Drake Rock is Closing – Your Last Chance to Experience DrakeRock.com is Now!

Drake Rock - DrakeRock.com

I have just received the news that Drake Rock is closing and will be taken offline on December 31, 2012 following the departure of John Jacobs aka Drake Rock from the company earlier this year. This Friday the join page will be taken offline, so if you want to experience DrakeRock.com, you need to become a member before November 30, 2012. According to the information I have received, John Jacobs left Drake Rock Media earlier this year to pursue a mainstream career opportunity. According to XBIZ, John Jacobs has been directing and filming for Drake Rock from the beginning and then in 2010 he acquired Drake Rock Media. There have been numerous changes in the gay porn industry throughout the year and this is yet another. If you want to experience the bareback videos at DrakeRock.com, you only have a few days left to sign up for a non-recurring membership and then you’ll have one month to enjoy the bareback porn offerings before the site is taken offline.

Drake Rock Finds Himself in Another Bareback Scene Fucking Carter Hawk Raw

Drake Rock and Carter Hawk - DrakeRock.com

Drake Rock has found himself in an enviable position finding hot guys and then getting to fuck them. I know that there are a number of porn producers that appear in their own videos and some people aren’t a fan of them doing this, but I can’t help wondering whether those that don’t like it are a little envious of it. I don’t really mind, just as long as there aren’t condoms involved and the action is hot. Drake has found a sexy guy named Carter Hawk who gets his ass broken in for the first time by bottoming for Drake. Drake says that he is reveling in the fact that he is the only guy who has had Carter Hawk, so that attitude might also annoy those who don’t like seeing porn site owners fucking models. I find it interesting. Carter is an attractive jock who likes playing football and wrestling and gets to experience many unique sensations in this video, considering that it’s his first time with a guy. He gets his dick sucked, he sucks dick, he gets fucked up the ass without a condom and even gets a load of cum shoved inside his ass and bred by another guy for the very first time. This is a very hot scene that is waiting for you to enjoy right now at DrakeRock.com!

Bareback Fucking, Breeding, Felching and Snowballing Now Showing at Drake Rock

Drake Rock and Daniel Dager - DrakeRock.com

If you like cum play, then you’re going to really enjoy this scene from Drake Rock featuring Daniel Dager. Daniel is a bisexual swinger and when he and his girlfriend aren’t hooking up with other couples, you can find him at sporting events. This time his ass gets a workout from Drake’s dick. The barebacking is back at Drake Rock and the cum play is certainly very prominent as we get to watch Drake fuck Daniel in a variety positions before he jacks his cock and shoots a couple of times on Daniel’s nuts and ass before thrusting his dick back inside and breeding him. As the cum starts to leak from Daniel’s hole, Drake felches the cum from Daniel’s freshly fucked ass and feeds the cum back to Daniel in a snowballing climax. Enjoy this bareback porn update from Drake Rock.

Bareback Porn Returns to Drake Rock Following this New Bareback Sex Scene

Drake Rock and Tim Harrison - DrakeRock.com

On April 20, 2012 I announced that Drake Rock ceased bareback porn production following a personal announcement made by Drake himself about “the safety of me and my guys” and that “this is the last bareback video I will produce” and “as of 5/1 I will no longer publicly promote bareback”. I have just received an email from Drake Rock announcing that his latest scene with Tim Harrison involves barebacking, breeding, felching and snowballing. It seems there’s plenty of creamy load exchanging taking place in this update, in which Drake states that “bareback is back”.

Irish Hottie gets his Ass Barebacked and Loaded with Cum

Ryan Hart and Drake Rock - DrakeRock.com

Drake Rock finds hot guys and then has the pleasure of having bareback sex with them. This encounter features Drake Rock fucking Ryan Hart, with not a condom in sight. Drake was so excited that he blasts Ryan’s throat with a load of cum during the foreplay. Then he positions Ryan on his back where he could ride Drake’s cock easily. When Drake lifted one of Ryan’s legs in the air, his ass muscles cinched, gripping his cock tightly and Drake thought he would cum on the spot, but he managed to hold back. The video features some great close up footage at this point of Drake’s cock barebacking Ryan’s hole. Then Drake rolled Ryan onto his stomach and lifted his ass so it arched in their air, where he fucked him hard some more. The sex positions in this scene are great, where Drake spoons Ryan and then fucks him from behind and then again reverse cowboy position. It was at this point that it was time for Drake to pull out and feed Ryan his cum. There’s another cum shot after the copyright statement where Drake breeds Ryan’s hole. This is definitely a hot video that you need to see for yourself and DrakeRock.com is where you’ll find it.

Horny Dude Asks Drake to Fuck Him Raw After Watching One of his Bareback Videos

Drake Rock and Derrick Barr - DrakeRock.com

This scene from Drake Rock rocks for a number of reasons. The first is that it features Derrick Barr, who is a red-headed exclusive at Drake Rock and the second is the way that this video happened. Derrick called Drake after watching one of his other bareback videos and asked if Drake would fuck him raw. Without hesitation Drake said yes and then made this shoot happen. In fact, Derrick with his ginger attributes got Drake so horned up that he loaded inside him twice! The first is when Drake came deep in his ass while fucking him bareback and then you see the results as Derrick pushes a huge cream pie out of his ass. Then Derrick blew Drake and he gave him a facial and shot down his throat! Drake felt hot knowing that as he was rimming Derrick’s hole, he was the first guy to have fucked him. This video features variety including three cum shots, kissing, sucking, rimming barebacking, breeding, a cream pie, an oral cum shot and a facial. You’ve gotta check this one out!

Sexy Stud Dips his Raw Cock in a Bare Ass and Breeds his Load Inside

Pauly Pamano and Hunter Conan - DrakeRock.com

Pauly Pamano is a sexy stud and in this scene we get to see him fuck Hunter Conan bareback and breed his hole beautifully with a delicious creampie. Both of these studs start of with some kissing to get comfortable with each other and then things intensify when Pauly decides that he wants to get his cock inside Hunter’s hole and plunge deep inside to feel the sensual pleasure of feeling his penis rubbing against the smooth skin of Hunter’s hole. Pauly tastes Hunter’s hairy ass and gets it all nice and wet so it’s ready for his raw cock to enter and get to work. The fucking is great as you see these two jocks going at it knowing that they’re as close to each other as they can get without a barrier coming in between them. Pauly can’t hold on any longer then busts his nut deep inside Hunter’s ass and Hunter then pushes out a cum creampie. Then Hunter blasts Pauly with a cum facial, licks it off and the guys snowball the load and share the sweet taste of Hunter’s load. Drake Rock is where you’ll find this scene along with many other bareback and creampie breeding scenes.

Starting the New Year Off with some Hot Bareback Creampie Breeding Action

Drake Rock and Cody North - Drake Rock

It’s true that 2012 started yesterday, but I thought I’d mention the New Year today, because most of you were probably celebrating the start of 2012 and returned here today, although, it seems that many of you did hang around here at Brad Bare for a bit, so thanks for that, it was great having your company. DrakeRock.com has proven to be a popular gay porn site featuring bareback content throughout 2011 and you can see why when we are treated to bareback porn offerings such as this one. Drake introduces us to Cody North who is a newcomer but very horny and just wait until you see this scene for yourself! Drake barebacks Cody’s ass and pops his cherry and serves a delivery of his cum from Cody’s ass to his mouth. When someone refers to a creampie being delicious, Cody knows exactly how it tastes because he has tasted it personally. The fucking is hot and intense and when Drake is ready to blow his load, he pulls out of Cody’s ass and lets a couple of spurts land on his hole before pushing his cum deep inside Cody’s ass. Watch as Cody pushes the creampie out of his ass and Drake fucks it back inside again, then pulls his cock out and feeds his cum and ass juices to Cody who slurps it all up. I didn’t mention that Drake fucks Cody’s ass for a second time and leaves a direct deposit of cum inside him, but you can see this for yourself when you visit DrakeRock.com. Enjoy!

Naturally Hairy Guys Enjoy Bareback Sex without a Rubber Barrier in Between

Watch Dan Decklin and Pauly Pamano have bareback sex at Drake Rock

There’s something you might notice about the guys at Drake Rock. They are hot and hairy and it also appears that they enjoy sex as natural as retaining the body hair covering their bodies. I think you’ll appreciate the natural sex in this video featuring Dan Decklin and Pauly Pamano and as you might expect with these hotties, their bareback fuck ends with cum in the ass. It’s nice to see a couple of guys enjoying bareback sex and not afraid to swap bodily fluids, because when cum flows from an uncovered dick into the ass of the guy he has just fucked, a special bond is created and we get to witness this happen. In this scene enjoy various fucking positions and a creampie which will satisfy your hunger for bareback breeding. Don’t miss the other bareback sex and raw creampie scenes waiting for you at DrakeRock.com!

Horny Dude gets Barebacked and then Bred by a Hot Straight College Jock

Watch Dan Decklin and Tyler Tiggs have bareback sex at Drake Rock

I am impressed with the bareback creampie videos which are being released by Drake Rock. Here is another bareback release featuring Tyler Tiggs and Dan Decklin. Tyler must gave been happy with his debut appearance, because he returned for a second raw breeding session and it seems that Tyler has a thing about getting pounded by straight guys. Tyler and Dan start out with some passionate kissing but it doesn’t take long for Tyler to drop to his knees with Dan’s cock down his throat. Then Dan pushes Tyler’s ass in the air and tongue lashes the hole he’s soon going to be fucking. Before he gives up his ass, Tyler eats his buddy’s tight hairy hole. Finally, Tyler gets what he had been begging for, Dan’s eternally hard straight bare cock up his ass. After a long hard ride, Tyler sits on Dan reverse cowboy, but he wants Dan’s cock even deeper and changes to missionary so he can feel the full trusts. Dan mounts Tyler doggie style and jackhammers his ass until he pumps his full load in the hungry hole. As Dan pulls out you get to see the load. Tyler rolls over and blasts his stomach with a hot load and is fully satisfied that he was bred by a hot straight college jock. To see more of this hot action, log on to Drake Rock and take it from there!