Moving Houses can be Such Hard Work when You get a Stiff Dick

James Hamilton and Trevor Spade -

James Hamilton and Trevor Spade are moving into their new place and they seem to find unloading the truck arousing, because James gets horny in the process of moving boxes and removes his cock from his pants and tells Trevor to suck it. Trevor is happy to comply and he pulls his shorts down while Trevor swallows James’ thick cock. With some face-fucking going on, you know that James wants to slide his cock inside Trevor’s ass. Trevor moans as James slips his dick inside his ass and fucks his tight hole, loosening it up quickly due to the size of his cock penetrating his asshole. The guys move into a variety of positions to ensure they feel ultimate pleasure before it’s time for them to spill their sticky loads all over the place. Trevor strokes his cock and shoots a hot load of cum on his abs after James pulls out and shoots a massive load of cum around Trevor’s hole, before sliding back inside for more fucking. That slippery substance would have made Trevor’s hole feel all gooey and good, the perfect way to finish off a bareback fucking encounter.

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Consider Signing the Petition to Remove Michael Weinstein from the AHF

Remove Weinstein AHF Petition

Some of you may have heard of Michael Weinstein and some of you may not, so let me tell you more about him to help you decide whether or not you wish to sign this petition. The Remove Weinstein petition was started by Eric Leue from Los Angeles and there’s some very interesting information on the page about this petition, including the reasons for it, which I won’t replicate here. I am not persuading anyone to sign this petition, you need to make up your own mind, I am simply putting the information about the petition here to make you aware of this petition.

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Big Black Dick Tears up a White Ass in this Hot Bareback Interracial Sex Scene

Nino Skyy and Jaxon -

Raw Fuck Club is pleased to introduce us to this hot bareback update featuring Nino Skyy using his big black cock to tear up some white ass, which happens to be Jaxon’s hole, which must have been left feeling ravaged for days after this scene was filmed. Jaxon worships Nino’s cock, making sure Nino feels respected and this also demonstrates that Jaxon is totally prepared to take that bare boner inside his ass for an intense bareback encounter. Both guys do a great job fucking in this update, with Jaxon proving he’s capable of getting his ass filled with a big stiff cock and fucked hard until Nino shoots his load, then breeds it inside Jaxon’s freshly fucked ass.

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Real-Life Boyfriends Film Themselves Having Bareback Sex at Helix Studios

Andy Taylor and Evan Parker -

I have been waiting for Evan Parker to have a bareback scene at Helix Studios and the time has finally arrived, when Evan has bareback sex with his real-life boyfriend Andy Taylor. Evan has appeared in numerous safer sex scenes at the site and I guess he prefers using condoms when he has sex with guys other than his boyfriend. That’s why it has taken me until now to feature Evan in a bareback scene and this may be the only time we see him barebacking. Evan and Andy decided to spice up their sex life by getting out of town and enjoying a road trip to Las Vegas. They packed their video camera and filmed this scene for our enjoyment. After traveling for a day, the guys head to their hotel room, where they relax with some hot bareback fucking. This is an interesting video that shares some of Evan and Andy’s life with us, making it more than just a sex tape!

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After a Night of Hardcore Partying a Round of Bareback Sex is in Order

Stiffer, Ryan, Kale and Cowboy -

Cowboy was enjoying a night of hardcore partying and afterwards he and his tight virgin hole were hungry for some dick – and not just any dick – but raw dick! It wasn’t too difficult for Cowboy to get his ass filled with multiple stiff cocks, he simply bent over the couch in the recreation room and waited for the first drunk fratboy to come along. By the time the video camera was turned on, there were a few dudes already checking him out, with the guys spitting on his hole and fingering his ass. Once Stiffer, Ryan and Kale started the bareback fucking, Cowboy’s ass was no longer a virgin hole and he quickly became accustomed to the need for raw cock and I’m sure it won’t be long before his ass is getting fucked raw and bred with creamy loads of cum again soon!

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Sexy Guys Enjoy a Bareback Threesome After Soaking in the Jacuzzi

Nicoli Cole, Isaac Hardy and Jacob Durham -

Nicoli Cole, Isaac Hardy and Jacob Durham were spending some time at The Equator in the jacuzzi, where their bodies were experiencing a therapeutic soaking as their muscles were being relaxed by the sensation of the warm water. The guys seemed to be enjoying each others company when they decided to experience a more intimate encounter, taking themselves back to their room. The guys continued the fun by experiencing a hot threesome, with the guys probing their stiff raw cocks inside each others bare holes. Of course they also enjoyed sucking each others cocks and rimming each others holes as well, but the guys really enjoyed their bareback fucking experience together, without a condom barrier coming between themselves and the pleasure they were having.

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Pure Bareback Fucking Complete with a Creamy Breeding Finale

Troi and Wren -

I’m not sure what others think about the Pure theme at ChaosMen, but I really like it. Bryan has tried to eliminate distractions from the background to enhance the visual effects of the guys barebacking in this scene. The different shades of white look appealing and it also creates a soft background effect that really makes you notice what’s going on in the video. Troi and Wren are paired together in this update and there are quite a few highlights in this update. Troi has an impressive cock, which is kept a secret through the use of a blindfold, so we can see Wren’s reaction when he sees it for the first time. There’s also some great ass to mouth action, but the cum shot is really what stands out. Bryan also reaches up to make Wren cum, while his ass is being pounded by Troi’s raw cock. There’s some great breeding action at the end, with Troi breeding Wren’s hole and he then plunges his thick cock back inside Wren’s gaping hole to finish things off!

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Tate Ryder gets his Ass Drilled and Filled by Three Horny Tops

Dayton O'Connor, Tate Ryder, Shay Michaels and Adam Russo -

Tate Ryder has appeared in numerous gay porn videos, but he has only recently transitioned from condom porn to bareback porn. This update from Raw Fuck Club showcases Tate in a sizzling scene when he gets his ass fucked raw by Dayton O’Connor, Shay Michaels and Adam Russo. Tate even gets double-penetrated at one point, showing us how capable he is of taking a couple of raw cocks in his ass at the same time. Tate uses his ass and mouth to service the guys until the loads begin to erupt from their guys excited cocks, with Tate getting his ass bred with warm loads of cum!

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Broke Straight Boys Celebrate their 1000th Scene with an Ultra Hot Bareback Sex Orgy

Kaden Alexander, Jaxon, Tyler White, Damien Kyle and Paul Canon -

This scene from Broke Straight Boys is ultra hot and it marks the sites 1,000th scene. What a perfect way to celebrate this impressive milestone by filming a bareback sex orgy featuring five sexy guys! Kaden Alexander, Jaxon, Tyler White, Damien Kyle and Paul Canon were selected to appear alongside each other and the guys are really enthusiastic and they made this scene as memorable as possible. Kaden, Jaxon, Tyler, Damien and Paul get right to it, stripping out of their clothes, swallowing each others dicks and slapping asses as they take their turn with each other. There’s some great interaction combinations featured as well involving two guys to one cock, two cocks for one mouth, pairs, threesomes and at one point the guys form a cock-sucking chain with all five of these studs getting oral action at once! This update is not all about sucking cock either, when it’s time for the guys to fuck, they jump from tight ass to tight ass, pumping the bottoms full of their stiff dicks, making sure as many holes are filled as possible. There are so many hot things going on in this update, until things finish off with Damien getting covered in several sticky loads of jizz from the four other guys resembling a bukkake finale. The guys lick their loads off of Damien to clean up before the filming of this scene is wrapped up. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment Broke Straight Boys – we hope to see loads more hot bareback scenes like this one at your site in the future!

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Dude gets Fucked in the Ass Raw on the Bed Wearing a Jockstrap

Joshua Evans and Caleb Jackson -

The great part about wearing a jockstrap is that you are already partially clothed if you’re somewhere that requires you to get dressed again quickly afterwards. I haven’t really tried wearing a jockstrap before, but they do look like they’re comfortable. I guess I like the support I get when I wear briefs, but there’s no harm in trying something new, so I might have to get a jockstrap sometime. Caleb Jackson is the recipient of Joshua Evans’ raw cock in this update from Dudes Raw and the guys enjoy barebacking on the bed in a hotel, probably somewhere in San Francisco, which is where the studio is based. The guys fuck in a few positions and eventually Caleb strips off totally when he removes his jockstrap so he can get fucked raw whilst being completely naked. Enjoy this and a website full of other bareback videos featuring a variety of men at a site where you’re sure to find something hot and not be left feeling disappointed when you’re searching for hot bareback porn and can’t find what you’re looking for. There’s pretty much something for everyone to enjoy at Dudes Raw.

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