Raw Nasty Fuckers is Where You Will Find Interracial Bareback Fucking

Drae Dixsem, Ice, Phoenix and Brian Swagger - RawNastyFuckers.com

Raw Nasty Fuckers is the latest place where you will find bareback fucking. The site has only recently been launched, but already it’s promising to offer you sizzling hot porn featuring interracial bareback sex. This update showcases some of the action you can expect to see inside the site, with Drae Dixsem needing to get filled up with raw cock and that’s exactly what he gets. Ice, Phoenix and Brian Swagger are able to provide Drae with their three raw cocks, which happily probe his ass and leave him and everyone in the room feeling satisfied. If you want to get some interracial bareback satisfaction, make sure you check out Raw Nasty Fuckers!

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High School Graduate Perfects his Bareback Sex Techniques at Jason Sparks Live

Brandon Andrews and C. K. Steel - JasonSparksLive.com

Jason Sparks filmed his newest bareback porn discovery Brandon Andrews in this hot update in Rochester, New York. Jason paired popular model C. K. Steel to show Brandon the ropes, since it was his first time being filmed having sex on camera. In Brandon’s interview we learn that he has just graduated from high school and hasn’t found a job yet, so he spends most of his days walking around the house naked jerking off. When Brandon heard that the Jason Sparks Live Bareback Road Trip Nationwide Model Search was coming to town, he jumped at the chance to make his first porn appearance. Brandon and C K. both get to top and bottom in this hot raw flip-flop fucking update. This is a super hot scene and one of many great bareback updates waiting for you to enjoy right now at Jason Sparks Live, so don’t wait a minute longer to check it out!

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Preview Raw Joxxx Which is Tyler Reed’s Second Bareback Porn Site

Daemon Sadi and Santiago Rodriguez - RawJoxxx.com

You may already know that Tyler Reed is the guy behind Breed Me Raw and recently he released his second bareback porn site called Raw Joxxx. Raw Joxxx appears to be a more refined site focusing on jocks, rather than a mix of guys that you’ll find at Breed Me Raw and I’m about to introduce you to one of the scenes waiting for you to explore. This update features Daemon Sadi using his uncovered cock to probe Santiago Rodriguez’ ass and it’s a hot interracial update. Santiago wraps his lips around Daemon’s plump cock and gives him a nice blowjob to get things started, then Daemon slips his moist stiff dick inside Santiago’s ass and fucks him raw. If you’re wondering why the guys are wearing shoes in this update, perhaps it’s because of all the shit on the floor – wherever this scene was filmed looks like a total dump construction zone – I would be wearing shoes myself to avoid stepping on something nasty! Enjoy this hot update and I’ll be introducing you to more scenes from Tyler’s latest bareback porn site real soon.

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Outcome of a Chess Game Leads to a Rewarding Bareback Sex Encounter

Donny Forza and Jacob Durham - DallasReeves.com

If you want to make a game of chess more fun, you can always start by placing a bet before the game, where the winner gets to request something from the loser as a reward. Donny Forza and Jacob Durham did exactly that before their chess match and Donny’s request was simple, he just wanted a kiss from Jacob if he won. I’m not sure what Jacob’s request was, but it doesn’t matter anyway, because Jacob lost the game, so Donny got his wish. Donny received even more than his wish, because once the guys kissed each other, it made their dicks stand to attention and they both wanted more. Jacob proves that he can handle losing a game of chess, because in addition to granting Donny his winning kiss, he also sucked Donny’s cock and rimmed his ass, before he let Donny slide his bare cock inside his hole so that Donny could fuck him bareback. What a great way to end a game of chess, getting more out of the game than you expected to happen!

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Nine Minutes of Too Hardcore Barebacking has been Removed from this Scene

Zyz Taylor, Jordan Stone and Tyce Tisdale - BlackBreeders.com

This scene from Black Breeders is called The Big Payoff and it features Zyz Taylor, Jordan Stone and Tyce Tisdale. Jordan and Zyz use Tyce’s ass for their bareback pleasure and once they’ve finished barebacking him in the prison cell, they break free and are on the run, with Zyz taking the time to show Jordan his appreciation for getting him out. The producer has noted that they removed nine minutes from this scene because of its graphic depiction of sex, but the footage along with 25 additional minutes of Raw Is The New Black will be available on a limited edition DVD. I’m not sure exactly what was involved with the sex that was removed to make it too graphic, but you can watch the edited site approved action right now at Black Breeders.

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Interracial Bareback Fucking with a Sticky Cum in the Ass Finale

Connor Levi and Devon LeBron - Staxus.com

If you’re looking for a hot interracial bareback sex video that’s almost thirty minutes in length and ends with a hot black guy ejaculating in the ass of a hot white guy, then check out this great update from Staxus! Devon LeBron starts out using strawberries and champagne to indulge Connor Levi’s cock, which results in a glistening erection that he sucks on, enjoying the taste and the immense pleasure that’s culminating inside his mouth. It’s really hot watching Connor’s stiff dick responding to the sensation and perhaps what takes place in this video is the perfect way to sweeten up your love-life! It’s not just Connor’s cock that gets the strawberry and champagne experience, as Connor drips champagne and smothers mashed strawberries into Devon’s ass crack, then enjoys licking it and rimming Devon’s rosebud. Let’s not forget about the bareback fucking that takes place in this update, because it’s hot, with Devon sliding his uncut cock inside Connor’s ass and fucking his tight hole without a condom, rewarding Connor with a butt full of creamy jizz at the end, reminding us that strawberries and cream are such a delicious combination!

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Two Huge Cocks Tag Team a New Porn Model in this Condom-Free Video from Bel Ami

Jack Harrer, Paul Valery and Marcel Gassion - BelAmiOnline.com

Bel Ami Online is the place where you can find a bunch of sexy guys with massive uncut cocks and in this update, there are two massive cocks probing the same tight hole. This is the perfect way to break newbie model Marcel Gassion in, with Paul Valery and Jack Harrer using their massive fuck sticks to penetrate Marcel’s ass. The guys introduce Marcel to their cocks warmly at first, pleasuring him and making him feel good, before things heat up when they slide their raw cocks inside his ass – stretching his hole and making him feel the intense pleasure of fucking raw. Marcel actually takes their cocks like a true champion from every angle, until they cover him in their sticky loads of cum.

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Two Straight or Str8 Curious Guys get Paid for the Pleasure of Barebacking

Dakota Ford and Ian Dempsey - BrokeStraightBoys.com

Dakota Ford and Ian Dempsey have been paired together in this scene from Broke Straight Boys, because both of them want to make some money. There are various ways to make some money, but these guys want to earn a decent amount of money in a small amount of time and perhaps they are curious as to what it’s like to get paid while fucking another guy while it’s being filmed. The guys trade blowjobs to get things started and for one of the guys who is about to get a raw cock shoved in his ass, this is the easy part. Ian is the one who must open his ass for a bareback pounding and it proves to be a challenge for him to get over the sensation of having a cock inside his ass. I often think about this, and straight guys will sometimes make comments about gay guys not being man enough, but as any man who has had a cock in his ass knows, it’s takes a man to be able to get fucked by a cock. Straight guys should try it sometime and they might have a new-found respect for how much of a man you need to be to get fucked in the ass. Where was I before I went on that rant – oh, I was admiring these two guys for exploring new territory together. Anyway, enough talk, if you want to see this and many more bareback scenes featuring straight or straight curious guys exploring their sexuality with other guys and getting paid for the pleasure of doing so, make sure you check out Broke Straight Boys.

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Moving Houses can be Such Hard Work when You get a Stiff Dick

James Hamilton and Trevor Spade - CockSureMen.com

James Hamilton and Trevor Spade are moving into their new place and they seem to find unloading the truck arousing, because James gets horny in the process of moving boxes and removes his cock from his pants and tells Trevor to suck it. Trevor is happy to comply and he pulls his shorts down while Trevor swallows James’ thick cock. With some face-fucking going on, you know that James wants to slide his cock inside Trevor’s ass. Trevor moans as James slips his dick inside his ass and fucks his tight hole, loosening it up quickly due to the size of his cock penetrating his asshole. The guys move into a variety of positions to ensure they feel ultimate pleasure before it’s time for them to spill their sticky loads all over the place. Trevor strokes his cock and shoots a hot load of cum on his abs after James pulls out and shoots a massive load of cum around Trevor’s hole, before sliding back inside for more fucking. That slippery substance would have made Trevor’s hole feel all gooey and good, the perfect way to finish off a bareback fucking encounter.

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Consider Signing the Petition to Remove Michael Weinstein from the AHF

Remove Weinstein AHF Petition

Some of you may have heard of Michael Weinstein and some of you may not, so let me tell you more about him to help you decide whether or not you wish to sign this petition. The Remove Weinstein petition was started by Eric Leue from Los Angeles and there’s some very interesting information on the change.org page about this petition, including the reasons for it, which I won’t replicate here. I am not persuading anyone to sign this petition, you need to make up your own mind, I am simply putting the information about the petition here to make you aware of this petition.

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