This is What a Guy Who Hates Fags Looks Like Getting Fucked Raw

Donny Forza and Vadim Black -

On October 2, 2014, Vadim Black tweeted “I’m being me I just hate FAGS who like to run their mouth…no offence”, along with another tweet about being “so tired of all these gay queens…” This comes after Vadim said in an interview that he didn’t like his experiences working for Dallas Reeves and it seems that not all of his Dallas Reeves scenes had been released at the time of his Broke Straight Boys interview. Vadim started out working for Broke Straight Boys, before parting ways with them to work for Dallas Reeves, then he returned to Broke Straight Boys begging to get his position back. It took Vadim a few days to tweet that he was sorry for the above tweets, saying there’s no excuses for his behavior and that he has anger issues and is going to get some help. Good!

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Guys Meet Up in Public Before Barebacking Together in Private

Dirk Mason and Rogan Hardy -

Rogan Hardy was matched up with Dirk Mason in this video courtesy of his buddy Fred Mayer. I am impressed with what Rogan had to say when he introduced this scene: “You don’t need party stuff to have good sex.” That’s very true and you can tell that Dirk and Rogan has some great natural sex in this video, with Dirk having so much stamina that he fucked Rogan the night this scene was filmed several times for hours. Rogan must have had a sore ass after this though and probably felt a little worn out, but if you feel like you’ve had a good time in the process, that’s what’s important and they definitely look like they had a good time! Dirk uses his French-Canadian dick to pleasure Rogan’s ass and as you can see, these two had loads of fun together. There’s more raw action like this waiting for you right now at Harlem Hookups, so make sure you check it out!

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Straight Dude Tries Something Different Getting Fucked Bareback

David and Reese -

Franco tells us David is a wild guy up for a session with another guy where he gets to explore his sexual boundaries and see where it takes him. David has a great body and it’s hot admiring his tan lines, where you can see he likes the outdoors, with the sun giving him a surfer dude appearance. David gets to see how it feels to have a raw cock up his ass, with Reese using his stiff dick to pound his ass and experience raw anal pleasure. Franco gets Reese to spank David’s ass with a paddle before they get started, so if you like spanking, you’ll get some of that in this update. I prefer to see an ass without the red spank marks, but if you like seeing shades of red on a guys ass, then this one’s for you! This is a great scene where you can watch a straight dude finding out how much he can handle and it’s loads of fun watching the guys exploring each other without a rubber wrapped cock.

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Hunting for Raw Holes in Harlem Leads to Interracial Bareback Sex

Dimitri Santiago and Marc Dupree -

Raw Nasty Fuckers is the place where you’ll find men of color having bareback sex. Interracial sex is enjoyable to watch, because you can appreciate guys from diverse backgrounds coming together to enjoy the company of each other and having fun at the same time. Often you’ll find black guys fucking the shit out of white guys, but this scene is slightly different, with Dimitri Santiago using his dick to fuck Marc Dupree in the ass. Dimitri loves sliding his uncovered cock inside unprotected holes and he looks pretty happy with this arrangement as you see the pleasure he’s experiencing captured in various parts of this video. The two guys enjoy the unique sensation only bareback sex can provide, before these two bring their encounter to a close. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dimitri and Marc connect again for a raw encounter off-camera, because it looks like they want more.

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Horny Guys at Sketchy Sex Use the Doorbell then Have Bareback Sex

Eli, Andrew, Jacques, Drake, Jake and Cadence -

The bareback scenes at Sketchy Sex are some of the most impressive bareback sex videos I have ever seen, because the guys love barebacking and they are determined to ensure their loads get pumped inside another guys ass or mouth. Most times the loads end up in other guys asses and that’s the perfect place in my opinion. This scene called Ding-Dong! Dick’s Here! perfectly captures what the guys at the house enjoy the most – getting barebacked and bred by guys who drop around to fuck them raw and fill their holes with loads of cum. Cadence and Eli are the bottoms in this update who get their asses filled with raw cocks and creamy loads, with Cadence getting fucked by Jacques, followed by Drake, then Andrew, before Jake drops his load inside too. While this hot action is taking place, Eli is waiting patiently on the couch to get his ass filled by the guys in exactly the same way. Cum begins to flow from the pulsating cocks, then the guys make their way to Eli’s ass after servicing Cadence, and because they have just ejaculated their loads inside Cadence’s ass, Eli’s ass is given fresh loads prepared by the guys after some intense bareback fucking. The action at Sketchy Sex never seems to stop and is available at a very affordable membership price. A membership to Sketchy Sex is something every guy who enjoys watching bareback porn should consider!

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Emo Looking Dude Fucks a Twink Wearing his Jockstrap Bareback

Jason Valencia and Zack Love -

It looks like these guys were so horny, they didn’t want to take off all their clothes, or perhaps it’s because they love jockstraps so much. If you love bareback sex and jockstraps, make sure you check out this scene, because you’ll enjoy both in this update. Jason Valencia has that emo look about him with his hair color and the spacers in his ears, well they look like spacers, but I can’t totally tell and maybe they are just big earrings. Jason loves the look of a guys ass in a jockstrap, so when Zack Love was wearing his jockstrap, Jason knew he had to fuck him raw with his jockstrap still on. Jason whips out his dick and lets Zack suck on it for starters, then he demonstrates how skilful at topping he is, with Zack doing a fine job taking his cock inside his ass. Jason licks Zack’s backdoor before he slides his raw cock inside and these two fuck raw in a multitude of positions, feeling the love of bareback sex as they’re connected to each other through Jason’s raw cock inside Zack’s tight hole. If you love breeding climaxes, you’re going to shoot your load as you watch Jason pushing his cum back inside Zack’s ass after climaxing to ensure the two are bonded by this bareback experience.

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Rogan Hardy gets Barebacked by a Hungarian he Met on Grindr

Rogan Hardy and a Hungarian Stud -

Rogan Hardy has produced a sizzling bareback porn site at Harlem Hookups filled with his own bareback encounters and bareback encounters between other guys as well. Rogan’s site is relatively new, but he has appeared in his own bareback videos at Xtube for a while now, so he knows how to produce hot bareback videos and he has a fantastic site you need to experience for yourself. In this update Rogan hooks up with a Hungarian stud he met on Grindr who lives in Queens. I’m not sure what this guys name is, because Rogan keeps referring to him as a Hungarian bro, but apparently this guy’s girlfriend was out of town, so he was free to fuck while she was gone and Rogan took full advantage of this opportunity. Apparently this Hungarian stud is a fan of Harlem Hookups, so who knows if he’s straight, bi or gay, but he sure does enjoy fucking Rogan’s ass! I hope you’re as excited by Harlem Hookups as I am, because it’s a great bareback porn site featuring raw interracial sex videos and many scenes end with breeding climaxes, like this one when the Hungarian guy’s spunk gets bred deep inside Rogan’s raw cock hungry ass.

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Gay Porn Newbie is Introduced to his First Shoot in Austin Texas

Travis Stevens and Declan McClain -

What I love about Jason Sparks Live is that it’s a place where you’ll find sexy guys who you’ve never seen on camera before. Jason travels throughout the United States on his Nationwide Bareback Road Trip, looking for guys to film with other guys who accompany him on his tour. Declan McClain is a cute guy who was traveling with the crew and he helps introduce newbie Travis Stevens to his first porn shoot and the great news is that it’s a bareback porn video, which is the only way Jason films his anal sex scenes now. Apparently Travis has only recently started having sex with guys, so in addition to this being his first porn shoot, you’ll get to see him navigating the world of gay sex with limited experience as well, but he looks like he knows what he’s doing judging by his performance in this video. These two guys look fantastic together in this scene which is another sizzling video added to the collection of bareback videos waiting for you to watch at Jason Sparks Live.

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Missing Backpack Becomes a Great Reason for Frat Guys to Bareback

Buddy, Ezekiel, Anthony, Trevor and Lane -

When it comes to the guys at FraternityX, any reason is a good reason for them to have bareback sex. These guys love having bareback sex 24/7 and when a hole isn’t being filled with a raw cock, you know it won’t be long before it is. Ezekiel, Anthony, Trevor and Lane were fucking around and decided to have some raw fun, so they hid Buddy’s backpack and when he was looking for it, the guys decided the only way he was going to get it back was if he let them have bareback sex with him. Buddy agreed and one after another, the guys pounded his hole, filling his tight ass with their stiff dicks, loosening him up and filling his ass to capacity. What’s hot about this scene, is the fantastic ass to mouth action, with the guys fucking Buddy’s ass, then pulling out to let him taste their cocks and all the juices that have been marinating inside his ass, before they plunge their bare cocks back inside his ass, where they continue to fuck him until it’s time to cum and breed their loads inside his fuckhole. This is a fucking hot scene that you have to watch as soon as you can, because I’m sure you’re really going to like it! Now where is that backpack?

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Explosive Cum Shot Culminates from British Guys Barebacking

Chase Evans and Tommy Lee -

The great thing about Staxus is the variety that’s offered. You can find content from a variety of countries, different themes and unique niches to provide you with an assortment of bareback porn available in one convenient location, making a membership to Staxus excellent value for money. In this update, Chase Evans uses his raw cock to pound Tommy Lee in the ass, and this Tommy Lee is not the American rock star, he is a British dude who loves getting barebacked in the ass. These guys don’t deny themselves any pleasure, which is why they fuck raw and feel as close as they can to each other while they’re fucking, sucking and feasting on each others cocks, feeling the magic of a raw cock sliding inside a bare ass, with nothing coming between them or the pleasure they’re experiencing. Tommy loves the feeling so much he squirts his load all over his belly, before Chase pulls out and releases his load of cum that you have to witness for yourself, because it’s impressive!

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