Bareback Sex Orgy Warms the Wallets of Four Broke Straight Boys

Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Skyler Daniels and Kaden Alexander -

This update is for those of you who like watching straight guys having bareback sex with other straight guys. That’s what Broke Straight Boys is all about, a site filled with guys who usually have sex with the opposite sex in their personal lives, but with a cash incentive, they’re happy to have sex with other guys and experience new things. I can’t help but think that some of these straight guys must enjoy the sensation and might even be tempted to have sex with other guys in their personal lives as well, knowing how great it feels. This update from Broke Straight Boys features Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Skyler Daniels and Kaden Alexander in a bareback sex orgy that you’ll want to watch at the site. I don’t have access to the trailer for this scene unfortunately, so I can only introduce you to this update via this text and through a few photos. This is definitely a hot update and what’s even better is you can sample Broke Straight Boys for just $1 through their trial membership offer. The site is updated several times each month and the bareback scenes are now being added more frequently. In July 2014, there were 7 bareback scenes added to Broke Straight Boys and even though we’re just over half way through August, so far 6 bareback updates have been added to the site – that’s more than one bareback update each week! You’ll find rimming, cock sucking and loads of bareback sex in this update, with the guys switching positions and fucking each other until they’re ready to spill their creamy loads of cum.

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Gymnast gets His Ass Barebacked by a Hot Stud and Bred with Cum

Declan McClain and Brendon Scott -

Jason Sparks Live is an awesome gay porn site, because it’s a place where you’ll find guys who have often never been filmed before having sex in front of the camera. Jason brings a few of his models along on the tour to create sizzling porn videos with the new model discoveries, ensuring his site features loads of variety. What’s hot about this update is Jason has paired one of his hottest models with a new model and have some amazing bareback sex together. Brendon Scott has bareback sex with newbie Declan McClain in a hotel room somewhere in Greensoboro, North Carolina. Declan is a gymnast with a tight body, which is complemented by Brendon’s equally athletic physique. These two guys look great together and their sexual encounter sizzles and is a scene you have to check out and experience personally. What makes this scene even more enjoyable is that Brendon fills Declan’s ass with cum after barebacking him, breeding his warm load deep inside Declan’s ass, creating the perfect climax for this great bareback sex video. Enjoy this update and many more by visiting Jason Sparks Live today!

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Horny Straight Guy Barebacks Another Dudes Smooth Tight Asshole

Adin and Zander -

I’m glad that bareback scenes are making a return to Straight Fraternity, because for a while there weren’t any bareback scenes being released, but it seems the webmaster has got a taste for how great if feels to get fucked bareback and for his ass to be filled with another guys cum. Franco isn’t featured in this update, but you will get to see Adin’s ass filled with Zander’s bare dick and what makes this update super hot is when Zander pulls out and cum’s on Adin’s back, then shoves his dripping dick back inside Adin’s hole, to leave some of his DNA inside his ass and offering him a smooth elixir that’s sure to make Adin feel satisfied from his raw encounter with a straight guy who now knows how great if feels to have his bare dick inside another dudes ass!

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Frat Guys Demand Their Dicks Are Serviced to a Satisfactory Standard

Alex, Josh, Anthony and Lane -

I don’t think there’s an official standard when it comes to getting your dick serviced, because the level of satisfaction can vary for each of us, with the best way to decide whether the satisfaction is met is based on each experience as it takes place. That’s why these frat guys at FraternityX make sure that anyone services their cocks does a decent job and not a half-assed job. Alex, Anthony and Lane put Josh to the test, making him suck their cocks to the best of his ability and once they wear his mouth out, they move on to his ass, because they want their cocks to receive the ultimate in pleasure. Josh’s ass and mouth provide the guys with warm juicy holes to keep their cocks feeling great, with their boner’s confirming they’re pleased with how Josh is doing. I’ve included a preview video in this post, but the footage only contains oral sex, with no anal sex featured for some reason. It’s up to you whether you want to watch the trailer or head on over to FraternityX to watch the full-length 26 minute video, where there’s loads of butt fucking and where you can see Josh getting his ass filled with the guys loads of cum!

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Treasure Island Media’s Paul Morris Directed This Bareback Fuck Flick

Bruno Knickerbocker and Justin Cox -

There are some talented directors at Treasure Island Media and this scene was directed by none other than Paul Morris himself, the man who founded Treasure Island Media in 1998 when he decided to document bareback sex in his own creative style and T.I.M. still continues to produce fantastic bareback videos over fifteen years later. This is a hot update where Bruno Knickerbocker gets barebacked in the ass by Justin Cox and I can tell you that this is a very hot update! You probably don’t need me to tell you that, because you can see it for yourself, but I wanted to say that the moment I first watched this scene, I knew I needed to put this post together. Justin delivers Bruno’s ass with some great bareback penetration moments, before he pushes his load of gooey goodness inside Bruno’s freshly fucked ass, bringing this scene to a sticky climax. There’s no other way to finish a bareback scene than for the top to deposit his load of cum deep inside the bottom’s asshole, ensuring the guys exchange DNA before they finish fucking and so something else.

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Dude having Bareback Sex for the First Time was Captured on Video

Dante and Lukas Grande -

Many years ago I watched a pre-condom video called Firsts and it supposedly captured guys having sex with other guys for the first time. It was a pretty decent video, but video production has come a long way since then. There are still some great pre-condom videos that are really hot and I hope to one day share some of these titles with you in a post that I am yet to put together. You don’t have to wait to watch Dante experience his first time barebacking, because he gets to slide his uncovered cock inside the sweet ass of Lukas Grande. This is a very hot scene from Guys In Sweatpants and I’m pleased to present a few photos showing what happened as these two guys fucked raw. Lukas has a really big dick and it’s great watching it respond as he’s getting fucked raw by Dante’s bare dick. Lukas was excited to get fucked by Dante and his enthusiasm was visible, with the guys sucking each others dicks before Dante inserted his stiff dick inside Lukas’ ass for a bareback penetration. This scene comes to a fantastic climax, with Dante pulling out and blowing a huge load all over Lukas’ hole before sticking his cock back inside, where he continued fucking him. That’s exactly the way to do it and Dante’s first experience barebacking is one he is going to remember for a long time to come and it’s hot knowing that he knows how to fuck and swap loads of cum with other guys wanting to get their asses filled loads of cum.

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Beautiful Night Setting Creates an Intimate Condom-Free Encounter

Vadim Farrell and Scott Reeves -

This is a neat update from Bel Ami Online and what makes this scene stand out is that it was shot after nightfall, which has created a different visual mood, one that is unique and I have a feeling that these nighttime scenes will continue in future updates. Vadim Farrell finds himself paired with Scott Reeves in this scene, with the night starting off with some intimate body contact and kissing, before the guys turn up the heat a notch with some oral sex before Vadim opens his ass for Scott’s condom-free cock. You might be familiar with how Bel Ami likes to film scenes with plenty of light, so this night scene is something new the studio is experimenting with. I also want to point out in case anyone notices something similar to myself that while it looks like there might be a condom used in some of these photos, I have made extra sure that the scene is in fact bareback. The lighting and lube creates a visual effect making it appear that Scott’s cock is wrapped in a condom, but this is not the case. Because Bel Ami Online features both condom and bareback scenes, I have taken extra care to avoid presenting you with a condom update. You can relax knowing I have already undertaken a close cock inspection and found that the lighting and lube has created an illusion that I have debunked, so go ahead and enjoy the hot bareback action featured in this update.

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Get Your Cock Ready to Enjoy More Bareback Action From Wank This

Ethan Blue and Scotty Cage -

If big cocks are your thing, then Wank This is probably a place you will want to hang out at. In addition to some impressive cocks working their way inside some tight holes, there’s plenty of bareback footage designed to provide your body with a feeling of enjoyment as you watch the videos at the site. Ethan Blue puts both his holes to use in this scene when he takes Scotty Cage inside his ass and mouth. Scotty has an impressive cock and Ethan struggles to fit Scotty’s entire cock inside his mouth, but Scotty still enjoys the blow job before Ethan takes that big bare cock inside his asshole. Watch as these two interact with each other with nothing at all coming between them, apart from some lube to keep Scotty’s cock sliding inside and out of Ethan’s ass nicely. Remember that the multi-pass option will also unlock the bareback action from Dallas Reeves and a number of other sites, giving you access to plenty of bareback action with just one membership.

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Watch the Hottest Bareback Video at Jason Sparks Live to Date

Gage Bentley, Dillon Anderson and Tanner Bradley -

It can be difficult choosing your favorite bareback video at each porn site, but I can tell you that this scene from Jason Sparks Live is probably the hottest bareback video released to date. While not all of the bareback videos at Jason’s site end with breeding finales, this scene ends with some fantastic breeding, adding to the heat and appeal of the scene. Jason also considers this to be the hottest scene delivered without a doubt, so if both Jason and myself think this is the hottest scene to date, check it out for yourself to see what you think, as you get to make the final decision. Gage Bentley, Dillon Anderson and Tanner Bradley appear in this hot bareback update filmed in Augusta, Georgia, which is filled with sizzling raw fucking and breeding that’s sure to impress and excite you. If you like cum eating, you’ll find this here as well, providing something for everyone. You’ll find more hot bareback videos at Jason Sparks Live, where you can see some of the hot guys Jason discovers on his Nationwide Bareback Road Trip.

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Guys Continue to Cum Inside After Barebacking at Sketchy Sex

Trent, Scotty, Brett, Jay, Josh and Jackson -

We have already seen how much the guys at Sketchy Sex love barebacking and depositing their loads inside each others holes and the action from the scene Cum Inside continues in this update. I know there has been some discussion in recent times about Sketchy Sex releasing “to be continued” scenes, where it appears they are filming long sessions, then cutting the sessions into segments and releasing them over time. I’m not overly concerned about this if each segment contains a decent amount of barebacking and breeding or facial climaxes and I can tell you that this scene is filled with breeding action. Trent gets to enjoy multiple raw cocks inside his ass and gets his ass filled with numerous loads, making his hole the place to be if you love sticking your dick inside a freshly jizzed hole! In addition to seeing Trent in this update, you’ll also get to enjoy watching Scotty, Brett, Jay, Josh and Jackson fucking raw, with even more action expected from this scene in a future update. While this video might only be 16 minutes long, there’s plenty of bareback action and climaxes to enjoy as you watch these horny guys fucking each other!

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