Sexy Stud Ransom Makes an Appearance at ChaosMen as Wagner’s Bareback Top

Ransom and Wagner -

I have been a fan of Ransom’s for a long time and I even featured an entire post showcasing many of his scenes, which you can see here if you’re interested, having appeared in over 80 videos at the site, with a large number of these scenes involving bareback action, with some great oral scenes as well. Ransom hasn’t been seen as much at the site in recent times and he’s still around and it’s great to see him in this hot update topping Wagner. I have seen some comments at other blogs saying Ransom has put on a little weight recently, but he still has a great body and perhaps due to him being out of commission for a few months after being in a motorcycle accident may have something to do with him not being able to participate in his regular exercise regime. This is a great update that finishes with Ransom breeding his load beautifully inside Wagner’s ass. There’s plenty of bareback porn waiting for you to check out at ChaosMen, so don’t wait a minute longer and enjoy what’s on offer at the site right now!

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Popular Asian Gay Porn Performer Makes His Bareback Debut at Bareback That Hole


This is a fantastic update from Bareback That Hole which is sure to become a popular scene at the site, because it features Eli Lewis, a popular gay Asian porn performer making his bareback debut with Rocco Steele. What an awesome way to switch from condom to bareback porn, taking such a massive cock inside his ass without it being wrapped in rubber. It seems that Eli really enjoyed this scene, because he is currently using a photo from this update as his Twitter background. Eli admits that Rocco owned and dominated his hole during the filming of this scene and the action is definitely hot and intense. Eli takes Rocco’s cock like a pro and these two were clearly having a great time together. It’s great to see Eli making the choice to film bareback scenes and this scene looks to be one of many bareback appearances for Eli. Enjoy this hot update guys!

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Big Black Cocks Come Unwrapped in the Bareback Videos at Black Breeders

Kannon and Xman -

If you’re looking for a place where you can find guys with unwrapped black cocks barebacking, make sure you check out Black Breeders, because this is a fantastic place where you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. If high-definition bareback videos are what you’re looking for, you won’t find them at Black Breeders, because the site has embraced the standard-definition style to give their videos the feel of realism and it actually works, plus the video quality is decent enough where you can see exactly what’s going on. Kannon and Xman are the two horny black guys featured in this update and they’re happy to find themselves in all the great positions, with Kannon saying “It’s good when you can get some dick and some ass at the same time.” and Xman agreeing completely with this statement. This is a very hot update which joins a selection of other sizzling bareback videos waiting for you to enjoy at Black Breeders.

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Cadence gets Barebacked and Filled with Multiple Loads at Sketchy Sex

Eli, Jacques, Jake and Cadence -

The guys at the Sketchy Sex house are constantly having sex and when they’re not fucking, they’re looking for more guys to have sex with. This scene called Fill Me Up! naturally involves a guy getting his ass and mouth filled to capacity. When this scene starts out, Cadence is giving Jacques a blowjob and he ingests a nice creamy load in his mouth before Jacques disappears from the scene. Just after he finishes savoring the cum, Jake enters the room and starts getting his dick sucked. While all this is going on, Eli is sitting on the sofa jacking off watching porn on television and looking at stuff on his mobile phone. Jake is given an excellent blowjob by Cadence and cum’s inside his mouth, with some of his jizz dripping out so we can see that nice load and Cadence keeps on sucking, extracting as much cum from his cock as possible. Jake isn’t done yet, he immediately sticks his dick inside Cadence’s ass and starts barebacking him and it doesn’t take him long to release his second load, which gets bred inside Cadence’s ass. Eli has been watching this hot sex taking place and wants to experience it for himself, so as soon as Jake is done, Eli sticks his dick inside Cadence’s ass and uses Jake’s cum as lube, fucking Cadence hard. Jake can’t see to get enough and gets sucked off by Cadence as Eli is fucking Cadence. These guys really love sex and enjoy experiencing sexual pleasure. Eli’s thrusts intensify and he ejaculates deep inside Cadence’s ass without pulling out, pushing out his load so we can see it, before Jake slides back inside for another raw pounding session. These guys love using each others cum as lube and they get off on the sensation of their cum mixing together. Cadence then gets on all fours on the floor and Eli has another turn on his ass, with deep thrusts taking him as far inside Cadence as possible. You can see the mess in the house, with bits and pieces of stuff all over the floor, but these guys don’t have time to clean up, because they’re constantly fucking. One thing they do to reduce the mess is to pump their cum inside another guy’s ass or mouth to contain their loads. Eli finishes this scene by breeding his second load inside Cadence’s ass, then they all take a break, but probably not for long!

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Live Bareback Sex Shows Add to the Raw Excitement at Jason Sparks Live

Riley Foster and Brandon Atkins -

Jason Sparks Live is already a fantastic bareback porn destination and the site has been made even better through the return of the live sex shows. Sometimes the live shows might feature solo appearances, but when there’s a couple of guys having sex, the action will most likely be bareback and there have already been a couple of live bareback sex shows featured at the site. This scene was filmed before the return of the live shows, but I didn’t want you to miss the action, because it features Riley Foster, a new model found by Jason on the Bareback Road Trip and he gets to have bareback sex with Brandon Atkins, who we’ve seen before at Jason Sparks Live and he’s a very accommodating bottom. Riley shares some hot news in his interview about hooking up with a college football player in the stands – sounds hot! What’s also hot is watching Riley barebacking Brandon and then breeding’s his load inside Brandon’s ass!

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Tune in Tonight to Watch a Live Bareback Sex Show at Jason Sparks LIVE

Travis Stevens and Chad Porter -

The bareback sex between Travis Stevens and Chad Porter has been so intense, they are going have their third encounter together which you can tune into and watch live tonight at 8PM EDT at Jason Sparks LIVE. The live cam shows are a fantastic way you can watch the action as it happens and because the sex is live, there’s no video editing, resulting in the footage being as real as possible. Tonight you can watch Chad bottoming for Travis and the guys were kind enough to take this photo saying they love Brad Bare as they warm up for tonight’s show. If you want to see these two sexy guys barebacking together, make sure you tune in to their live show tonight at 8PM EDT. If you already have a Jason Sparks LIVE membership, make sure you’re inside the members area before the show starts, but if you’re not yet a member, there has never been a better time to join and watch these fantastic live sex shows, along with a growing number of hardcore bareback sex videos!

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Beefy Stud Uses his Bare Cock for Bareback Fun and Cum’s Inside Another Dude’s Ass

Milo Fisher and Connor Chesney -

Dallas Reeves is the place where you’ll find a growing number of bareback sex videos and they are really hot. This update featuring Milo Fisher and Connor Chesney is the perfect example and what makes this scene stand out is the intense connection these two seem to have together and another bonus is that the video finishes with Connor dumping his load of cum all over Milo’s ass, then he pushes it deep inside, with cum dripping out of Milo’s hole as he shoots his own load, knowing that a part of Connor remains deep inside his ass. The guys also enjoy the delights of sucking cock, but it’s the bareback fucking that makes this scene a winner and Connor is so enthusiastic about fucking Milo bareback, that he’s quite rough with him, but Milo takes that raw cock and cum like a champion and his load of cum at the end speaks for itself about how great the sensation was.

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Geeky Breeding is One Perfect Way to Spend Time on the Weekend

Rogan Hardy and a Geek -

Rogan Hardy seems pretty busy sucking cocks, fucking asses and getting the same in return. I don’t know how he finds the time to do anything else… like shopping! I guess it’s lucky that Rogan has developed his site Harlem Hookups, because there’s plenty of opportunities for him to film himself having sex, where the videos then make their way to his site. While this scene had a particular intention, Rogan happened to find another hookup using Grindr on his way to the originally planned hookup. The first part of the video is where you get to see the Grindr train hookup, with the next part the event that was planned. What’s funny is when Rogan arrived at the guys apartment, a super hot dude was leaving and Rogan said that if he had waited, they could have both shared him, but the dude said that he was the straight roommate and was leaving because he didn’t want to hear these two fucking all weekend. Watch as Rogan and his geeky buddy have bareback sex and exchange cum in this scorching video from Harlem Hookups.

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Slim Twink with Shaved Pubes gets Barebacked by a Slender Twink

Elijah West and Jay Boy -

If you like watching twinks barebacking, there’s a couple of places where you can find these hot scenes, with one of them being Bare Twinks. This scene features Elijah West and Jay Boy, two twinks with shaved pubes barebacking and appreciating the sensation of raw sex and exchanging loads of cum. If you like twinks with shaved or trimmed pubes, then you’ll find quite a few young men like this at Bare Twinks. I prefer to see guys with a nice bush in their pubic region, but I also admire guys who love fucking raw and I know we all have different tastes, so this update is for guys who love smooth and slender twinks having bareback sex. These two might look a little geeky, playing a board game in their spare time, but looks can be deceiving, because deep down they love fucking raw and that’s exactly what they get up to in this hot update. If you don’t mind seeing a twink spilling his load of cum inside another twinks ass, you’ll probably enjoy this scene and many others waiting for you at Bare Twinks.

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Former Twink Model Who Dabbled in Bareback Porn gets Barebacked at TIMFuck

Drew Sebastian and Rad Matthews -

You may have seen Rad Matthews in the past appearing in a number of raw twink videos as well as condom scenes at a few sites. It has been a while since we’ve seen Rad in bareback porn circles, but he has returned and we now get to see what he looks like a few years since his twink video appearances and he seems to have embraced bareback sex, where his ass gets fucked raw by Drew Sebastian in this sizzling Treasure Island Media update that’s waiting for you to experience at TIMFuck. Check out how flexible Rad is in this scene, taking Drew’s dick with skill, with a hot bareback sex video the result. It’s interesting watching guys who might have dabbled with barebacking later embracing the sensation and this update is the perfect scene that showcases a former twink becoming a sexy stud who seems to absolutely love fucking raw!

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