Numerous Fresh Faces at FraternityX Aren’t Afraid to Bareback and Swap Loads

It’s always an exciting time when fresh faces appear at FraternityX and there are several fresh faces featured in this update called Lightweight Fucker. Tyler is one of the newbies you’ll get to see in this scene and his ass is the target of the guys dicks. When the guys noticed Tyler walking around the campus, they checked him out and decided that his ass was going to be theirs.

French Dude gets his Ass Filled with Raw Cocks and Satisfying Creamy Loads

These guys want to fill Liam’s ass with their loads of cum and return to fucking his ass, one by one releasing their sticky loads and breeding their semen inside his butthole. Liam’s luscious holes appear to have adapted nicely to college life and he is definitely a welcome addition, with the guys getting to know him so well, they know how great he feels when they’re inside him pounding his holes!

Frat Guy gets Drunk then Drinks Multiple Loads of Cum After Being Barebacked

Once the guys determined that Marc has had enough to drink, they were ready to fill his ass with their raw cocks and they fucked him one by one, patiently waiting for their turn to fill his hole with their stiff uncovered cocks. These guys don’t like using condoms and prefer to stick their dicks inside asses using a combination of Vaseline and saliva. After the guys have enjoyed enough of Marc’s ass, they start face fucking him, with Troy, AJ, Ryan and Toby all releasing their loads inside Marc’s mouth, where they make sure he sucks any remaining jizz from their cocks and swallows their loads.

Four Horny Guys Experience a Bareback Gangbang to Teach a Dude a Lesson

The guys are watching boxing or whatever you call it on television, while AJ is pumping some iron on the bench-press. AJ is feeling pumped up and starts antagonizing Troy, who promptly pushes him down, with the guys helping to hold him down. Troy starts some pumping of his own, using his bare dick to slide inside and out of AJ’s ass as he verbally expresses how he feels about this.

Four Horny Guys Enjoy a Sizzling Bareback Breeding Session in the Backyard

Trevor, Troy, Anthony and Liam -

Trevor, Troy and Anthony are sitting on the couch in the backyard getting their cocks serviced by Liam, while a couple of guys film the action as it unfolds. Liam does a great job orally servicing the three guys as they sit side by side on the couch, stroking their dicks while they’re waiting for their turn for their cocks to get sucked on. After a few minutes, Liam positions himself on the couch and exposes his ass, inviting the guys to take turns barebacking his ass. Anthony is the first to plunge his raw cock inside and it seems that Liam’s ass is tight and needs to get loosened up, which Anthony does whilst still wearing his jeans and boxers, but at least his cock remains uncovered. Trevor drops his shorts and is next to slide inside Liam’s ass and the expression on his face tells us that it feels great! He gets right into it, pumping Liam hard and raising his arms in the air, making sure we get a great view of the action. Troy has been waiting patiently and it’s finally his turn to start slamming his dick inside Liam’s ass. Liam is whimpering from the sensation of these guys working his ass hard using their stiff dicks. The only guy with all his clothing off is Liam, with the other guys keeping their pants around their ankles, which is hot to watch and it gives you the feeling they are ready to pull their pants up if a neighbor happens to peek over the fence to find out what’s going on next-door. The intensity had built up inside Liam, so he squirts out a nice load as he’s getting fucked by Anthony. Now the loads are beginning to flow, with Liam changing positions and sitting on each of the guys dicks, bouncing up and down. Troy is the first top to release his dick juice, before plunging his cock back in for some post-ejaculate fucking before Liam sits down on Anthony’s cock, with the guys joking about sloppy seconds. Anthony shoots out a nice load, then pushes his cum-covered cock back inside. It’s hot watching Liam squirming his ass around to get as much cum inside his ass as possible! Trevor is the final stud to breed his load inside Liam’s ass and it doesn’t take him long cum, before he tells Liam to get off and the guys go back inside.

Warm Ass Becomes Even Hotter as Four Guys Breed Their Cummy Loads Inside

Troy, AJ, Ryan, Marc and Toby -

Toby is the center of attention, working his muscles using the bench press, with a bunch of horny guys standing around. Toby opens his mouth wide, showing the guys one of the holes that he’s happy for them to fill with their raw cocks. The guys start getting excited, ripping off Toby’s shorts, before spitting all over his asshole and shoving their fingers inside his hole, getting even more excited about how great it feels, knowing it will feel even better once they put their bare cocks inside. Ryan is the first to slide his naked cock inside, with AJ next to sample Toby’s raw pleasure passage. Toby’s ass begins getting a workout on the bench press, as the other guys stand around jerking off to keep their cocks stiff until it’s their turn to have a go inside his ass. Ryan, AJ, Marc and Troy all take turns pounding Toby raw in the ass, with the other guys expressing their excitement as one of their buddies has their turn inside Toby’s ass. It’s really hot watching these guys taking turns barebacking Toby, sliding their raw cocks inside his ass with another guy’s cock has just been moments before. After a while the guys decide to slip their dicks inside Toby’s mouth, lining up waiting for their turn, making him gag from them ramming their cocks deep inside his mouth. The guys fuck Toby’s mouth for a while, giving his ass a rest, but he knows this is only a temporary moment of relief, because the guys are going to want to finish off fucking him in the ass and pump their loads deep inside his freshly fucked hole. The word “gentle” doesn’t appear to be in any of the guys vocabulary, but “rough” and “dominate” are words they are familiar with. It’s hot listening to the guys, with them saying stuff like “get in that ass” and “give me some Vaseline bro”. Marc pulls out just in time to release his creamy load, then shoves his cock and cum back inside, with Ryan next to slide inside where the cum has become lube, mixed in with the Vaseline. It’s also hot watching the guys bending Toby over and getting him into a position that makes them feel good. Ryan is next to pull out before releasing his load of spunk before pushing that warm load of jizz inside, making a nice and sloppy hole for AJ to push his cock into and then add his cum to the mix. Troy is the lucky last stud who breeds his load inside Toby’s ass and it’s another nice load. Perhaps Toby is the luckiest of all, with four loads of warm cum left inside his ass and the guys leave him panting on the floor before leaving the room.

Three Horny College Guys Bareback and Breed Another Dude’s Ass

Ryan, Mathew, Marc and Anthony -

The horny college guys can’t resist barebacking at FraternityX and they’re often coming up with excuses to gangbang one of the other guys in the house. Sometimes they don’t even feel the need for an excuse, they just want to fuck some guy in the ass bareback, this time choosing to take control of Matt’s ass using their stiff raw cocks. Ryan, Marc and Anthony share their enthusiasm about wanting to be pleasured and start filling Matt’s ass and mouth with their raw cocks. The guys take turns getting their cocks serviced by Matt and share his holes using their uncovered cocks, enjoying the sensation of sliding their dicks inside the cavity where another horny stud has just been. It’s when the loads begin to flow that things intensify, with load after load entering Matt’s ass and he seems to enjoy having his ass filled with the cum from the three studs, busting a load from his own cock after the first couple of loads get bred inside him before the third load joins the two other loads. What makes the guys happy at FraternityX is for them to have a nice warm hole to enjoy filling with their stiff dicks, using the holes to leave their sticky loads in afterwards.