Horny Dude with a Stiff Dick Explores Raw Pleasure Inside His Buddy’s Butthole

Trent Ferris and Kyle Harley - CollegeDudes.com

The guys featured in the bareback videos at College Dudes are hot and Trent Ferris appears in this raw video at the site, sliding his unprotected cock inside Kyle Harley’s ass. The guys enjoy a hot make out session, with Trent making his way down to Kyle’s hard dick, which is pleasured even more, sliding its way between Trent’s lips, where his mouth and tongue provide a warm and luscious sensation, which Kyle wants Trent to experience when they switch positions. It’s totally clear based on the expression on Trent’s face that he’s enjoying the pleasure of getting his dick sucked and perhaps he’s thinking about how hot things are going to be once he slides his dick inside Kyle’s ass. Kyle is eager to get fucked and positions himself on all fours, with his ass in the air waiting anxiously for Trent to push his stiff dick against his hole, breaking the seal and probing deep inside, before commencing thrusts inside and out of his smooth and warm hole. Kyle takes Trent’s bare cock inside his ass perfectly and he seems to really enjoy the rhythm the two share together. The guys change positions a few times to ensure they both achieve some great angles, including deep and powerful penetrations, before they release their loads once they’re ready to burst from the excitement!

College Dudes Enjoy a Bareback Pounding Resulting in a Cum Covered Ass

Asher Hawk and Riler Davis - CollegeDudes.com

Asher Hawk and Riler Davis are a couple of sexy guys that we’re about to see doing all sorts of hot sexual activities with each other. The guys are keen to get going with their encounter and waste no time getting started, with their clothes coming off so they can enjoy giving and receiving blowjobs. Asher slides Riler’s boxer shorts off and gets on his knees, ready to give some head. Asher takes Riler’s cock in his mouth and works it with expert precision, ensuring that Riler is receiving the ultimate amount of pleasure. The guys swap positions to ensure they are equally serviced and ready for the next part of their sexual adventure. The guys exchange some kisses before Asher lubes up his cock, while Riler lays on the bed ready to take Asher’s dick inside him. Asher doesn’t hesitate as he shoves his cock inside Riler’s tight asshole, pounding him hard and fast, with no time to be gentle. His hormones are racing and his body responds accordingly, resulting in an intense bareback pounding. The guys switch positions a few times so we can see them fucking in different angles, so the guys can enjoy the sensation of fucking raw before it’s time for them to release their sticky loads into the world. Riler releases his load first as he’s still being fucked, with Asher later pulling out and jerking his cock until he squirts his load of sperm all over Riler’s freshly fucked hole!

Hot College Dude has Bareback Sex with a Buddy and Breeds a Load Inside His Ass

Trent Ferris and Sam Truitt - CollegeDudes.com

This update from College Dudes is extremely hot, because it features two sexy guys, bareback sex and a breeding finale to bring this scene to its climax. The bareback scenes at College Dudes are hot, yet the breeding action featured in the bareback scenes is extremely limited. I’m hoping this will change and we will continue to see the number of breeding climaxes increase, because watching a guy pump his load of cum inside another guys ass is extremely hot! Trent lubes his cock and lays Sam down on the bed. Trent climbs on top and slides his slick dick inside Sam’s warm and inviting hole, with Trent taking his time so that Sam can adjust to the sensation of having a big cock sliding its way inside his body. It doesn’t take long for Trent to pick up the pace and start fucking Sam’s hole with enthusiasm, while Sam is moaning in ecstasy as Trent’s perfect cock pummels its way inside Sam’s luscious hole. The guys switch positions a number of times, before it’s time for Sam to ejaculate with Trent’s cock still probing his hole. Trent is ready for a release after this and shoots his load inside Sam’s ass to bring this scene to a sticky conclusion!

Sexy Jock Slides His Uncovered Cock Inside the Ass of a Slender Twink

Aiden Lewis and Alex Jordan - CollegeDudes.com

I have already graduated from college, but furthering my education is something I’d consider when I see the hot guys barebacking in the updates at College Dudes. I’ve often wondered how they find time to study, but if they’re studying sex education, I’m sure they’re extremely knowledgeable in this subject and they’ve had plenty of experience putting the theory they have learned into practice. Aiden Lewis wants to slip his uncovered cock inside Alex Jordan in this update and that’s precisely what happens when the two of them connect with each other. These two cute guys waste no time fooling around, they get right down to business, with some kisses shared between them as they remove their clothes. Aiden takes Alex’s boxers off and shoves his cock in his mouth and slides it deep into the back of his throat, then runs his tongue along the shaft of his cock and works his oral magic over Alex’s sensitive tip. Aiden is working his own cock using his hand as he pleases Alex, but it won’t be long before his magnificent member is working its way inside Alex’s ass. The two switch positions before it’s time to fuck, so they can both get some blowjob pleasure. Afterwards, Alex climbs on top of Aiden, ready to take his dick inside his ass. Aiden sticks his cock inside Alex’s tight hole and fucks him hard in a few different positions, making sure his fuck stick gets in nice and deep so the guys can enjoy the sensation of fucking raw. Aiden fucks Alex’s ass full of raw cock and the pleasure is intense, with Alex’s cock ready to spew a powerful load of cum from his slit as he’s getting fucked by Aiden. Then Aiden wants to release his load and pulls out, jerking his cock and busting his load all over Alex. This is one of many bareback scenes waiting for you to enjoy at College Dudes, so take a look at the site and if you like what you see, consider becoming a member so you can watch the full-length videos inside the members area.

The Bareback Sex Intensifies at College Dudes with More Condom-Free Updates

Sergio Valen and Bryan Cavallo - CollegeDudes.com

The number of bareback scenes at College Dudes continues to grow and this scene featuring Sergio Valen barebacking Bryan Cavallo is definitely a hot update worthwhile checking out inside the members area. These two sexy fuckers start things off by teasing each other with kisses and touching their bodies, running their hands all over each other and exploring each other at surface level. Of course, the guys need to experience more than just surface level stuff, they need to get inside each other to enjoy a deeper connection and that’s exactly what they do once they start wanting more from each other. After the underwear comes off, Sergio goes down on Bryan, taking his huge uncut cock inside his mouth and moistening it with his tongue and saliva – making it wet and hungry for more. The guys switch positions, with Bryan’s mouth getting filled up with Sergio’s hard cock and he moans from the pleasure he’s receiving. There’s more in store for these two, with Sergio sticking his freshly lubed cock inside Bryan’s ass, taking advantage of that throbbing boner and putting it to work, probing nice and deep inside Bryan’s tight ass. That ass won’t be tight for long, with Sergio loosening his hole with his raging boner, ensuring the two guys receive maximum pleasure from their encounter together. Bryan spreads his legs wide and ensures that Sergio can penetrate his hole deep, with both guys working together to enjoy their raw fuck session. Once the guys are ready to blow, it’s time to let the juices flow, with Bryan releasing his sticky load while Sergio’s swollen cock is still pounding deep inside his hole, then Sergio pulls out and shoots his load all over Bryan’s cock and balls. This is a hot update and there’s plenty more bareback scenes just like this one waiting for you at College Dudes!

A Horny College Dude Lubes his Ass and Enjoys a Stiff Bareback Penetration

Asher Hawk and Caleb Reece - CollegeDudes.com

The bareback scenes at College Dudes were released sporadically initially, but lately there has been an increase in the frequency of bareback releases. This means that I’ve got more bareback sex updates from College Dudes to share with you featuring hot guys fucking raw! In this update we get to watch Asher Hawk barebacking Caleb Reece and it’s a very hot update! The guys don’t waste any time once they start things off, with them exchanging passionate kisses as they slowly remove their clothes, with their boxer shorts that have been hiding their sexy bits the last to come off. Asher goes down on Caleb’s cock first, swallowing his dick and taking it deeply in his mouth, while he’s working his own cock. Asher wants to also enjoy the pleasure, so he takes off his boxers and Caleb goes down on him. The fun has only just begun, with the guys enjoying some brief foreplay before it’s time to intensify the situation. Caleb lubes his ass up and climbs on top of Asher’s dick and slides his throbbing dick inside Caleb’s tight entrance. After some slow movements, Asher start fucking Caleb hard, shoving his cock in and out as the two kiss. Asher wants to pound Caleb’s hole even harder to receive maximum penetration pleasure and works his ass like a fucking piston, ensuring his thrusts are hard and deep. The positions change as the guys enjoy fucking in a number of different angles until it’s time to let their loads loose, with Caleb jerking his cock until he ejaculates a creamy load while Asher’s dick is still buried deep inside his ass. Shortly after, Asher pulls out and jerks his cock until he shoots his sticky load all over Caleb. These guys are hot, the sex is intense and College Dudes gets even better as they add more bareback scenes to the site. Make sure you check it out today and enjoy the growing number of bareback scenes now featured at the site.

No Time to Waste When it Comes to College Dudes Experiencing Bareback Sex

Aiden Lewis and Andrew Collins - CollegeDudes.com

When it comes to bareback sex, the number of raw sex scenes featured at College Dudes is beginning to grow. It looks like the guys are appreciating the sensation of bareback sex, as more and more scenes showcase sex without the use of condoms. I’ve been waiting for this and also for some of the scenes to feature breeding action and it looks like my wish has come true. There isn’t any breeding in this scene, but I know of at least one recent scene that offers an internal cum shot and I will be featuring that update here shortly. This scene features Aiden Lewis barebacking Andrew Collins and these guys don’t waste any time exploring their raw adventure. The guys are making out and start stripping down to their boxers, before Aiden gets impatient and tears Andrew’s boxers off and shoves his uncut dick into his mouth. Aiden works Andrew’s cock with his mouth, using his tongue and lips to caress his dick, working his way along Andrew’s hard shaft and paying attention to the head of his cock. Andrew is excited by this and returns the favor, pulling Aiden’s boxers off and shoving his cock inside his mouth. Things heat up between these horny guys, with Aiden getting on his back while Andrew prepares for Aiden’s cock to penetrate his hole and start thrusting inside. Andrew seems to enjoy barebacking Andrew’s hole and the guys share a kiss to express their feelings towards each other. The guys change positions a couple of times so they can experience the pleasure in various angles, before it’s time for them to release their creamy loads of jizz. Andrew works his cock as his ass is getting pumped full of raw cock, shooting his load onto his abs as Aiden pulls out and jerks his own cock hard and fast, busting a nut on Andrew’s stomach.

Horny College Dudes Learn All About Bareback Sex Through Practical Experience

Jacques LaVere and Alex Jordan - CollegeDudes.com

Depending on your course of study, there’s almost always a theory element and often a practical aspect that brings the theory into practice. This is a good thing when it comes to sex studies, because hands on experience in theory is the best way to learn about fucking. Jacques LaVere and Alex Jordan learn all about bareback sex in this update from College Dudes when they enjoy their own barebacking encounter together. Jacques and Alex start things off slowly with sensual kissing and exploring each others bodies through touch, before things heat up when they move their focus towards their genitals. Jacques goes down on Alex first, sucking his cock and making it hard, before Alex slides Jacques’ cock inside his mouth so he can feel the warm and moist sensation that it brings to his body. The guys turn on their side and Jacques sticks his huge cock inside Alex’s ass, pumping his hole full of raw cock and shoving his dick in as far as it will go, with the two exchanging kisses as they connect to each others bodies. The guys fuck in a few different positions, exploring different possibilities and sensations this brings and the guys continue to enjoy the raw pleasure until it’s time to release a couple of creamy loads, with Alex shooting his load all over his stomach and Jacques shortly after pulling out and jerking his cock until he releases his load all over Alex. You can learn more about this update and other horny hotties having bareback sex at College Dudes.

Top College Dude Takes Bottoming Position in this Bareback Sex Release

Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris - CollegeDudes.com

I am very impressed with the growing bareback porn releases at College Dudes. The number of sites that formerly only released safer sex scenes switching to releasing bareback porn is growing and this is great news for bareback porn fans. Trent Ferris must really like barebacking, because he has the most bareback sex at College Dudes and usually this involves him topping, but in this update he gets fucked bareback by Sam Truitt. Sam starts things off by taking Trent’s cock in his mouth, sucking on it and deep-throating it so Trent is feeling the pleasure being provided to his cock before his ass gets pleasured by Sam’s dick. Trent later grabs Sam’s cock and pumps it with his hand for a bit before he starts sucking on it as well. The guys are both getting horned up and they’re ready to intensify their encounter by experiencing the sensation of Sam’s uncovered cock sliding inside and out of Trent’s bare hole. There’s some kissing between these two guys as they’re fucking and exploring the unprotected pleasure that their encounter is bringing to their bodies. Trent gets fucked by Sam in a few different positions, experiencing the sensation of having his ass probed by a naked cock, without anything coming between them and the pleasure. Trent releases his load first, which is shortly followed by Sam pulling out of Trent’s ass and busting a load on Trent’s toned stomach. The number of bareback scenes at College Dudes is now at a level where a membership is definitely worthwhile considering.

Barely Any Time to Study as These Two College Dudes Have Bareback Sex

Trent Ferris and Chris Hewitt - CollegeDudes.com

I’m surprised the guys at College Dudes have any time to study, because they’re always having sex! A number of the guys enjoy having bareback sex and Trent Ferris is one of the dudes who has the most bareback sex at the site. That’s a good thing, because he has the most beautiful cock and it would be a shame to cover it up with a condom. He has a beautiful vein running down the shaft of his cock and I’m sure this supplies his dick with the power needed to stay hard. In this scene we get to enjoy Trent barebacking Chris Hewitt. Chris is hungry for cock and Trent has plenty of cock to offer him, first in the mouth with some blow job action, before Trent slides his uncovered cock inside Chris’ ass for some bareback fucking. The guys tend to have their eyes closed in many of the photos and perhaps that’s because they’re enjoying the sensation of bareback sex. Trent pumps Chris’ hole intensely in a few positions, until it’s time for him to release a load from that amazing dick of his. Trent and Chris squirt out a couple of nice loads from their dicks before they rest a bit. I’m sure it won’t be long before these college dudes are getting up to more sexual antics again!