Bottle of Beer Almost Becomes Lubricant for Bareback Sex at FraternityX

Brad, Blake, Alex and Owen -

The lubricant of choice at FraternityX is Vaseline – yes, that’s right, Vaseline! You will often see a tub of Vaseline laying around the place as the guys smear this greasy petroleum jelly on their bare dicks before they shove them inside a tight hole – begging for a more sophisticated lubricant and what could be a more natural form of lube than cum! Often guys will breed their loads inside the asses of other guys, before another guy slides his cock inside and fucks the freshly bred hole. This scene from FraternityX is called Gag and Tag, where the guys decide to use beer for lube, with Brad getting a bottle of beer shoved inside his ass, with the amber liquid become a unique type of lube – almost like that beer enema scene! In a typical situation at the site, Brad has been a bad boy and his ass is delivered punishment in the form of raw cocks from Blake, Alex and Owen (and of course the beer bottle). Watch these guys breed their loads inside Brad’s ass and the surprise at the end involves a another fuck in the ass. You have to check out all the action at FraternityX – it’s one of the best bareback porn sites on the internet!

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Helix Studios Now Offers Unlimited Streaming Video for Only $9.95 a Month!

Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder -

With a fantastic selection of twink videos, Helix Studios has been producing quality twink bareback porn for years and now you can enjoy watching unlimited streaming videos at Helix Studios for only $9.95 a month. That’s right, for under $10 a month, you can enjoy watching as many videos at Helix Studios as you want for a fraction of the price you would normally expect to pay. I’m sure we will be seeing more sites offering cheaper membership options like this in the future, with Helix Studios only just launching this great deal. If you prefer to download videos, the site still offers an unlimited streaming and download option for $29.95 a month, so you get to choose the membership option that suits you best. If you’re not familiar with the content inside the members area at Helix Studios, I thought I would introduce you to this scene from the site featuring Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder. These two cute guys are boyfriends and they share some intimate details with us through an interview before they enjoy a bareback flip-flop fuck together, with all of the action captured from static and hand-held cameras. Discover some intricate details about how they met on Jack’d, their first kiss, what they like about each other and their secrets for maintaining a healthy relationship. These Real Cam videos are some of the bareback videos you can find inside the members area, along with bareback videos that have been recorded using the regular style of filming. There has never been a better time to enjoy a Helix Studios bareback membership than right now.

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Energetic Stud Pumps his Unprotected Cock inside Another Guys Ass

Kaden Alexander and Tyler White -

Kaden Alexander was feeling energetic in this update and that’s the perfect way to get started when you’re about to teach someone the ropes in a bareback porn video. Tyler White is fairly new to the industry and needed someone to give him some guidance, with Kaden using his unprotected cock to fuck Tyler in the ass and show him what it’s all about. Kaden is enthusiastic about sucking Tyler’s cock, with Tyler returning the blow job in a more cautious way, but with some practice, he will be great at it! Practice makes perfect, right! After Tyler has been introduced to the wonders of cock sucking, Kaden slides his bare cock inside his ass and starts fucking him raw – these guys got the fucking right and Kaden doesn’t take it easy on Tyler, he makes Tyler take his uncut thick cock deep inside, going balls deep and slamming his ass hard – and in a variety of different positions! Tyler was definitely feeling the intensity of Kaden’s cock working his ass hard, but he wanted to learn about the ins and outs of everything and it looks like everything has been covered with some hot bareback action and a couple of impressive cum shots, plus a surprise facial to finish things off.

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Jason Sparks Live Filmed a Six Stud Bareback Orgy in Milwaukee

Dustin Tyler, Shawn Andrews, Brendon Scott, Corbin Riley, Antonio Paul and Jake Matthews -

Time for something new at Jason Sparks Live with this update and I hope to see more scenes like this one featured at the site. While we’re familiar with Jason filming most of his scenes in hotel rooms as he travels throughout the United States on his Nationwide Bareback Road Trip, this update took place in Milwaukee when the guys on Jason’s tour became too horny to wait for their individual scenes – so he filmed all six guys having an orgy and I think the outcome is great! Apparently the models wanted to film a group action scene and this opportunity presented itself, so everyone went for it and the outcome is the Milwaukee Orgy at Jason Sparks Live. Watch as Dustin Tyler, Shawn Andrews, Brendon Scott, Corbin Riley, Antonio Paul and Jake Matthews enjoy each others company in this hot update that’s filled with loads of cock sucking and bareback butt fucking.

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Bareback Sex Threesome is the Motivation that Achieves Pleasure

Alex Mendez, Billy Ricardo and Lucas Owens -

Lucas Owens seems very motivated at the beginning of this scene, seen heading quickly down the street and we soon find out this brisk pace has been set because he learned about an opportunity to have bareback sex with a couple of horny black guys. This resulted in Lucas feeling pumped and he wanted to get to the guys as quickly as possible. After Lucas arrives, he discovers that Alex Mendez and Billy Ricardo have already started without him, because their hormones were at excessive levels and needed to be attended to without delay. Luckily for Lucas, the other two had only got to the oral sex stage, so he hadn’t missed a minute of the bareback fucking the guys were soon about to enjoy. The guys take turns fucking each other to ensure they each get an ass full of raw cock, before the three of them jerk their cocks and release their loads of cum into the universe. You can see how horny these guys are and I’m sure a great time was had by all.

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Lucas Entertainment Provides Models with Bareback Porn Opportunities

Addison Graham and Sebastian Young -

Now that Michael Lucas has made the decision to produce bareback porn at his site Lucas Entertainment, his models can decide whether they want to appear in bareback videos, just like Sebastian Young who requested to fuck a guy who met a number of attributes he was looking for – including wanting to have bareback sex. Addison Graham is the model the studio had in mind and they paired these two together and it looks like this was a great choice, as they make a hot bareback sex combination! Addison jumped at the chance to work with Sebastian and it seems both of them found this to be an amicable arrangement. This is going to be a popular video for sure, with a great chemistry captured on video and the action is enjoyable to watch as well. I’m loving the bareback action at Lucas Entertainment and I hope you get a chance to check it out sometime if you haven’t already had an opportunity to do so.

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Horny Dudes are Clearly Into Bareback Sex Breeding at Sketchy Sex

Bryan, Eli, Kevin and the College Kid -

It seems like there’s not a day in this house that doesn’t pass by without the guys fucking raw. This could probably be reduced down to hours, because it seems like the guys are constantly fucking raw and breeding their loads of cum inside hungry mouths and asses. These guys can’t get enough raw cock and they know exactly what they want and make sure they get it. These guys don’t even care where they fuck, anywhere will do and fucking up against the wall seems like the perfect place for them, or on the floor, or on the staircase – any room in the house seems like a great place to fuck with these horny guys! This scene called Jizz Junkie and it’s all about honoring cum and respecting it enough to share it with other guys. What better place to share it than inside the ass of the guy you just fucked. What I love about this update is watching Bryan and a guy referred to as the College Kid fucking Kev bareback, then they breed their loads inside his ass, with Eli being the lucky guy who gets to use their cum as lube. Eli fucks Kev bareback until he pulls out to release his load from his cock, which he then pushes back inside Kev’s ass and fucks him some more, ensuring that Kev’s ass is filled with as much cum as possible. This is what it’s like at Sketchy Sex and the action is awesome!

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Taylor gets Hazed and Barebacked in a Video at Straight Fraternity

Zander and Taylor -

Franco and Zander get together to decide how to break in a newbie and I’m sure they came up with a few great ideas, with a selection of them put into practice when 20-year old Taylor turned up to earn some extra cash and appear in a porn video for the site. Zander found himself in a great position, because he was the one to enjoy participating in the options they came up with. To get started, they get Taylor to suck Zander’s cock, but Zander couldn’t resist sucking Taylor’s cock either – with some mutual oral action taking place between the two guys. Taylor also gets paddled before Zander slides his unprotected cock inside his ass for some hot bareback fucking. Zander seems really passionate about rimming Taylor’s ass and you get tell that it would be an awesome ass to lick before your stick your stiff dick inside and fuck him without a condom. This is awesome bareback action waiting for you to enjoy right now at Straight Fraternity!

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Two Guys With Big Dicks Have Bareback Sex Topping and Bottoming

Alex Tatum and Austin Wilde -

Alex Tatum and Austin Wilde have known each other for months and had hooked up before, but they had never fucked each other up until this point. Perhaps their big dicks had something to do with it, with both of them being a little afraid of having such a big dick fucking their ass. It seems like they didn’t need to toss a coin to decide who was going to top and who was going to bottom, because they both take turns barebacking in a hot flip-flop update. Alex and Austin have a great chemistry together, which you can appreciate as you watch this video. Both guys prefer to top and I can see why, but they do a great job taking each others cocks inside their asses. Alex seemed to struggle with the size of Austin’s dick a few times, but he persisted and Austin rewarded Alex by letting him cum inside his ass, which was a first for Austin and you get to see it happen right here!

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Companionship Inventory Takes Place Involving Bareback Sex at Mormon Boyz

Elder Buckley and Elder Riley -

Mormon Boyz is an impressive site featuring bareback porn and what you may not know is that there’s some amazing breeding scenes there as well. Mormon Boyz is extremely unique and there’s some fantastic bareback porn waiting for you to experience inside the members area. You can also download the videos at Mormon Boyz, where you can get access for as little as $9.95 for a one week trial or $29.95 will give you access to the site for a month, with both options renewing automatically. I highly recommend Mormon Boyz and let me introduce you to this scene called Companionship Inventory featuring Elder Buckley and Elder Riley. This is the time where missionaries speak openly about the state of their relationship and it’s also a time where suggestions can be made about how they can get along better. What a perfect time for these two Elders to suggest a sexual encounter to bring them closer together! Elder Buckley slides his raw cock inside Elder Riley and the two enjoy some sensuous bareback sex with some fantastic breeding – the ultimate way to bring a bareback sex video to climax. You won’t want to miss watching Elder Buckley shoving his sticky dick back inside Elder Riley’s ass and pump his hole a few more times to ensure his load has been bred inside.

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