Eric Introduces a Lower Ticket Pricing Structure at Eric Videos

Eric Videos Ticket Price Reduction

Two weeks ago I mentioned that Eric Videos implemented CCBill to handle payment processing and another improvement makes the site a more affordable viewing experience. The price of the 30 Day Gold Membership remains the same, but if you like the ticket option to watch bareback scenes at Eric Videos, here is the new lower pricing structure using a currency conversion from Euros to United States Dollars as at the date and time stamp of this post.

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Eric Videos Now Uses American Billing Company CCBill to Process Payments

Brad, Darko and Philip -

I am very excited to announce that I have just received the news that Eric from France now uses American billing company CCBill to process payments at his bareback site Eric Videos. Eric’s site is an awesome bareback porn destination, but I know that some of you have been concerned about becoming a member or purchasing tickets because in the past Eric has used European billing companies. Eric originally used Allopass, then Billing France before last year changing to Paysite Cash. I am really pleased that Eric has made the decision to use CCBill as his new payment processing company, because it means that you can now access the site with confidence knowing that your payments are being processed by a company that is recognized for professional service.

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Horny French Barebacker Eric Returns to America for More Bareback Fun

Eric and Sean Parker -

Eric has returned to New York City to enjoy the sights and experiences of this amazing place. One morning Eric was feeling horny, so he went online looking for a guy to hookup with. As soon as Eric found the right guy, he set up his camera, unlocked the door, then got on all fours and waited for the sexy stud to arrive. Sean Parker is filmed finding his way to Eric’s hotel, where he lets himself in and goes for it – no condoms required! Eric wants Sean to enter him and cum inside and that’s exactly what he does. It’s great to see Eric appearing in some of his videos again, because he was in plenty of videos a while back, then he stopped, but it seems that he can’t get enough spunk in his ass and what better way than getting fucked raw than to film yourself getting fucked raw and share the hot footage with the world. While I was at Eric’s site I noticed that he has also improved the navigation to help you find what you’re looking for more easily. Enjoy this hot update from Eric Videos!

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Watch a Horny Dude get Fucked Raw in a French Basement by a Sexy Stud

Yan and Darko -

I’m a big fan of Eric Videos and I am constantly visiting Eric’s site looking for new scenes to share with you. This scene features Yan getting fucked raw in a basement by Darko. The streets of France often get featured in Eric’s videos, so you can learn more about the sights in France and enjoy watching hot bareback porn videos at the same time. Yan was cruised on the street by Darko, where they go to a basement so Yan can suck Darko’s dick. Once Darko gets his dick sucked enough, he slides inside Yan’s ass and fucks him raw until his ass gets loaded with cum. If you like watching videos where guys have sex in public, you need to explore the scenes at Eric Videos, because there are many scenes where the guys risk getting caught fucking in public, which makes them great!

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Watch Kevin Experience His Fantasy Involving Public Bareback Sex in France

Kevin -

The raw porn at Eric Videos just gets hotter and hotter and I’m pleased to be able to introduce you to these great scenes! This update features a horny guy named Kevin who has a fantasy, which involves Eric fetching a cocksucker on the street to milk his dick. Eric was up for the challenge and found a guy who was willing to get fucked raw and milk the cum from Kevin’s dick. If you like raunchy bareback sex in public settings, look no further than this video. Filmed in a dirty location somewhere in France with rubbish on the ground and graffiti sprayed over the walls, it makes the perfect backdrop to a hardcore bareback porn scene and Eric uses his talents to film this scene superbly. Kevin pumps a load of cum inside the bottom’s ass (I don’t know what his name is) and then the dude sucks the remaining cum from Kevin’s dick to give him the ultimate uncut cock milking. It looks like the mission was accomplished successfully and Kevin’s fantasy has now become reality. Eric Videos is an awesome site for lovers of raunchy bareback porn, so check it out!

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The Very Best Bareback Videos of 2012 – Now Showing at Eric Videos

The Very Best of 2012 - Eric Videos

I am excited to announce that Eric has just released The Very Best of 2012, a selection of Eric’s best bareback videos from 2012 in one video. This is Eric’s way of ending the year with a bang, showcasing some of his best work from the year. This is your opportunity to sample the “la creme de la creme” bareback videos from 2012. This video is already attracting numerous five star ratings from members of Eric Videos. You can watch this video with your GOLD membership or by using 4 tickets, so make sure you have at least 4 tickets if you want to watch this video. If you want to enjoy this video at the cheapest possible price, you will need to purchase a 5 ticket pack, which is €6.50, but remember the more tickets you purchase, the cheaper each individual ticket becomes. Enjoy!

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Eric’s Raw Fuck Tapes #5 Now Available from Treasure Island Media

Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes #5 - Treasure Island Media

If you’ve ever wanted to become a member at Eric Videos, but resisted signing up because you were concerned about using your credit card to purchase a porn membership using a foreign billing company, here is your chance to watch the horny bareback porn from Eric Videos via Treasure Island Media. Eric’s Raw Fuck Tapes are produced in collaboration with Eric from Paris and Treasure Island Media and they are a great way to experience the bareback porn from this French bareback pornographer. I have used my credit card at Eric’s site without a problem in the past, but I know some guys are cautious about doing so and I totally understand. Now you can purchase Eric’s bareback porn from Treasure Island Media and the latest offering is Eric’s Raw Fuck Tapes #5. If you’ve missed the earlier volumes in the series, why not purchase the other titles in the series and treat yourself to something special at this time of the year! If you like watching raunchy bareback sex and cum breeding, you’ll enjoy the Eric’s Raw Fuck Tapes series from Treasure Island Media.

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Three Horny Guys are Cruising in the Park After Dark Searching for Bareback Sex

Rocco XXL, Jessy and Milan -

Eric from Eric videos is known to feature outdoor videos at his site, which makes his site more unique. You can learn a little bit more about France by watching his videos, because there are some interesting street scenes, as well as nature scenes, including this scene filmed in a park at night. Eric has recently made some enhancements to his site. In addition to having French and English language versions available, Eric recently added a Spanish version. Eric has also made his videos compatible with Apple devices, including iPad and iPhone, making his site more accessible than it has ever been before. In this scene, watch as Rocco XXL, Jessy and Milan were cruising in a park at night. Rocco and Jessy worked together to take care of Milan’s ass and they filled him up and gave him a bareback fuck each and he also got some cum in his ass at the end. Because the video was shot outside at night, the vision is a little dark and grainy, but this adds to the intensity, because it helps you imagine the guys basing much of their experience on the physical sensation, rather than the visual element of their bareback fucking experience. Eric has a sizzling site, so make sure you check it out!

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French Barebacking at its Best Now Showing at Eric Videos

Christian, Scott and Aaron -

Eric has put together an interesting site at Eric Videos, which is the place where he showcases the bareback porn videos that he films and shares with the world. While it may be challenging trying to receive a personal response from Eric if you choose to write to him, he still has a great site, even if his customer service is lacking. I guess we can forgive him, because he’s probably filming bareback porn scenes or editing videos and may not have time to respond to those who write to him. In this scene, Eric has put together a scene featuring Christian, Scott and Aaron. What starts out with the three guys walking the streets, the three guys end up on the roof of a building where this bareback video takes place. Enjoy a fine selection of bareback videos waiting for you right now at Eric Videos!

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French Porn Star Eric Films Another Bareback Video in New York City

Scott and Greg -

Eric seemed to make the most of his time in the United States and filmed another bareback scene in the afternoon New York City heat. Scott was hanging out when Greg walked by him. The two sexy guys hooked up and things started off in the stairwell and finished off at home. The bareback fucking was intense as these two enjoyed their barebacking encounter and things finish off with Greg getting his ass loaded with cum from Scott’s pulsating cock. I’m thinking that Eric’s going to be visiting NYC again some time, because the guys he’s finding to have bareback sex are hot and they’re enthusiastic about fucking raw!

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