Bareback Twink Fucking Results From Fantasizing During College Classes

Dakota White and Luke Allen -

Dakota White and Luke Allen are a couple of twinks who had spent the day at college and after they were let out of class, the tension that had built up was now beginning to recede. These two needed to release more of the pressure that had intensified inside them, from studying each other during class and thinking about what they could do with each other after their studies had finished. Because they knew what they wanted to do but couldn’t act on their impulses immediately, Dakota and Luke were feeling horny and were ready to play once an opportunity arose. Dakota is one of my favorites at Bare Twinks and he uses his big bare fuck stick to pound Luke in the ass and these two enjoy the sensation of a rubber free sexual existence – they don’t want anything coming in between them and their sexual encounter, so condoms are completely out of the equation. The cum flies once these two have finished fucking raw and were finally able to achieve the sexual pleasure they had been dreaming about all day and basking in the satisfaction of fucking raw afterwards.

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Two European Twinks Were Dreaming of their Own White Christmas

Jaro Stone and Yuri Adamov -

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas themed bareback updates a few of the studios have released this year. I think it’s great seeing these types of scenes at this time of the year celebrated in porn. Jaro Stone and Yuri Adamov must have been dreaming of a white Christmas and decided they needed to get excited, have bareback sex and create a couple of sticky white moments of their own. These two guys look cute and are very Angelic and decide to enjoy some festivities together, starting off by giving each other blowjobs – are you thinking snowballing might be a great way to represent a white Christmas rendezvous? While there isn’t any snowballing in this scene, you will get to enjoy some cum eating, with Jaro and Yuri creating their own white experience in the most enjoyable way possible. These two really know how to heat things up for the festive season, with some hot bareback fucking to keep these two feeling warm and excited. There’s more exciting European twink barebacking taking place at Staxus, which is where this hot scene comes from!

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A Brand New Bareback Porn Site gets Unveiled Just in Time for Christmas

Hoss Adams, Hunter Scott and Rusty G -

I am excited to see the latest scene from a brand new site featuring plenty of bareback porn and a Christmas themed update, meaning I can showcase the festivities and introduce you to the new site at the same time. If you like seeing stocky studs and cubs barebacking, make sure you check out MonsterCub, because this site looks fantastic and is filled with chubby guys, hairy studs and cute cubs. This scene is called I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus and is so big that the scene had to be split into two parts. Hoss Adams and Hunter Scott are visited by Santa Claus, played by Rusty G, with the three guys spending intimate pleasures together on Christmas Day. This scene is also the first three-way featured at the site, with some solid bareback performances taking place between three guys who love fucking raw. Santa stuffs his raw cock inside a tender hole and gets his ass pounded as well. I’m looking forward to introducing you to more action from the site, which comes from the creator of Stocky Dudes.

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Lucas Entertainment Wishes You a Very Merry Bareback Christmas

Tanner Bradley, Santiago Figueroa and Lucas Knight -

Christmas has arrived and there’s plenty of baubles and candy canes around the place, with Lucas Entertainment providing a Christmas treat by releasing a DVD called A Very Merry Bareback Christmas. There are five scenes featured on this DVD and the scene I am showcasing here is the fourth scene, featuring Lucas Knight, Tanner Bradley and Santiago Figueroa. These three guys will help you get into the Christmas spirit if you’re not already into it, with the trio starting out unwrapping their presents. The great news is their cocks are already unwrapped, so there’s no need to worry about condoms in this scene, just plug and play. This is a fantastic bareback threesome featuring three sexy guys enjoying raw delights on Christmas Day. If you think this DVD could get even hotter, just wait until you get to see the fifth and final scene featuring Dato Foland getting a bareback orgy for Christmas, but this scene won’t be released until December 26, so prepare yourself for a very festive time right now at Lucas Entertainment.

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If You’re Dreaming of a White Christmas, Brad Bare is the Place to Come!

Seasons Greetings from Brad Bare. Brad's 2014 Christmas Message

Thank You. I wanted to start my Christmas message by saying the most important thing first. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for visiting Brad Bare throughout the year by showing your support and helping to make this blog become a better place for everyone. Whether you have contributed by participating in discussions and leaving comments, clicking on my referral links before visiting sites to purchase your porn memberships or if you have just enjoyed browsing through the posts, I want to share my appreciation for the time you have spent here at Brad Bare. This blog is not all about me, it exists purely because of you and that’s why I want you to know that I appreciate you.

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Bareback Porn is the Raw Energy Now Powering Jason Sparks Live

Colby Michaels and Dillon Anderson -

When I first started seeing sporadic bareback releases at Jason Sparks Live, I hoped that one day Jason would release more frequent bareback updates. This wish has come true with Jason making the commitment a while ago for any anal scene featured at his site to be bareback and this raw energy is now what powers Jason Sparks Live and makes the site a pleasure to visit if you’re looking specifically for bareback porn. In addition to the raw action inside the site, you’ll also get to appreciate seeing models who have often never been seen before, as Jason discovers them on his Bareback Road Trip, searching for new models throughout the country. Dillon Anderson was traveling with Jason in Buffalo, New York, when they met up with Colby Michaels, who is one of Jason’s newest discoveries. Colby has a huge dick that he proudly rams inside Dillon’s ass without a condom – the way nature intended sex to be. You’ll get to see the sizzling action between these two studs, along with an impressive eruption of cum that explodes from Colby’s cock and cover’s Dillon’s chest and face when you watch the full-length video.

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Barebacking in the Bedroom Puts the Heat in Climate Control

Ben Stiles and Anthony Price -

Ben Stiles and Anthony Price enjoy each others company in the bedroom and as the sexual tension between these two escalates, things heat up to the point where the only climate control option available in this room is hot. Things won’t cool down between these two until they’ve finished fucking raw and that’s what Ben and Anthony must do together to also satisfy the hunger they have for each other. These two get a taste for each others cocks by trading blowjobs and this is when Anthony knows that he wants Ben’s bare dick inside his ass, because he now has a taste for more and needs to have bareback sex. Ben is happy to oblige and slides his raw dick inside Anthony’s ass and it’s clear that these two are both enjoying the sensation from their encounter. If you like hearing vocal responses, you’re sure to like what you hear, especially when Anthony says Don’t stop fucking me, you fuck! which is when Ben speeds up the rhythm of his fucking to the point of orgasm, then pulls out to shoot his load all over Anthony’s freshly fucked ass. Then Anthony flips over and releases his load all over himself, bringing this scene to a sticky conclusion. There’s lots more bareback action waiting for you to enjoy at Wank This, so make sure you take a look at the site and if you purchase a multi-pass membership, you’ll also receive access to Dallas Reeves, which is the companion site, along with access to other bonus sites, with a number of them featuring bareback action.

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Hardcore Bareback Sex Scenes Makes TIMFuck an Impressive Destination

Fostter Rivera and Patrick Baur -

If you’re looking for hardcore bareback sex scenes, one site will probably come to mind and that’s TIMFuck, the online destination from Treasure Island Media where you can enjoy their bareback sex masterpieces. This exclusive scene features Fostter Rivera using his raw fuck stick to penetrate Patrick Baur’s butt hole with supremacy – ensuring these two enjoy the most intense bareback encounter imaginable. Fostter starts opening Patrick’s hole slowly, getting his ass accustomed to the sensation before he ramps up his sexual abilities and starts fucking him hard. Once his hole is loosened up, watch out, because he fucks him hard in multiple positions to ensure every aspect of Patrick’s ass has been explored. The sex is enjoyable to watch and once Fostter has enjoyed enough pleasure, he releases his sticky load and ensures his seed gets bred deep inside Patrick’s ass. Patrick wants to share his load as well and gets invited by Fostter to squirt his load onto his tongue and he happily absorbs that precious nectar, ensuring no cum goes to waste. More raw action like this is waiting for you to explore at TIMFuck, so don’t wait a minute longer!

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Barebacking in the Bedroom is Better than Messing Around with an Old Car

Sebastian Young and Johnny Forza -

This update from Dallas Reeves features two guys who have appeared in numerous bareback videos, so they know the pleasure they can derive from fucking raw. Sebastian Young and Johnny Forza are out the front of the house checking out an old car, both using their knowledge of mechanics to discuss some options relating to the vehicle. I’m sure this was just a way to shift the direction of conversation in a different direction and before long, the guys retreat inside where they can enjoy more privacy. It seems these two want to check out their own body mechanics first, making sure they know what they’re doing and to relax for a bit before they start working on the vehicle. Sebastian doesn’t waste any time, grabbing Johnny’s waist and kissing his body, with Johnny’s body responding well, resulting in a stiff surprise that Sebastian takes advantage of. Sebastian starts sucking Johnny’s cock and to show his appreciation, Johnny returns the favor. As Johnny is enjoying the sensation of having Sebastian’s cock inside his mouth, he wonders what it would be like having his cock inside his ass. In a few moments he finds out, with Sebastian laying on the bed with his stiff dick pointing upward, Johnny positions himself over the impressive slab of raw meat, then eases himself down, with his ass opening up and allowing Sebastian inside. It doesn’t take long for Johnny to start riding that raw muscle, sliding up and down, with his own cock bouncing around as the guys enjoy creating friction together. The guys switch positions a few times so that Sebastian can push his cock as deep inside as possible, ensuring they both receive satisfaction from their encounter. Once Sebastian is ready to release his load, he pulls out and squirts his load all over Johnny’s pink asshole – hot! Johnny shoots his load right afterward, with the two feeling the raw love and Sebastian handing Johnny the car keys. This is another hot update waiting for you to check out at Dallas Reeves!

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Two Barebacking Jocks Experience the Ultimate in Sexual Pleasure

Oliver and Duncan -

I love how the start of the videos at Sean Cody give you an opportunity to see the guys interacting with each other in a playful manner and this update featuring Oliver and Duncan is the perfect example, because the guys are having fun, which helps you connect with them before you start watching them connecting with each other once they start having sex. Oliver assumes the position as the top in this update, while Duncan gets to enjoy the feeling of having Oliver’s bare cock sliding inside and out of his ass. These two guys look great together with Oliver’s slightly hairy body and Duncan’s smooth skin combining together to produce a blend of physiques that you can appreciate as you watch these two barebacking together. As with each of the bareback videos at Sean Cody, you can expect top quality video production and sizzling scenes, making Sean Cody a fantastic porn site membership to empower yourself with, knowing you can rely on the bareback updates to provide you with pleasure when you need to experience it!

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