Deep Tissue Massage Results in an Exquisite Anal Bareback Penetration

Dustin Gold and Max Carter -

If you’ve ever fantasized about having sex while you are being massaged, then this update from Helix Studios is just for you! Max Carter has an awesome body and he clearly works his muscles hard, so he decides to enjoy a relaxing massage to provide himself with a deserving treat. Dustin Gold is Max’s masseuse and while Dustin may have healing hands providing sensual pleasure to Max’s skin, he also has the ability to provide a unique deep tissue massage using a powerful part of his body. Dustin is clearly enjoying the sensation of rubbing his hands over Max’s beautiful body and this stirs up some intense feelings in his own body and he decides to act on these impulses by using his stiff dick to slide inside Max’s ass to give him a deep bareback pounding. This would have to be the ultimate massage, ensuring that every aspect of the body is given tender attention and Dustin’s dick certainly provides pleasure to Max’s body. Dustin is making all the right moves and when Max is about to cum, Dustin gives him a surprise by offering his ass to Max so he can slide inside and enjoy some anal penetration delights as well. It looks like both guys enjoyed their deep tissue massage and what a great way for this scene to reach its climax with the flip-flop fucking man-oeuvre!

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Matt Watson Enjoys Receiving a Double Bareback Penetration at Wank This

Derek, Andrew Doncaster and Matt Watson -

Wank This is proving to be a great site featuring bareback scenes, with a small number of condom and solo scenes being added to the mix, but overall, bareback porn is becoming the prominent type of updates you can expect to see at the site. This update features a steamy three-way between Derek, Andrew Doncaster and Matt Watson. Matt is the lucky dude who gets to experience having two raw cocks in his ass at the same time. Derek and Andrew treat Matt like a personal pleasure machine, but he doesn’t seem to mind and enjoys all the attention he is receiving. Matt takes care of both guys, sucking on their cocks one at a time, making them hard so they feel great inside his ass when it’s time for them to penetrate his tight hole. Before the guys slide inside, Andrew and then Derek give Matt’s hole a nice rimming, helping to relax him and moisten his hole ready for those stiff cocks to enter and have a good time inside. Derek is the first to slip his dick inside and he starts fucking Matt, while Andrew sits underneath and licks Derek’s cock and balls. If you like ass to mouth action, watch as Derek pulls out of Matt’s ass, then shoves his cock inside Matt’s mouth so he can taste his ass juices. Matt wants both of their cocks inside his ass and tells them to double up and fuck him simultaneously and they’re happy to oblige. The double penetrate lasts for a few minutes, with Derek pulling out to jerk his cock, while Andrew fucks him harder. Andrew is fucking him so intensely, that he squirts his load deep inside Matt’s ass without pulling out, leaving Andrew’s cum dripping out of Matt’s hole. When Derek blows his load, he quickly sticks his cum-covered cock back inside Matt’s ass and adds his own load to the mix, making sure Matt’s ass is bred and filled with as much cum as possible. Matt then releases his load, feeling satisfied from the sticky loads of semen that remain inside his body from his two fuck buddies. This is an extremely hot scene, so make sure you watch the full-length video at Wank This!

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Check Out this Sizzling Bareback Sex Bathroom Bukkake Orgy in Milwaukee

Ian Levine, Zach Lockhart, Jake Matthews, Owen Powers and Travis Stevens -

The bareback action from Jason Sparks Live is getting hotter and hotter, with this scene featuring five sexy guys barebacking in a hotel bathroom showing you how far Jason’s site has come in a short period of time. When you visit Jason Sparks Live, you can enjoy the sex that has been filmed on the Bareback Road Trip, which is Jason’s nationwide model search, with some great model finds along the way. There are a few guys traveling around the country together on this trip and they stayed at a nice hotel during their visit to Milwaukee, with impressive bathroom facilities and decided to take advantage of this by having a bareback orgy in this sizzling scene I just had to post the day it was released at Jason’s site. You can tell from the first photo with Ian Levine giving the thumbs up as he’s being fucked raw by Owen Powers that this is a great update. Travis Stevens also gets his ass fucked raw by the guys in this video which ends with a sticky bukkake finale. If you’ve been wondering what it’s like inside the members area, you’ll be pleased to know there are stacks of bareback videos inside waiting for you to enjoy, with a new bareback video added each week, often with guys who have never been seen before, making a membership to Jason Sparks Live loads of fun. Jason even shares his upcoming filming locations and some photos of the guys having fun as they travel throughout the country. I highly recommend Jason’s site and invite you to check it out today and considering the time of the year for giving is now, why not treat yourself to something special by purchasing a membership you know you will enjoy.

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Sticky Bareback Sex Session Between Two Hotties Culminates in Salt Lake City

Max Bradley and Travis Stevens -

I don’t know if the weather feels salty and sticky in Salt Lake City, because I’ve never been there before, but it sounds like a place that might be like this. What’s more important about this update is learning about the two guys who enjoy barebacking together in Salt Lake City and this is a hot update featuring newcomer Max Bradley who gets his ass barebacked by Travis Stevens. These two look great together and this is Max’s first camera shoot and he seems comfortable as he’s filmed getting fucked raw. I enjoyed watching Max’s cock bouncing around as Travis fucks him hard and if you like shaved pubic regions, you’re going to love Max’s hairless region, which helps his cock bounce around as he’s laying back taking a pounding from Travis, as the soft pubic hair that would normally be there for his cock to rest on isn’t able to embrace his cock. I prefer guys with natural pubic hair or trimmed, but I’m open minded and happy to see guys who like the smooth look downstairs. The fucking is hot and intense and I could see these two wanting to fuck each other off camera in their own personal lives, because I could feel the chemistry these two have. If you like breeding, you’re going to love how this scene ends. There’s lots more action like this waiting for you at Jason Sparks Live!

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Barebacking Twinks Exchange Bodily Fluids During Their Sexual Encounter

Jamie Sanders and Skyler Williams -

If you love breeding, you’re going to love this update from Bare Twinks featuring two cute twinks who love fucking raw and exchanging bodily fluids. This is the time of year for giving and these two guys share a hot bareback encounter together, with Jamie Sanders switching from his versatile bottom position to top Skyler Williams and the heat these two produce from their scene together is apparent. We’ve seen Jamie getting barebacked before at Bare Twinks and this time he turns things around so he can be given a chance to slide his uncovered cock inside a twinks bare hole. The fucking is frantic, with the guys enjoying their raw encounter in a number of different positions and when it comes time to cum, Jamie pulls out and ejaculates all over Skyler’s ass, then slides his cum-covered cock back inside to seed Skyler’s hole, ensuring his buddy is given a creampie treat. The ending results in more creamy goodness, with Skyler jacking out a load of cum that ends up on Jamie’s ass to represent their appreciation for cum and to signify that these two love fucking raw and swapping loads with each other. Enjoy this hot update that results in Skyler becoming a cream filled twink!

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British Bareback Gangbang Challenge Results in a Sperm-Filled Twink Video

Aaron Aurora, Cody Reed, Drake Law, Ethan White, Skye Romeo and Steve Agonista -

If you’re looking for a site filled with British twinks barebacking, look no further than Euro Boy XXX, because it’s where you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! I have been very impressed with their excellent selection of scenes, with some interesting bareback releases featured at the site. While you will find some condom videos there too, the great news is that a higher concentration of bareback videos are making their way to the site lately. This scene is so big they produced a two part series, with both parts now online at the site ready for you to enjoy. The Gangbang Challenge features Aaron Aurora, Cody Reed, Drake Law, Ethan White, Skye Romeo and Steve Agonista in a scene where Cody is the lucky bottom who gets to enjoy the sensation of numerous guys fucking his ass raw. The scene reaches a very sticky conclusion and if you want to see an assortment of the guys featured at Euro Boy XXX, you’ll get to see a whole bunch of them in one sizzling scene!

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Two Hot and Horny Couples Come Together for Raw Times at Raw Joxxx

Kamrun, Chris Kohl, Igor Lucas and Buster Sly -

I liked this scene when I noticed its release at Raw Joxxx, because it features four guys paired up as couples enjoying bareback sex in a room together. Kamrun, Chris Kohl, Igor Lucas and Buster Sly are featured in this video and it’s clear that these guys love barebacking and may never have used a condom in their life, but maybe they have. If they have, then it looks like they know that fucking raw is the better option and that’s the kind of sex you’ll find at Raw Joxxx, because the only time you’ll see a condom is when it’s breaking and the guys end up barebacking. Condoms are great for catching cum, which you can later distribute and use as lubricant, but condoms totally get in the way of a pleasurable sexual experience, so they only have one purpose in my mind and it’s not the reason why they were designed. Condoms were designed to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids (among other things), but they are not approved for anal sex, which is why they make great cum catching reservoirs so you can later use the contents of condoms as lubricant or for whatever turns you on. Enough about condoms though, because you’re not going to see any in this update, but what you will see is four guys who clearly enjoy fucking raw and who are proud to come into sexual contact with each other without the use of barriers coming between them. More raw action featuring beefy guys like these can be found at Raw Joxxx.

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Brad’s Top Bareback Porn Site Picks for 2014

Brad's Top Bareback Porn Site Picks for 2014

As the year 2014 is drawing to a close, I thought this would be the perfect time to nominate what I consider to be the best bareback porn sites for 2014 after reviewing hundreds of bareback scenes throughout the year. Because we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to bareback porn, I am sharing the sites I feel are worthy for inclusion in this list sorted into categories and I have also included a poll to capture the sites you consider to have provided the best bareback porn throughout 2014. I also encourage you to leave comments below pointing out any bareback porn highlights or scenes you’ve enjoyed watching throughout the year.

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Lucas Entertainment Scores a New Model to have Bareback Sex

Sebastian Young and Logan Novak -

It has been a while since I’ve featured some raw action from Lucas Entertainment, but the bareback action hasn’t slowed down at the site, in fact, things have intensified, with Lucas Entertainment becoming a great destination for quality bareback porn. I’ve been holding this scene in my collection for a little while now, because at the time this scene was released, there seemed to be a saturation of Sebastian Young bareback scenes, so to keep things interesting, I held this scene back for a bit and now I think it’s time to post the details here. I guess you could refer to holding this scene back as edging in sexual terms and that’s what we’re all about here – providing sexual pleasure! Logan Novak is new to Lucas Entertainment and when Logan showed an interest in filming for the studio, Michael Lucas snatched him up and you’re about to see why this was an excellent decision. Sebastian Young happened to be in town around the same time that Logan showed his interest, so the two were paired together in this very hot scene. As you appreciate the photos and trailer, you might begin to see why Lucas Entertainment is a great source for bareback porn, with loads of raw scenes being showcased at the site for you to enjoy.

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Fucking an Ass Bareback is Loads More Fun than Being in Bed Alone

Tanner Skye and Milo Fisher -

Jerking off is loads of fun, I will admit this and watching bareback porn is something I enjoy doing in between having bareback sex myself. Bareback porn exposure is a stimulating experience and a great way to appreciate the excitement of barebacking in between encounters. Some guys enjoy watching bareback porn but don’t consider themselves barebackers and don’t have bareback sex, so we’re all here for different reasons, but something that does make us similar is the enjoyment we get from watching bareback porn. Tanner Skye gets to experience the feeling of sliding his condom-free cock inside Milo Fisher’s ass once the two get together. Tanner is stroking his cock on the bed alone, as he’s looking out the window at Milo, fantasizing about the fun times they can have together and both guys make sure this happens. They trade blow jobs and get a taste for each others cocks, but it’s fucking raw that sets these two in motion, wanting to feel the groove of fucking raw and it doesn’t take long before Tanner’s stiff dick is probing deep inside Milo’s tender asshole, with the two experiencing the fun of fucking without condoms. The guys change positions and make sure they experience maximum pleasure before it’s time for them to release their loads. When it’s time to cum, Tanner pulls out and cum’s all over Milo’s ass, before Milo shoots his load into Tanner’s mouth. This is a very hot scene waiting for you to enjoy right now at Dallas Reeves.

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