Bareback Flip-Flop Fucking Takes Place at Military Themed Active Duty

Evan and Tim -

It has been a while since I’ve introduced you to a raw fucking scene from Active Duty, so it’s time to enjoy this hot update released at the site a while ago. What’s great about this scene is the guys both get a chance to top and bottom in a hot bareback flip-flop update featuring Evan and Tim. Both guys have been working hard on their bodies to produce great muscles, which you can admire as these two experience the pleasures of bareback sex with each other. Tim is the first to get a raw cock inside his ass and it’s super hot watching these two go at it, with nothing coming in between their encounter to ruin the sensation of the skin-on-skin friction, as Evan’s raw cock slides inside and out of Tim’s hole. Then when it’s Evan’s turn to take Tim’s cock in his ass, he notices just how intense it feels to have his bare boner fucking his ass, but it’s hot for us to watch as these two navigate the pleasures of bareback sex. The loads the guys blow at the end are impressive, so make sure you visit Active Duty to watch the full-length video and see the footage for yourself.

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Twinks Relieving Themselves in the Bathroom Enjoy Additional Relief

Silas Gray and Danny Forest -

I’m enjoying the bareback scenes being produced by Next Door Twink, now that the studio has made the decision to release bareback porn at their site. The studio started releasing bareback porn at Next Door Buddies a while back and now their Next Door Twink site is enjoying bareback releases. This scene involves Silas Gray relieving himself at the urinal, when Danny Forest walks into the bathroom to relieve himself as well. Danny starts checking out Silas, then he notices a gloryhole in the toilet cubicle he puts to use. Danny grabs Silas’ attention and after Silas slides his cock through the gloryhole, Danny starts servicing it, slurping on his erection and enjoying the sensation of a throbbing cock inside his mouth. Danny then slides his cock through the gloryhole so Silas can service his cock and before long, the guys are feeling the urge to fuck. Without any condoms in their pockets or wallets, the guys decide to fuck raw, with Silas exposing his ass so Danny can slip his bare cock inside for some hot bareback fucking. The guys use the gloryhole and even enter the same stall to ensure their moment of bareback sex is as intense as possible. There are a few other bareback scenes waiting for you at Next Door Twink that I’ll be introducing you to shortly.

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Fraternity Brothers Teach New Fratboy a Lesson Involving Bareback Sex

Brad and Four Frat Brothers -

I find the punishment the jocks at FraternityX dish out to be extremely hot and to me the result is more about pleasure than punishment. Brad (not me again unfortunately) discovers that if you pinch a cigarette and smoke it, then you’re going to get punished for it. Brad probably took the cigarette on purpose because he knew what the outcome would be and he ended up sucking more than just a cigarette, he had to suck the four frat brothers cocks, then get fucked in the ass bareback by each of them. The guys take turns fucking Brad in the ass, then once they feel they’ve unleashed enough punishment, they breed their loads inside Brad’s hole to fill him with their cum. I’m starting to think the guys like breaking the rules because it means they get rewarded with an ass full of raw cock and cum!

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Sculptured Muscles to Admire in this Lucas Entertainment Bareback Release

Marco Milan, Ivan Gregory and Logan Moore -

Michael Lucas has a wonderful selection of models available at his fingertips and he presents some fantastic bareback scenes at his site designed for our enjoyment. It’s also clear that large amounts of money are spent by the studio on making the best porn creations possible. I guess that’s why Lucas Entertainment has been producing quality gay porn for many years and now with the introduction of bareback scenes to the site more recently, the site is even better. This update features Marco Milan, Ivan Gregory and Logan Moore enjoying each others company in a bareback scene that’s filled with loads of cum – including double-penetration action with Ivan taking two bareback dicks inside his ass at the same time! If you are curious as to how many bareback scenes are at the site, there are now more than 40 bareback scenes waiting for you to watch, with a variety of membership options to suit just about any budget.

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A Day at the Beach Ends with Flip-Flop Interracial Bareback Sex

Alex Mendez and Nicholas Reed -

The bareback sex continues at Staxus, with this hot scene featuring Alex Mendez and Nicholas Reed ready for you to enjoy. If you like interracial bareback sex, you’re in for a treat with this update, as both Alex and Nicholas take turns barebacking each others asses, enjoying the sensation of skin-on-skin anal penetration. The two guys felt horny after spending a day at the beach, so they laid a towel on the floor and used this to 69 each other, before fucking on the floor and against the wall – these guys were right into each other and it shows! If you’re into interracial bareback sex, uniforms, outdoors, or just about any other theme, you’re sure to find it at Staxus.

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Barebacking in Florida is a Great Way to Enjoy the Pleasures of Life

Tyler Reed and Preston Johnson -

Preston Johnson was feeling exhausted from his flight to Florida and decided to soak his body in the hot tub at the resort. After he felt relaxed, his hormones kicked in and he wanted to get fucked. Tyler Reed was on standby with his bare cock and he plunged deep inside Preston’s hole, with some aggressive penetration action which Preston accepted with ease. When Tyler realized Preston needed more raw cock inside his ass, Lex Antoine appeared from behind the camera to slip his bare cock inside Preston’s ass, fucking him bareback and dumping a nice load inside his ass. Once Lex’s load was planted deeply inside, Tyler pushed his cock back inside and fucked him some more, using Lex’s cum for lube, with Tyler adding his own load to Preston’s ass, resulting in a delicious creampie. There’s load more barebacking jock action waiting for you to explore and enjoy at Raw Joxxx.

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Enjoy the Bareback Porn Waiting for You at the New Look ChaosMen

Alec and Bay -

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new features waiting for you at ChaosMen, there’s no time like the present! The site has a sleek new look, with some great features designed to make your experience even better. I like the ability to add scenes to a queue so you can easily identify the videos you want to watch as you’re looking around the site. There are some great features that improve on the previous design, so make sure you check them out. This update featuring Alec and Bay is waiting for you inside the site. As you can see, the high-quality videos continue to be featured, with this being video number 1,410. That’s right, there are over 1,000 videos inside the site, with many of them being bareback, which is why you need a way to know which videos you want to watch due to the impressive size of the site. Watch Bay fuck Alec in this scene, with him using some domination skills so that he can make Alex cum upside down and spill a load all over his face, before he breeds his load inside his ass. The amount of bareback porn waiting for you at ChaosMen is amazing, with at least one new bareback scene being added to the site every week!

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Two Dudes Hang Out on a Couch Waiting for a Big Bareback Dick

Sam Truitt, Damien Wolfe and Dillon Anderson -

Sam Truitt has slid his uncovered cock inside numerous bare asses and this scene from Wank This showcases another opportunity he was given to pleasure some holes using his big dick. Damien Wolfe gets to enjoy the feeling of Sam’s 9 inch cock fucking his ass, while Dillon Anderson gets a taste for Sam’s cock when he gives him a blowjob. Dillon probably wasn’t able to cope with the size of Sam’s cock, but Damien gave it a try and it looks like he enjoyed the sensation, as you can tell by the photos accompanying the text in this post. The bareback scenes are beginning to grow at Wank This, just like the size of the big dicks that you’ll find inside the members area!

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Watch an XXL Size Cock Penetrate a Hungry Ass Bareback at Fuckermate

Esteban Orive and David Ávila -

Esteban Orive requested a hungry bottom to take his XXL cock for his first bareback appearance at Fuckermate. The studio had the perfect guy in mind – David Ávila has proven himself by being able to take big cocks in his ass so the guys were paired together and you are about to find out what happens once these two studs come together. Esteban fills David’s hole with his huge raw cock, starting in the shower, then moving to the bedroom. Just imagine being in this position, it almost feels like you are as you watch this video. This is one of many bareback videos inside the members area at Fuckermate waiting for you to check out.

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The Forza Brothers Bareback Vadim Black’s Ass at Dallas Reeves

Vadim Black, Donny Forza and Johnny Forza -

I doubt Donny Forza and Johnny Forza are really brothers, but according to Dallas Reeves, they are brothers and I will run with that if that’s what the site has to say on the matter. I’m sure it’s purely for fantasy purposes, but while they have appeared in bareback scenes together, they haven’t actually had sex with each other, which is interesting, because if they really are brothers, then it wouldn’t be legal for them to have sex together due to incest laws. Anyway, I’m getting stuck too much in the detail, let’s talk more about this scene! Vadim was taking a shower with Donny while Johnny was asleep in the room. Vadim starts sucking on Donny’s cock and the two were having a good time together, but they decided to have even more fun by enjoying a threesome. They wake Johnny up and things get even more sexual, with Vadim taking on the two brothers cocks, one in his mouth and the other in his ass and Vadim does a superb job pleasuring their cocks. In case you’re wondering, you can download the videos at the site and you can also access bonus sites including Wank This to enjoy even more bareback porn if you choose the multi-pass membership option.

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