Bareback Action is Captured to Perfection in this Video at Fuckermate

Pablo Bravo and Ehrick Ortega -

If you haven’t explored the bareback sex videos at Fuckermate, now would be the perfect time, if you have spare time on your hands. The site features a mix of condom and bareback scenes, with the bareback scenes being the best videos at the site from my perspective. If you don’t mind watching rubber sex, you might enjoy some of the other videos at the site as well, but I’m into the bareback sex videos and this is what this blog is all about. Pablo Bravo and Ehrik Ortega are the two guys featured in this scene and it’s a hot update ending with a creamy oral treat. You can almost feel the heat in the room as these two guys are fucking – that’s how great this video has been captured and it makes the scene even hotter to watch when it has been filmed by talented people. There’s a growing number of bareback videos waiting for you at Fuckermate, so take a look at their video offerings and enjoy watching full-length videos inside the members area if you like what you see.

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Cute British Guys Enjoy the Pleasure of Bareback Sex in the Bedroom

Aaron and Cody -

Aaron and Cody are the two cuties appearing in this bareback sex video at Euro Boy XXX. Fuck Me Bareback is the title of this scene, which tells you precisely what the scene is all about – a couple of guys wanting to fuck without barriers coming between a cock and an ass. These two connect with each other and it doesn’t take long for their hormones to take control and provide their bodies with functioning dicks that they can use to pleasure each other. They strip off and explore each others bodies, with some oral pleasures getting things started, before they enjoy the anal delights they truly crave. This scene comes from the Bareback Boys studio, featuring British guys barebacking, but Euro Boy XXX also features European bareback action from the Raw Reality studio, giving you plenty of bareback action to enjoy in one convenient place.

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Staxus Provides Variety Including Lots of Bareback Sex Videos

Tom Crua and Vadim Lust -

The great part about Staxus is that you’ll find loads of variety at the site. Often you’ll find twinks barebacking, but the site is not limited to twinks, you’ll also find studs, interracial sex as well as fetishes including uniforms and lots of other stuff that gives the site plenty of choice. If you like motorbikes and the outdoors, you’re sure to enjoy this update featuring Tom Crua and Vadim Lust. The motorbike becomes the centerpiece for this bareback sex video, with Tom using his uncovered cock to slide inside Vadim’s ass as they enjoy the expansive outdoors, using the motorbike to prop themselves up and help produce some great penetrative angles. There’s lots of cum at the end waiting for you to experience as you watch this scene in its entirety, so don’t miss a minute of the action and head over to Staxus to start enjoying this and many more bareback sex videos.

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Interracial Bareback Sex is What You Will Enjoy at Harlem Hookups

Wigger Flip -

I love the new interracial bareback sex site Harlem Hookups and it’s not just the hot raw action I’m enjoying at the site, I’m also learning stuff there as well. This scene is called Wigger Flip and I didn’t know what the word “wigger” meant, so I looked it up and found that according to Google, wigger means a white person who is trying to emulate or acquire cultural behavior and tastes attributed to black people. I have now found Harlem Hookups a great place to expand my knowledge now as well! Rogan Hardy is the creator of Harlem Hookups and he finds his way around the place looking for guys to hookup with for bareback sex. Rogan meets this white dude in the park and he came to the apartment for more – getting his asshole stretched by Rogan’s big black dick. Rogan also opens his ass to get some white cock inside his black hole, with both guys enjoying the pleasure of bareback sex. If you’re looking for hot interracial bareback sex videos, make sure you check out Harlem Hookups, because it’s the newest and hottest place to find black and white bareback sex action!

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Horny Studs Enjoy Bareback Sex with a View from the Penthouse

Johnny Forza and Robbie Rivers -

I have tried to work out which Floridian location this view is from and I’m thinking it’s probably either Fort Lauderdale or Miami. What an awesome way to experience bareback sex – having unprotected sex on the top of the building – in the penthouse with amazing ocean views! Johnny Forza and Robbie Rivers must have been enjoying the adrenaline rush and feeling of freedom as they had sex in the penthouse, with the guys fucking on the balcony and also inside – the experience must have been awesome – it sure does look amazing as you check out the photos and watch the video at Dallas Reeves. Johnny looks pretty comfortable sliding his bare cock inside and out of Robbie’s raw hole and it’s also great watching Johnny releasing his load all over Robbie’s ass, with Robbie producing his own load all over his chest as Johnny’s warm cum is still dripping from his ass!

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Loads of Bareback Sex Takes Place in the Back Room at Backroom Fuckers

Logan McSinnach, Jason Phisher, Colby Star and Forrest Longview -

It’s pleasing to see the majority of updates taking place at Backroom Fuckers involve bareback sex. These guys make their way to the back room of the sex shop; selling adult novelties and sex supplies out the front, with the hardcore action taking place out the back. There are four guys in this update, barebacking and feeling the pleasure of skin-on-skin contact in the back room, as they forget about everything else taking place in the world outside, focusing on the present moment enjoying each others company. These guys enter the back room and cum out a load lighter – that’s what way to do it! Logan McSinnach is waiting for Jason Phisher to come and play, where they are later joined by Colby Star and Forrest Longview. They start out by swallowing each others cocks and enjoying a taste of each others dicks, before those dicks start entering holes and that’s where the fun begins. The verbal aspects of this video are hot as well, with Logan getting fucked by Jason and requesting a nice squirt for lube, as the other guys add their loads to Logan’s hole, with Logan’s load also ending up in his own hole – with all of the guys loads in the back – the back room is where it all happens and you can see more back room action at Backroom Fuckers!

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Intense Interracial Bareback Sex is Exciting at Raw Nasty Fuckers

Dimitri Santiago and Colin Black -

Raw Nasty Fuckers is where you’ll find loads of bareback sex scenes featuring guys from different ethnic backgrounds coming together to enjoy the pleasure of bareback sex. This update features Dimitri Santiago using his uncovered cock to fuck the ass of Colin Black, with some hot interracial bareback sex taking place between these two guys. It’s great watching Dimitri sliding his cock inside Colin’s ass, with nothing coming between these two and nothing destroying the wonderful sensation these two get to experience together. If you like this scene, you’ll like plenty of other scenes just like this one at Raw Nasty Fuckers, where the fucking is real, intense and condom-free!

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Bottle of Beer Almost Becomes Lubricant for Bareback Sex at FraternityX

Brad, Blake, Alex and Owen -

The lubricant of choice at FraternityX is Vaseline – yes, that’s right, Vaseline! You will often see a tub of Vaseline laying around the place as the guys smear this greasy petroleum jelly on their bare dicks before they shove them inside a tight hole – begging for a more sophisticated lubricant and what could be a more natural form of lube than cum! Often guys will breed their loads inside the asses of other guys, before another guy slides his cock inside and fucks the freshly bred hole. This scene from FraternityX is called Gag and Tag, where the guys decide to use beer for lube, with Brad getting a bottle of beer shoved inside his ass, with the amber liquid become a unique type of lube – almost like that beer enema scene! In a typical situation at the site, Brad has been a bad boy and his ass is delivered punishment in the form of raw cocks from Blake, Alex and Owen (and of course the beer bottle). Watch these guys breed their loads inside Brad’s ass and the surprise at the end involves a another fuck in the ass. You have to check out all the action at FraternityX – it’s one of the best bareback porn sites on the internet!

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Helix Studios Now Offers Unlimited Streaming Video for Only $9.95 a Month!

Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder -

With a fantastic selection of twink videos, Helix Studios has been producing quality twink bareback porn for years and now you can enjoy watching unlimited streaming videos at Helix Studios for only $9.95 a month. That’s right, for under $10 a month, you can enjoy watching as many videos at Helix Studios as you want for a fraction of the price you would normally expect to pay. I’m sure we will be seeing more sites offering cheaper membership options like this in the future, with Helix Studios only just launching this great deal. If you prefer to download videos, the site still offers an unlimited streaming and download option for $29.95 a month, so you get to choose the membership option that suits you best. If you’re not familiar with the content inside the members area at Helix Studios, I thought I would introduce you to this scene from the site featuring Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder. These two cute guys are boyfriends and they share some intimate details with us through an interview before they enjoy a bareback flip-flop fuck together, with all of the action captured from static and hand-held cameras. Discover some intricate details about how they met on Jack’d, their first kiss, what they like about each other and their secrets for maintaining a healthy relationship. These Real Cam videos are some of the bareback videos you can find inside the members area, along with bareback videos that have been recorded using the regular style of filming. There has never been a better time to enjoy a Helix Studios bareback membership than right now.

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Energetic Stud Pumps his Unprotected Cock inside Another Guys Ass

Kaden Alexander and Tyler White -

Kaden Alexander was feeling energetic in this update and that’s the perfect way to get started when you’re about to teach someone the ropes in a bareback porn video. Tyler White is fairly new to the industry and needed someone to give him some guidance, with Kaden using his unprotected cock to fuck Tyler in the ass and show him what it’s all about. Kaden is enthusiastic about sucking Tyler’s cock, with Tyler returning the blow job in a more cautious way, but with some practice, he will be great at it! Practice makes perfect, right! After Tyler has been introduced to the wonders of cock sucking, Kaden slides his bare cock inside his ass and starts fucking him raw – these guys got the fucking right and Kaden doesn’t take it easy on Tyler, he makes Tyler take his uncut thick cock deep inside, going balls deep and slamming his ass hard – and in a variety of different positions! Tyler was definitely feeling the intensity of Kaden’s cock working his ass hard, but he wanted to learn about the ins and outs of everything and it looks like everything has been covered with some hot bareback action and a couple of impressive cum shots, plus a surprise facial to finish things off.

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