hottest action and producing the best quality snap shots possible. Most porn sites provide photos that accompany their scenes, but a handful of the sites don’t, which means I have to create my own photos and this is perfectly okay because I have permission to do this (just in case you’re wondering). If you’re familiar with Machofucker, then you will know that they have a hot site featuring amateur interracial bareback porn. They’ve called this scene featuring a Latino twink getting drilled in the ass by two big black bareback cocks “Dirty South Fuckers”. The guys at Machofucker say that this scene “truly re-sized the crap hole of this cutie, but no worries, he had asked for it”. I guess there are no pleasantries for some when they describe bareback fucking.

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Machofucker Breaks In New Model and Fill His Ass Up with Two Loads of Cum

Kobra and Papisongo -

Machofucker tell us that their special way to say hello to a new bottom model is to ensure that his ass is filled up with raw cock, fucked hard and then loaded with cum. There’s no time for Papisongo to ease into his bareback scene with The Kobra – it was full on bareback fucking and breeding. I have tried to create captures from the video to show you how hot the bareback breeding is and I think you can see what’s happening, but press play on the video clip to load the trailer and watch the action unfold for yourself. It’s great to have another bareback scene from Machofucker on display here.

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Sexy Ben gets Cum Dumped Up His Butt Making Him a Sexy Sperm Hole

Ben and Alex -

If you’re looking for a great selection of amateur interracial bareback sex videos, look no further than the hot action waiting for you at Machofucker. The site looks a little amateur in design, but don’t always base your decision on what the website looks like, because I can assure you that the videos inside the members area are pretty damn good in my opinion! Some of the videos vary in quality and size, but they all have the goal of sticking a bare cock in a raw hole and fucking the bottom intensely until it’s time to cum. Some of the cum gets bred back inside and sometimes it doesn’t. In this video featuring Ben and Alex from the scene Nut Inside you are delivered a delicious and delectable anal creampie as Alex empties his balls deep inside Ben’s ass. If you’re looking for professionally done videos, you might be disappointed, but if you are into amateur bareback interracial fucking, then I think you will be impressed. Take a look and see what you think.

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The Barebacking Intensity Increases at Machofucker

Dominican Stud -

Many things in life change, but one thing that doesn’t change is Machofucker’s goal to bring you intense interracial bareback fucking. In this scene Angelo is introduced to Jermaine where the Caribbean macho fucker stud unleashes his power tool on the Dominican dudes ass. You can see how big Angelo’s dick is as you see Jermaine struggle to wrap his lips around it while he’s sucking it before it plows his ass hard. Jermaine rims Angelo’s ass to give him the full oral service and the pleasure continues to Angelo’s dick as he pounds Jermaine’s hole hard until the juice begins to flow. There’s a good number of bareback videos waiting for you to watch inside the members area at Machofucker.

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