Staxus Produced this Fantastic Four Guy Bareback Interracial Orgy Video

David Hanson, Felipe Esquivel, Kurt Maddox and Lloyd Goldwyn -

Because there’s a lot of variety on offer at Staxus, you never know what you can expect to see at the site, but you can always depend on seeing quality bareback videos, just like this hot bareback interracial orgy featuring David Hanson, Felipe Esquivel, Kurt Maddox and Lloyd Goldwyn. If you’ve got four guys having sex together, you could probably call it a fourgy and even though my computer’s spellchecker doesn’t like the word, I really like the concept, but I’m yet to experience a fourgy myself! These guys have found themselves in the Caribbean and what a beautiful place to have bareback sex. It seems like these guys enjoyed a bareback sex vacation, enjoying hanging out in the swimming pool and staying at a villa, which the guys used as their sexual playground, with the four of them sliding their raw cocks inside their exposed holes, with no form of protection coming between themselves. The loads of cum fly when these guys are ready to squirt the jizz from their pleasured cocks and I’m sure you’ll shoot an impressive load yourself watching these guys barebacking. With over 1,400 videos (many of them bareback), a Staxus membership is excellent value for money at only $29.95 for 30 days of unlimited streaming and downloads.

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Cruising in the Park Leads to an Exhilarating Bareback Encounter

Rogan Hardy and a Blond Dude -

When you’re cruising for sex in the park, you never know what’s going to happen. You might hookup with one or more guys for raw encounters, or you might stumble across someone who prefers to use condoms. At times you’ll meet up with guys who only want blowjobs, so it can be a mixed bag really. Luckily for Rogan Hardy on this outing he came across a horny guy who wanted to have bareback sex. The guys communicated with each other using their eyes (the communication method of choice for cruisers) and once the signal had been given, these two were ready to fuck raw! They went to a secluded area of the park where the blond dude gave Rogan a blowjob, making his cock stiff and moist. Then they began fucking in the outdoors until they started getting eaten up by mosquitoes, so they had to retreat to the blond guys van, where Rogan continued fucking him without a condom. I have no idea what the blond guys name is, but that’s what happens when you hookup with strangers, it’s more about the sexual moment than getting to know someone, unless you consider getting inside someones pants as getting to know them. This is another fantastic update from Harlem Hookups, a site I enjoy hanging out at and hopefully you’ll experience loads of fun there too!

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Ryan Raz Films His First Bareback Scene with Cam Christou at Dudes Raw

Cam Christou and Ryan Raz -

If you are a fan of Ryan Raz, you’ll probably be pleased to know that you can now watch Ryan barebacking in his first ever bareback video alongside Cam Christou. Ryan was discovered by Factory Videos back in 2008 and he has since worked for numerous studios, filming over thirty different scenes, but he has returned to his porn roots at Factory Videos to film this scene directed by Nick Moretti. The video made its way onto Dudes Raw yesterday, where it joins plenty of other hot bareback videos. Ryan doesn’t waste any time getting cum in his ass either, because this video is a scorcher with Cam breeding his load back inside Ryan’s ass after barebacking him. Ryan has a beautiful body and you can tell that he loves soaking himself in the sun, resulting in a golden tan, which you can totally appreciate when you see his creamy white bare butt, that’s if you can get past the distraction of seeing Cam’s raw cock sliding inside it! Cam and Ryan fuck in a few different positions throughout this video and it’s great watching Ryan enjoying the experience of bareback fucking. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing Ryan in more bareback videos in the future, with this video marking his first ever bareback porn appearance. If you want to watch the full length video of Ryan getting barebacked and bred, it’s waiting for you right now at Dudes Raw!

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This Helix Studios Video Release Features Bareback Butt Breeding

Andy Taylor and Kody Knight -

I love the bareback porn releases from Helix Studios, but they often reserve the cum shots for mouths or exterior locations. I’m pleased to say that this update featuring Andy Taylor and Kody Knight ends with a cum in the ass climax, so if you love seeing guys exchanging bodily fluids, you won’t want to miss this video! The storyline involves Kody leaving for Basic Training and when you’ve got someone who is going away for a while, you want your last time with them to be memorable and you can be sure this was an extremely momentous occasion for the two of them. This is a sizzling update you can watch at Helix Studios for only $9.95 a month if you choose the unlimited streaming option or if you prefer to download bareback videos at the site, a streaming and download membership is only $29.95 a month and with over 500 bareback videos now available for your viewing pleasure, a Helix Studios membership is excellent value for money!

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Two Muscular Studs Put their Raw Muscles to Work by Barebacking

Brody and Tate -

Brody and Tate are the two studs featured in this Sean Cody bareback update and while it’s great admiring their muscular physiques, which I’m sure would take many hours at the gym to maintain, it’s also about admiring the muscles in their pants. Although the penis is not considered a muscle, many of us still refer to it as one, because it is an extremely powerful part of the human body that has the ability to function in a variety of ways. When you think about it, penises are amazing, because we use a cock to piss from and release urine when we’ve been drinking all sorts of refreshing beverages, plus we can also play with our dicks and use them for pleasure. You can choose to let urine pass through your pecker in liquid form, or stiffen your cock and squirt a creamy load of cum through it – the choice is yours and this goes to show just how important penises are to us guys. If you’re wondering why I’m writing all this stuff about penises, it’s because Sean Cody no longer provides scene descriptions, so while it would be nice to see what the site has to say about Brody using his raw cock to fuck Tate in the ass, I’m left here dangling, so this seemed like something interesting to write. What I will say is that even though there’s an absence of scene descriptions at Sean Cody, the photos and videos definitely make up for it, because they’re fantastic, so make sure you check out the site today and give your cock a good workout while your dick stands to attention as you enjoy the growing number of bareback scenes waiting for you inside the members area.

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Joe Rocco Returns to Treasure Island Media Due to Popular Demand

Jerry Stearns and Joe Rocco -

Treasure Island Media’s demonstration of receptiveness to feedback is why this scene came about. Joe Rocco had only made one appearance with the studio in Breeding Season 2, but recently the studio received numerous requests asking to see more of this stud, so things happened behind the scenes and this video is now ready for your viewing pleasure. Joe gets his ass fucked raw by Jerry Stearns and you’re about to see the results of this bareback porn video. I think everyone did a superb job, because this is a sizzling scene directed by Paul Morris himself. Paul is the visionary behind Treasure Island Media and I’m really pleased he made the decision to start producing bareback porn all those years ago, because since then he has made many memorable bareback videos with his talented team and Treasure Island Media now has a reputation that’s synonymous with bareback porn. What I also like about Treasure Island Media is the site is filled with guys who enjoy barebacking and probably have bareback sex in their personal lives, making the scenes real and a pleasure to watch. Watch this scene and many more at TIMFuck and save yourself loads of money with a TIMPass membership to get access to all three Treasure Island Media sites at one low price.

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Sketchy Sex is an Awesome Bareback Fucking and Cum Drop-Off Zone

Trent, Eli, Sam and Bryan -

The sex scenes at Sketchy Sex are amazing and I don’t use the word “amazing” loosely, because the action is truly remarkable and the number of loads of cum being exchanged between the guys is very impressive. Trent finds himself skewered between a couple of stiff cocks as he’s balancing on a window sill getting fucked in the ass by Eli at the same time he’s sucking off Sam, with the guys later changing positions so that Sam has his raw cock up Trent’s ass while Trent is giving Bryan a blowjob. Barebacking on the window sill is a great way to invite your neighbors over to join in and that’s what happened as these guys were fucking raw and enjoying sex both indoors and outdoors simultaneously. The great part about this update is watching Trent embracing a creamy load of cum inside his mouth, while swallowing that gooey goodness at the same time his ass was being loaded with cum. There’s some nice surprises in this update, including watching Eli ejaculating a couple of times in a short period of time, producing fine loads of jizz each time.

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Intense Bareback Sex Grindr Grind Creates Hot Bareback Porn

Rogan Hardy and Pete Hady -

I’m not on Grindr and I’ve never used this service before, but I’m curious about it because I’m hearing about numerous guys hooking up using this application and it sounds like a popular extension to a mobile device. When I typed “Grindr bareback sex” into Google, the first site that came up said “If guys on Grindr ask for bareback sex only, block them.” As soon as I read that, I stopped reading, because if I was hit up by someone asking for bareback sex, I would say yes and let’s make it happen right away. Rogan Hardy knows how to use Grindr and he uses it successfully to hook up with guys looking for bareback sex, like this update where he met a guy named Pete. Rogan mentioned something about little black boxes with no pictures and that describes Pete’s profile, but I don’t know why Pete was feeling shy and not wanting to share any photos of himself, because he has nothing to be ashamed of. Rogan took four days to convince Pete to come on over and fuck him on camera, barebacking with another guy for the very first time. I’m really enjoying Harlem Hookups and it’s also a place where you can learn a lot, especially if you’re new to Grindr or wanting to know how to hookup with guys for bareback sex and Rogan is always happy to share his techniques and demonstrate them so you can watch what happens.

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Hotel Rooms are the Perfect Place to Have Bareback Sex While Traveling

Jake Matthews and Colin Dean -

When you’re traveling around the country or throughout the world, finding a suitable place to have bareback sex is made easier because of the large number of hotels that are available all over the world. This is a good thing for Jason Sparks, who travels throughout the United States filming guys having sex as part of his Bareback Road Trip Nationwide Model Search project. Most of Jason’s scenes are filmed in hotel rooms and this update featuring Jake Matthews and Colin Dean was filmed in Saint Louis. The great part about Jason’s site is you can often find guys in videos that have never been seen before and this new talent helps give Jason Sparks Live the feeling of unique content, with fresh faces giving you plenty of variety. If the walls in hotel rooms could talk, imagine how much they would have to say about all the sex that takes place in them, but there’s no need to listen to talking walls when you can watch guys having bareback sex at Jason Sparks Live!

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Something Nasty Can Sometimes Turn Out to be a Good Thing

Drae Dixsem and Austin Dallas -

You might hear people say stuff like “that’s nasty” or “he’s nasty” or something else that’s nasty, but did you know that nasty can be a good thing? You’re probably wondering how something nasty can be good and I’m about to tell you. This scene features Drae Dixsem and Austin Dallas and they’re not nasty, but they sure do have some nasty sex, which can actually be a good thing, especially when the sex is bareback and it’s featured at a site called Raw Nasty Fuckers. Nasty sex can actually be hot sex, because the site is saying “this shit is not vanilla, it’s nasty and you’re going to like it if you like raunchy bareback sex”. That’s exactly what’s going on here, with Drae using his uncovered cock to penetrate Austin’s ass and deliver his ass with a cum injection. You can’t breed an ass when you’re wearing a condom (unless it’s damaged of course), so it’s a good thing that these two feel like being nasty, because it makes them feel good, so nasty isn’t such a bad thing, unless it’s meant to be. If you’re feel a bit dizzy right now reading about why something that sounds bad might not always be a bad thing, then don’t worry so much about the finer details and just enjoy the hot interracial bareback sex offerings waiting for you at Raw Nasty Fuckers.

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