After a Night of Hardcore Partying a Round of Bareback Sex is in Order

Stiffer, Ryan, Kale and Cowboy -

Cowboy was enjoying a night of hardcore partying and afterwards he and his tight virgin hole were hungry for some dick – and not just any dick – but raw dick! It wasn’t too difficult for Cowboy to get his ass filled with multiple stiff cocks, he simply bent over the couch in the recreation room and waited for the first drunk fratboy to come along. By the time the video camera was turned on, there were a few dudes already checking him out, with the guys spitting on his hole and fingering his ass. Once Stiffer, Ryan and Kale started the bareback fucking, Cowboy’s ass was no longer a virgin hole and he quickly became accustomed to the need for raw cock and I’m sure it won’t be long before his ass is getting fucked raw and bred with creamy loads of cum again soon!

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Breaking Up with His Girlfriend Results in a Bareback Ass Fuck at FraternityX

Pike, Stiffer, Mike and Matt -

Pike received bad news from his girlfriend when she called him saying that she is pregnant and that Pike was not the father, so she decided to split up with him and be with the dude who impregnated her. Pike figured the frat guys might be supportive during this time and they were, just not in the way he had expected them to be. Pike was whining and complaining and the guys put up with him for a short time, but they didn’t want to hear it and decided to take his mind of that cheating bitch so he would shut the fuck up. One of the frat guys decided the perfect way to stop him mouthing off was to shove his cock in Pike’s mouth and telling him to suck it. A couple of the other guys thought this was a great idea, so they wanted their dicks serviced as well. When a fourth guy entered the room, the guys decide to ramp up their support strategy by moving Pike to the couch and start fucking him raw. If you’re a fan of Matthew Keading, you’ll enjoy his appearance in this video, which is perfectly called Tear That Ass Up! One by one the guys take turns breeding Pike’s ass with their loads of cum, planting their seed deep inside his hole. The guys achieved their goal of taking Pike’s mind away from his girlfriend and they received some pleasure at the same time. While Pike’s former girlfriend might be pregnant, Pike received a good breeding that would have left him feeling satisfied and appreciated, with four guys showing him support in the best way they know – bareback style!

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Crawling Across the Floor Leads to a Fraternity Bareback Sex Gangbang

Zach, Danny, Morgan and Andrew -

Danny likes servicing his college buddies and spent the day taking care of their cocks while they drank beer and watched TV. I can only imagine how good it must have felt for them to get their cocks sucked chilling out with their buddies, especially knowing that all of their cocks were inside Danny’s mouth and the pre-cum and saliva would have mixed together and coated their cocks in a film of sexuality. Danny was crawling across the floor, moving from dick to dick, then Zach decided he wanted more and came up from behind, pulled down Danny’s shorts, smeared some spit on his hole, then shoved his bare cock inside Danny’s ass and started fucking him raw. Before you knew it, it was a full bareback gangbang, with Danny’s ass getting filled with raw cocks and loads of cum.

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Losing a Bet Turns an Innocent Ass into a College Bareback Gangbang Hole

Stiffer, Ryan, Chris and Nick -

If you’ve been wondering what’s been happening at the fraternity lately, I’m here to give you an update from the scene A Good Ass Pounding. This is a 26 minute bareback video that culminated from Stiffer losing a bet on the game. What you would normally expect to happen in this type of situation is to see Stiffer putting his ass on the line and getting barebacked by the horny college guys in the room, but instead of paying the debt himself, he served up Chris’ ass to the guys who became the official frat bitch and the guys had a great time plowing his hole with their raw cocks. Chris’ ass was passed around the house for a couple of hours, keeping the guys entertained and feeling great. As the guys drank more, the fucking became more intense until it was time for them to release their loads. Ryan and Nick shot their loads in Chris’ mouth, while Stiffer chose to pump his spunk inside Chris’ ass, with all of the guys filling Chris’ holes with their warm and gooey protein injections.

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Drugged Dude Returns to the Fraternity and Receives a Second Bareback Gangbang

Matt, Zach, Andrew and Travis -

You might recall a while back a scene featuring Matt being drugged and treated badly by the guys, who enjoyed pounding his ass and filling him with their loads of cum. The guys left Matt on the side of the road naked afterwards. A few days later he came back to the frat asking questions about what happened. Matt wasn’t given any answers, but he was given another roofie instead and the same thing happened to him a second time. What made this encounter a little different is that Matt woke up while he was getting pounded by Zach, Andrew and Travis. The story goes that somebody called the cops and apparently they couldn’t release this video for a few months due to an ongoing police investigation, but Matt decided not to press charges and the sequel has now been released. As I have pointed out in the past, these scenes are scripted and all of the guys have consented to engage in the actions that take place, but because of the nature of this scene, I wanted to say this again to relieve any concerns that anyone might have, because this scenario can be a sensitive topic.

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Getting Liquored Up at a Mixer Results in an Ass Full of Mixed Loads

Ryan, Travis, Andrew and Zach -

Ryan got really liquored up during a mixer with the guys and was happily getting his ass barebacked until he needed to take a break. Ryan could only manage to make it as far as the stairs before he passed out, so the guys decided they would continue barebacking his ass and filling his hole with their creamy loads of cum. Travis, Andrew and Zach took their turns barebacking Ryan’s ass and dropping their loads into his hole, which became their cum dumpster. You need to make sure you balance your alcohol consumption if you’re ever around these guys, because one of their rules states that if you can’t handle the liquor, your ass becomes the property of the guys in the room.

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Fan of FraternityX Attends a BBQ and Takes Loads from Other Party Guests

Sage, Andrew, Stiffer and Chris -

This is the first outdoor bareback sex video featured at FraternityX and it’s a hot scene involving a fan of the site wanting to get a slice of the intense bareback action. The frat guys were having a BBQ and because Chris attends college nearby, he was invited around to hang out with the guys. Chris showed his enthusiasm by giving the guys blowjobs, then he became a cum dumpster in an alleyway beside the house, getting fucked raw and taking loads from just about everyone at the party. Enjoy this 23 minute bareback video called Spit Roasted Bottom inside the FraternityX members area.

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Spit is Good Enough Lube for Fucking Guys Bareback at the Fraternity

Sage, Kale, Cowboy and Andrew -

I have found a new favorite hottie at FraternityX and he’s featured in this update Spit then Fuck. It’s always a hard task trying to choose a favorite guy at FraternityX, because there are so many attractive guys at the site, but when I noticed 18 year old Sage with his blond hair, blue eyes and an 8 inch cut cock, I knew I wanted to see more of him. This 36 minute bareback video is filled with hot guys barebacking and breeding, with Andrew the lucky recipient of loads of cum from Kale, Sage and Cowboy. They all spend time together watching porn and when it was time to fuck, spit seemed good enough for these guys, so with a bit of spit on the hole, the guys are ready to fuck! The addition of cum afterwards provided additional natural lubricant needed to keep things feeling great!

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Television is Not as Exciting as Getting Barebacked by Three Horny Guys

Ryan, Travis, AJ and Stiffer -

A couple of the guys got really trashed one afternoon while watching a game on television, so they started checking out their surroundings looking for something more exciting. That’s when they noticed Travis on the bench press with AJ and when they saw how sexy Travis looked in his board shorts, they knew he was a hotter proposition than what they were watching on television. Ryan and Stiffer grabbed Travis and threw him onto the couch, where Ryan ripped his shorts off and Stiffer shoved his stiff dick inside his mouth. Travis pretended not to like what was happening and was squirming about, so the guys tied up him to make him stick around, before Stiffer, Ryan and AJ took turns pounding Travis’ ass and filling his hole with their loads of cum. The guys at FraternityX are constantly horny and there’s loads of bareback sex to enjoy when you become a member.

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Five Horny College Dudes Enjoy a Bareback Sex Gangbang at FraternityX

AJ, Ezekiel, Morgan, Andrew, Zach and Sean -

The bareback sex seems never-ending at FraternityX, with these horny guys fucking raw to let off some steam and feel good at the same time. I love it and I can’t get enough of the bareback action from these horny guys, which is why I’m always pleased to share the hot action from FraternityX with you. In this update, we learn that Andrew was up partying for days and towards the end of his binge one morning he was feeling hungry for cock and not just any cock, he wanted raw cock – the true essence of dick inside him. With an abundance of horny college guys surrounding him, it wasn’t hard to get five guys to give him the raw cock that he demanded. AJ, Ezekiel, Morgan, Zach and Sean all took turns barebacking Andrew’s ass and filling his hole with their uncovered cocks. The guys rode Andrew’s ass for hours, making sure each of the guys received enough raw pleasure from pounding Andrew’s ass. When it was time to cum, these guys did exactly what they needed to do – dropping their loads of cum inside Andrew’s ass and filling him up with their jizz. Andrew would have been left with a sore hole afterwards, because these guys were rough in their pursuit for pleasure. I’m sure it won’t be long before Andrew is accepting bare cocks and raw loads in his hole again soon, because he seems to really enjoy it and at FraternityX it’s the place where his need for raw cock can be fulfilled!

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