Bareback Sex is the Motivation for Inviting a Dude Over to the Frat House

Josh, Owen, Alexander, Blake and Bradley -

The college guys at FraternityX are horny 24/7 and in constant need of raw holes to slide their cocks into. These guys are completely focused on receiving raw satisfaction and are determined to find guys who make their holes available for them. They don’t mind dropping their loads inside other guys asses and mouths either, making the sizzling videos at FraternityX a pleasure to watch. Josh, Alexander and Blake invite Bradley over to watch the game with them, but their intention was always about something else, with the pure motivation behind the invitation actually being about using his ass and mouth for their sexual pleasure. The guys make Bradley suck their cocks and he does a super job and they fuck his ass bareback too, but when Owen returns to the house after initially being thrown out by the guys for being disruptive, they decide to make him a bitch by tying him up and fucking his ass bareback before breeding their loads inside his hole. These guys are serious about receiving sexual satisfaction and when it’s necessary, they will deal with anyone who tries to get in their way and this time Owen was on the receiving end, but he did get to enjoy having a few loads of cum bred inside his ass, with the guys ensuring their loads get pushed deep inside his hole!

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Six Horny Tops Work Their Love Muscles Inside a Twitchy Bottom

Anthony, Trevor, AJ, Cadence, Stiffer, Troy and Toby -

While the penis may be known as the love muscle, it doesn’t actually contain any muscles, but that’s not going to stop me referring to it as a muscle, because the penis is a fucking hot piece of equipment every man can love and be proud of. The reason I’m talking about muscles, is because this FraternityX scene is called Tight Twitchy Hole, where Toby’s leg muscles started twitching because of the position the guys put him in to fuck him. Toby is the freshman the guys wanted to break in and they certainly gave his ass a good workout, fucking him with enthusiasm, where they all lined up waiting for their turn to bareback his hole. Anthony, Trevor, AJ, Cadence, Stiffer and Troy (formerly known as Sage at FraternityX) all took turns to bareback Toby in the ass, then they made him clean their cocks with his mouth to taste his ass juices, before they all continued to take turns fucking him, then they bred his ass one by one, with six juicy loads filling his ass and making his hole all gooey and great. The guys may not have understood just how tight Toby’s hole was in the beginning, which made his muscles tense up and body react the way that it did, but the guys all had a great time in this bareback breeding extravaganza!

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Missing Backpack Becomes a Great Reason for Frat Guys to Bareback

Buddy, Ezekiel, Anthony, Trevor and Lane -

When it comes to the guys at FraternityX, any reason is a good reason for them to have bareback sex. These guys love having bareback sex 24/7 and when a hole isn’t being filled with a raw cock, you know it won’t be long before it is. Ezekiel, Anthony, Trevor and Lane were fucking around and decided to have some raw fun, so they hid Buddy’s backpack and when he was looking for it, the guys decided the only way he was going to get it back was if he let them have bareback sex with him. Buddy agreed and one after another, the guys pounded his hole, filling his tight ass with their stiff dicks, loosening him up and filling his ass to capacity. What’s hot about this scene, is the fantastic ass to mouth action, with the guys fucking Buddy’s ass, then pulling out to let him taste their cocks and all the juices that have been marinating inside his ass, before they plunge their bare cocks back inside his ass, where they continue to fuck him until it’s time to cum and breed their loads inside his fuckhole. This is a fucking hot scene that you have to watch as soon as you can, because I’m sure you’re really going to like it! Now where is that backpack?

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Newbie at the Fraternity Provides a Fresh Hole for Everyone to Enjoy

Josh, Silas, Trevor, Ezekiel and Anthony -

Silas is a newbie at the fraternity and this means he’s an extremely popular guy, with lots of frat guys wanting to fuck his hole. The guys seem to be fucking 24/7 at the fraternity, so there’s probably a few loose holes and when some fresh meat comes along, the guys like to slip their raw cocks inside the tight asses and have some fun. Silas started out by whining and that’s enough to get the guys into training mode, where they use their uncovered cocks to teach him to behave. Fresh Hole 4 Everyone is a great update showcasing Josh, Trevor, Ezekiel and Anthony using their bare cocks to pound Silas in the ass and mouth and then they needed to reinforce their message, they tied him up to fuck him, then taped him while he sucked the cum from their cocks. This 28 minute bareback sex video is waiting for you to experience at FraternityX, along with loads of other hot raw sex videos.

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Bottle of Beer Almost Becomes Lubricant for Bareback Sex at FraternityX

Brad, Blake, Alex and Owen -

The lubricant of choice at FraternityX is Vaseline – yes, that’s right, Vaseline! You will often see a tub of Vaseline laying around the place as the guys smear this greasy petroleum jelly on their bare dicks before they shove them inside a tight hole – begging for a more sophisticated lubricant and what could be a more natural form of lube than cum! Often guys will breed their loads inside the asses of other guys, before another guy slides his cock inside and fucks the freshly bred hole. This scene from FraternityX is called Gag and Tag, where the guys decide to use beer for lube, with Brad getting a bottle of beer shoved inside his ass, with the amber liquid become a unique type of lube – almost like that beer enema scene! In a typical situation at the site, Brad has been a bad boy and his ass is delivered punishment in the form of raw cocks from Blake, Alex and Owen (and of course the beer bottle). Watch these guys breed their loads inside Brad’s ass and the surprise at the end involves a another fuck in the ass. You have to check out all the action at FraternityX – it’s one of the best bareback porn sites on the internet!

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The Horny Guys at FraternityX Like the Concept of 24/7 Bareback Sex

Sage, Chris, Nick and Andrew -

It seems like anytime is the perfect time to have bareback sex at FraternityX, with the concept of 24/7 bareback sex being a prominent part of their culture. Chris has enjoyed getting his ass fucked raw all night in this scene called Wake and Fuck, with Sage, Nick and Andrew taking turns to fuck his ass with their raw cocks. Chris seemed like he couldn’t get enough raw cock in his ass and he made the guys aware that he needed them to fuck his hole extra hard. You have to make sure you watch the end of this video, because the three guys simultaneously jerk their cocks and shoot their loads all over Chris’ freshly fucked ass, then they each take turns fucking the cum back inside his gaping hole to ensure his ass has been bred successfully. While the guys like to clean the cum off their cocks using the ass of the guy they just fucked, it’s clear that nobody wants to tidy up the mess in the room!

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Frat Guys Demand Their Dicks Are Serviced to a Satisfactory Standard

Alex, Josh, Anthony and Lane -

I don’t think there’s an official standard when it comes to getting your dick serviced, because the level of satisfaction can vary for each of us, with the best way to decide whether the satisfaction is met is based on each experience as it takes place. That’s why these frat guys at FraternityX make sure that anyone services their cocks does a decent job and not a half-assed job. Alex, Anthony and Lane put Josh to the test, making him suck their cocks to the best of his ability and once they wear his mouth out, they move on to his ass, because they want their cocks to receive the ultimate in pleasure. Josh’s ass and mouth provide the guys with warm juicy holes to keep their cocks feeling great, with their boner’s confirming they’re pleased with how Josh is doing. I’ve included a preview video in this post, but the footage only contains oral sex, with no anal sex featured for some reason. It’s up to you whether you want to watch the trailer or head on over to FraternityX to watch the full-length 26 minute video, where there’s loads of butt fucking and where you can see Josh getting his ass filled with the guys loads of cum!

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Dude at the Frat House Accommodates Multiple Raw Cocks Inside His Ass

Stiffer, Sage, Ryan, Chris and Kale -

I am always excited to check out the latest scenes at FraternityX, because they never disappoint me. This scene is an impressive 39 minutes in length and is called Balls Deep Yo. We’ve seen Chris at the house before, but he’s still considered to be relatively new and needs to be introduced to the guys in their own kind of way, which usually involves numerous stiff cocks entering the ass of whoever is new or has done something wrong to deserve a bareback fuck in the ass. Stiffer, Sage, Ryan and Kale all take turns barebacking Chris in the ass and mouth, with his hole getting filled with cum, making his ass the place where the guys love to leave their loads once they’re done fucking him hard!

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Fraternity Brothers Teach New Fratboy a Lesson Involving Bareback Sex

Brad and Four Frat Brothers -

I find the punishment the jocks at FraternityX dish out to be extremely hot and to me the result is more about pleasure than punishment. Brad (not me again unfortunately) discovers that if you pinch a cigarette and smoke it, then you’re going to get punished for it. Brad probably took the cigarette on purpose because he knew what the outcome would be and he ended up sucking more than just a cigarette, he had to suck the four frat brothers cocks, then get fucked in the ass bareback by each of them. The guys take turns fucking Brad in the ass, then once they feel they’ve unleashed enough punishment, they breed their loads inside Brad’s hole to fill him with their cum. I’m starting to think the guys like breaking the rules because it means they get rewarded with an ass full of raw cock and cum!

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Horny Frat Guys Line Up to Bareback a New Guy in the Ass

Stiffer, Andrew, Sage, Nick and Ryan -

Nick found himself in the position of newbie at the frat house, where he was warmly welcomed by the guys and made to feel at home. What he probably didn’t know at this point is that the guys really like to get to know the new guys, so much that they want to get inside them! Nick’s holes would have been throbbing as the guys enjoyed getting their cocks sucked by Nick and then they lined up to fuck him in the ass – without rubbers on their cocks of course! Back It Up Bitch is the name of this scene where Nick gets to meet the guys and they get to meet him. Nick probably knows the guys based on how hard they fucked him, rather than what their names are, considering they were quick to shove their cocks in his holes rather than telling him their names. The bareback scenes are still sizzling at FraternityX and this site still remains one of my favorite bareback porn sites based on the sexy guys and the hot bareback sex and breeding that takes place between the guys there.

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