Smooth Bottom Endures the Pain Inside his Ass from his Big-Dicked Top

Joseph Rough and Rocco Steele -

Rocco Steele gets to unleash his big cock on Joseph Rough’s ass in this scene from Raw Fuck Club. This is a hot scene to watch, but it does look like Joseph is experiencing some discomfort inside his ass due to the size of Rocco’s cock and Rocco sure knows how to work his dick inside that ass. There’s loads of bareback fucking in this scene for you to enjoy as Joseph does his best to cope with Rocco’s raw cock fucking his hole. Joseph does an admirable job taking that big dick inside his ass with some cum from breeding to help soothe his stretched and pummeled hole. If you’re wondering how much a Raw Fuck Club membership is, it’s usually $24.95 a month, but with the limited time 40% off non-recurring membership sale, you can score yourself a membership giving you 4 months of access to the site for only $15 a month! Is that an awesome deal? Fuck yeah!

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Three Guys Enjoy a Bareback Sandwich Fuck Using Cocks as Skewers

Dustin Tyler, Brendon Scott and Tanner Bradley -

If you haven’t noticed, the scenes from Jason Sparks Live are getting hotter and hotter, with this being another hot update featuring three sexy guys. Dustin Tyler, Brendon Scott and Tanner Bradley enjoy a sandwich fuck, with Tanner Bradley being the fresh meat in the sandwich enjoying Dustin and Brendon’s bare dicks as skewers penetrating his holes. The sex gets mixed up a bit with the guys changing positions to keep things interesting, but what remains the same is the heat these three guys bring to this update, with juicy loads getting released at the end of the scene. There are now 80 bareback scenes waiting for you to enjoy at Jason Sparks Live, all for only $24.95 a month (which is only about 31 cents a scene) or even less if you treat yourself to a longer membership.

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Real-Life Boyfriends Get Inside Each Others Pants for Bareback Sex

Trent Ferris and Sam Truitt -

You may have seen Trent Ferris and Sam Truitt barebacking at other sites and for the first time, they have appeared in a bareback scene together at Guys in Sweatpants. Austin tells us that Trent and Sam are two of the most sexually charged boyfriends he has ever met. Their relationship has evolved into its current form only recently and it’s great to see them having a good time together. The guys have even filmed homemade sex videos before and show us one of them having sex as they get naked and start having sex at Guys In Sweatpants. These two hotties look cute together and the bareback action is hot, with Sam sliding his massive dick inside Trent’s ass, with the two guys fucking raw until Trent gets covered in two loads of cum – one from Sam and one from himself, with Sam shoving his cock back inside Trent’s ass to fuck the rest of his cum inside to breed his load inside his boyfriend. The bareback scenes at Guys In Sweatpants are really hot, so don’t miss the raw action that’s waiting for you at the site, with a membership starting from only $19.95 a month!

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Euro Boy XXX is the Latest Place to Find British Lads Barebacking

Ethan and Shaun -

The United Kingdom falls into the European category of porn based on geographic locations, but most European bareback porn comes from other European countries and very little comes from the United Kingdom. I am very pleased to announce that the latest place to find British lads barebacking is at Euro Boy XXX. The site features a mix of bareback and condom porn, but there have been a growing of bareback scenes released at the site in recent times, so I thought that now would be a good time to introduce you to the site. A membership to Euro Boy XXX gives you access to Raw Reality, Euro Boy and Bareback Boys, with three new scenes released each week and access to other sites as well. Ethan and Shaun are two twinks who know what they want – bareback sex! These two guys enjoy playing around with each other in the kitchen, before they sink their dicks inside each others holes in what is to be the first bareback scene from the site I have introduced you to. I’ll be introducing you to more bareback action from Euro Boy XXX in the near future.

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Boring Video Game gets Replaced by Bareback Sex Excitement

Brett Bradley and Jim Morris -

Jim Morris and Brett Bradley were playing a video game, but Jim got bored with it and made Brett aware of his boredom. Brett decides to stop playing the video game and start playing with his cock and Jim’s! Brett unleashes his big cock, which turns Jim on and the boredom that was lingering starts to subside. Jim can’t resist sucking Brett’s dick, then he enjoys a blowjob as well. Jim likes Brett’s cock so much that he spreads his legs and enjoys bareback penetration courtesy of Brett’s big dick. If any of you are wondering about Jim’s biohazard tattoo, I don’t know why he personally chose this particular tattoo and what the meaning of it is for him, but what I do know is that both guys seem to really enjoy their bareback encounter together in this scene from Wank This.

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Stud with the Motto Two Cocks Are Better than One has Double the Fun

Jonathan Agassi, Jeff Stronger and Marco Milan -

Apparently Jonathan Agassi’s motto is two cocks are always better than one and in this update from Lucas Entertainment, Jonathan has double the fun when he enjoys a double cock penetration from Jeff Stronger and Marco Milan. If you like muscle men, you’re sure to enjoy this scene, with sexy muscled guys enjoying bareback sex together. Jonathan uses his ass and mouth to provide warm moist holes for his two men, making sure both of them are having loads of fun and it looks like they are. The bareback videos from Lucas Entertainment always provide high quality footage so you can see everything that’s happening and not miss a moment of pleasure that’s captured on camera for your viewing pleasure.

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Two Guys Play a Game of Poker with a Twist Involving Bareback Sex

Vadim Black and Jack King -

The guys you are about to see in this scene from Dallas Reeves decided to add a twist to their game of poker by including the reward of bareback sex to the game, where the winner gets to fuck the loser. With a reward like this, there can actually be multiple winners, which can be determined by those participating. If the winner gets to fuck the loser, then the guy who wants to get fucked in the ass might lose on purpose so he gets what he wants and ultimately becomes a winner as well. Jack King ends up winning the game of poker and gets to fuck Vadim Black in the ass using his uncovered cock. If Vadim likes having a bare cock inside his ass, then he becomes the winner as well!

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Watch Out for Guys Barebacking Around the United States of America

Antonio Paul and Blake Ryan -

Jason Sparks tells us that he’s got eight hot models traveling around the country right now on the Bareback Road Trip looking for opportunities to have bareback sex with guys they meet during their travels. Jason has a great concept with his site, because in addition to finding guys who often have never been seen in porn before, he travels to various locations where guys may never have the opportunity to find porn work before, so this is a great service. It works great for us as well, because we get to enjoy watching guys fucking raw often for the first time on camera. Jason filmed this update in Scranton, Pennsylvania with Antonio Paul using his bare cock to fuck Blake Ryan in the ass. With interviews forming part of each scene, you get to learn a little bit about the guys before watching them barebacking on video. I have been enjoying the updates at Jason Sparks Live since he started releasing bareback scenes a while back and now that the fucking scenes are exclusively bareback, his site has been made even better!

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Bareback Sex Becomes an Automatic Teller Machine for two Broke Guys

Kaden Alexander and Jaden Bentley -

These two guys might come from different backgrounds, but they do have one thing in common, they’re broke and they need money. Their desire for cash brings them to Broke Straight Boys where they have bareback sex with each other in return for the cash they need to buy whatever it is they want to buy. Enjoy this exotic combination featuring Jaden Bentley, who is of Venezuelan decent paired with black stud Kaden Alexander. Jaden and Kaden come together (literally) where they get to feel what it’s like for guys to have bareback sex together. It seems clear that Jaden isn’t very familiar with the sensation of a cock pounding his ass, based on his facial expressions as his ass takes Kaden’s bare cock. Kaden would have enjoyed the feeling of sliding his uncut cock inside Jaden’s ass, with it being so tight that Jaden’s ass would have been hugging Kaden’s cock so tight it would have made his cock even harder! Poor Jaden endures the bareback fucking from Kaden knowing the paycheck isn’t far off, with Kaden fucking Jaden from numerous angles, making the most of the position that he has found himself in. This is a hot update featuring a couple of gay4pay guys finding out what it feels like to have bareback sex and as many of us already know, it feels really awesome!

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Bareback Sex Hookup During Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend

Devin Totter and Derek Oakland -

Some of the scenes at Deviant Otter are bareback and some are not. When the scenes are bareback, they’re usually pretty hot, like this scene which is called Human Urinal Cum Dumpster featuring Devin Totter and his boyfriend barebacking Derek Oakland, who is a fan and wanted to enjoy a get together with Devin. Derek reached out to Devin on Tumblr saying he was going to the Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) weekend and was up for doing a video. This 18 year old fan is really enthusiastic about barebacking and breeding, as you’re about to find out and if you like watersports, you’ll see some of that in this scene as well. Derek refers to himself as a cum slut in his message to Devin and that was enough to get things started. Devin handed the camera to his boyfriend to film him barebacking, but what wasn’t meant to be a three-way turned into one when Devin’s boyfriend couldn’t get enough of Derek’s uncut cock. After five hours, Devin and his boyfriend pumped and dumped five loads of cum into Derek and he wanted even more! At the end of the weekend Devin asked Derek how many loads he had taken and his response was: “not sure, but I think I got fucked by at least fifteen dudes,”, so as you can tell, he definitely loves getting multiple loads of cum deposited inside his ass!

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