Barebacking in the Bedroom Puts the Heat in Climate Control

Ben Stiles and Anthony Price -

Ben Stiles and Anthony Price enjoy each others company in the bedroom and as the sexual tension between these two escalates, things heat up to the point where the only climate control option available in this room is hot. Things won’t cool down between these two until they’ve finished fucking raw and that’s what Ben and Anthony must do together to also satisfy the hunger they have for each other. These two get a taste for each others cocks by trading blowjobs and this is when Anthony knows that he wants Ben’s bare dick inside his ass, because he now has a taste for more and needs to have bareback sex. Ben is happy to oblige and slides his raw dick inside Anthony’s ass and it’s clear that these two are both enjoying the sensation from their encounter. If you like hearing vocal responses, you’re sure to like what you hear, especially when Anthony says Don’t stop fucking me, you fuck! which is when Ben speeds up the rhythm of his fucking to the point of orgasm, then pulls out to shoot his load all over Anthony’s freshly fucked ass. Then Anthony flips over and releases his load all over himself, bringing this scene to a sticky conclusion. There’s lots more bareback action waiting for you to enjoy at Wank This, so make sure you take a look at the site and if you purchase a multi-pass membership, you’ll also receive access to Dallas Reeves, which is the companion site, along with access to other bonus sites, with a number of them featuring bareback action.

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Hardcore Bareback Sex Scenes Makes TIMFuck an Impressive Destination

Fostter Rivera and Patrick Baur -

If you’re looking for hardcore bareback sex scenes, one site will probably come to mind and that’s TIMFuck, the online destination from Treasure Island Media where you can enjoy their bareback sex masterpieces. This exclusive scene features Fostter Rivera using his raw fuck stick to penetrate Patrick Baur’s butt hole with supremacy – ensuring these two enjoy the most intense bareback encounter imaginable. Fostter starts opening Patrick’s hole slowly, getting his ass accustomed to the sensation before he ramps up his sexual abilities and starts fucking him hard. Once his hole is loosened up, watch out, because he fucks him hard in multiple positions to ensure every aspect of Patrick’s ass has been explored. The sex is enjoyable to watch and once Fostter has enjoyed enough pleasure, he releases his sticky load and ensures his seed gets bred deep inside Patrick’s ass. Patrick wants to share his load as well and gets invited by Fostter to squirt his load onto his tongue and he happily absorbs that precious nectar, ensuring no cum goes to waste. More raw action like this is waiting for you to explore at TIMFuck, so don’t wait a minute longer!

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Barebacking in the Bedroom is Better than Messing Around with an Old Car

Sebastian Young and Johnny Forza -

This update from Dallas Reeves features two guys who have appeared in numerous bareback videos, so they know the pleasure they can derive from fucking raw. Sebastian Young and Johnny Forza are out the front of the house checking out an old car, both using their knowledge of mechanics to discuss some options relating to the vehicle. I’m sure this was just a way to shift the direction of conversation in a different direction and before long, the guys retreat inside where they can enjoy more privacy. It seems these two want to check out their own body mechanics first, making sure they know what they’re doing and to relax for a bit before they start working on the vehicle. Sebastian doesn’t waste any time, grabbing Johnny’s waist and kissing his body, with Johnny’s body responding well, resulting in a stiff surprise that Sebastian takes advantage of. Sebastian starts sucking Johnny’s cock and to show his appreciation, Johnny returns the favor. As Johnny is enjoying the sensation of having Sebastian’s cock inside his mouth, he wonders what it would be like having his cock inside his ass. In a few moments he finds out, with Sebastian laying on the bed with his stiff dick pointing upward, Johnny positions himself over the impressive slab of raw meat, then eases himself down, with his ass opening up and allowing Sebastian inside. It doesn’t take long for Johnny to start riding that raw muscle, sliding up and down, with his own cock bouncing around as the guys enjoy creating friction together. The guys switch positions a few times so that Sebastian can push his cock as deep inside as possible, ensuring they both receive satisfaction from their encounter. Once Sebastian is ready to release his load, he pulls out and squirts his load all over Johnny’s pink asshole – hot! Johnny shoots his load right afterward, with the two feeling the raw love and Sebastian handing Johnny the car keys. This is another hot update waiting for you to check out at Dallas Reeves!

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Two Barebacking Jocks Experience the Ultimate in Sexual Pleasure

Oliver and Duncan -

I love how the start of the videos at Sean Cody give you an opportunity to see the guys interacting with each other in a playful manner and this update featuring Oliver and Duncan is the perfect example, because the guys are having fun, which helps you connect with them before you start watching them connecting with each other once they start having sex. Oliver assumes the position as the top in this update, while Duncan gets to enjoy the feeling of having Oliver’s bare cock sliding inside and out of his ass. These two guys look great together with Oliver’s slightly hairy body and Duncan’s smooth skin combining together to produce a blend of physiques that you can appreciate as you watch these two barebacking together. As with each of the bareback videos at Sean Cody, you can expect top quality video production and sizzling scenes, making Sean Cody a fantastic porn site membership to empower yourself with, knowing you can rely on the bareback updates to provide you with pleasure when you need to experience it!

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Impressive Cum Shots Result from a Bareback Fucking Encounter

Elder Berry, Elder Stewart and Angel -

Mormon Boyz is a bareback site I highly recommend, because the scenes are sizzling and the video production values are high, making the site an enjoyable experience. In addition to the hot videos you’ll find inside the members area, Mormon Boyz also provides entertaining scene descriptions, with stories that explain exactly what’s happening in each update. Just reading the synopsis for each scene is enough to make your dick hard, so with hot stories combined with sizzling videos, you’re going to love the action waiting for you at Mormon Boyz. This scene is called Third Discussion and features Elder Berry, Elder Stewart and Angel and starts out with some cocksucking and you know that’s the perfect prelude to sizzling bareback fucking, with the guys being unable to resist the raw pleasure that abounds. Angel watches Elder Berry and Elder Stewart having bareback sex and he’s so turned on by it that he decides to join in, with the three guys plugging away and enjoying the sensation of each others bodies. The guys assholes are tight and they wrap themselves tightly around the cocks entering their holes, hugging and caressing their cocks as they slide inside and out, feeling the raw pleasure in the process. After the guys have enjoyed enough bareback bliss, they sit back and jerk their cocks, with Elder Berry and Angel releasing a couple of impressive loads. Elder Stewart tells Angel that he wants to cum, but later, holding onto the sexual energy that has built up in his body from this hot encounter. Make sure you watch this and more bareback videos at Mormon Boyz, because the site is absolutely fantastic!

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French Foreign Exchange Student gets Bred by a Bunch of Horny College Guys

Troy, Liam, Ryan, Marc, Jay and Tony -

Liam is the new guy on campus and was having some trouble finding his way around the campus in this update from FraternityX called French Ass. Liam is from France and while I’m sure he’s fluent in English, he quickly discovered that the unfamiliar surroundings were becoming overwhelming and was in need of some assistance. Because there are some helpful college guys on campus (who usually want something in return for their helpfulness), a couple of the guys decided to show Liam around the place, with the first place being their frat pad. They wanted to learn more about Liam and teach him some American hospitality and wasted no time shoving their cocks down his throat. Liam showcased his fine oral skills, with the guys taking turns putting their cocks in his mouth so he could service them before they started taking turns fucking his ass. Troy, Ryan, Marc, Jay and Tony are enjoying their new international friend and are getting to know him quite intimately through their cocks and the guys are having a great time, although Liam’s ass is experiencing some seriously intense attention, but it seems like he doesn’t mind too much. The ending is sizzling with the guys breeding their loads inside Liam’s ass, making this the ultimate gangbang that comes to a sticky conclusion. Now the guys have bonded through their sexual experience, I’m sure they will be happy to introduce Liam to other parts of the college campus so he can make the most of his time there.

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Three Cash-Strapped Guys Fill Their Holes with Raw Cocks and get Rewarded

Tyler White, Brody Lasko and Vadim Black -

Now is a great time to join Broke Straight Boys if you like watching gay4pay guys barebacking, because there’s plenty of bareback scenes being added to the site, making a membership worthwhile. Tyler White, Brody Lasko and Vadim Black are featured in this three-way, where they ensure that as many holes are filled as possible and you’re not going to see any condoms in this update, just raw cocks entering holes seeking maximum pleasure. Brody is a newcomer and hasn’t got as much experience at the site as many of the other guys do, so Tyler and Vadim help guide him through the process. Tyler is the focus at the beginning, with the guys sucking his cock and kissing his lips, tasting his body in preparation for what was about to happen. Once all the guys have removed their clothing, Tyler is able to return the favor, providing oral pleasure to both guys before they’re all super hard and ready to fuck! Tyler flips Brody onto his stomach and sticks his naked cock inside and starts fucking his ass as Brody sucks on Vadim’s dick. Tyler lets Vadim get in on the action as well, taking a break from fucking Brody so Vadim could have a go and before long, Tyler wants more ass again and sticks his prick inside Vadim’s ass and starts fucking him. These cocks enter numerous holes and the great part about barebacking is you don’t have to keep changing condoms whenever you enter a different hole, you just pull out and shove it in the next. Very simple and as they say, the simple pleasures in life are often the best. I like how the guys ensure that a cock is constantly in either an ass or mouth, ensuring they are receiving as much pleasure from their experience as possible!

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Deep Tissue Massage Results in an Exquisite Anal Bareback Penetration

Dustin Gold and Max Carter -

If you’ve ever fantasized about having sex while you are being massaged, then this update from Helix Studios is just for you! Max Carter has an awesome body and he clearly works his muscles hard, so he decides to enjoy a relaxing massage to provide himself with a deserving treat. Dustin Gold is Max’s masseuse and while Dustin may have healing hands providing sensual pleasure to Max’s skin, he also has the ability to provide a unique deep tissue massage using a powerful part of his body. Dustin is clearly enjoying the sensation of rubbing his hands over Max’s beautiful body and this stirs up some intense feelings in his own body and he decides to act on these impulses by using his stiff dick to slide inside Max’s ass to give him a deep bareback pounding. This would have to be the ultimate massage, ensuring that every aspect of the body is given tender attention and Dustin’s dick certainly provides pleasure to Max’s body. Dustin is making all the right moves and when Max is about to cum, Dustin gives him a surprise by offering his ass to Max so he can slide inside and enjoy some anal penetration delights as well. It looks like both guys enjoyed their deep tissue massage and what a great way for this scene to reach its climax with the flip-flop fucking man-oeuvre!

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Matt Watson Enjoys Receiving a Double Bareback Penetration at Wank This

Derek, Andrew Doncaster and Matt Watson -

Wank This is proving to be a great site featuring bareback scenes, with a small number of condom and solo scenes being added to the mix, but overall, bareback porn is becoming the prominent type of updates you can expect to see at the site. This update features a steamy three-way between Derek, Andrew Doncaster and Matt Watson. Matt is the lucky dude who gets to experience having two raw cocks in his ass at the same time. Derek and Andrew treat Matt like a personal pleasure machine, but he doesn’t seem to mind and enjoys all the attention he is receiving. Matt takes care of both guys, sucking on their cocks one at a time, making them hard so they feel great inside his ass when it’s time for them to penetrate his tight hole. Before the guys slide inside, Andrew and then Derek give Matt’s hole a nice rimming, helping to relax him and moisten his hole ready for those stiff cocks to enter and have a good time inside. Derek is the first to slip his dick inside and he starts fucking Matt, while Andrew sits underneath and licks Derek’s cock and balls. If you like ass to mouth action, watch as Derek pulls out of Matt’s ass, then shoves his cock inside Matt’s mouth so he can taste his ass juices. Matt wants both of their cocks inside his ass and tells them to double up and fuck him simultaneously and they’re happy to oblige. The double penetrate lasts for a few minutes, with Derek pulling out to jerk his cock, while Andrew fucks him harder. Andrew is fucking him so intensely, that he squirts his load deep inside Matt’s ass without pulling out, leaving Andrew’s cum dripping out of Matt’s hole. When Derek blows his load, he quickly sticks his cum-covered cock back inside Matt’s ass and adds his own load to the mix, making sure Matt’s ass is bred and filled with as much cum as possible. Matt then releases his load, feeling satisfied from the sticky loads of semen that remain inside his body from his two fuck buddies. This is an extremely hot scene, so make sure you watch the full-length video at Wank This!

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Check Out this Sizzling Bareback Sex Bathroom Bukkake Orgy in Milwaukee

Ian Levine, Zach Lockhart, Jake Matthews, Owen Powers and Travis Stevens -

The bareback action from Jason Sparks Live is getting hotter and hotter, with this scene featuring five sexy guys barebacking in a hotel bathroom showing you how far Jason’s site has come in a short period of time. When you visit Jason Sparks Live, you can enjoy the sex that has been filmed on the Bareback Road Trip, which is Jason’s nationwide model search, with some great model finds along the way. There are a few guys traveling around the country together on this trip and they stayed at a nice hotel during their visit to Milwaukee, with impressive bathroom facilities and decided to take advantage of this by having a bareback orgy in this sizzling scene I just had to post the day it was released at Jason’s site. You can tell from the first photo with Ian Levine giving the thumbs up as he’s being fucked raw by Owen Powers that this is a great update. Travis Stevens also gets his ass fucked raw by the guys in this video which ends with a sticky bukkake finale. If you’ve been wondering what it’s like inside the members area, you’ll be pleased to know there are stacks of bareback videos inside waiting for you to enjoy, with a new bareback video added each week, often with guys who have never been seen before, making a membership to Jason Sparks Live loads of fun. Jason even shares his upcoming filming locations and some photos of the guys having fun as they travel throughout the country. I highly recommend Jason’s site and invite you to check it out today and considering the time of the year for giving is now, why not treat yourself to something special by purchasing a membership you know you will enjoy.

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