Boykakke Now Offers Bareback Sex Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure

Malcolm and Abel -

Boykakke has been around for a while and for most of this time has featured Asian guys having condom sex and ejaculating all over each other to embrace the bukkake concept the site is all about. In more recent times, guys from other locations have begun appearing at the site and some bareback scenes have also been introduced as well, so I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to the site and showcase one of the bareback scenes that’s waiting for you at Boykakke. This scene called Mi Amor features boyfriends Malcolm and Abel showcasing their sexual side for your viewing pleasure. You can tell that these two are boyfriends, because they have a great chemistry and they’re really into each other, with the guys beginning by introducing us to their oral abilities, with some cocksucking and rimming action before Malcolm slides his raw cock inside Abel’s ass and fucks him bareback. These two fuck in heaps of different positions so you can really get to know them and I’m sure they’ve tried out many of these positions before as the two of them have had sex on countless occasions. If you like creamy oral climaxes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this update, with spunk being devoured by these two. If you’re not sure about joining Boykakke for just a few bareback scenes, you could consider a two day trial membership for $1.96, giving you access to the last six updates, which renews to the regular recurring price of $24.87 a month afterwards, or enjoy a longer membership if you already like what the site has to offer.

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Interracial Bareback Sexual Encounter Takes Place at a Luxury Villa

Billy Ricardo and Mike James -

I may have just discovered a new sexual position in this opulent update from Staxus featuring Mike James getting barebacked by Billy Ricardo at a luxury villa. Lovers of interracial bareback sex videos are going to love this update and the sexual position I’m referring to may not be new to everyone, it’s just something I haven’t tried out before myself, primarily because when I’m fucking a guy I like to see his face. The angle Mike has put himself in where he is facing away from Billy might look like he’s ignoring him, but Mike’s ass looks like it’s getting his cock inside extremely deep. Mike worships Billy’s bare boner and he knows he wants that mammoth penis inside his hole and it doesn’t take long before it’s fucking his ass and making him feel what it’s like to have a cock that big fucking his asshole. There’s a couple of impressive cum shots for you to enjoy in this update, so don’t miss a minute more of the action and take a look at the full-length video at Staxus right now!

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Horny Studs Enjoy Natural Bareback Fucking Outside in the Sunshine

Rocco Steele and Owen Powers -

Bareback sex is the completely natural way to have sex, with no additives such as condoms being introduced to limit the sensation the guys experience as a raw cock enters a bare ass. The perfect way to complement bareback fucking is to do it outside in a natural setting, with the sunshine and fresh air signifying freedom and embracing what the guys are doing. This scene from Raw Fuck Club is great because it features two guys who love fucking raw and they know what they want – raw cock and cum. Rocco Steele and Owen Powers are the two guys in this update and they don’t even bother using a condom, because they want to get the most from their encounter. Owen loves having a big raw cock inside his ass and Rocco provides exactly what he desires, with Owen proving how much he wants that big dick inside him before he gets fucked by it. Lots of eager cock sucking establishes this point, before Owen opens his ass and lets Rocco cum inside with his stiff boner. This is just one of the many hot bareback updates waiting for you to enjoy at Raw Fuck Club!

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Six Horny Tops Work Their Love Muscles Inside a Twitchy Bottom

Anthony, Trevor, AJ, Cadence, Stiffer, Troy and Toby -

While the penis may be known as the love muscle, it doesn’t actually contain any muscles, but that’s not going to stop me referring to it as a muscle, because the penis is a fucking hot piece of equipment every man can love and be proud of. The reason I’m talking about muscles, is because this FraternityX scene is called Tight Twitchy Hole, where Toby’s leg muscles started twitching because of the position the guys put him in to fuck him. Toby is the freshman the guys wanted to break in and they certainly gave his ass a good workout, fucking him with enthusiasm, where they all lined up waiting for their turn to bareback his hole. Anthony, Trevor, AJ, Cadence, Stiffer and Troy (formerly known as Sage at FraternityX) all took turns to bareback Toby in the ass, then they made him clean their cocks with his mouth to taste his ass juices, before they all continued to take turns fucking him, then they bred his ass one by one, with six juicy loads filling his ass and making his hole all gooey and great. The guys may not have understood just how tight Toby’s hole was in the beginning, which made his muscles tense up and body react the way that it did, but the guys all had a great time in this bareback breeding extravaganza!

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Welcome Bareback Breeding Scene Featured at Broke Straight Boys

Zeno Kostas and Sebastian Wilde -

The number of bareback scenes featured at Broke Straight Boys is impressive, with over 100 bareback scenes now featured at the site, with more raw scenes being added on a regular basis. While the bareback sex videos are hot, the number of scenes that end with breeding are very limited right now, but I have found a scene that ends with a creampie and I’m hoping this will be the beginning of breeding climaxes at the site. Zeno Kostas gets to fuck Sebastian Wilde bareback and then breed his load inside his ass and another welcome change to this scene is that it’s filmed outside, which makes a refreshing change to the indoor shoots. The guys were outside suntanning with their cocks out for that full body tan, when their hormones took over and they decided to take advantage of already being naked – talk about this being a convenient sexual opportunity! The oral sex at the beginning is hot, starting with the guys kissing and making out and there’s some great cock and nipple sucking, with the rimming action sizzling as well. All this makes a great start, but it’s once the bareback sex begins that this scene really begins to heat up. Zeno slides his raw cock inside Sebastian’s ass, then starts pumping slowly at first to give Sebastian’s ass and sphincter a moment to become familiar with what’s going on, then he picks up the pace as Sebastian moans in pleasure. The guys fuck in a few different positions, with Sebastian spreading his legs wide when the position allows him to do this so Zeno can push his cock in as deep as possible, with a hot creampie being the finale of this hot scene. You can leave comments for each scene at Broke Straight Boys, so lets leave lots of comments for the breeding scenes and hopefully we will see more of them featured at the site!

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Breeding is an Essential Part of Bareback Sex for Two Horny Studs

Jordan Stone and Tiger -

This update from Black Breeders is called Tiger vs. The Snake and features Jordan Stone and Tiger doing what all of the guys at the site like doing – having bareback sex and breeding their loads inside each others asses and mouths. Tiger loves big dicks and he’s in luck, because Jordan is equipped with a big dick that he proudly uses on his ass, fucking him and filling his hole with his raw cock. Tiger feels the powerful sensation of having a big dick working inside his ass at the beginning, with the feeling of intensity transitioning to relaxing as time goes by and he loves the feeling of Jordan’s big cock sliding inside and out of his ass. Once Jordan decides that he’s ready to release his load, he ejaculates and breeds Tiger’s ass and the two take some time to rest from their encounter.

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Intimate Nighttime Setting Produces Another Great Raw Video

Jim Kerouac and Misha Akunin -

Bel Ami decided to do something a little different by filming some scenes at nighttime, which is a big change for the studio, especially since they love light and this is apparent if you have watched their videos in the past. The right amount of light is the secret to producing great photos and videos, with the more light the better, providing you don’t go overboard and get a washed-out result. Many of Bel Ami’s videos feature bright backgrounds, sometimes very light and this provides smooth and appealing videos. When there is less light, videos can look dark and grainy, so you still need the right light and video settings to accomplish what you’re after. Because the people at Bel Ami are talented, they have managed to pull their nighttime settings off perfectly, so enjoy this update featuring Jim Kerouac using his condom-free cock on Misha Akunin in another hot release by the studio. These two look great together as they enjoy having hot natural sex together. Enjoy!

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Two African Twinks Have Bareback Sex in their Beach Cottage

Sasa and James -

If you’re looking for authentic African guys having bareback sex, there’s only one place you’ll find it and it’s at 80 Gays. 80 Gays was originally about capturing guys from all over the world having bareback sex and focused on Asian guys, before the producers realized African bareback porn was rare, so they moved their efforts to filming African guys having bareback sex. While the site name has never changed and perhaps something more African and raw would be better suited, it’s what’s inside the site that counts and the action is unique. The guys appearing in the videos are amateur and often not accustomed to having sex with other guys and you can tell, but that adds an interesting element to the videos, because they are real and unscripted and watching a raw African cock sliding inside another African guys bare hole is hot. In this scene Sasa and James are spending time at a private hideaway cottage on the beach and are given an opportunity to enjoy all sorts of fun stuff together. These two have pretty big dicks and enjoy the challenge of fitting each others cocks inside their mouths before they move on to bareback penetration. This is a great scene and there are plenty more like it waiting for you at 80 Gays. A membership to 80 Gays represents excellent value for money, with access to Asian bareback porn sites such as Asia Boy, Doctor Twink, Gay Asian Piss, Gay Asian Uniforms, Thai Gay Boys and Twink Boys Party included with your membership, giving you plenty of bareback porn to enjoy at a great price.

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I Love it When Cum gets Used as Lube in Bareback Porn

Rocco Steele and Raul Korso -

The body is able to secrete natural lubricant, which is usually achieved through pre-ejaculatory fluid, the clear slippery substance that emerges from your cock when you’re feeling really excited. That’s why they say you need to experience foreplay before you initiate penetrative sex, because then your body has produced a decent amount of pre-cum that you can smear all over your cock and the ass you’re about to fuck. You can also use cum as lube, which is pretty awesome stuff, but that emerges after you’ve ejaculated, which I probably didn’t need to tell you because you would already know this. Using cum for lube usually works best when you’ve got multiple guys fucking, because you can slip your dick inside an ass that has been loaded with cum by the guy before you, unless you’re Rocco Steele, who fucks Raul Korso in the ass bareback in this scene from Timtales and then uses his own cum as lube as he fucks his load back inside Raul’s ass and continues to fuck him raw. This is another great way to use natural lube, which always works best with natural sex – no need for rubbers or other additives, because nature knows best and we’re already equipped with the essentials for the perfect bareback sexual experience!

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Thorough Evaluation at Mormon Boyz Involves Hardcore Bareback Sex

Elder Miller and Bishop Angus -

The bareback scenes at Mormon Boyz are hot and seem to be getting even hotter, with this update called Elder Miller Inspection involving Elder Miller being evaluated by Bishop Angus and what a thorough inspection this process entails. Elder Miller begins by lying naked on the bishop’s desk, with some beautiful silk ties used to restrain the missionary and blindfold him, not that any of this was necessary, as Elder Miller seemed quite comfortable allowing the inspection to take place, probably because it felt great. After the bishop strips off, you know that this inspection is going to involve some penetration to ensure the missionary meets all of the requirements. It looks like the most important part of this assessment was making sure that the missionary’s hole was capable of accommodating a stiff raw cock. What happens at the end of the scene is what makes Mormon Boyz so hot. Bishop Angus is barebacking Elder Miller’s ass, then pulls out at the last minute and leaves a squirt of spunk on his asshole, then pushes his load back inside using his dick. Then the bishop takes some of the cum on his fingers and anoints the missionary’s forehead. It looks like Elder Miller passed the inspection and I’m sure the bishop will be busy as he continues his important job of evaluating the missionaries. The missionaries must already know about this procedure, because they’re already busy exploring each others holes with their bare cocks in preparation for these vigorous assessments.

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