Two Guys with Awesome Bodies Film a Sizzling Bareback Sex Video Together

Brannon and Dorian Ferro -

As I enjoy watching the bareback sex videos at ChaosMen, I’m impressed by everything that Bryan the creator of the site does. I consider Bryan to be a true artist and he’s very passionate about his site and has plenty of experience filming videos, considering this is video number 1,522 – which is a totally impressive number! ChaosMen is also a great place to get interior design ideas, with some nice furniture, decor and paint colors also helping to make the videos look great. Bryan does a superb job with casting and has a totally hands-on approach with his site, which I can totally relate to with my blog. Bryan paired Brannon with Dorian Ferro in this update and wasn’t sure how things would go, with this being Brannon’s first full sex scene, but things turned out nicely I reckon. Dorian does a great job taking Brannon’s bare cock inside his ass and these two look great together, barebacking with hot bodies and feeling the intensity of their sexual encounter. This is another great update waiting for you to enjoy at ChaosMen.

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Eighteen Year Old Twink Becomes a Bareback Fuck Doll and Sperm Depository

Champ Robinson and Lee -

This is a hot interracial pairing from Machofucker featuring a thirty something year old black stud using his raw cock to penetrate an eighteen year old Asian twink. Lee is the twink who becomes Champ Robinson’s fuck doll in this update called Champ’s Fuck Doll and as you’re about to see, Lee is a champ himself, because he does a great job handling Champ’s cock. While Lee has a youthful appearance, his ass is extremely capable of handling Champ’s big dick in this video which was filmed in a compact hotel room. Lee does a wonderful job sucking Champ’s cock and showing him how much he wants that big dick inside his tight twink hole and he gets more than that, because Champ cum’s twice inside Lee’ butt in a creamy finale from the pleasure. Later this year Machofucker will be celebrating their ten year anniversary, carving a niche in rough interracial bareback fucking during this time. Make sure you check out this great update that’s waiting for you to enjoy at Machofucker.

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Impressive Cum Shot is Captured in this Stocky Dudes Bareback Sex Video

Elias Brant and Taylor Loft -

While Stocky Dudes isn’t all bareback, there’s plenty of bareback scenes and you could almost say that the site is geared towards bareback. While you could almost say that, I guess I just did. I really like the quality of the bareback videos featured at Stocky Dudes, with the site owner Brandon taking great pride in the quality of his site and while the site might look clean, with high-end camera equipment used to film the videos, the sex is really hot and these guys are totally into fucking each other and sucking each other too! The two guys you’ll see featured in this scene called Scruff Cubs Hotel Hookup are Elias Brant and Taylor Loft. The scene name comes from the app Scruff and I’m finding quite a few sites using apps to find guys interesting in filming scenes with them. One of the guys featured hit Brandon up and said they wanted to fuck, but they needed a place to do and it Brandon is very accommodating and provides them with a place and he films them in action. Elias and Taylor are totally into each other and the sex is hot to watch, with an impressive cum shot produced at the end by Taylor that you don’t want to miss, so make sure you check it out today!

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The Nationwide Bareback Road Trip Arrives in Madison for Raw Times

Shawn Andrews and Antonio Paul -

If you’re wondering where the Jason Sparks Live Bareback Nationwide Road Trip is heading to next, you can actually find out in advance by checking out the schedule at Jason’s website. Jason has a pretty cool website, because it contains information about upcoming locations and there’s also fun photos you can check out of the guys enjoying the locations they visit. When it comes to learning more about the guys featured in the videos; especially since some have never been filmed on video before, it’s great watching the interviews that happen before the guys start having sex, as you can learn some interesting details about them. Shawn Andrews and Antonio Paul have both been featured at Jason Sparks Live before and they’re featured in this scene barebacking in Madison. These two ease their sexual tension by having bareback sex, the natural remedy for dealing with this kind of situation. There’s a lot of cum produced by these two, so it definitely looks like there was quite a lot of sexual tension that needed to be released!

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Cum Hungry Twink Loves Bareback Sex and His Ass Oozing Out Warm Jizz

Colby Klein and Jamie Sanders -

We recently got to see Jamie Sanders featured at Bare Twinks being barebacked and having a load of cum bred inside his ass. Well it looks like he really likes creampies and breeding, because Jamie gets barebacked again and his ass is filled with a load of Colby Klein’s cum, which oozes out after his gets fucked raw. The bareback scenes at Bare Twinks are getting better with the inclusion of more breeding climaxes and these two guys really seem to be enjoy each others company, which is apparent as you see them kissing, giving each other blowjobs and feeling the pressure building inside them, which they release from their bareback encounter. Make sure you check out Bare Twinks on a regular basis, as the site often features special discounts from time to time, so you can save you a few bucks.

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Latin Twinks Barebacking by the Pool Experience Refreshing Raw Sex

Matias and Gabriel -

There’s something special about having bareback sex in the outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the breeze brushing against your skin and soaking up the sunshine. It’s also a great sensation being able to enjoy the pleasure without being stuck in a room where you feel restricted, because the freedom of the outdoors helps make the sex feel more special and intense. This scene from SD Boy is called Pooling Around and was released in two parts, with this being the action from the second part of the scene. I like to wait for the second part of multiple-part scenes to be released before featuring them here, because there’s nothing worse than seeing something you like and then discovering that there’s more to it that you have to wait to see. Matias and Gabriel are the two twinks featured in this scene enjoying the refreshing experience as they bareback in the pool, releasing their own fluids at the end of their exciting outdoor bareback adventure.

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So Many Guys Barebacking in this Raw Rods Video Makes it Feel Like a Sex Party

Darius Evans, Drummer Boi, Manny Baby, Prince DJ, Saint D and Travis Davis -

When you check out this scene from Raw Rods and notice how many guys are featured, it’s like the guys were invited to a bareback sex party. The guys appearing in this raw orgy may look familiar, with lots of faces you may have seen in other scenes. Let me introduce you to the guys: Darius Evans, Drummer Boi, Manny Baby, Prince DJ, Saint D and Travis Davis. These are the horny guys who you are about to watch sucking each others cocks, rimming each others holes and fucking each others asses. It seems like the goal was to fill as many holes as possible, then get as much cum as possible in the bowl, with the guys producing their loads and donating them to the bowl. If you’re wondering what happens next, I can’t tell you, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I do hope you like what you see. There have been a couple of group bareback sex scenes featured at Raw Rods recently and they are hot, so make sure you take a look at see these guys in action.

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Austin Dallas’ White Ass gets Consumed by Thirty Inches of Raw Black Dick

Quawn, Ice, Austin Dallas and K-9 -

If you’re a lover of interracial bareback sex videos, make sure you check out Raw Nasty Fuckers, because this site is filled with hot bareback sex videos featuring interracial sex between horny guys who aren’t afraid of fucking raw. Austin Dallas exposes his ass in this video and opens himself up to thirty inches of black cock, not at the same time, but his ass is consumed by the massive cocks owned by Quawn, Ice and K-9. I’m not sure what’s going on with two of the guys having a name associated with drugs, with Ice referring to Methamphetamine and K-9 referring to Ketamine, but that’s what they’re calling themselves at Raw Nasty Fuckers. I prefer natural sex without the use of rubbers or any enhancements including drugs, but I’m not here to say what you should or shouldn’t do in your own life, I just wanted to comment on the names. If you want to watch Austin getting fucked raw by three guys with big dicks and then see him swallowing cum and his ass bred with cum, then the place to see it is at Raw Nasty Fuckers.

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Sean Cody Welcomes Back Brandon Who Slides Bareback Inside Perry’s Ass

Brandon and Perry -

There are some attractive guys at Sean Cody and these guys love the gym and physical fitness in general. I’m a little envious of their bodies and I do wish I looked a little more like them, but perhaps it’s because I don’t hit the gym as often enough as they do. It could be because I don’t have a gym membership, but that’s just an excuse I guess. I do like to watch what I eat and I love walking to stay fit, but having sex is a more enjoyable way of staying fit, flexing those muscles and working up a sweat while feeling great at the same time. That’s what it’s all about! Brandon has returned to Sean Cody and he still looks great, especially when you see him sliding his raw cock inside Perry’s ass in this very hot bareback sex video. There’s more raw action like this waiting for you to explore and enjoy inside the members area at Sean Cody, so sign up today if you don’t have a current membership and enjoy all the benefits that are offered to you.

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Super Bottom Takes the Stiff Thick Dick of Steele Inside His Ass Bareback

Sean Storm and Rocco Steele -

Sean Storm proves that he’s a super bottom and he takes Rocco Steel’s massive dick inside his ass without any problems. I always knew that Rocco had a big dick, but you can see just how humungous it is in this update as you see the closeup penetration shots. His cock is almost as thick as my arm, well maybe not exactly, but it’s pretty huge! Sean is passionate about barebacking, creating his own bareback porn site dedicated to bareback videos and in this scene, he’s appearing at Raw Fuck Club showing us that it doesn’t matter how big the dick is, he’s able to handle it and he does a superb job. Sean starts off by servicing Rocco’s stiff dick beside the pool, then they head indoors where Rocco finishes things off by fucking Sean in the ass and breeding Sean’s hole with his warm seed.

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