Exciting Gay Porn News! Live Comes Back to Life at Jason Sparks LIVE

Chad Porter and Travis Stevens - JasonSparksLive.com

When Jason Sparks Live first launched, live cam shows were a part of the site, which is why the word “live” formed part of the name. After a while the live shows were dropped, because the site was new and was still finding its way, with a lot of work involved with getting the live shows streamed. Now that Jason Sparks Live is a successful gay porn site, Jason has made the decision to reintroduce live shows to his site, which adds another unique element to the site. In addition to Jason’s site being the place where new talent can often be seen for the very first time, you can now watch the action as it happens! After the live shows have been streamed around the world, the videos are then edited and placed in the members area so members can watch the scenes and not have to worry about missing any of the action. Travis Stevens is kicking off the first live show, so I wanted to introduce you to one of Travis’ bareback scenes so you can get to know him better, because he’s becoming a very popular model at the site and he’s also one of my favorites as well. Travis is joined by Chad Porter in this update, with Chad being a newbie who is also going to be a popular model and the great news is that this is a bareback update that also involves a breeding finale! Travis and Chad take turns barebacking each other in this update and I hope you enjoy this scene and the return of the live shows, making Jason Sparks Live an awesome destination for satisfying your bareback porn needs.

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Three Horny College Guys Bareback and Breed Another Dude’s Ass

Ryan, Mathew, Marc and Anthony - FraternityX.com

The horny college guys can’t resist barebacking at FraternityX and they’re often coming up with excuses to gangbang one of the other guys in the house. Sometimes they don’t even feel the need for an excuse, they just want to fuck some guy in the ass bareback, this time choosing to take control of Matt’s ass using their stiff raw cocks. Ryan, Marc and Anthony share their enthusiasm about wanting to be pleasured and start filling Matt’s ass and mouth with their raw cocks. The guys take turns getting their cocks serviced by Matt and share his holes using their uncovered cocks, enjoying the sensation of sliding their dicks inside the cavity where another horny stud has just been. It’s when the loads begin to flow that things intensify, with load after load entering Matt’s ass and he seems to enjoy having his ass filled with the cum from the three studs, busting a load from his own cock after the first couple of loads get bred inside him before the third load joins the two other loads. What makes the guys happy at FraternityX is for them to have a nice warm hole to enjoy filling with their stiff dicks, using the holes to leave their sticky loads in afterwards.

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Fresh Burst of Interracial Bareback Videos Released at Bang Bang Boys

Adan and Hugo - BangBangBoys.com

Bang Bang Boys is a great place to find photos and videos of South American guys having bareback sex. The site mixes bareback and condom content and lately there have been a number of interracial bareback scenes released at the site and I’m excited to showcase this hot scene from the site featuring Adan barebacking Hugo. What makes this scene special is that in addition to this being a bareback update, fans of cum in the ass breeding climaxes will love how this scene ends, with Adan ejaculating his load deep inside Hugo’s hole, with the load dripping from Hugo’s ass afterwards. There’s some fantastic sex captured in this update, with some fine oral sex and rimming action followed by some seriously hot bareback fucking. This is one of the best bareback updates released at Bang Bang Boys and it’s waiting for you to check out at the site right now. Enjoy!

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This Fantastic Bareback Sex Video is Filmed in an Actual Clothing Store

Rocco Steele and Max Toro - Timtales.com

If you’re tired of seeing bareback videos filmed in a hotel room or a studio set, you’ll probably find this update from Timtales refreshing, because the video was shot in the Brain and Beast store in Barcelona, with lots of interesting clothes captured in the scene. The spinning disco ball also adds a unique element, at times shining light into the scene. The disco ball reminds me of my eighteen year old neighbor who has a disco ball hanging on his patio in the home he shares with his aunt. In the afternoon the sun constantly reflects light from his disco ball into my bedroom window, which was nice at first but has since become distracting day after day and if you think at night this problem goes away, it doesn’t because when he turns the light on, it does the same thing. Anyway, back to this scene! Rocco Steele slides his massive cock inside Max Toro’s ass in this fantastic update and this video turned out to be ultra hot, with the unique background and sizzling sex between two sexy guys, making this one of the hottest videos at Timtales. There are plenty of other hot bareback videos waiting for you to enjoy at the site as well, so make sure you take a look.

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Next Time Someone Tells You to Stick it Up Your Ass, Think of This

Jeremiah and Noah Riley - ChaosMen.com

I don’t know if anyone has ever told you to “stick it up your ass”, while trying to insult you, but I have started to take it as a compliment and I am curious to know more. What exactly would you like me to stick up my ass? Perhaps a hot raw cock like this update from ChaosMen where Jeremiah uses his raw cock to fuck Noah Riley in the ass bareback! Now that’s the kind of thing we’re talking about here, with another hot update released at the site. Next time someone tells you to stick it up your ass, think of something hot like a bareback porn scene from a site such as ChaosMen. Noah is loving the sensation of Jeremiah’s raw cock pounding his ass, because he accidentally busts his nut while Jeremiah is fucking him and a short time later, Jeremiah pulls out and squirts a couple of shots onto his hole then plunges back inside to fuck him some more. This is a very hot video featuring a couple of guys who seem to really enjoy their raw sex encounter.

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From Business Attire to Birthday Suits and then a Bareback Meeting

Joey Pele, Alejandro Alvarez, Esteban Nice and Brice Farmer - LucasEntertainment.com

This is a nice update from Lucas Entertainment featuring four guys who start off wearing business attire, then they strip off to reveal their birthday suits before attending a bareback meeting. There was only one item on this meeting agenda and that was for the guys to have bareback sex. They do more than this, with blowjobs and rimming involved as well, but these guys accomplished a lot in their meeting and they were able to document the minutes of their meeting with a totally successful outcome, where the only item requiring further action is for the guys to continue enjoying the pleasure of each others company and to avoid using condoms. I wish I could attend a hot meeting like this where I work, but unfortunately the meetings I attend are very boring and don’t involve sex, which is probably a good thing, because I’m certain the company I work for forbids sex on premises. If you’re wondering who was present at this “meeting”, it was Joey Pele, Alejandro Alvarez, Esteban Nice and Brice Farmer. There’s lots of raw action and uncut cocks in this update with loads spilling all over the place at the end.

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Warm Load of Cum gets Aimed at a Freshly Barebacked European Guys Ass

Andre Boleyn and Billy Cotton - BelAmiOnline.com

It has been quite a while since we have seen any condom videos released at Bel Ami Online and I’m starting to think that all of the condom scenes may have been released from the vault. I haven’t received the official word to confirm this, but I will continue monitoring this and it’s great seeing a constant flow of condom-free scenes featured at the site. This update featuring Andre Boleyn and Billy Cotton is another sizzling update and you’re going to love how this scene ends! Before the scene finishes, you need to know that some very hot bareback action takes place in this video in addition to some enthusiastic cocksucking and rimming – these guys love providing each other with oral pleasure, but they’re great at every aspect of sex as well, making the videos at Bel Ami Online a joy to watch.

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Two Sexy Studs Introduce Bareback Excitement to a Bland Room

Parker and Brody - SeanCody.com

You may not have noticed the room/s where the Sean Cody videos are filmed are quite bland or neutral in color, but that isn’t really a problem because it’s they guys who are present in the room that bring it to life, so the surroundings aren’t really the center of attention. I guess you don’t want a room that looks bright and flashy taking away the focus of what the video is actually about – two guys having bareback sex together. The guys featured in these Sean Cody videos always have beautiful bodies and they’re ready to provide us with an exciting time. Parker is the bottom in this update and he gets to enjoy the sensation of having Brody’s bare cock probing his ass and filling his hole with a thick slab of raw cock. Parker loves the sensation and strokes his cock as he feels his back-end pleasure, while his body is given the satisfaction a hot bareback fuck is able to bring to the encounter. This is another hot bareback update waiting for you to check out today at Sean Cody.

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Cum is the Number One Factor Driving these Barebacking Latin Twinks

Bernard and Antonio - OTBBoyz.com

I have to say that while the videos from OTB Boyz may have been filmed in standard-definition video and not the high-definition quality we’re currently enjoying, the videos are still very hot and the twinks at OTB Boyz are some of the most cum-crazy twinks I have ever seen! While the videos were originally produced for DVD release, the action looks great on your computer screen, although the quality is a little grainy because of the action that was filmed a few years ago before the latest technology became available to produce crystal clear quality video. Bernard and Antonio are the two horny twinks featured in this update sucking each others cocks like it’s the fuel that keeps them active and then they have bareback sex together. It’s the cum that the twinks at OTB Boyz love so much and they know where it comes from, so they treat cocks like the precious jewels that they are and they savor the nectar that erupts from their cocks as they enjoy their time together.

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UK Naked Men is Now Releasing Bareback Porn Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure

Saxon West, Brent Taylor and Alexx Desley - UKNakedMen.com

If you like watching British men barebacking, the newest place for you to check out is UK Naked Men. The site has been online since 2006, but they only recently made the decision to incorporate bareback action into the site and there are now a handful of of bareback videos waiting for you to check out at the site. The bareback scenes started being released late last year, but I haven’t showcased any of these scenes yet, because I like to wait until there are a decent number of raw videos for you to enjoy. If you want to see a real-life British couple barebacking, don’t miss the scene between Luke Vogel and Ross Drake. The scene I am showcasing today features Saxon West, Brent Taylor and Alexx Desley barebacking, with Brent appearing in both his porn and bareback debut. Alexx and Saxon use their raw cocks to pleasure Brent and he seems to really love the attention he’s receiving. After the guys have finished barebacking Brent, they blast their loads of cum across his face and his hungry mouth. This scene is a great way to introduce you to UK Naked Men, which is now ready to serve you sizzling scenes featuring bareback porn!

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